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Welcome to the world, Eugene, Forest, and Emmeline!


They look simply perfect, Emaya. :)

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Emaya, your picture and story made me cry (happy tears!). How beautiful! I'm so happy to hear they all three were healthy. I hope you have a quick recovery. Keep us posted (especially with more pictures :) )!

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Emaya - Your heart must be bursting with happiness!!  Congratulations and best wishes to you, hubby, and the little ones!

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Yay, Emaya!!!  Welcome to the world, Eugene, Forest, and Emmeline!  Beautiful names and beautiful babies...and beautiful mama!  Congratulations! joy.gif

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OMG What a gorgeous picture. You are so blessed. You are so amazing and strong! bow2.gifbow2.gifbow2.gif I cannot believe what a woman's body is capable of! Enjoy your sweet babies. I hope nursing goes smoothly and you heal beautifully. CONGRATULATIONS! 

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Yay for healthy babies! Keep 'em coming ladies!

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Woo hoo!!  Congratulations, Emaya!  What sweet and beautiful babies..... you must be over the moon!  Best wishes in your recovery!

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Oh I LOVE this picture! Congratulations, such beautiful little ones!

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Emaya, that is such beautiful picture! Congratulations times 3!  joy.gifPlease keep us updated.

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Soooooo happy for you!

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So incredibly happy for you Emaya!!  What beautiful babies!  You are one ROCK STAR of a mama to have nurtured 3 babies into this world.  Thinking good thoughts for breastfeeding and an easy transition at home!!  I can't even imagine!

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Indigo Jane was born on Dec 20 at 38 weeks. She was 7lbs 6oz and 20 1/2 in long. It was an intense and fairly quick home VBAC. I unfortunately had to transfer due to retained placenta and pph, but it only took a few hours and the hospital was very respectful. Happy to be resting in my own home with my beautiful girl :)


Congrats to all the other mamas who have had their babies!

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Yay!  So happy for you, waluso!  Congratulations and enjoy your babymoon!!

Did you get your beads in time?

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Originally Posted by moonSnail View Post

Did you get your beads in time?

I got my beads the day before so just in time :)


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That's awesome!!

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Welcome to the world, Indigo!


Congrats on the VBAC. :)

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What a beautiful name! Welcome to the world, Indigo. Enjoy your babymoon, Mama! 

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congrats, waluso, and welcome, indigo!  sorry you ended up having to transfer, but i'm very happy you got your home VBAC!  sounds wonderful.  snuggle that babe!

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