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Do you actually eat beans and/or rice?

Poll Results: How often do you eat beans OR rice each month? Doesn't have to be together at the same time... either or.

  • 2% (4)
  • 5% (7)
    Very rarely (not always every month)
  • 10% (15)
    Once or twice a month
  • 64% (90)
  • 12% (18)
  • 3% (5)
    Multiple times a day
139 Total Votes  
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You hear it all the time.... save money and eat beans and rice.



So do you actually eat beans and/or rice? If so how often?




eat.gif  Edited to add...


Vote weekly if you eat them every week. Whether it's one day a week or five days a week.



Vote daily if you usually do eat it every day, or nearly every day (like six or seven days a week).

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We eat rice, NO BEANS.  I prefer rice to potatoes most nights. But on the rare occasion we go out, then I like a baked potato prepared for me.

Unless you are counting Bushes Baked beans, those I can handle, but I am thinking you are counting dried beans.


I would say out of 7 dinners, we have rice 3-4 of those nights.  Either as a side dish or incorporated into the main dish (skillet or casserole type thing).

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Recently, for a whole month, when I was really trying to lower my grocery bill, and only allowed myself $30 on food for myself, I ate a lot of "rice and beans", pasta and rice and curry/stir fry combinations. I quickly got sick of it and I gained weight!!! :(  So now I eat a lot more soups, make 2 pots of soup per week sometimes. Some soups are bean/veggie soups, some are veggie/rice soups, whatever I have available. So yes, i still eat a lot of bean and rice in soups, but not a lot of beans and rice "together". I am a vegetarian, so beans and eggs are great and cheap sources of protein. Some tofu products are pricy:( I would say I eat rice or beans (or potatoes) 4-5 times a week...

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Yep, every day.  


Lots of ethnic dishes, lots of soup.  I buy rice and beans in 25 pound bags every few months, along with oats, spices, nuts, seeds, etc.  


We are all a healthy weight.  We get a big thumbs up from our family doctor when we rarely see her -- low blood pressure, low cholesterol levels, good iron levels, excellent blood counts. 



We have never been big meat eaters.  We do eat eggs, dairy, and the occasional chicken and lots and lots of veggies.  And yes, it saves us a lot of money.  Not only because rice and beans are cheap, but because we avoid a lot of the processed, packaged food that is so overpriced.  

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We eat beans and rice together or separately most weeks three or four times.  While not everybody likes every bean dish (DH is not a fan of chickpeas, DS2 is not big on lentils, I could live without kidney beans) DS1 is the pickiest eater in the house, but loves beans.


Yes we really eat them and mostly because we like them, that they are cheap is secondary.

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We probably eat something with beans and/or rice 2 times a week.  We're not vegetarian, but we eat a lot of Asian and Mexican inspired meals.  For instance, tonight's dinner will be brown rice, refried beans, sour cream, salsa, fresh spinach, grated cheese and fresh guacamole.  


Last week we had a ham and bean soup and a lentil/ quinoa dish.  We eat stir fry about once a week and often eat curry over rice. 

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My very picky son with Aspergers loves red beans and rice and eats it at least twice a week. My dh loves this also. My girls and I do not care for beans at all. We love brown rice cooked in chicken broth a teaspoon of crab boil. We eat far more pasta or potatoes than rice though. I only enjoy white rice in gumbo or with something like roast.

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Yes, we eat rice as a side dish quite often, and I cook dishes with beans all the time.  We just had meatless chili on Saturday, and make some kind of chili, heavy on the beans, almost every weekend during football season.  :)  My kids love rice and will eat any kind - brown, white, Spanish, fried, sticky, etc.


When I make a meat dish like chicken, having rice on the side really cuts down on how much meat I need to make.

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we do eat beans and/or rice often, but it's probably because we really like them and not necessarily because they're traditionally "frugal" food.  I'll cook a huge batch of rice on sunday, and we'll use that periodically throughout the week.  Beans I prepare in the crockpot one a week, and then freeze them in meal-sized portions so they're ready for me to use.  DH eats beans every day, mainly because they are good sources of protein and good arbs and he's a triathlete so when he's training he needs LOT of that.

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We eat beans and rice a lot too, but as Knittn' said above, because we like them!  We're long-time vegetarians so it has been our staple for a years.  I do like to be a bit playful with the way we eat them, though.  My favorite is to cook fava beans in a little garlic and then add them to a mix of chopped red onion and tomatoes.  I eat those with rice and/or a side of pita.  I tend to like Middle Eastern and Indian type dishes rather than just plain beans and rice. 

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We love beans and rice!  We eat them at least once a week, but often more-in a different style (like lentils with rice, or white beans with pasta and sage).  Or Indian dishes.... really, beans and rice are a perfect food!  And endless in their variety.

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I voted weekly, but it's really more like 4-5 days a week. I typically make a pound of dried beans and then split it in half, one half just straight as a soup and one half as an ingredient in something over rice, then we have leftovers enough for at least 2 lunches (for 2 people each). Black beans and rice one day, black bean burgers or tacos 2 days later. Chickpeas straight one day, falafel or chickpea pasta or chana masala 2 days later.

And yes, I do it because 1) it's cheap, 2) it's fast to cook once and have 2-3 meals DONE and 3) cooking meat seems so germy and high-maintenance compared to a simple bag of beans. smile.gif
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whoops, I voted a couple times a month because I was thinking together, but separate is several times a week.  Ooops!

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I didn't vote, because we eat beans 4 or 5 times a week ( because we love them ) but we rarely eat rice. We do beans in soups, pastas, casseroles, Mexican, you name it. We just don't care for rice so much.

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I voted daily although it's not quite that often (but close!).  Aside from beans and rice together some of our regular go-to meals are things like bean soups; baked beans with bread; and bean burritos; fried rice (with eggs); rice and cheese with veggies and spanish rice.

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Not daily. Maybe weekly.

But I do love Basmati rice and I buy the huge 10lb "burlap" bag of it, which last 6 months. SO I think its a good deal because it last so long (but that is because we dont consume it daily)

And beans. I keep an assortment for different recipes mixed dahl (red lentils, yellow beans, mung beans), brown rice and puy lentils, red lentil.


The most simple is black beans and rice. Except it tasted best when I lived in Costa Rica (and ate it daily for breakfast or dinner)


They are good staples to keep in the pantry, and I am sure there would be savings if we consumed them more often.

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I think beans are horribly disgusting personally. I used to enjoy rice until I discovered I am allergic to it. So... no.

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We eat a dish made with kidney beans, zucchini, onion, and tomatoes sauteed together and poured over rice. I love it reheated for lunch at work.

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I needed something between weekly & daily.


We eat rice a lot more often than beans, but we do have beans pretty regularly. I do a lot of bean soups, I eat chickpeas like candy, I make lentils & rice (yes, the kids basically eat it), and one of my girls goes nuts over homemade baked beans (the others will eat them or won't, but one of my twins could live off baked beans).

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Yes. I'd say we eat one or the other at least once a week.

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