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Chat thread Oct 24-31

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New week!  I am going crazy! We are not moving to NC before the baby comes which is sad but I am glad to have an answer.  So, we started the apartment hunt on Friday and found one we love but the landlord wants to rent it two weeks before our lease is up.  This results in me running around trying to get papers ready to sign for tonight (properties go that fast here) while also trying to talk my current landlord into letting us out of our lease two weeks early when he has no reason to do it. Sigh.  At least it will be over soon. I want to move before the holidays start bc it is such a headache to ruin thanksgiving!  oh and we also have company, MIL and FIL, coming to stay for almost a week at thanksgiving.  All I want to do is sleep....whine  smile.gif

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Thanks for the new thread!


Flavorful, hope you can get out of the lease and MIL and FIL won't be too much of an inconvenience, lol.


FINALLY have my MW appointment tonight!!  biggrinbounce.gif  I can't wait to hear the hearbeat!!  I have this irrational fear that I have a tumor in my uterus that is growing at the same rate a baby would and throws of HCG hormones on pee tests.  I'm an idiot, lol.

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I'm so sorry to hear you are not going to be able to move. Maybe your landlord will be sympathetic. Is it possible to pay both for two weeks if necessary (yes I realize the financial burden there, but if apartments are hard to find it would be bad to have no place). Hopefully you will get moved in the next few weeks and can just relax and enjoy the holidays.


Not much new here...I'm actually amazed how little difference the trimesters seem to be making this time. There is no transition of symptoms really, just the same old things at different levels (still getting sick more often than I'd like, no sleep, feeling huge, but amazingly less and less frustrated with it...I'm almost at peace with it today and just viewing it as my last baby making a big deal of the pregnancy so it's different than with the rest of them LOL). I'm getting more and more excited. One of my close friends gave birth this weekend and it was so great to just sit and hold a newborn, made me wonder how I could wait through the next 20 weeks or so. Her baby is big enough that she's just going to hand down her newborn stuff right away, so this little one is slowly accumulating the things it needs! Now to start their blanket so it's done before they graduate :)



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Christy, we all feel something equally irrational at some point I think (at least I know I do). Good luck at the appointment, let us know how it goes. Mine is in two days, and even having heard the heartbeat before I get anxious for those appointments :)

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okay, this has been bugging me, this baby feels DENSE, i don't know how else to describe it. It's so different then my other 3 pregnancies. It's like I have this big, dense, firm thing in my uterus. Does it feel like that to anyone else??


Flavorful, sorry you won't be in NC, and crossing my fingers you get let out 2 weeks early.


zuzu, my first preg was like that.


Christy, I totally get what you are saying.



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Absolutely Courtney, I've assumed from the beginning that that was the reason why I was having trouble sleeping. It's like walking around with a medicine ball in there 24/7. My midwife recommended Sepia (homeopathics) 200C right 3-5 globules right before bed. It's helped quite a bit, still uncomfortable, but I don't feel like the weight is going to tear my stomach right off my body (it truly felt that bad at times, really pulling and dense, even cause pain in my pelvic bones...almost like the last trimester, only early LOL).

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YES! I feel the same thing. Like a big ball in there and I've been feeling it long before baby should be big enough to feel like a big, dense ball so it was puzzling me as well. I actually chalked it up to being a little "backed up" or constipated as the only explanation. This is #5 for me, and it's been a long time since I was pregnant with my youngest who is 9...I just don't remember feeling that so early on, but it may just be that my memory fails me a little since I have such a long time gap between pregnancies. *shrugs*

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So...we got the apartment for sure, another couple was putting in offers for it (seriously this is all just to rent an apartment) but the owner's chose us and went a little lower than asking on the rent! yay!  Signing tonight which is a headache because it is at DS's bed time but no big deal for getting a good place to live!  My current landlord....was not optimistic and said it was fine if we move out early but that we still have to pay the full month's rent unless someone wants to rent our apartment before nov 15.  bummer but we will probably just use our deposit refund to pay it so we won't really miss the money we paid a year ago. Thanks for the encouragement ladies!


zuzu and thursday- I totally have the dense feeling in my uterus. It isn't painful like zuzu described but I just feel like I have this ball in my pelvis. I am much more aware of it at different times but I feel like my uterus is always more solid or obvious than it was with my first. It is nice for the baby to be big enough for me to really feel regularly now.  I can actually feel where the baby is as far as which side when I wake up for the millionth time in the middle of the night. My uterus is more full or hard in one area compared to the rest and if I poke it (gently lol) then I get a kick or a punch back a couple of seconds later and the baby kind of rolls into another position.  It is cute.


Christy- hope your appointment goes well. Mine is in a couple of weeks and I can't wait!  I always get that nagging feeling...even after feeling the baby move....that maybe this is all in my head and I am a crazy person smile.gif

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Another Irrational Fear here!


I haven't gained any weight yet. Usually I would have gained around 7 lbs. or so by now. I eat all day (whenever I feel hungry or get sick to my stomach) and eat what I feel like eating. It just seems strange to me that I'm not gaining. So what has my irrational brain equated this to????  That there is something physically off with my baby, Maybe some of it's appendages didn't form correctly therefore it is a smaller baby. Or perhaps this baby stopped growing and it's a missed miscarriage. I mean no insensitivities to anyone who has gone through these things but I can't help the crazy thoughts. Needless to say, I am anxious for my ultrasound that hasn't been scheduled yet.


Horrendous sciatica pain.


Does anyone know of any stretches or yoga poses to help this problem. I believe in chiropractic but mine is so bad that I'd probably have to go once a week at $50 a pop. I  have been wincing through the pain. I do have a massage this Thursday so hopefully that will help a bit.



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Don't worry too much about the weight, it WILL come :p I posted 10 days ago concerned about no weight, and gained 1.5-2 pounds over the next four days, and then almost as much this week!!! Eating less than I was before and somehow the pounds are packing on (then you get to worry why in that direction *sigh*...it's just the nature of pregnancy to worry constantly LOL).

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Adoremybabe: any hip openers or forward bends will help with sciatica. So, if you can, things like baddha konasana, paschimottonasana, janu sirsasana (that one's great) and supta padangustasana. I really need to do these more as they help with my pelvic pain as well, but I've been lazy.


AFM, I was having trouble getting OB care that I can tolerate. I'm homebirthing but I want the anatomy scan. I hd a 10 week ultrasound, but because I didn't schedule an appt for around 16 weeks with them they kicked me out. Not that they called me or anything, just sent a letter saying they don't want me. Well, fine, eff you. Called the place I saw with DD but they require a pap smear, full bloodwork and GTT before doing any ultrasounds, so eff them. Called a private practice and they didn't understand how to work with someone transferring care at all of 17 weeks. Place the third has a horrible reputation for delivery, but they won't make me jump through as many hoops to get this scan so I'm going there. There's one more practice in town but they seriously scare me.


People wonder why I'm homebirthing where it's only quasi-legal. Possibly because my underground midwife actually treats me like an individual?

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EEK - Sorry you're having SUCH a rough time scheduling an US! That really sucks. I'm wondering, are there any radiology labs that are independent of OB offices who regularly do pregnancy scans? I know there are a few radiology labs around here that family practice docs will send their pregnant patients to, since they don't maintain the capability in-house. Maybe an independent lab will be more receptive of doing just on US rather than expecting some sort of continuity of care. This might help avoid the evil practice...  Good luck and I hope it goes over well. Best outcome is you go in, they scan, everything is normal, you go home and never see them again (well until next pregnancy! :P), right?

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Nope, any place like that requires an order from a licensed provider, which I don't have unless I jump through a bajillion hoops. My homebirth midwife is not licensed because Illinois refuses to do so. It's really really frustrating.

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ummm, I swear I just ate 1/2 c. of mayo by itself.  I never really liked mayo but started making my own fermented mayo with coconut, olive and avocado oil and I can't get enough of it.  I made another batch last week and almost cried when it broke.  NO!  I started over with some more egg yolks and used the previous broken batch as the oil and drizzled in.  It broke again!  I couldn't believe it.  I had to walk away for an hour.  I came back and tried a third time and it worked.  Still no idea why but I'm in heaven now.

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Have you tried your family doctor? I am using my family doctor and she is really laid back. I have not had an internal exam or pap smear. I have not removed my pants. wink1.gif She schedules my ultrasounds through the OB's office.


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Nope. I don't have a family doctor and most are exceedingly rare. Moreover, I don't know of any family practice physician in my area who attends births. Any family doctor I've heard of works through one of the two clinics, the first I called (no ultrasound without pap, GTT, etc. etc. etc.) and the second has an even worse reputation.


Maternity care in my town sucks and people think we have SO many options. It's ridiculous.

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sunflwr- that's crazy!!


Dense baby- mine is with no pain.. I mean besides the round ligament stretching.



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For my first 3 births I had my family Physician attend them. Technically he was my family doc and OB. I LOVED him! We had to change docs though due to an insurance change. I pretty much cried at our last appointment.


I will tolerate my OB. So far he isn't too bad. I think that he is pretty noninvasive compared to other OB's at the cllinic. I feel like I am in good hands for the most part. Luckily I am able to pick up his slack and lack of knowledge :)


I am soooo looking forward to the end of the week. Our kiddos have off Thurs. and Fri so we are headed out for a night of family fun at a hotel/waterpark. Get this, before we leave on Thursday I get a 1 hour massage!!!!  Yay for me! We really need to get away from our normal everyday life for a bit. The kids need mom and dad all to themelves.



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NicMom - I don't make mayo. I tried it once (a Child recipe I think), the mayo came out WONDERFULLY and I vowed never to buy mayo again. I made it the next time and it broke. And again. And again. Aaaaand, again. I was horribly frustrated and saddened by the episodes that I swore mayo off. I assumed that I would get a "feel" for it to where it would become second nature when there was *just* the right proportions, but nope. :( I'll stick to my hollandaise for my "-aise" sauces for the foreseeable future. :(

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Sunflower - a couple ideas.  What about a government funded clinic?  You could tell them you don't have the money for regular care but at least want to get the baby checked out.  Of course they may insist on other testing in addition.  If you have insurance, you could always go to the ER and complain of abdominal pains.  I'm sure they would give you an ultrasound for that.  Finally, does your midwife know a licensed midwife out of state who would "consult" and order the ultrasound.  I don't believe the provider has to be in your state, just licensed somewhere.


RosieL - Thankfully I was able to rescue it on the third attempt.  I'm just so glad that I didn't have to waste all that oil.  I just ended up with a few extra eggs in it but it didn't affect the taste.  I will keep at it as it is SO good.

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