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Best long underwear or woolies for Warmth?

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Do anyone have any good suggestions for good, comfortable, natural fiber underthings for toddlers?  I wear silk long underwear myself, but I can't find it in sizes small enough for toddlers.  I've seen a few things online (woolies), but it is all so very expensive.  Any ideas?  We are in the mid-atlantic, so I just need stuff for weather perhaps in the 30 degrees and 40 degrees. 




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We love our Ruskovilla pants.  I ordered them for ds over the summer on sale and they are fantastic.  As you know we're in the same region and I think they will serve us well.  We started using them with an Engel wool/silk blend shirt from Engle which is okay but not nearly as nice when we had a cold snap the other day.  DS has determined that they are his favorite clothes in the world and wants to wear them all the time.  At home he wears just them as lounge wear and when we're out he wears other clothes over them.  One thing I did to help offset the price a bit was to order about two sizes bigger than what I thought he needed right now.  The pants have an adjustable elastic waist band so I just tightened them up a bit for now.  They are bit baggy but are still light enough to be fine under other pants (of course he's long and skinny so he needs a size up for length and his outer pants still are a bit baggy with plenty of room under them.)  


I'm getting ready to order a second set because I need to be able to switch them out to wash them and he wants to wear them all the time.



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Green Mountain Organics carries silk long johns for babies, toddler, and kids: http://www.greenmountainorganics.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=6_61&products_id=560  Pricey, but not as much as wool or woolsilk.  This year I am taking the plunge and buying my 3.5 yr old a woolsilk shirt from Ruskovilla.  Have previously bought woolies from A Toy Garden (do not recommend, the sleeves are too short) and Hocosa (the wool is nice, but both the pants and shirt are riddled with holes after only two winters use).

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Polarn O Pyret has their merino long underwear on sale for today only at 25% off. And it's machine washable warm! Check their facebook page for coupon code. It's much finer and lighter knit then the ruskovilla dungarees we have that we use for jammies. More like the smartwool long johns if you are familiar with those. The little guy likes it better because he says the ruskovilla is itchy and "too cosy". I think maybe it's a little thick for the weather yet.

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Lands End has silk long underwear in toddler sizes.  Ours are already on their second season and going strong.  And the kids love how soft they are against their skin.

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I second the Lands End silk. Unfortunately, you just missed a 30-50% off sale on them that ended yesterday. My daughter will wear these and she won't wear the Ruskovilla.  Says those are itchy.  And they are totally not, IMO.

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Nova natural.com

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Thanks all for the suggestions.  I'm beginning to realize that my daughter is much like me and is pretty sensitive to fabrics, tags, etc.  So, I was concerned that the real woolies would be itchy for her, and maybe warmer than we need most days.  I went with the Lands End option -- as best I can tell it's the only 100% silk underwear in toddler sizes.  I wear similar from Winter Silks, but they don't carry toddler sizes.  We will see how these do!


Thanks all!



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