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Calcium supplement

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Is there a calcium supplement that is free of the top allergens (esp. wheat, dairy) and is suitable for a toddler and is easily absorbed (I heard calcium from oyster is not). 

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We use just plain calcium citrate powder from Now brand. Really cheap and tastes almost like nothing.
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What do you put the powder into or on top of?  


I have that powder, but cannot get it into my four-year-old (he won't eat it when swiped on toast, doesn't like the texture of it in his smoothies).  Nor will he drink the liquid (vanilla-flavoured) - he can taste it in anything I mix it with.  Nor will he chew the only chewables I can find without HFCS - nor would I, they taste horrid.  And he acts like a nutjob after eating the gummies with HFCS.  


I wish I could just give him Tums.  He loves the taste.  Would eat them all day.  He loves his chewable multi-vitamins, too.  I'm getting desperate to find some way to get calcium into him.  He has no dairy in his diet.  I try to do bone broth, but there's only so much of that I can work into his diet.

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Errk, post just disapeared. I will retype.

You don't need much powder to get your dose. The way my kids love it is mix the NOW poder with maple syrup, reishi muchrooom powder (tastes like chocolate), and almond milk. They devour it. But I will add that I only make 4 oz or even less so it seems like a treat.
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Got to add for those with kids with allergies, my dd was allergic to dairy in addition to many things and she is now 4.5 yrs old and is no longer allergic to it!!! My theroy is that her gut healed after no gluten for a year and was just sensitive to dairy.
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We use New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care, tiny tabs. My 2 year old swallows one a day in applesauce. The calcium is from algae, which is a vegetable source. MUCH better than chalk (carbonate) limestone (citrate) and bone (hydroxyapetite) 

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We use Rice Dream (or Trader Joe's Rice Drink) which is calcium fortified.

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