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Cannot decide: HELP! Vaccination appointment tomorrow!!!

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I posted this in the "I'm not vaccinating" thread as well. I am so undecided, my appointment for her first vaccinations are tomorrow!


Any insights would be greatly appreciated!!! It has been weeks I cannot sleep trying to decide whether to vaccinate or not.


My baby is almost 4 months old, she was born at 35 weeks and has not received any vaccines. I am breastfeeding.


My pediatrician is recommending the DTap-HIB-polio  (Pediacel) and Pneumococcal 13-valent Conjugate Vaccine (Prevnar 13).


I am really worried about the side effects and leaning towards not vaccinating but what worries me is that we will be travelling to the Dominican Republic in February. (My husband is from there). They recommend the Hep A and B for travelling there but I have decided not to do those.


Do the risks of vaccinating really outweigh the risks of not? How do I know? And if yes, does it change due to traveling to a developing country?


What do I do? and how can I feel good about my decision. I have researched and watched documentaries but there is information to support both sides.


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The best advice I have heard is that you cant take vaccinations back out once your kid gets them. If your appointment is tomorrow and you still havent decided, then I would either cancel the appointment (if you feel that the doc will push you into making a decision that you arent ready to make) or tell the doctor exactly what you have told us here: you have not decided what to do about vaccinations at this time. Im sure you will get lots of advice about all the different vaccines, but the bottom line is that if you havent made a decision about an issue of this size, you probably need some more time to think about it.
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I agree with taking your time. Also, I knew I was going to selectively vax, but felt the same panic you did the night before my son's first vax. However, at the appointment I decided to go with only one vaccine, with a plan to catch up slowly, one vax at a time, while monitoring DS for problems. His first vax was the dtap at 2 months, and he never had a single reaction. No crying once the shot went in, no swelling, no fever, no fussiness, NOTHING. This gave me the confidence to try one more (the HIB) a month later. Now he is 2 1/2 and has only had a handful of vaccines, but his complete lack of negative reactions has led me to the decision to fully vaccinate him (still on a modified schedule) by age 5 in time for school. HOWEVER, this was a decision I made vax by vax, and one that is based on my knowledge of my son. I don't think there is a one-size-fits-all approach, which is what I dislike about the traditional schedule.

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I know exactly how you feel!  My little guy is just 4mos. old and has only received 2 doses of rotavirus so far.  I get super anxious and panicky when I think of my little guy getting a real shot of something INJECTED into his tiny little body.  At first I was thinking of doing Pentacel at 2 and 4 mos. but didn't feel completely comfortable with it yet..he is breastfed and not in daycare so I consider him having a lower than average risk of catching any nasty bugs so right now, for me, the risk of vaccination doesn't outweigh the benefit.  I may or may not be ready when he is 6mos...  For me, at least, the default decision is to not do anything at all...like a PP said, you can always decide to vaccinate at a later time but cannot UNdo a vaccine once it is given...

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I cried the whole way to the appointment and then when I got there too. I couldn't go through with it. I'm still not sure I made the right decision. Is there any solid science/studies to support vaccination?

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