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Family Bed Folks, what does your infant wear to bed?

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I'm having trouble figuring out how my infant is most comfortable now that the nights are getting cooler.  She normally ends up snuggled next to me for a big part of the night, another chunk covered under our blanket and probably another good chunk with no covers.  I notice she seems hot in PJs - especially the fleece footie type.  Super thin cotton ones seem nice but we only have two like these and I don't even know where to get more (Gerber brand).  But, she also seems pretty toasty even naked.  What do you do? 

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My DS has always slept in just a diaper. He sleeps up against me in my arms and has always gotten too hot with anything on. He's more comfortable that way. On hot nights, he'll move away from me a bit and be fine. On cool night, he stays up against me all night, and is still just fine. Last winter we had a few fairly chilly nights, but he was still content to just snuggle up with me under a blanket in his diaper. 

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My DS likes to cuddle up and sweat on me no matter what he's wearing. Recently, we've just had him in long PJ pants with no shirt or a short-sleeve shirt. He's generally quite toasty, and only gets chilled if he actually sleeps outside the covers. This has always been the case with him--when he was little and we had him in a Swaddle-Me, he would sweat through the whole thing even with that as his only covering.

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When my son was a young baby, he wore cotton one-piece footed sleepers all day (for the most part). In bed, I would put him in a sleep sack. We bed-share, but he's never been much of a cuddler and pretty much has his own space.


Now that he's 13mo, I find he overheats easily! It's been cold at night, so I tried some footed one-piece fleece pjs, and he was sleeping terribly, stirring every 1-2 hours. Last night I tried some cotton pjs with no feet (I guess that's called a romper?) and a thin blanket over him -- and he slept great!

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Thanks, everyone.  I tried DC naked last night and that wasn't ideal.  She was, first of all, really sweaty and I also just felt some mama guilt when I would see her all naked w/o covers.  She was probably FINE but I had  trouble sleeping with her all naked in the cold.  So, I would try to cover her and she would wake up.  Sigh.  


Apparently, this Gerber brand sleeper is available all over the place and they're cheap -- $10 for a pack of three.  I think I'll just load up on those because they seem like they'll be good for all but the hottest weather we have here.  Plus, I think I'll just leave her in those and then pop her in her fleece bunting to take DC to school this winter.   


Still wouldn't mind hearing what other parents do.  


BTW, do your crawlers not hate the sleep sac?  I think they're such a nice idea and seem so practical but my DC seems to be really frustrated in them.  Also, then I'd have to change her out of them in the morning so she can scoot around.  

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My DD usually wears footed sleepsuits with the little flaps on the sleeves pulled over her hands so they don't get cold and I pull our duvet over her halfway with my arm tucked over the duvet to make sure it doesn't ride up. Sometimes I'll put her in a sleep bag if it's especially cold. She was never much of a snuggler and likes having her own space even though we bed share, so she has to be a bit more bundled up when in bed.

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