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Poll Results: While in labor/birth outside of a hospital setting, what clothing did you wear during delivery?

  • 46% (50)
    Home birth - 100% nude during delivery
  • 18% (20)
    Home birth - wore bra during delivery
  • 13% (14)
    Home birth - wore shirt/gown during delivery
  • 12% (13)
    Birthing center - 100% nude
  • 3% (4)
    birth center - wore bra
  • 3% (4)
    birth center - wore shirt/gown
  • 1% (2)
    Other - because there is always "other". Please explain in comments
107 Total Votes  
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I was 100% nude during my hospital birth. Occasionally, the nurse would offer me a gown or blanket because she thought I was cold but I never kept it on long. I was in and out of the tub as well so it just didn't make sense to put something on if I was going to take it off again. I didn't plan on being naked, it just happened that way. We're having a homebirth this time around and unless it gets really cold, I doubt I'll be wearing clothes for this birth.

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I'm very private/modest and knew I would never get fully nude even though the midwife said I would forget that in labor.


Homebirth-labored in baggy shirt, yoga pants, and a swim suit halter top. When I finally got in the birth pool I kept my swim top on. They made me get out to birth/push which I then put on a cover up skirt. They told me to take it off after my water broke so ultimately I birthed in a halter top swim suit which was very comfortable and easy to remove for nursing.

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there was no multiple options for the poll so I vote don my last birth. naked at home during pushing. (long labors so I am all over the place, walking, inside, outside, shower, etc)


at the birth center with #2 I had a tank top on.


and my first birth ( which wasn't asked about b/c it was hospital) I had a gown on.


I imagine you see less video/photo of naked births b/c peopel are less hesitant to post naked video/photos of themselves.

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Completely nekked during one hospital birth and two homebirths.


At some point I always want to get into the water, and after that, well, no way in heck am I even thinking about trying to put clothes on damp skin in between contractions.

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I only had a hosp birth, so I'm not really answering your question, but I loved the hospital gown!!!!  It was loose and easy and I did not give one thought to any bodily fluids that landed on it!


I did not get in the tub or shower, though- maybe that made it easier for me to keep the gown on.  I remember the doula suggesting that I get in the shower, and I was like dizzy.gif ??  Couldn't figure out how to manage that and stay covered.


I never lost my modesty during labor at all.





Anyway.... loved the hospital gown!

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I started laboring in the sundress I was wearing that day but took it off at some point during the process (I honestly have no recollection of taking it off.) Then I labored for the rest of the time in my bra, only because I was too focused on the contractions to bother taking it off. Once my son was born, bra came off so he could nurse right away. I still love wearing the sundress and think about my son's birth every time!

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All 6 of mine were homeborn and I was pretty much nude the whole time. Occasionally I'd slip on a robe or sarong, but usually it'd come off quickly.

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Naked!  For both of them - I started off clothed, but the clothes came off somewhere along the line.  Oh, thinking back - I did actually have a pair of smartwool socks on at the end of my 2nd birth (it was December and we didn't have central heating at the time ;)). 

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I wore a baggy t shirt of hubby's

I'm kind of a never nude. I prefer to have at least part of me dressed at all times unless I'm in the shower or in bed with hubby ;)

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I was 100% nude during both my hospital birth and my home birth.  I actually kept my clothing on longer during the homebirth because I didn't labor in the water at home.   I remember thinking during my homebirth labor that I might just push the baby out with my top on this time.  But, as soon as transition hit, I starting taking off my clothing. 

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both homebirths, both nude. i really hate clothes though... in labor or no labor lol.gif

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Wow, it wasn't until I saw the poll that I realized I can't remember! I had my son at a free standing birth center, but I spent the majority of my labor at home, wearing a soft, loose skirt and a tank top. I know when I got to the birth center I took the skirt off but I was still wearing the tank top, which seems odd since I spent time in the shower and in the birthing tub and I hate wet clothes. By that time I was in transition and have NO recollection, though. redface.gif At some point I took off the tank top, too, but I can't remember if it was before or right after my son was born. I'll have to ask my fiance because now I'm curious.

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at first i had a gown i was wearing, but after a while, that had to come off, and I don't have a robe or anything so screw it, I gave birth in the buff. I gave birth at home i really didnt mind. I'm sure my midwife has seen it all, lol.

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I wore a green silky nighty when out of the water and nude in the water.
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my 3 were hospital births, but i labored in a tank top with the hospital gown over it. when transition hit, off came the gown. lol, dh and i were actually discussing that prior to the last birth because i've never birthed with the gown on, but couldn't remember whne i take it off. when the time came during the last birth we both just looked at each other like "aha, so that's when". anyways, i give birth in the tank top and then dh has cut it off as soon as baby is out so we can do imjmediate skin to skin and nursing. i've always just picked up cheapy tank tops on clearance at old navy.


i figure that even at home, i'll keep my tank top on as i don't like feeling so exposed. trying to decide what to wear on the bottom half for labor.

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