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Aching Joints (back, neck, jaw & wrists)

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 I am 35 weeks along and have had terrible joint pain tonight. To the point where it woke me up and I have not been able to get back to sleep dispute the Epsom salt bath and back rub my husband gave me at 3:45 am.


I finally took 500 mg of Tylenol, to see if I can finally get some rest tonight.


Anyone else experience this kind of pain?

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I've been getting this for a few weeks too. It almost always happens at night when I've been lying still for several hours. I've tried stretching and yoga before bed, but it doesn't seem to help. :( It makes it hard to get back to sleep when I wake up at night and I'm always grouchy in the morning because I wake up so achey.


I don't have any solutions, but I do feel your pain!

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Things like carpal tunnel are more common during pregnancy, all that fun relaxin, swelling, etc.  I don't have any tips based on experience, but I might try arnica cream/gel as well as the epsom salt baths.  Does your care provider have any supplement suggestions?

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I get aching joints as well - I'm told it's a fluid build-up (which is part of the issue with carpal tunnel as well.) With all fluid issues, the more fluids you take in, the less you retain, and I found that drinking lots and lots and lots of water really did help my joints. I haven't looked into other pregnancy-safe options for fluid retention, because drinking more worked fine, but perhaps looking into the kinds of things that help with water retention in pregnancy generally might help your joints.


Good luck! 

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Hi ladies! Glad to hear I am not alone! My midwife said it is normal and to try and take a hot bath to relax to joints before bed. Luckily I only had one bad night! Thankfully! I was fearful it was going to be an everyday thing!


4 more weeks to go for me! Hope they are good ones!

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