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"I just want to hold the namnies while I nurse" is the new excuse for the squeezing etc.


we are very limited already- really she nurses only 2-3x per day. I have talked about the fact that she will someday not nurse but she isn't interested in discussing that yet. She is getting more comfortable with seeing my nursing the baby though, you can see she is not longer chomping at the bit to join in. Nap is on the way out for the older nurser, so with that goes one of the nursing sessions (the going to nap one).


She actually fell asleep NOT nursing the other day... this was after 45minutes+ nursing the first time, then another 10-15 minutes later, and her not sleeping and almost 10PM, so I was feeling really drained and irritated. I finally just kept saying "you have to wait a while for your turn" and she fussed a bit but rolled over and fell asleep. I would love to see her able to go to sleep without nursing- I know the day will come.

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For some reason, DS1 has never fallen asleep nursing, except when he was tiny.  DS2 rarely does it.  I suppose that's the upside of a fast flow/letdown--other people can help put them to sleep. Of course the flow/letdown issues have gotten way worse with #2, but now that I have #1's help, I latch him on first and then nurse the baby.  DS2 is already nearly 14 lbs so he's not suffering for milk!  


We do nurse together, and I have mixed feelings about it.  I find that if I strictly limit DS1's nursings, he is quiet and calm and doesn't fidget.  If I let him nurse whenever I start to feel resentful--and he gets fidgety.  


It's hard to find a balance.  He still asks for it incessantly.  I try to oblige when I can, but I've also realized that sometimes he's just thirsty!  I offer water first.  


Things I love about tandem nursing: the little guy doesn't have to get a face full of milk if I've nursed his brother first, which makes our nursing time much more pleasant.  I love watching my toddler pat his brother on the hand or the back.  I love the feeling of peace when they're both nursing.  I'm so glad I decided to do this!

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