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Nursing Aversion - Help me with Song Lyrics!

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I am currently tandeming my 28month and 4 month.  I have really been struggling with nursing aversion to my 28 mo DD - just found out that is common and it has a name - which made me feel not so alone.  Anyways I've gotten some great tips from previous posts, about limiting duration/frequency.  Which has helped.  In the last 2 days I have been limiting daytime nursing to "You are my Sunshines" - some times we do 3 "you are my sunshines", sometimes a couple more depending what I can stand at the moment.


I really want to make up some lyrics to sing so that it will be more personalized than a jilted lover song.  So far (other than obviously the chorus) I have:


The other night dear

As you lay sleeping

I lay and held you in my arms

When you awoke, dear

I held you closer

And nursed you when you cried.



Any help for another verse???

Thanks! :)

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I just want to say that I like what you have so far and that it's a great idea. I'm nursing a 4-week-old and a 27 month old and so far it's going well, but we definitely sometimes nurse for a "20-count" and I count slow and make it fun and playful and he's usually good about popping off when time is up. The song is a good idea and I'll put some thought into another verse for you!

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Okay, you're probably already done with your words by now (this is a bit of an older thread!), but I love this song and totally get the "limit nursing to this song" thing.  Here are the words that I sing to that song:


The other night dear

as I lay sleeping

I dreamt I held you in my arms

and when I woke up

I was not shaken

you were there with all of your charms


I also sing "You'll always know dear, how much I love you" to the chorus instead of "you'll never know dear."  Then for the second (or is it the third?) verse, I sing


I'll always love you

and hope you're happy

I hope you'll always do the same

and when you leave me

to love another

I hope we'll meet again most days


Way better than the original imho.  ;)  Who wants someone who you have to keep happy and that you hope will always stay the same?  Besides, the original doesn't even pretend to try to come close to rhyming.  And this does.  Pretend to try, that is.  :)



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Just a note about the song -- sorry I'm not a big help on the lyrics -- I think I'll be stealing yours! ;)

Anyway ... I've been wondering about this as I haven't been able to find a source claiming what I was always told about the song as a child -- that it was written by a father to his dying daughter. I always felt that the song was terribly sad because of this and have always been torn about singing it to my children...   Has anyone every heard this story? Or did my mom just hate the song and want to get me to stop singing it? ;)

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