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Thyroglossal Duct Cyst

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Has anyone's child been diagnosed with this? 


My daughter was recently diagnosed and we are still waiting to see the ENT.  From what I've read, surgery to remove it is the only treatment.  I would like to hear others stories about the surgery ... recovery times, complications, etc. 



I am so worried.  This will be the first surgery for any of my children :(


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I know it's been a few months...has your daughter had the surgery? 

My DD (5) has just been diagnosed with this and we are waiting for our appt. with the ENT. I'm a worried mess. It seems the surgery is a quick one and recovery isn't bad but none of my kids have ever had surgery (neither have I) and I'm nervous about how she will respond to the whole thing. How long was your DD in pain afterwards? How long was the surgery? Did she go home right away?  I have thyroid disease and I'm concerned this will affect her thyroid function.


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