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Okay, not sure if I'm spelling that right, but..

I gave birth 10 weeks ago and I have a little pain upon bowel movements.. occasionally a little spotting. Sometimes a "bulge" sticks out of my rectum, sometimes it stays in. I'm sure its hemorrhoids, but do I need to see my OBGYN about this, or will it resolve on its on? I hate seeing doctors and I would hate to have surgery (really frightens me, I dont trust docs).

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Try those witch hazel pads they should help. I never mention this problem to my Dr. either.

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The witch hazel pads should help. My mw suggested taking EaRl Grey teabags (must be caffeinated, don't know why) steeping for a few seconds in hot water, letting cool, and then applying to hemerroids. I wouldn't worry about surgery- I had HUGE ones after giving birth, dr. wanted to operate but said that they may go away on their own, so I chose to wait it out. Spend as much time as possible lying on your stomach as this is the only way you will not be putting pressure on them. Good luck!
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I just had another bout of these--I'm not sure if its the best or most natural remedy (next time I'll try the tea bags) but Preparation H cream saved me! Also, you're supposed to try not to lift anything heavy--hard to practice with a baby, though!
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