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UCing in NY state

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Does anyone know anything about UCing NY state, specifically Oswego County?  We're moving there next year, to a homestead where we will (by choice) have no electricity, and no indoor plumbing but a composting toilet.  We'll have a lot of Amish neighbors in a situation not too far from that, so hopefully that will work in our favor, but who knows.  We're pretty broke, so our options are delivering in a hospital or UCing.  I will not go to a hospital, and am feeling very drawn to the idea of UCing, but I'm very nervous about CPS involvement because of our living situation.  Right now I live and work in a large city and have awesome health insurance, so I can get prenatal care from a CNM before we go, but once we move we'll be on our own.


Has anyone here delivered in that area?  Any thoughts?

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I live in Onondaga county, and the only legal midwives that I'm aware of are in Ithaca.  There are just 3 of them.  They do come as far as the Syracuse area for deliveries, but I'm not sure how much farther.  There is one non licensed midwife somewhat closer to the northern Onondaga, lower Oswego county line, but she's hard to get contact info for as she's very underground.


I do know someone who delivered in Oswego county probably 7-8 years ago, UP/UC.  A few hours after her birth, her husband went right down to the town clerk where they were and explained what happened and got the information and forms to fill out for a birth certificate.  She and the baby didn't even go with him, but he got it all done on the first trip!  I've had a much different experience in Onondaga county, so the clerk must have been just stunned!!  lol  To my knowledge though, they had no CPS issues after the fact.





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As long as no one calls the cops or CPS on you, you should be fine.  I was investigated after the birth of my twins because my mom didn't get her way and called the cops when I was in labor (they arrived shortly after the birth).  Otherwise nothing would have happened.  It is not illegal to UC.  Anywhere.  However, if your baby were to have a problem after birth, you could be investigated for not providing adequate medical care. (I'm assuming this is if you don't take the baby to the hospital as soon as you notice something is amiss...but what parent would do that??)  That's what my case was about.  They basically just told me to let them know when my babies had seen the pediatrician.

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I've had three unassisted homebirths in upstate New York, only a few counties from where you'll be living.  For our first we just let everyone believe we'd be going to a hospital.  For my 5 yr and 3 yr old, everyone just assumed we'd stay home.  No one really liked it, honestly, but we succeeded in having beautiful, peaceful births, without anyone's intervention.  There are several health practicioners locally who know of our birthing decisions, but I don't think anyone thinks it is grounds for calling CPS.


Regarding birth certificates and the like, I recommend being on good terms with your town clerk.  We drop by a few weeks after births, and she gushes over the baby, and helps us fill out the paperwork.  It's quite sweet, and while I don't think she's necessarily a supporter of homebirths, she is definitely now a supporter of my right to birth my way.


Good luck, and welcome, soon, to New York.

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Hi, I have a friend who is moving to NYC in/near Westchester County.  Does anyone know what the procedure is there for birth certificates?  Is it wise to register with a local hospital for just in case you  need emergency admission or just turn up on the day?  Any help appreciated.  I can be reached off line at: independentmidwives DOT com.  Thanks! Kathryn

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