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Incompetent cervix fears

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Sorry if you're seeing this twice I wanted to post in a few different places and get opinions:

I'm 16 wks pregnant with my 2nd baby.  10 years ago I had a LEEP performed to remove abnormal cells from my cervix (knowing what I know now I would have NEVER allowed this).  Cervical procedures are one of the main causes of IC. Last pregnancy I was worried about it and had a few transvaginal u/s's and everything was fine. I switched from Ob/Gyn to midwife at 20 weeks and didn't have anymore u/s's.  My baby came past her due date and everything was fine. It wasn't the easiest labor and I'm wondering if this could have caused more damage to my cervix? Also if anyone else has had a procedure and experiences in subsequent pregnancies? I don't know if I'm more likely to have problems this time or if it should be okay because it was the first time, and I'm not finding much info on having an OK 1st pregnancy and possibility of problems is 2nd pregnancy. 


I really thought I'd be more chill this time around. Last night when laying down I felt a lot of pressure and could literally feel baby in a big knot and it seemed kind of low...it got my mind racing. Now this could have just been baby changing positions but of course I start worrying. I'm scheduled for my one u/s at 19 weeks I'm wondering if I should just wait until then and ask them to check my cervical length or if it's something that would need to be addressed sooner?

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talk to your care provider about it for sure, if nothing else it will ease your fears. Chances are that after one vaginal birth that went to term and no cervical issues, you most likely wont see any this go around.

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Thanks, I did call my mw and am having a transvaginal u/s Friday to ease my fears. Of course I turned to google & saw people who had perfect first pregnancies and IC during 2nd pregnancies, which freaked me out. But they could have had a cervical procedure between pregnancies I guess.
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IC is a crazy thing. It's always on my radar because I had an unxplained pPROM at 19.5 weeks with my first pregnancy. Right after the rupture I was checked and my cervix was found to be closed and long. However, I recently I went google'ing and found that some perinatologists feel that one can have PROM from a IC and funneling cervix and then the elasticity of the cervix will make it appear long and closed once the pressure from the fluid is gone. Argh. I wish I had never read that.

My son's pregnancy, 3 months after the loss, was totally without any issue, cervial or otherwise. I was having serial transvag. ultrasounds to keep an eye on things and my cervix remained 3+cm the entire pregnancy. So I resolved myself to thinking I didn't have any IC issues.

Now I'm 17 weeks pregnant and read that elasticity of the cervix thing. I did have a cervial ultrasound two weeks ago and was scared to find it at 2.8cm. However, that was at a really shady peri's office. My regular OB did a scan yesterday and found it to be at 3.8.

It seems that IC after term pegnancies w/o cervial issues are pretty rare.

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I don't know if this helps, but I had a LEEP with conanization done in 1997 and went on to have three uncomplicated vaginal births in 2003, 2007 and 2011- all of them went over 40 weeks.  I had talked it over with my gyno pre-pregnancy and he said my cervix looked good, and that it was highly unlikely to ever cause any issues.  And it didn't!


I hope you have an uneventful pregnancy and birth!

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Thank you everyone.  My measurement was 4.7 and my midwife is very happy with that.  I'm such a worrier during pregnancy. If there's not a problem, I'll create one in my head!

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