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Waistband for a no-sew tutu

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Hi, I am making a no-sew tutu for DD, she wants to be a witch at halloween. I am wondering though, I´d like the tulle not having direct contact to her skin while she is wearing it, therefor I´d like to add a waistband.


Did anybody ever do this? And how? Are there tutorials out there or is it pretty much straight forward?


Thanks a lot!

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Instead of making a waistband, how about having her wear a leotard or onesie under the tutu?


If you want the waistband, make the tutu and encase the waist elastic in blanket binding or quilt binding or very wide bias tape.  Put the elastic with the netting tied around it inside the bias tape or blanket binding fold and top stitch on the edge, stretching as you go so there will be stretch for her to pull on and off.  The bias tape will bunch up when it's on her and stretch flat to take it on and off.



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how are you making it?  i've made a bunch like this: http://www.gophotography.com/tutu/  i used wide elastic, like 1".  hope this helps :)

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thanks Chris, if I have the time I´ll try to sew the waistband (it looks soooo cute) and if I don´t I just have her wear a onesie.


Danielle, the link is not working greensad.gif (at least not for me)


Now I have to make the hat and the wizard stick, and than the bat wings for DS orngbiggrin.gif


I really need to start earlier though ...

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You're welcome.  And you're not the only one making last minute Halloween costumes.  I bought the fabric for my grandson's dinosaur costume yesterday, prewashed it last night and will be cutting it out this afternoon.  Taking time off from work, it should be ready for him to try on on Saturday, leaving me Sunday and Monday to make any last minute alterations.


This is what he chose:  http://mccallpattern.mccall.com/m2335-products-697.php?page_id=494

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I did not manage to sew the waistband, I just had her wear a onesie, but I will certainly try the waistband with the next tutu. DD loooved it, and I was soooo proud (our halloween party was yesterday) - I am a bit useless in general at the moment, due to the pregnancy, so that was something I could do for them!


DS was so proud being a bat, when I asked who had the cutest costume he was like : I did! joy.gif


Danielle, that was the way I did it, I only did an ankle-long one (I´ll post it!) 


Chris, have fun with your sewing, with two whole days of being able to adjust, your planning abilities are far better than mine :) 

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I can't take all the credit.  I'm not pregnant and I work at home so I can set my own hours as long as I get things done in a timely fashion.  And I don't have any deadlines looming right now.  I will next week but that's after Halloween.  I usually start the costumes in Sept, early Oct. but I was extra busy with work with deadlines due the 18th of Oct. so I started late this year.  Fortunately, I'm only doing 2 costumes.


Glad the onesie worked out.  You can always add the waistband later for dress up.



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