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Team Green??

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Who is with me on team green?


I've got a great girl and a busy boy....we found out with both at around 15 weeks even though I really wanted to have gender be a birth day surprise.  I just didn't have the strength to resist DHs pleading and caved both times.


Well, tie breaker baby is staying  secret until the "great reveal"!!



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Team green here.


we were going to be surprised with baby #1, but I was looking too closely during an u/s check and I saw the "three lines"  :)     I kept the secret, so I was the only one not surprised.   This time I want to be surprised too.

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We have no interest in finding out the gender of our first.  There's so few great surprises in life.  I want to cherish this one!!

I loved being surprised hearing about my two nieces arriving... it's such an exciting time :)

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we are totally not finding out till the birth. i can't wait for the excitement and surprise :)

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YAY! So glad I have so many Team Greeners by my side. I, too, am a super perfectionist planner and so it is incredibly hard for me not to find out, which is why I caved the other two times...but this time, when it REALLY IS my very last baby and we already have a boy and a girl...well, it's just too awesome a surprise to pass up!!

What's really annoying me is that everybody is already guessing what it is. I'm like, 8w3d people! So far, three people close to me have guessed "boy". I don't know why it's so annoying, maybe because I'm secretly wanting a girl?? (teehee, yeah, that's probably why, huh?) But my DD is calling the "tummy baby" a "she"...so, who knows! Is it/was it really annoying for anyone else to have "gender guessers"? Or am I just particularly grumpy? (I feel REALLY grumpy!).


I can't believe that this time, after I pull my baby up to my chest, DH is going to say "What is it!" and I'm going to get to look down and see for myself!! VERY COOL!

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We didn't find out with ours either, I am of the preserving the last of the great surprises in life mindset too. Although, I had vivid and accurate birth dreams with both my littles so I wasn't surprised either time, I already knew. So far my daughter has never been wrong (she is 4) and she has been talking about her baby sister for months. No dreams yet though. Love the suspense!!
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We found out with DS, but don't think we will this time around. I know my in-laws would like to know, but I'm feeling pretty strongly that this one will be a girl.

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Us too!  We didn't find out with DD2, either.  orngbiggrin.gif

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We didn't find out with DS but I'm torn this time.  I loved the surprise the first time around - but I am really hoping for a girl and don't want any disappointment to taint the birth day - but who can be disappointed when a baby is being placed in your arms, right? 

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I *think* we will be team green :) 


We found out with our first and we were told wrong :P but were surprised with the second two.  I kinda want to find out but dh is pleading with me not to.  If we end up having a sono I will want to find out but I don't want to have  sono just to find out though.  

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Definitely team green here!


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We will be team suprised! I loved not knowing with my son and the moment he was born and on my chest it didn't even matter. We were overjoyed to learn he was a boy!

We avoid all ultrasound exposure (will likely avoid Doppler this pregnancy as well as scans) so that makes it easier smile.gif

I typically hate surprises... I like knowing what to expect. And I do... A baby who will pave his or her own way. smile.gif
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I'm not sure yet.  We found out with my first, my son.  I didn't have an ultrasound with my second, so we didn't find out, and she was a girl.  I think I'm going to get an ultrasound this time and if I do, I don't think I'll be able to resist finding out.

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i didnt find out with my other 3 and i wont with this one either

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Ohhh... I want to be on your team!  But I know I'll cave in and find out. I have to have an anatomical us around 20 weeks and once they ask me "Do you want to know?" I'll say yes!  I'm weak.  Lol. I also have  boys so finding out if we are having another would be good, since I'm used to boys. Oh, but to find out if I'm having a girl.... Sigh. 

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So we knew that the other 6 were the gender they are, but since this is absolutely the very last DH wants to wait until birth.  The only problem is, because I'm high risk I have to have a gazillion ultrasounds and since I know what to look for, even if they don't tell us, I will probably see it anyway.  Maybe I'll just keep it to myself LOL. 

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I love surprised and this is the best kind.

I really don't want to know until the birth.

This baby is our first.


I have a questions though- What do all the abbreviations mean, DH, DD ect..?

seems like it should be obvious but I'm confused- thanks,

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I know that their is a list on MDC somewhere, but the shorter version:


DH = dear (or darling) husband

DW= "                     " wife

DP= "                     " partner

DD= "                     " daughter

DS= "                     " son



Someone with more talent can probably post a link for you to the abbreviations.  Welcome!


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Not finding out.  Our other two were surprises also - one girl and one boy.  We don't do ultrasound or doppler either.  For both of my previous pregnancies, the name is what gives it away.  I have both times had their names "come to me," once sitting at the computer and the other time in a dream.  Then I had the hardest time figuring out what names we would use for the gender that it turned out not to be.  So we'll see.  I am already feeling girl, but I've been wrong on that feeling before.

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