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Birth Choices

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I was just recently participating in a discussion about birth choices, c-section, VBAC and RCS:




The thread was locked, but were were having a really great conversation. For the first time ever I was talking with mamas who had c-sections, were devastated by them, but wanted to recapture something positive from their birth experience and attempt to heal a part of them that had been broken. There was some arguing, but I have to say, it was one of the most positive and healing things I have experienced regarding my birth experience in over two years.


I had a c-section with my son because he was in a breech position, and my midwives would not deliver him, nor would my doctor allow a vaginal delivery.


Those of us who experienced a c-section instead of a homebirth, UC, or natural childbrith, grapple with feelings of devastation, shame, sorrow...mixed with the joy of childbirth itself, the day our lives with our new babies began. It's a very strange, contradictory combination of feelings.


Some of you may have seen me talk about this before, but I want to provide some context. I am pregnant with my second child, and seeking a VBAC. Here are the choices I am limited to because of the state I live in:


1. RCS in my hometown.

2. VBAC in a large city hospital 3 hours away where I have no family or friends

3. UC


There are no midwives in my state (I have contacted every midwife I can find in the entire state) who will take on an HBAC. I can't even find a midwife who will see me for prenatal care.


I am the breadwinner of my family. I DO get maternity leave, but it is UNPAID. Therefore, I need to work up to delivery. Not only that, my family lives paycheck to paycheck. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO RENT A HOUSE OR APARTMENT in the city for weeks or even days. If I seek a VBAC, it will mean having to drive three hours IN LABOR, then having to drive home from the hospital for three hours with a newborn.

I also have a toddler.


It has been suggested to me that I could network to find strangers to stay with in the city, but doing so seems overwhelmingly difficult to me, especially with a toddler, and especially since we are talking about a 2-3 week window in which I might go into labor.


More than anything, I WANT A VBAC!!! However, I am overwhelmed and saddened by my lack of choices. I am facing the reality that RCS may be my best option, for a variety of reasons. I am a natural, AP, babywearing, bedsharing, selective vaxing, cloth diaper using, unschooling, multiple miscarriage suffering, infertility struggling mama who has limited choices. I am not pro c-section.


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I'm sorry that you're not feeling heard. I haven't read the thread you mentioned, so I won't comment. I did want to suggest that you look into the possibility of having one of the traveling midwives come to you. I know that has been an option for people in the past.
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Thank you! That's a really great suggestion. I have looked into it, but it costs a lot to pay for their traveling expenses. I would also have to find one who would cross state lines. To complicate things further, I don't think I would feel comfortable unless I saw that person regularly for prenatal appointments and developed a relationship with them, and to do so would be impossibly expensive.

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I want to thank the amazing and supportive mamas who have pm'd me and who started this thread in Questions and Suggestions:





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