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had to share my frugal bday

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Well, not mine, my 5 yo dd.  We have a new neighbor who seems to think that it is the end of the child's world that we don't do up big bday parties each year, for each child.  We do small ones, usually w/just us or a couple of friends.  I make the cake, we blow up our own balloons, (lol), I hang streamers.  We only give one or two presents from all of us and then bday child gets something from my mom and her husband.  We LOVE our bdays because they aren't stressful or expensive.  So today I made a Barbie "cake" and used rice krispy treats instead of cake.  She's getting a new-to-her bike that was free to us thru Craigslist, a Barbie car found at a garage sale for .25, and a cute pillow made by one of her big sisters.  My mom got her a few of the Curious Chef items--really cute and I know she will love them.


So, we didn't spend but $10 total (new training wheels) and she will be thrilled!


003.JPGJust wanted to post here w/people who would appreciate it. 

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Sounds like a blast!! thumb.gif
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Perfect!  Big parties stress my kids out.  We have very mellow birthdays, too... I know some families love the huge, expensive ones, but that doesn't mean it is good for every kid....


Awesome cake! 

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AND you used gummy bears.  That alone is super!

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Wow, I am super impressed with the Barbie cake.  Really cute.


Sounds like a wonderful day all around.

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That cake is AWESOME and your daughter is adorable! Your neighbors are idiots.:-) Why does everything have to be so commercialized and loud and obnoxious? I plan to do birthdays like this for my son. You don't need to buy a ton of crap to have a great, memorable occasion.  I think you did great! And it sounds like she got some awesome gifts! 


By the way, I'm totally stealing your idea of using rice crispy treats for molded cakes like this. Brilliant idea - I'd like to think I could construct awesome architechturally shaped cakes with frosting and toothpicks, but in reality it would likely just end in tears all around. This solves the problem and I don't know a kid alive who doesn't like crispy treats. 

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Thanks for the cake (and kid) compliments. 


KQ, I am totally going to scrap our "gingerbread village" (too many people to do just one house, lol, so we usually do a whole scene), and do something awesome w/rice krispy treats!  I'm thinking a sleigh complete w/gifts and santa and reindeer, but maybe I"m crazy, lol.  One tip....put a bit of cold water on your hands while you are molding it, but just enough to keep it from sticking.  Works better than butter.

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AH!  Love love love that you do that.  We always do family parties and I love it because it's special and I get to enjoy my little gifts.  Yes it's their day but oh man is it my day too!  This year they've been begging for a big party.  I said yes, but I really don't want to do it. 

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