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HomeBirth in South East Georgia

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I'm new to Georgia and have always dreamed of a home birth. I have been unsuccessful in find any CNM in Georgia that might do home births. I need help. This is my first pregnancy and it should be exciting and I'm stressed over this. Any advice?



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CNMs don't do home births in Georgia. If there is a La Leche League Group in your area, you may meet mothers who can tell you if there are any home birth "direct-entry" midwives in your part of the state (the Leaders won't be able to tell you.) I'm only highly familiar with the greater Atlanta area. If you are close enough, Savannah has a birth center and if you live very close to the Florida border you may consider driving to a birth center in Florida...

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There are actually several CNM's that attend homebirths in GA though I don't think a midwife should be discounted simply because she is not one. I was going to link to the Georgia Midwifery Association but the only link I have is broken. I'm sure google will get you there.

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Here are links to a couple CNM home birth practices. 


http://southeasternmidwifery.com/Southeastern_Midwifery/Welcome.html  Atlanta metro area (willing to travel)


http://www.savannahmidwife.net/  (Savannah Area)


there is also one in the Macon area but does not have a website. PM me with any questions. 


Good luck on your search!

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