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Yeasty Cloth Diapers

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So my DS has had a loooong standing yeast infection. I was trying everything to clear it up. I finally started to using disposables, just to see if it was my Fuzzy Buns...:( it was. Right now we have him in 'posies, but I want to get him back in his cloth diapers. How to kill the yeast though? I'd like the nuclear plan...you know where there is no plausible way for yeasties to live through it. Any ideas? I thought about boiling, but I'm worried about all the plastic bits and the actual. Right now we wash them in hot water it the washing machine. Thanks friends.

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We used FB without the inserts.  Bought cotton pre-folds as I felt the inserts just got icky, no matter how we treated them (washing, stripping, boiling, etc).  What worked for us was a rinse in hot, biokeen detergent wash (some do not prefer the essential oils in this due to build up... not enough for me to worry) then a final rinse on cold.  Once a week I would do the same routine but would add a 5 gallon pot of boiling water for the pre-rinse. 




Hope this helps!



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