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starting celexa

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OK, I have a rule for myself that I don't do health related searches on line becasue it just contrubutes to  my anxiety.....BUT, three years ago when I went on Zoloft (was on it for a year, have been off two years), mothering forums was what completely got me through it! So here goes.....


I just started Celexa (10mg) this morning. I am so nervous and scared. I know I need it. At least I think I do. I have been depressed and anxious for the past two months and the panic attacks have been crazy over the past few weeks. I have tried so many natural things and really given them a fair shot, but here I am, back to an SSRI. I never thought I would be here again. 


I guess I just need some support and maybe some other celexa success stories? I had really had side effects with the Zoloft for the first two weeks last time and now I am scared of the side effects this time around. Can I hear your stories? Please?


Thank you all!

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         Celexa has worked great for me. I never had any side effects from it. I noticed a decrease in my anxiety level at first and I have now been on it for about 8 years!! I am trying to get off it, I have decrease my dose significantly, since I don't know if I really need it and we are going to be trying for a baby in about a year and my goal is to be 100% meds free! I am so excited! A good thing to know about Celexa is that you need keep your levels up or you can be more anxious or depressed. A few times, I neglected to fill my prescriptions on time and I felt a lot of anxious feelings. Good luck, I hope this helps!!

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Thanks so much poetlizabeth, it really helps me to hear others stories! Good to know about the levels....

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i have been on celexa for a little over 2weeks now for anxity and ppd i am takein 20mg i have seen a slight differance so far in my anxity it has got better i am also on ativan for anxity to

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