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April 11-17 -- The One Thread

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Since our last thread keeper got herself a BFP (yay Jess!!!) I decided to take back the thread keeping duties for right now...

[edited to update list. Please PM me if you need to be updated ]

Waiting to O:

*Amara (wawoof)
*Amy (saturnine25)
*Christine (Sweetc)
*Danielle (Dani76)
*Denise (mama2m&m)
*Jamie (djsgirl)
*Julie (tofumama)
*Kara (k4kara)
*Lesley (lesleyluu)
*Mandy (freethinker)
*Tanya (Teensy)
*Sarah (glitterbits)

Waiting to know:

*Alexis (Alexisyael)
*Des (polka123)
*Denise (Mssisko)
*Heather (Parker'smommy)
*Jelaine (dabunnytoo)
*Korin (chiromama)
*Lili (lilirose)
*Lydia (chemigogo)
*marie (marie-c)
*Molly (mimim)
*Nicole (nikirj)
*Stephanie (dandylion)
*Tara (taradt)
*Zig ()

LLL (limbo land ladies)

*Lisa ( lisabc311)

LWNEH (Ladies Who Need Extra Hugs, due to a recent m/c or threatening m/c)


Waiting to be ready:

*Shaughn (maybemom05)
*sarah (tappinmama)
*Anna (annakiss)
*Pamela (Scootermama1)

APRIL BFP -- let's get this party started!

*Jessica (jessviola)
*Jay (Jayayenay:balloon)
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CD 13m Hello, eggie, where the **** are you??

Hi all ! first off, another big fat For our first BFP for the week, Jessica!!!!

So for the past 2 months, I have Oed (according to ff) on day 12 or 13..... so I'm waiting and GIo all weekend. Last night wasn't easy we were both tired, and Ryan thought that we only had to do it every other day... but in the end I prevailed... I told him that if my temp shot up today, we could take today off.. but alas, it went down!! So more GIO for me tonight! Still not a lot of Cm, but during sex, I seem to be producing a lot more than usual... that sure does make it more fun, but could that be fertile CM, or just sexy hubby? (I don't usually have a ton of arousal fluid either...)

We did our taxes yesterday.. we have to PAY $3,700.... ouch!!!! Ry was self employed for part of the year... so that's why. But my business accountant is going to take a look at them (in exchange for a nice dinner out) and hopefully get them down a bit. We have some of that money set aside, but not that much! It would basically eat up the last of the profit of selling our old house - which was supposed to go to building our garage this summer. anyway, rant over!

Ok, Of course I forgot all the personal notes I had for people, I'll just have to log in later to get to those.

It's almost 80 here today, and gorgeous!! I'm hoping to do some yard work - didn't happen yesterday, we laid on the deck and went shopping, and had a nice relaxing day, but no work....

I've got to do our weekly grocery shopping too... oh woe is me! :LOL
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Yippee!! I don't know how you are going to wait to tell you dh -- but good luck if you decide to!

Misc thought from last week's thread: Lesley, just forgetaboutit! Those kinds of studies are not meant to make anyone scared! They're basically reseachers who want to find out more info -- for science's sake, not to scare you! So, really, these are the things that it would be best if we could relax about (I know, we hate hearing that from other folks, but in this case... it's a needless thing to worry yourself over. Especially since the statistics may not be taht conclusive.)

Korin -- Adult drinks are fine, in moderation, especially when one is gearing up to O, imho. Happy GIO fest!

I'm sure there were other things I needed to respond to from the last OTTRTA, but I can't for the life of me think of what!

I have a horrific UTI this weekend. It is responding to cranberry and loads of water, so that's good, but I'm uncomfortable... I have a feeling it'll be gone in a day, and if it's not, I think I may still need to wait until Tuesday to see a GP.

On the psychosomatic front, I am nauseated a little bit, but not quite enough to make me hurl. I just *adore* psychosomatic symptoms, don't you? KHA they aren't so psychosomatic! :

Belly Blessings!
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CD 33, 3dpo

I'm on the TWW wait! Keep your : for me!
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alexis - i am with you on the psychosomatic symptoms.. 2 nights in a row of feeling nauseous i have also been craving eggs which i never do except when pregnant. but sane me is saying it is too early to have any symptoms...
hope your UTI gets better they suck...

Korin - we are self employed as well, i HATE tax time. i have to get my butt in gear and organize everything to get it to the accountants soon...

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Hi to everyone. Unfortunately, I may be joining you here again. My HcG levels haven't been very good at all. They were 84 at 18dpo and now 9 days later they are only 437. They are supposed to double every day. Luckily, I have a very kind midwife who allows me to call her at home and I was able to speak with her today. I am going in tomorrow for serial HcG levels to watch a trend, have an exam, and a possible ultrasound. My gut feeling isn't good though. I no longer have pregnancy symptoms either.
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Oh Bunches, I'm so sorry that you're having this setback. I hope that tomorrow's tests bring good news! But here's a few just to keep you going till then... Remember, we're always here for you.
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CD 4

Jess - Congrats!!!

Shannon - High Five!

Alexis, Adina, taradt, mimim, and anyone I missed - : : :

to all who need them


to all.

On a side note, I am exploring the possibility of starting my own work-at-home business, and would greatly appreciate if anyone who has experience with this and/or has any pointers would pm me.
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Why oh why does this happen to any of our TTC people? Why oh why? Everyone here deserves healthy, happy, sticky babies! Life is so not fair!

We're so here for you -- I hope we'll be here to celebrate your "sticky baby doing great" report back from the midwife. :

Tara -- my nipples also hurt Which is good, cause at least that means I may have been right, and I actually ovulated! (Cause last month, I think my nipples starting to hurt coincided with me ovulating -- which I think I did, then had a really short LP).

Korin has pointed out that I haven't updated my ff chart in a long time, and she is right... problem is, I still have no motivation to do it, even with her raggin' on me to get it done so she can obsess with me!

Re: taxes, we got a refund, but it was only due to a) making a nice religious donation and b) some very creative deductions (which were all legal -- we did not do them ourselves -- way too complex!)

Belly Blessings
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Bunches - I am sending as many sticky vibes as I possibly can to you!!! I hope everything turns out okay! .

I want lucysmama to come back and tell us who she was talking about on the other thread!!!! :LOL
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I'm hoping your news tomorrow is good, and we will all be here to celebrate with you! I will keep you in my thoughts and send you sticky vibes.

Alexis, you are completely right, and I have decided to not let myself stress over it! Good luck to you and Tara on those symptoms being 100% real.

Edited to add:
Adina, she's talking about you, you dork! (and I mean that in the nicest possible way...)
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cd 7

Hi All,
I've decided to jump back in after taking some time off from posting. I have been lurking though and trying to keep up with all you. This thread moves so fast!

Happy Easter or Passover to everyone. We celebrate both at my house so it has been a week of holidays.

I had my first normal AF since my February miscarriage this week! I now feel like my body could be ready to get pregnant again. I charted for the first time last cycle, and even though I bled for 24 days (!) it looks like I ovulated. My ND says my chart looks "classic" except for all the bleeding at the start.

So, with a bit of anxiety, we are going to try this month.

Congratulations to all of the March and April BFP! Hope you have nice sticky babies and a joyful 9 months!

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Katie, you are a dork!! :LOL I just went back to the 4-10th thread....
MY CHART??? Looks textbook? Really??? I wasn't inpressed.

I thought is looked like all the other ones. I don't know anymore.

I am not going to test unless af hasn't shown up. why waste the $$? I expect her to be here Friday or Saturday. But since I am on a new med - who knows how long my LP will be. If she hasn't shown up on Friday, I might give in and test then, just so I know before I pick up dh at the airport.

I am not feeling really into it this cycle. I am sure I will be bummed if my period shows up, but I am not getting my hopes too high. In fact, I don't even think they have gotten off the ground. I am sort of convinced that I am not pregnant.

I dunno.
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7 dpo...waiting

Just wanted to sign up. Life is hectic and I haven't had time to keep up with you all, but congrats to all the BFP, , to all that need it, , and to my fellow tww-ers, let's keep our fingers crossed!
I had some mild cramping yesterday and this morning, not sure what thats all about. Hang in there ladies!
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: : : : :

thanks for the congrats! i'm still in a daze....i really did not expect to see a but on the other hand, i also didn't expect

and i did tell dh :LOL i was just too excited and had to share with someone here!
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Adina -
It looks like it could be going triphasic, and you had that nice lil' dip....I gotta stick by what I said. It looks pretty good. Guess we'll know this week! :
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Congratulations, Jessica!!!!!!!!!
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OMG Adina, you didn't know it was you?????
It does look nice and you know, last time I was pregnant I was sure we missed it until I started getting symptoms!!

Bunches, , what can I say, I so hope everything is alright.

Sweet C, welcome back, glad your body is feeling like it could conceive again, mine was the same, I just did a complete turnaround this month.

Everyone else, , lets hope for a better week this week, we certainly started out good with Jess's bfp!!
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cd 26...6 dpo

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Congratulations Jess!!!!!

That is so great!!

What are some extra things that I can do to help mother nature along?? My LP is 13 days long, is that long enough?? And my AF only lasts 2-3 days. Should it be longer? I'm thinking that my lining isn't building up enough. My cycles are usually 27-28 days long. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My midwife won't start testing until the 1 yr mark. (Sept./Oct.)
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