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polka, your dh's family does suck.
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red rover red rover send tara on over!

and all the rest of you of course!!!

am i really still the latest bfp? come on, they're supposed to come in 3's!!

actually i haven't seen her post here in a while but rachel (dalaimama) popped up on the dec mama board
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CD 18, 4 DPO

Just a check-in.

Oh, Jessica - I'll volunteer to be one of the many more April BFPs...!!!

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yippee! i sure hope so!!! DMaI!!!
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CD 13, confused a little

Hey there,
I just popped in to read what everyone is up to, then left for a moment to use the bathroom, and now have a question...kind of a long one

When I used the bathroom, I noticed a little CM on the TP. I did an internal check, and had a very small amount of EWCM, but only way up close to my cervix. (Sorry if this is TMI). I thought I wouldn't be close to O for another 6 or 7 days!

I decided to see if I had enough urine to do an OPK. I got an OPK result that was fairly dark, but not positive, if you KWIM. Does it sound like I might be O'ing a little earlier this month? Should I POAS later and see if I get a + OPK?

Also, I have been drinking green tea (but not a lot, just 1 cup/day) and taking flax seed oil. Could this be giving me EWCM even though I'm not fertile right now? I guess I better GIO just in case, right?

My chart:

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Hey all! not too busy today... some of my fave patients are coming in with their 7 month old wonder! Can't wait to see her! Last night went to a b-day party for a PG friend. I know some docs say it's ok to drink while pregnant, but I still think it looks strange to see a pregnant woman drinking.... not looking to start a fight here, just my observation. Anyway, ANOTHER woman announced at the party that she is pregnant..... and then she looked at me and said "you'll be next!" although no one here knows we're trying.... Then later another woman who is known for not being the most tactful says to me..."wow, you look better than I've seen you in a long time" Well, I say, you haven't seen me in a long time.. and she says, well you look better than before. Ummm I felt mildly offended by this... does she mean I looked like sh*t before? maybe I'm just having a sensitive day... On the way home, I told Ry that sometimes it feels like I'm never going to get pregnant.....

Fortunately I cheered up this AM when my temp went up a bit... I hope I can stay sane in the next week!

Des... man your HUSBANDS family sucks a$$. :LOL

Adina, I know you're gone, but sending you cyber hugs anyway... I agree with Shannon... now your cycle was of normal length, and we know your tubes are clear! good news!!

About our little community..... I LOVE THE WOMEN HERE!!! I am lucky enough to be blessed with an amazing community of women (as evidenced by the fertility blessing) here in p-land - if any of you need a place to move to... this is it!!! And you have an instant community....My friends! However, no one I know is currently going through this at this time, so you guys are soooooo great. None of my pg friends know (well, one does) we're trying....so it just sucks when they say crap like that.


Ok, I think since we are all so cozy together, when we all get pregnant, we should just start and OTTRA thread over there, and stick together!

I'm going to post the meditation today, whenI find some time between patients, hope you all have good days!!
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if i were you, i'd try another OPK or even better just GIO to be sure. you can always test again tomorrow and see if it's darker or lighter. it can't hurt to GIO :LOL

ugh, i hate comments like that too. although i will tell someone they don't look great if they ask because i think it would be more insulting for them to think they always looked so bad....if that makes any sense....but then again, i have chronic disease and while i always mean well, it often comes off as very wrong
and sorry about the "you'll be next" comments.
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Korin - some people are too stupid for there own good.
I dont think she meant it bad but it was stupid.
I'm thinking of taking ds to a chiro since he was an emerg. csect.
i always felt he was out of step with life.

Lesley- cant help ya there b/c I have very little ewcm since getting older.
i've been doing the cogh syrup this mo.
i have felt a little more damp tho

what does your cervix do when o'ing?
we did bd & it felt swollen/full- sorry if tmi.
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when i o my cervix gets very soft, very high and it opens. i have noticed sensitivity too sometimes when gio around o time depending on what's going on LOL!

hope you catch the egg! i missed the post about your dh's family but to you!

korin, those are rude things to say to be sure. it's like open mouth insert foot. sorry you had to hear them.
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Thread Starter 

[Now I have to go, hanging out with my friend today ]
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oh man, now gonnabe too. WTF is going on???
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New m/c thread on pregnancy loss...

Hi Ladies, Just stopping in to let the grieving ladies know that I started a new support thread on the Pregnancy Loss forum -- ttc'ers experiencing a m/c.

I hate the thought of starting this -- but I think there are so many of us in need right now.

So, Bunches, LisaG, Tara, Laura, Jesse, Kama, and Gonnabe (so sorry for your painfully recent loss!) please come over for some extra support and love....
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Hello everyone, just checking in.

DPO8 today and hoping...

don't feel as if I have much to say considering all that has happened here recently. Just sending loving thoughts....
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Hi ladies,

I just want to send to all of you needing some extra love right now -- my thoughts and prayers are with each of you. I can't even begin to say how sorry I am for each loss.

Reading about these m/cs has been very sobering for me; this is the first month I feel strangely pessimistic about the whole TTC thing.

I hope everyone has a calm, peaceful weekend.
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(((((((hugs))))))) Gonnabe
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Kate, thanks for stopping in, I've been wondering about you. I also posted on your new thread, thank you for having the strength to organize something for our close little group. For any of the others that may be lurking, please post briefly (it doesn't have to be brief) just to let us know you're hanging in. I've been thinking of you all constantly. You guys were there for me and even if I didn't express it at the time, you were instrumental in my effort to cling to some hope of carrying a baby to term.
There's really nothing more to say, my GIO fest starts tonight (naturally my godson is staying with us, making things harder, but sex is always more fun when you have to worry about being quiet)
to all
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I am so,so sorry ladies

Since my son has turned 4 today i would like to share his birth story.

It all started on a Saturday evening.My husband and two year old dd went out to dinner at a very busy restaurant here in San Diego.I ate a huge,huge meal with a grilled turkey and avocado sandwich and some fries.I was having a ton of the BH contrax but i was also very use to them.We got home around 9pm and i put my dd to bed and sat down to watch tv.I noticed my contrax were changing pattern and requiring more of my attention.I decided to go to bed and rest some.Around midnight they were getting more intense and i was grabbing the bed with each contrax and squeezing hard.I finally woke my dh at 1am and told him to call our midwife.It took her about 45 minutes to get to our home.The poor lady had decided to stay up and hang out with her friends and was so tired.She checked me and i was around 5cm.She layed down on our bed to rest while i paced around dealing with the contrax.I quickly hit 8cm and i was so amazed at how easy this labor was.She told me to sit on the bed for awhile and to see if i could try pushing a bit.She said i could easily stretch to a 10.I tried it but it didn't feel right but i hung out on the bed for awhile and we chatted between contrax.Around 5am my midwife told me to go take a shower to relieve my backpain.I got in and then my contrax got painful.My back was hurting so bad!My dh rubbed my back as much as he could.At one point i said i felt like i needed to poop and the midwife heard me and came running.She told me to get my butt back upstairs and i told her no i needed to go to the bathroom.She talked me into going upstairs instead.I walked back up the stairs( no feat at 10 cm dilated!) and i noticed to sun was coming up and i was really surprised.My dd woke up then and we had my MIL take her over to her place,next door,for a little bit.I turned around and leaned over the couch and found myself pushing.My water broke all over our floor and i could feel my sons head descend into my birth canal and slide back up a bit.Suddenly the midwife was behind me as i leaned back over the couch and my son slid out really fast into her arms.I leaned back onto my knees and kneeled before my newborn son.He was so precious and calm.I sat there for a little bit talking to him and then we moved onto the bed so we could nurse and hang out.The sun was out and it was a beautiful day.Elijah was named a few weeks later and his middle name is for my father who passed away suddenly two days after he was born.

Happy Birthday my wonderful son.
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Thanks so much for sharing Elija's birth story, Ravenmoon! It's a beautiful story and very affirming given all the losses lately. It's made me cry a bit, actually. I truly hope that one day I can have a beautiful home birth story to tell. And I hope I can share it with all you wonderful ttc friends - I do hope we can graduate together and continue the One Thread over on the pregnancy boards.

: Elijah!
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I'm crying too
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