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I'm waiting to test.I've been following you all for the last few weeks but i am lurking.I am 7dpo and am feeling nauseous on and off,dizzy every now and again and really bloated.Like i haven't gained any weight but i can't wear any of my pants I seriously look 5 months preggo.I am trying to hide that for now but i have not ever been this bloated.Good thing?This will be my 4th kiddo and i am currently nursing my almost 2 year lil girl.If i am not preggo i will be surprised but then i don't want to get my hopes up yet either.I am going to my Naturopath today and will talk to him about my health and supplements etc.I was just wondering if my previous midwife is still doing births.I hope so!She was so great.Anyhow i have to wait until at least Sunday to test and if i do test positive my due date would be the 28th of Dec.Which would be awesome because my dad's birthday was the 24th(he died two days after my son was born)and his mom passed away on the 24th.So it could be a healing time for a new baby.

As for that kid i'm guessing he was selling those drugs.You can get fronted what you sell.That would explain the amount he had.I hope never to find that in my house!
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1st things first, he was selling, oddly, I don't believe he was using though, his blood and urine were clean and he admitted to selling but was adamant that he wasn't "stupid" enough to use. It came up at the summary today that he also had 8 grand in CASH hidden in his bedroom (I really should teach the dog to sniff out cash--then I could actually use what he finds!!)

On the saliva issue, major bummer, but we have conceived 3 times "using" saliva, but since this month is important we will avoid, I'm guessing though that I'll need the egg whites then cause as a rule I reach orgasm before intercourse (are you blushing Katy??)
I've decided I certainly won't be trying for the mutual orgasm, basically I'm selfish and that is really a time that should be all about me--right??? :
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Oh, I assumed he was selling, but I didn't know anyone would front that much drugs to a 14 year old (most 14 year old boys aren't known for their responsibility, KWIM? I wouldn't give that much $ to a kid to hold for me, much less take the initiative to sell!) Just goes to show you... that kid probably has mad sales technique! :shudder: If he goes on the straight and narrow, he'll have skills to make it big in business, I guess.

Anyway, good for him he knew not to use.... still, pushing is worse, imo.

And yes, Shannon, it should *all* be about you, I agree 120%! Have a good time with the egg whites

Ravenmoon -- : I'm also feeling nauseated at times, but I just found out the uristat pills cause nausea, so now I know the source of most of the nausea I had this weekend. And since I didn't get nauseated last time until like week 5-6, I think that makes sense....

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Re: cd 15 - 2 DPO (tbc)

Originally posted by chiromama
So last night 7 of my close women friends came over and we had a fertiltiy blessing... I think everyone should do this.. it was so powerful, to have all the women surrouding me, supporting me! We ate eggs, and pumpkin bread with seeds (eggs, seeds... get it?) drank red rasberry leaf tea, and pomegranet juice (my friend found all this cool stuff about fertile foods on line). Then two of the women smudged the bedroom, and we all walked in and were smudged as we walked in. then we all sat on the bed, did some mantra chanting, everyone gave me a stone or bead or herb for an amulet (that I'mwearing now!) and then we did a guided meditation 0 that I may have to share with all of you.. ...
Korin, that sounds really beautiful Would you mind sharing the guided meditation?

We've been ttc since oct. 03 and have decided that this cycle we're going to prepare differently ... I'm not charting (I tend to obsess ... not that I'm not obsessing anyway, just a little less) and while I'm keeping track of what cycle day I'm on, I'm trying to do more visual exercises and put my mind in a better place ... and we're both taking extra good care of our bodies and being mindful of what we eat and how much exercise we are getting ... treating ourselves as temples, I guess you could say

I like the idea of a fertility blessing and of meditating on fertility/getting pregnant/ovulating.

Here's hoping for more New Year's babies!
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Hi eveyone. I am just popping in here to say a big, huge, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You ladies truly ROCK!!!! Your kind words and support have meant so much to me. I am really touched. I almost cried when I saw the category Alexis put me in - LWNEH. (ladies who need extra hugs) That was sweet.
Anyway, my brain isn't really working and I thought I already posted a thank you but I couldn't find it. So...... if this is a repeat thank you - so be it! I truly appreciate your thoughts. And, I'm sticking around!!! I am going to take really good care of myself and get back on the wagon in the next 2 months or so. Whenever my body is ready. I'll see my midwife tomorrow. I am still sad and grieving of course, but I feel better today than the past few days. Still cramping and bleeding a bit.
Best wishes to everyone in their ttc. I hope to see lots of BFPs this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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9 or 10 dpo...

I'm fairly certain I o'd Sunday last week. Had some crampyness on Sun/Mon this week, my boobs are huge, I'm seriously moody, and ravenous at times. We GIO pretty much on schedule for that O, so...I will test Monday if no AF, but I never have gotten a bfp before closer to 18-20 dpo... I'm hoping the cramping wasn't a bad sign...
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Mary, that's what we're here for! You are very very welcome. (And it seemed appropriate to me to make a new category, I only wish I'd thought of it earlier!)

I second the request for the guided meditation, Korin, but perhaps you could post it to a new thread? That way us can read it and not clog up the One Thread!

Kara, you and I have been trying the same amount of time... I've been doing some meditations and imagry, too, as well as trying to eat better... it makes me feel like I am being pro-active.

hugs to everyone! (happy hugs and the ones where we both get teary -- it takes all kinds of hugs in this world!)
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I left the meditation at home, so I'll post it tonight or tomorrow. My friend Gina does the most amazing meditations.. I'm bugging her to do a cd.. hopefully this summer.....

Ok, my silliness for the day..

The five stages of a TTC woman's cycle...

Stage 1.... Bleeding... sadness, utter devastation

Stage 2 ... nearing end of period... uplift.. hmmm maybe we'll do it this time! Yeah. I can do this.. I'll eat better, exercise more, drink green tea, carrotts. etc etc etc!

Stage 3... Nearing the O ... eating well, getting laid.. oh yeah, this is the life girls!!

Stage 4... The post O euphoria! Woo Hoo! I have produced and egg... look at me! I am woman hear me roar!!!!

Stage 5.... the worst stage of all.... WAITING....

Alexis, I love the new category...I hope I never have to spend time there though!
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That fertility party sounds awesome! I wish I had enough female friends that I could share ttc with to do this, but I'll just have to visualize for now!

Katy, blushing is good, and just to get you going, when you blush, other parts of you get extra blood flow too! I hope that wont make you blush about blushing!

I'm on cd 4 and just picked up another supply of tribulus from my ND. Has anyone heard stories about using it and getting pregnant?

dh is sick and at home but on non-smoking day 2 and not particularly crabby. Yea!

good baby vibes to all.......
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cd 17 & waiting to O

Originally posted by chiromama
just found this link...
I kinda an NOT buying this because I think this was when DS was conceived. DH & I go thru phases of (AHEM) different kinds of sex. Weeeeelllllllllllll, let's just say that DH stayed "south" a bunch prior to GIO that particular time & VOILA - here comes DS.
That is the one thing we did differently.
, now with DS here.... (sniff) we don't get much time for anything. :LOL
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Shannon - yikes!!!! that is ALOT of drugs

Korin - that sounds like an awesome ceremony. i need to meet woman friends IRL it would be cool to do something like that.

ravenmoon - we are on the same cycle way too go on the symptoms i have been bloated big time recently as well, but i am sure it is caused by not enough water.. sigh
the 28th would be such a healing day for us as well, we lost our baby on the 31st of last year so it would be a nice full circle

Katy - sometimes it is nice to have our parent's be a bit prudish. i am still traumatised by the time my mom took me into a sex store because she figured it was time <<shudder>> not something one wants to do with ones mom when yo uare 18!!!! my parents are a bit too open about it at times and i really don't want to know that much about their lives (of course when i was a teenager and had all the questions they weren't open??!!)

my imaginary nauseous symptoms weren't there last night i have never been so wanting to be nauseous before... though i know it is still very early and at the risk of jinxing myself i feel really good about this month...

take care

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I'm baaaaccckkk

Well ladies,

After my brief appearance here a couple months ago, sadly I'm back. Waaahhhh . M/C just plain suck, but I'm here to report that my brief visit to the land of pregnancy was pretty much fun, and I can't wait to return and see you all there!

But on the up side - you gals really make me smile, so just wanted to let you know I'm keeping an eye on all of you : while I patiently (and impatiently) wait for more uterine recovery. Sigh. Never in a friggin' million years did I expect I'd spend so much damn time waiting to try to conceive :

Also, since I'm waiting, what do you gals know about pregesterone? My OB wants to do blood and saliva tests to get my progesterone levels after my first post m/c cycle. I'm confused though - I thought if my progesterone level was low I would've had difficulty getting preggers in the first place, and if I did manage to get pregnant I would've m/c earlier? I made it to 10 weeks, so I'm kind of surprised that progesterone could've played a role with my m/c :

Thanks for your input and for making me smile

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From what I was told a lot of m/c's happen right around 10 weeks because around that time the placenta starts to produce its own progesterone and that's often when a preganancy fails.

I was also tested for all levels (at cd 3, 18, 21 and 23) after a m/c and though everything looked normal, I have a gut feeling it may have been a progesterone problem. One of the supplements I take is suppose to regulate the prog. production, and I plan to have it monitored once I get pregnant. Some people supplement with an herbal extract topical cream that goes on the inner thigh.

That's about all I know. I hope to learn more from others....
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Oh, LisaG! I'm so sorry! We're all here for you -- feel free to stay awhile, if you need to. Everyone takes turn saying wise and comforting things...

Marie-C's explanation makes sense to me, but I don't know any more.

Here's a big huge I hope you get your soon!
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Oh Lisa.... ... I'm sooooo sorry you have to go through this! Crap, this is the third ttc return this week! (that sounds odd) Hope you heal quickly, get pregnant your first cycle back... and it's a baby!
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Oh, thanks ladies - I appreciate it. Mary-C that's really interesting about the 10 week mark and the placenta kicking in. Makes me wonder what the glitch is in that transition phase - if the body tends to wind down production before the placenta is truly ready to gear up? hmmmmm

I posted seperately too - thinking more people might see it there, so we'll see if anyone else has thoughts to add.

Thanks again,
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Oh Lisa - I am so sorry! I was hoping you were gone for good!! I hope all goes well and you get out of here soon.
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: lisa. i don't have any wise words except take time to heal. it does just totally suck.
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Lisa, progesterone is an after ovulation/conception thing. I have heard the 10 week thing too but I wonder if it isn't that alot of time the baby dies but it takes a few weeks for the body to decide to let go. I know for myself I will be supplemented with progesterone the next time from ovulation to 14 weeks. My ob did tell me though that your prog levels can be normal one month and deficient another, that is why we are going to supplement regardless.
K, just got home, I'm wet, muddy and tired so I'm going to hop in the shower, succomb to my coffee craving and I'll be back later!
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Doyou get the progesterone at a hfs? or is it prescription?
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