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Had my first official prenatal yesterday. It was such a relief to see someone face to face and for a birth professional to give me her opinion an what might be happening in my belly. (I was working with my family doc and consulting over the phone with my midwife, who is now out of state, while insurance was worked out.)


I've had some twin intuitive feelings for a while now, which only got stronger when my fundus popped up out of my pelvis at 9 weeks. I have had some funky hormone levels too. I have been feeling LOTS of movement for at least 2 weeks, daily in the last week. I'm only 14 weeks.


Turns out I'm measuring 4 weeks ahead and my dates are solid. We thought we might have picked up 2 heartbeats, but you can't be sure with a doppler. We had a strong one on my upper right side (the kicky place!) and thought we heard something waaaaay down in the lower left, but it was wiggly and kept moving away, I could feel the squirm! We also located the placenta up at the top, middle. 2 babies would explain feeling the super kicky movements and the more wormy, hamster feet movement this time around. My other two babies never had both types early on. One was kicky, the other squirmy.


Tuesday, we'll find out for sure with my first ever baby ultrasound!!!


DH and I are having lots of fun imagining what if. The name game just got a whole lot more fun, that's for sure. We lick Click and Clack as in the belly names, or maybe Molder and Sculley.


My poor DD. She is desperately hoping to not have another "little bother", she thinks having 2 would be the end of the world. Lucky for her I have strong girl feelings with just a hint of boy. My money is on twins being a girl and a boy.



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Oh my!  The time between now and Tuesday must feel like and eternity to you!  Keep us posted.

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Mulder and Scully, best belly names ever!

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I love the names. Click and Clack would go over so awesomely in my family that they might stick outside the belly! You must be brimming with excitement and anticipation. GOOD LUCK! I can't wait to hear the results. 

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Very cool!  I hope it all goes well, and poor DD...maybe she'll get 2 little sisters!!

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I can feel your excitement Abbie!!!  Are you hoping for twins?  I know we all just hope for healthy baby/ies.  I have many of the same symptoms as you; boy/girl twin intuitive feelings since conception, my fundal height is 4-5 weeks ahead, movement daily since 8.5 weeks and now movement is in the form of squirms/stretching, thumps/kicks and anywhere from deep inside to outside (sometimes forceful enough to feel from the outside), down low by my pelvic area to below my navel and on the middle sides...in a matter of a minute or few.  I'm 16 weeks now and never felt this amount/type of movement this early before.  I keep thinking there's no way it can't be two in there when feeling all that.  Seems like a lot of amount of space for one baby to be covering. We're finding out on Tuesday too! 11/1/11 make a wish ;)

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Heehee, Twin Testing Tuesday over here in the April DDC!

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I'm having a hard time sleeping. I'm excited to find out some answers tomorrow, but at the same time I don't want to know yet so the excitement can last a little longer.


last night I dreamed of multiple babies.


I'm also feeling a little guilty/weirded out that this hard core home birth mama is getting an ultrasound and even contemplating a hospital birth.


I'm looking forward to sharing an update and hearing yours AiryFairy.


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Good luck today AbbieB and AiryFairy! I'll be thinking of you. Exciting times!


About half of my dreams involve twins. I'm pretty sure, however, that this is because the babies I am most familiar with are a friend's pair of twins. Just one baby for me! :) 



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thinking of you ladies today.

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Wishing you the best of luck and anxious to hear updates. With all of us on here, at least one person has to have twins!!

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So excited to read some updates!

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Baby or babies?! Excited to hear too! Happy news either way. biggrinbounce.gif

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Well, it's Tuesday, what are you waiting for?? lol    Can't wait to hear how your US's went :) 

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Abbie, where are you...I can't wait to hear your news!  I hope you're busy celebrating :)


We're having ONE healthy and very energetic baby BOY (I knew it was a boy!)!!!  Dr. said I was measuring ahead because of the number of babies I've had and movement can be explained by this one being a little rock star in there.  We're keeping the gender a surprise from family until our wedding celebration on 11/11...we're having a cake store make us these supper yummy and beautiful snowflake sugar cookies with either blue frosting or sprinkles as a way to make it a little more fun.  Oh, his name is Aries Sun <3

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Just one big, strong baby for me.


I did not have a full anatomy scan but everything we did see (which was a lot) looked just like it should. We may have seen some girl parts, the tech was reluctant to say for sure, but thought it was a strong possibility. No surprise there, I knew she was a she. She was measuring a little big, but my other kids were looooong and big so again, no surprise there.


My sister, who had her first baby this past spring, just a few days ago told me for the first 28 weeks she had a big uterus too, her docs were convinced there was a hidden twin, even after 2 ultrasounds. She only had one looong little boy. After she told me that I figured that I was only having one, but it was fun to imagine two, even for a little bit.


Alien baby is waving at you. winky.gif


alien baby borgers.jpg


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Awe, congratulations to both of you! I'm so glad to hear your US show healthy active babies in there!


AbbieB - Is that it for you, no knowing the gender til birth? 


I'm shocked we have 100 ladies and no twins yet, I'm still guessing some might pop up somewhere. :) 

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thanks for updating us. one baby is super!

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Congrats to you both, especially getting healthy babies of the gender you already "knew" you were having! Wow though, I too am surprised there are no twins, and not really many others having even mentioned that they suspect twins...you'd think by this point there would be some signs pointing to that for someone! I'm very excited for you both being able to plan for boy/girl. I'm not sure the anxiety of the not knowing for the next 4.5 months is going to sit well with me LOL

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Hooray for single strong babies!  Of course all babies are a blessing, but I wouldn't wish twins on anyone--its just so hard on your body (for most people, it seems).


Congrats on being right on the sex, too.  Funny how mamas can just know. orngbiggrin.gif

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