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Aww, thanks Gem!! BTW, right now DH and I both really like the name Gemma. :-) Not sure if we'll end up with it or not. How are you feeling??? Are you going to find out what you're having?



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Tenzi, so happy you found an OB you love!  And how exciting you are just a couple days away from meeting your little one!!!!


Hope, I am hoping your flaky OB has gotten back to you!  I think the earliest mine would let me in was 10 weeks too (even with my previous ectopic and known twins).  I wasn't too happy about that either!  It sounds like you have lots of valid concerns with your pregnancy, so definitely find someone you are comfortable with.


Renavoo, were you able to find anything else out?  I am sure everything is fine, but the peace of mind would make it feel much better...especially when it seems like they are hiding things from you.  I got pretty freaked out at my last ultrasound because I could tell the measurements for one baby were off, but no one would tell me anything.  Are both your LO's still head down?


Vegan, Gemma is an adorable name!  How fun that you have something you are already thinking about!


AFM, still overwhelmed that I am running out of time to get all my "to do's" done...need to start prioritizing for the weekend!

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Hi ladies!


Belly, everything will get done :o) Don't stress. And even if it doesn't get done, they say babies just need love, food, and a place to sleep anyway :o) haha although I admit that as the time moves on, I'm getting stressed too. the one thing I will have to say, though, is that I don't know what I DO need so I can't be stressed about not having it. As for finding out more, sigh, no, things got so busy I forgot to call the doctor's office today. Oh well, I'll speak to someone on Tuesday. The babies have been kicking up a storm so they seem to be doing quite well. I have to say that I love it when they kick. It's just so amusing and it really does make all this pain worth it. I feel so bad though...DH is relegated to sleeping on the futon in the living room because my snoring is way too loud. I don't know what to do. I try to blow my nose to get the stuffiness out but it really isn't working out :o( I'm embarrassed but mostly, sad for my dh. 


Tenzi, can't wait for your little one to be born! it's so exciting!


Hope, how are you doing? I'm sorry about you getting the run around. I hope that you get to see the OB soon for a real appointment!


Vegan, hi! How are you?


Yah to the long weekend! Have a great weekend, everyone. :oD

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Not sure where the long weekend went...but it's gone now :(  I didn't get as much done as I'd like, but we did take time to enjoy a dinner with friends, a movie out, and a couple naps too.  If only, my to do list was ta done!


Renavoo, is this your last week at work?  Can't remember if you said you were going in until 36 weeks or not?  Speaking of, I think I might only go in for 2 more weeks, it's getting hard to get up and go in (even part time).  Of course, I think it might be harder at home ;)


Tenzi, it's baby time for you!!!!!  Please let us know how it went when you have a chance!


How is everyone else doing???


AFM, we had another ultrasound, and one baby is still smaller than the other.  Baby A is measuring about a week ahead, and Baby B's measurements are close to 3 weeks behind.  Not sure if it's a problem or not, but I'll be asking at my OB appt this week.  They didn't seem concerned last time, I think they were 2-3 weeks apart but it was only a 6% difference overall.  I have lots of "parties/celebrations" for friends the next 3 weekends, I just don't know how I am going to physically be able to handle them...one is about an hour away!  Maybe I wont think about it yet....

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Wow - so exciting that Belly and Rena are almost done with work and ready to focus on babies!!


Belly: Don't feel like you have to go party if you don't feel up for it! I'm sure everyone understands!! Lots of twin moms are even on bedrest at this point. 


Renavoo: Have you tried a neti pot? I just bought myself a new one bc my allergies are so bad they keep up half most nights. It really does wonders to clear out your nose. Worth a try. Sorry your DH has to sleep elsewhere. 


AFM: I'm pooped! I just sorted through every bin of clothes that my DD wore. I arranged it by size, pulled out the little baby stuff and found all my small diapers and covers and swaddling blankets, etc. I also sorted some of my stuff for goodwilland rearranged the linen cabinet. I feel like I got a lot done but also feel like I should sort and get rid of more stuff. LOL. Feels good to have inventoried all the clothes and to see that we have WAY more than we need. Thank goodness we are having a 2nd girl! 


We managed to get out on a 5 miles walk around SF yesterday (with lots of stops). My pubic bones are pretty sore after that much walking. And now my back feels a bit out of alignment from all the sorting. But I think I'll be feeling much better after some sleep. 



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Sniff I'm sad that the weekend is over too. oh well. Hi everyone!


I ended up not doing much this weekend either! I went out to dinner on Friday for a friend's birthday, pretty much played hermit on Saturday, went out to dinner with DH on Sunday and brunch with DH on Monday. We decided we were going to play hermit and enjoy each other's company before the babies came. And it was just what I needed. Still so tired because I get up multiple times a night but I feel better...and my legs are not as swollen. haha. 


Belly, I'm still working although I think i'm going to talk to my boss about the possibility of working at home starting end of this week or next week. This week, we have clients in town so I don't want to let my team down. It'll be exhausting though because one of the meetings is from 8-6pm and the other is from 9-5 or so and honestly, I'm always feeling done by around 3 now. But i'll just deal and luckily I'm not leading any of the meetings. I'll just be a semi active participant. :o) I'm not sure if I need a doctor's note to work from home but since my boss has twins and the president of the company has triplets and she was on bed rest from 24 weeks on, I'm hoping they understand. We'll see :o) 


As for the size differential, I'm think it's so funny that our babies are similar in terms of the size differential. My doctors, unbeknownst to me, did a doppler to check if there were any issues, which came out fine, but from what he said, as long as they continue to grow and have a similar trajectory of growth, things should be ok. Of course, I'm not sure why we're doing a biophysical profile and non stress test then but whatever. I'll go with it. That'll be happening today. I have to get some orange juice just in case the babies decide that they want to sleep through the tests! Oh and i agree with Vegan...don't feel forced to go out if you don't want to. i find it more and more difficult to walk around now and I was huffing and puffing to walk to brunch yesterday. We are supposed to have dinner this weekend and as of now, I'm not sure that that's going to happen because I'm feeling so exhausted so regularly! 


Vegan, yah for getting organized! i think it's fantastic that you have almost everything for your new baby! As for getting rid of stuff, that's always the hardest step for me. haha i go through the "but what if I need it" phase!


I hope your back and pelvis are feeling better! 5 miles is a lot but it's good exercise! Good for you!


Tenzi, checking in!


Kewpie, Keria, Hope Hi! How is everything going?

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Belly - I actually finally called them again.  First OB appt is June 11.  Ohh, I can't wait!!  I can't believe how close you are getting1  Like rena said - they just need love food and a place to sleep in the beginning, so if it doesn't get done, you know that it still can.  Just remember to ask for help!!!  I hope you get some answers on if the size difference is anything to worry about.  I'd say only do the parties that you feel up to doing, but don't overdo it.


rena - I'm doing pretty good.  Been oddly short of breath lately though, and it's kinda making me nervous.  I'm glad that you took the time to relax, and that you're going to ask about working from home.


Vegan - That's awesome!  I can't wait to do that with clothes.  We aren't going to find out the sex (didn't with our DD either), so that will be interesting.  Luckily we have a ton of neutral stuff in that newborn to 3 month age span.  Wow, good for you walking so much!!


Things are going good for me.  For some reason I'm short of breath lately, and it's not like I'm so far along yet, you know?  It's strange.  I'm trying to decide if it's worth calling the RE. 

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Hope: It couldn't hurt to call the doc. That said, I found myself very out of breath in the beginning too and found it quite disconcerting. Like I'd be all out of breath trying to read my daughter a book, etc. I did read that it's normal - but I can't for the life of me remember why! But I bet if you google it, you'll find the explanation. :-)


Good luck at your apppt. today Rena!



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Hi everyone,

Just doing a quick check in to see what's happening with all of you and also to give you an update...


We had a little baby girl!  Raya was born at 7:29 pm on May 28th, via c-section.  She's absolutely healthy and cute as anything... 7 lbs 2 oz.  20 inches long.  Ha ha, no wonder I was getting so uncomfortable towards the end-- I'm only 5 foot 3 and have a slight build-- it was looking like a basketball in my belly these last couple of weeks!  With our new OB, we were able to incorporate things from the 'gentle/natural cesarean' approach I had read about, which happens in places like Australia, US, and England.  Of course, all of it was dependant on the status of me and baby during the surgery, i.e. no massive bleeding, no breathing issues for baby, we were both stable throughout.  All went well, and we did delayed cord clamping, meaning he took the baby's head and shoulders out, let the cord stop pulsing, and then clamped and cut it.  Also, between the OB and the anesthetist, it was agreed that DH could stand up and peer over the screen, and take pictures of Raya being born.  (This particular anesthetist wouldn't normally allow that, but he did for DH and I because of DH being a paramedic and he knew DH wouldn't pass out.)  We have pics of her being half in me and half out, all the way out, on the warming table, doing skin-to-skin.  Yep, we could do skin-to-skin after our midwife received her at the warming table and did a minute or so long dry-off... I had her laying on my chest while they were stitching me up for awhile, although I did have to ask DH to take her into his arms after a bit because she was crying so loud in my ear so much (music to my ears, really, but it was SO loud!  ha ha).  So DH held her for quite a long time, and our midwife took pictures of the three of us, and then took her back to the warming table for some more clean-up.  It truly was the best experience I could have had given that it was a c-section.  I sure couldn't have really anticipated exactly what the sensations would be like, but now that i know, what I can say is that it's the strangest thing I have ever felt in my life.  No pain, just the tugging and pushing sensations... so weird!  Thank goodness we have medical care and surgical techniques like we do in our countries...


And, as for post-op, I have to say, once the morphine that was injected into the spinal cavity had started wearing off (about 12 hours afterward), it started to get painful, and then 24 hours later it was pretty bad--I have a really high pain tolerance level, too-- so I've been pretty thankful for the drugs for pain management.  In my experience, the pain from a natural birth from the planned homebirth with midwives for DS, from start to finish, was easier for me than what this has been... but it stands to reason, since I had a short active labor phase during his birth and then this time around it's major abdominal surgery.  Ah yes, I'm not trying to be 'strong' and avoid taking meds... bring them on!  


A couple of other things I wanted to share... I felt an immediate bond with our little girl, I'm totally in love... Nursing is going reall well, lots of colustrum and already my milk is soon to come in-- should be in by tomorrow, I would think, which is Day 3.  Same as with DS-- so the effects from having surgery is something I guess I should have spared myself some worry... but how do you know this, one doesn't have a crystal ball... I think I'm starting to experience the drop in hormones, because I was really weepy today, but also maybe because the adrenalin coursing through me the day of surgery wore off (I actually cancelled the surgery booked for 2 pm on the 28th, because I didn't feel like I could go through with it and needed to talk with the OB some more... wasn't in a good head space with all that has been going on these last few weeks, but then gathered up the courage to go through with it and we booked for 7 pm-- what a great OB, he was so patient and compassionate with me!)  It's hard to experience the weepiness at all, given that it's been hard for the few weeks and then the last two before the birth I was feeling soooooo much better, like a black cloud had been lifted... Oh well, enough info, how about a picture to introduce little baby Raya... Here it is:

Welcome, little girl.



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Tenzin: Congratulations!! She is so precious and beautiful!! I am so glad that your doc worked to make this experience the best it could be under the circumstances! It sounds like things are going awesome. I'm sorry you are weepy - but as I'm sure you know, it's just par for the course. I cried so much w/DD - often I didn't even know why. But my midwife said she would have been more worried if I didn't cry at all. My mom is still a bit traumatized from seeing me like that and not being able to make it better. I am NOT looking forward to that part. Anyway, enjoy your baby moon!


Rena: How did your big appointment go?? I hope it was just uneventful so you forgot to update us. 



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Tenzi, YAH! She looks wonderful and I'm so glad that the c section wasn't unbearable (before, during, or after!) i'm also really glad that you got some skin to skin time. I actually never heard about skin to skin time until I went to the class at NYU and apparently, NYU is one of two hospitals in NYC that is designated baby friendly so they support skin to skin time immediately. They say it helps with the breast feeding too. Anyway, Raya is gorgeous (and what a beautiful name!) Those cheeks! And that hair! So perfect! You, DH, and DS must be ecstatic!


Vegan, whoops, i did forget to post. It's been so insanely busy and I ended up posting on the IVF thread to support Blue and to share my experiences with Teresa! So thanks for asking! Appointment went well. Apparently, they are doing a biophysical profile on my little ones because of I'm carrying twins and of "advanced maternal age". Those are my two indications. The babies are doing well. They each received 8/8 although they made the tech work for it because the time we went was typically their sleeping time. They literally did not want to wake up! But after much prodding, they finally did and started moving. Otherwise, their heartbeats look good, there is enough fluid in their sacks and they practice their breathing just fine. I have to do this test every week until birth and while i'm always happy to see the little ones, I'm a little concerned with the amount of US being done...I know nothing has been proven regarding any dangers but still...I just don't like having them be exposed to so much- the test can take 30 minutes!


Ended up having to work 11 hours yesterday because of a client meeting. And I sat in an awful chair without my legs elevated so now my legs are exhausted and really achy. I'm also really really tired. I went to my boss yesterday and told him that my doctor really wants me to take it easy so after this week, unless we have important meetings (i.e. client meetings, etc) I would like to work from home. He agreed. haha i think he could tell how miserable and uncomfortable I am. Sadly, I don't see myself being able to walk to work anymore. :o( i'm still going to try to walk the half mile to the subway station but no more long walks because I just don't think my legs can take the weight. I have another long day with clients today but then tomorrow, it should be more relaxed with just a couple of meetings. 


Hope, I found myself short of breath a lot earlier on too. Did you speak with your doctor? How did that conversation go?


Vegan, how are you feeling? Update please?


Belly, Keria, Kewpie, Praying, everyone else, HI!


Must go get ready for work again. Will check in tomorrow!

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Tenzins- Gorgeous little girl! Congratulations!

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Oh Tenzi, what an absolutely beautiful little girl!!!  I am so glad things went so well, and you were able to get the best possible c-section possible!


Renavoo, glad to hear you will be working from home soon!  I went in for my first NST today and they ended up doing the other tests you did as well.  Once I hit 36 weeks, I will be going twice a week for the NST and prenatal exams.  They also said that my strepB will be soon (I think you were asking about that), it's normally at 36 weeks, but they aim to do it 4 weeks before delivery, so probably next week for me (34 weeks).  How many times are you getting up in the middle of the night to pee now :) ?  I must get up 4 times a night...it's so much worse than with my DD, all that weight is adding a ton of pressure at all times. 


Hope, I am out of breath all the time, and it started really early for me too!


Vegan, so great you have everything you'll need for your little girl!  We saved a lot of stuff, but I think most will be off season, and then having 2 means we'll need more anyway!  Great job getting organized early!


Praying, you over here yet?


Grads with babes, how are you all doing....probably busy!!!


Bungalow, thinking about you.


AFM, not much going on here.  I got a little more work in our bedroom done this weekend to set it up for when the babies arrive.  It makes me feel so much better to have things done.  My to do list is still pretty long, but I am able to get through a couple a week :)  slowly but surely :)  I feel so lucky that we live in a time were the "essentials" can be ordered online.  Today I need to get some newborn diapers and baby wash/lotion ordered!  So easy to do online while I rest on the couch (DD is napping)!


Renavoo, that reminds me....I am planning on ordering a PUJ bath tub for the babies because the one we have for DD is big/bulky/and hard to comfortably use.  Thought it might be something you would be interested in too since I am sure space is tight in the city.

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 Vegan - I really should call, but haven't had a chance yet.  I don't remember how I felt at the beginning of my first pregnancy!!


Tenzin - She is SO beautiful!  Congrats on what sounds like a really great experience, even if it did have to be a c section!


rena - Glad the babes are looking good and that it's all just a precaution!  I'm also glad that your boss is going to let you work from home!  Yeah for being able to take some more 'relax' time!!


Belly - Oh how nice it is to get some things done. 


Not much going on with me.  Starting to feel more symptoms, which I'm oddly OK with.  It's just that sweet reminder that I have a little one growing inside of me!!

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Hi everyone! Happy Friday! I'm so happy that it's Friday. haha and it was a short week!


Belly, i get up to go to the bathroom 4-5 times a night too! I just can't believe how often it is and I actually have a lot of pee each time too! *shaking head*. i'd wake up anyway because my side aches from sleeping on it and I need to turn anyway. Yesterday, my legs were swollen to double the size because i've had to sit without my leg propped up and as a result my legs hurt and itched at the same time! i'm so done with this. I'm looking forward to being at home so I can get more stuff done too! 


Why do you need a NST 2x a week? Are your doctors extra cautious?  I ended up having to ask about the beta strep test which kind of annoyed me because, uh, don't they think they should be keeping tabs?They said that they routinely do it at 36 weeks. I asked if that was the case even for twins because I know twins typically come early. The nurse said yes but I don't know if I believe them. I personally think they forgot and since i see different doctors, they don't check these things out as much as they should. Oh well, it is what it is! After she said 36 weeks, I asked her if that means that we will do it during my next visit. She asked me what visit that was and I said, uh, 36 weeks to which she answered, oh, yes, I guess i'll put it on the schedule. Sigh. 


Thanks for the suggestion on the PUJ bath! I'm sad because I already bought a big bulky bath but the puj bath definitely looks better suited for our apartment living. sigh. Oh well, We'll see how things work out anyway and if needed, I'll just replace the current bath with the PUJ bath! How else are you doing? Oh and how many diapers are you stocking up? I've stocked up with many many boxes of size 1 diapers because i have no idea how many boxes of newborn diapers we're going to need. What do you all think?


Hope, yah (I think) for symptoms. haha Actually, I know exactly what you mean. I used to feel really nervous when a day came when I didn't feel any symptoms. These days, I feel nervous when i don't feel the babies kicking even though i'm being watched carefully. It's a never ending cycle that i'm sure will get worse when the babies are here!


So, I feel like i may have overstayed at work a bit. I sent out my email to the different teams i work on to tell them i'm going to be working from home and I've gotten a lot of replies of basically "good!" haha i think people are relieved that I'm not going to be there until my water breaks. Also, yesterday, I found out that the former CEO of my company (he's now our chairperson and he showed up at our client meeting) was really really concerned that i was going to give birth right then and there and was panicking to one of my coworkers (who of course, told me afterwards). I didn't realize he had this conversation when my chairperson asked me later in the day when i was going to be going on leave and I told him my plan of working from home until the birth. He quickly nodded and said that that was a very good idea. Who knew i was carrying so poorly? So what if i'm always wheezing, waddling and my stomach is OUT TO THE MOON? hahahaha i find all of this amusing. DH thinks I'm going to go into labor on the 11th. I think the 9th for no reason whatsoever. We'll see!!


Anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful day and weekend! Belly, here's to getting a lot more done!

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Hi all!!! I'm home "sick" w/ strep throat today so I thought, what a good time to get caught up over here since I've been slacking on my stalker duties!!!!  thumb.gif


Renavoo - you poor thing.  I'm glad that you are finally slowing down and going to be working from home.  You are amazing, is all i can say!!! Sure does sound like someone is dropping the ball w/ your Strep test.  Good thing you are on top of things.  That always annoys me how now a days we have to totally be our own drs it seems.  Healthcare isn't what it used to be.  Man, I feel so old say that!!!  LOL  Where is your newest belly pic????  I think it is time to share, especially since Belly shared hers a little while ago!!!


Hope - I am drawing a blank.. did you have  a little OHSS going on?  That might be what is causing the SOB this early on (that is a medical term and I'm not calling you names, just so you know. LOL).  I'd call if it is still going on just to be safe.  Hope everything else is going well.


Tenzi - so glad all went well and she is so precious!!!!!  Hope you are recovery well!!!!  Thanks for sharing your story and the pics!!


Belly - glad you are getting through your To-Do list. Slow but sure is fine!!!!  Keep up the good work!!!  Hope you are doing well.  Is your DD excited about her new little sisters coming or is she kinda unaware?  How old is she again?


Kewpie, Keria, Tear, bungalow,Lyndi - Hi to all of you as well!!!  Hope you all are doing well and so are all of those babes!!!!!! ( i think i remembered everyone, sorry if I missed ya).

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Rena: I'm glad the appointment went well. And SO happy you are done going into the office!!! So funny the chairman was panicking! LOL! Men!! I did end up working until I went into labor - bc I had my daughter 2 weeks early. I had planned to work from home after finishing 2 more days. But my silly boss kept wanting to schedule me to attend meetings with clients (in their offices) when I would be past my due date. He didn't get upset that I laughed at him and said no. But I guess his wife was 2 weeks late with both their kids so he figured I would be too. Anyway, enjoy the time to take it easy (easier?). 


Belly: So exciting to have your bedroom done and ready, huh? I love shopping online!! Did you know if you create a baby registry on amazon that you can get 10% off any of it left within a month of your due date? I had been adding things to my shopping cart to buy later but now I put them all on a registry (that I prob won't share with anyone) so I can get the 10% off later.


Blue: I hope you feel better!!!


AFM: Nothing exciting here. My doula was just over to play w/my daughter (since she will be in charge of my duaghter during labor). But that's about it. I've scored a few great deals on some of the few things we need - like  boppy for $5 and a free changing table and a baby scale for $20 (we rented one for $80/mo last time). But I feel a bit weird to be accumulating stuff so early on. I didn't buy a single thing until 6 mos along last time. I still worry about jinxing myself. Oh and I found out my breast pump doesn't suck as hard as it should anymore - so I need a new one. Dang - those things are expensive!



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Vegan - how did i forget you!!!  Glad to hear that got some good buys!!!  Whatever happened w/ the mid-wife situation that you had?  Did you tell the newer one you weren't using her?  How'd that go??

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Thread Starter 

Sorry I've been MIA I'm in Canada visiting DHs family and it's a pain to type from my phone. Yesterday I had a long reply posted but lost it grr.  I've been reading and keeping everyone in my thoughts.


Tenzin Gorgeous baby Congratulations!

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Blue: You're so cute. :-)


Re: the midwife decision. We decided to stay with the new midwife that we had already agreed to work with. DH said he feels comfortable with her and so do I. I love that she is familiar bc we had her at so many of our prenatals and at DD's birth. I got a text from the other midwife yesterday saying the senior midwife that works with the new midwife is great and that it's nice that we know the new midwife already that she wishes us blessings on the birth. So that was very sweet of her to still be thinking of me. I think there was just misunderstanding on her part and on mine as well about her fees - so I feel bad. I know I would have been happy going with her too. But we already started care with the new midwife. Plus she is so great with my daughter! She lets her help with absolutely everything. I know my DD feels pretty proud about being able to help. And it was so cute today - she came over and pulled my shirt up and rubbed her hands together to get them warm and then started feeling my belly. I was wondering where she got that from until I realized she was copying the midwife. 


DD also came over and pulled up my shirt and pushed aside my bra and tried to nurse while I was on the phone w/my mom talking about nursing. Cracked me up! She's been weened for 1.5 yrs. She doesn't even remember how to suck. But it still makes her happy to try. LOL. 



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