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Just popping in to say to deportivo - Cramping was the only "sign" I had very early in my pregnancy. And I took it for a sign that AF was definitely, definitely coming. It wasn't till after my BFP that I asked around and found out it can be pretty common as the baby implants and the placenta starts to form. Hoping it's a good sign for you, too!

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monkey, WHEN did you get to be 31 weeks? I know it was forever for you, sorry...redface.gif For that matter WHEN did DD get to be 11mo old? Next week she'll be driving. upsidedown.gif
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Renavoo, you are so so so close!!!!!  Just 2 days tops!  So excited for you and your DH!


Tenzi, I completely know what you mean about the contractions and cramping!  My body didn't go into labor after my water broke with DD, so they started pitocin after the first day.  I really feel like a newbie with all this :)  The nurse did say that you tend to have way more contractions with the 2nd since your uterus knows how to contract from the last time.  Also, she said that when the babies push the uterus out, it normally contracts back as a reaction, and with 2 babies pushing and growing in there it's no wonder I am having so many. 


I imagine things with be a bit of a rollercoaster with DD when the girls arrive.  I anticipate good days and then those filled with jealousy and tantrums.  It sounds like your DS is still doing great, but I totally get that pang when he goes to DH instead of you.  I have several pet peeves when my in laws or parents are helping out...and even though I appreciate it so much, sometime I have to go in the other room, roll my eyes/clench my fists and think about how much help it really is and that I need to just get over the small stuff...easier said than done sometimes :)  Yay for an easy baby so far and that she has already gained her weight back, great job mama!!!


Blue, so great to see you stop by!  Always thinking about you!!


Vegan/Hope/Teresa, thinking about you ladies too!


Kewpie, For some reason the videos didn't show up for me until now!  SO CUTE!  Love seeing your little ones!


Keria, hope your vacation is still going great!


AFM, I don't think I mentioned it here, but I did go in to L&D this week because the contractions were about 5-8 min apart for several hours with tons of cramping, back pain, and change in cervical fluid, but of course they sent me home.  They told me to wait until they are 3-5 minutes apart next time.  My cervix is still closed, so I have resigned myself to the fact that if my water doesn't break I'll go until the end.  It took almost 2 days of pitocin to get me dialated last time so I am not confident I'll dialate on my own, my only glimmer of hope is that perhaps since it's the second time around it will react properly (but that still doesn't mean before 39 weeks!)  On the bright side I am working from home now, so that provides a little relief and just having the sun out more helps too!

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Tear - I DON'T KNOW! I wonder that, too, sometimes, even though it continues to feel as if I have been pregnant for all eternity. I can't believe your little one is almost a year! I feel like it was just a few months ago that I was following your pregnancy saga!


Rena - It's your last pregnant weekend!! Still holding out some hope your babies might decide to get things started on their own, but if not, praying for a successful and quick induction next week! It's really time!


Belly - If it's any consolation, SIL went to 41+ weeks with her first, and ended up being induced. She was also convinced she would never, ever dilate with her twins (this despite preterm labor!), and she did go on to have them spontaneously and vaginally, no augmentation needed. So hopefully your body will do the same!

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Monkey- that is good news. I think it may also be gas and stomach cramps from constipation! I have been stressing over my progesterone level. Since I am pretty constipated and tired, is this a good sign that I have enough progesterone to suppor the pregnancy! Anyone have thoughts?


I have topical progesterone, but the dosage is hard to regulate and I dont' want to mess with anything unless it makes sence. Should I take it to be safe than tell obstetrician at my appointment. Should I wait till Monday and see what the level is? Or should I just wait to talk to obstetrician before using anything?


What is the safest and smartest idea? Any thoughts?

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Deport - Congratulations on your BFP!!!!!!!!  Whoohoo!!!  That's two BFP's for the infertility thread.  Are you talking about over the counter progesterone cream?  If you are, I'll give you the same advice I gave Chica.   In my experience non-prescription prog cream does does not do much.  It didn't stop my pre-AF spotting like the prescription stuff.  It's not as strong and as you mentioned it's hard to regulate.  I would say wait and talk to the doctor, but I know that's easy advice to give and not take!!


---Checking in on Rena---

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wissa- that is what my gut feeling was telling me. I have asked so many times about my progesterone, just worrying! If I start taking over the counter progesterone. I don't want to have to keep taking it, if I am not given suppositories. I am just scared that doctors are not listening to me. If I don't get to the obstetrician on time.

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Rena-I hope everything goes well for your birth!

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I;m back home and catching up on the thread.


Rena hopefully your birth will be as smooth as possible and we get to see some cute pics soon!


Belly tell those girls to hang in there for a little bit longer.


Deportivo Congratulations

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Renavoo, wishing you all the best today!!!!!!  joy.gif


Keira, welcome home!


Monkey, thanks for sharing the story about your SIL...I hope these babies decide to come on their own without induction!


AFM, I have my last growth scan today, well at least the last one that is scheduled.  I have started worrying more and more about my small baby as I feel like she is moving a lot less than the big one (or maybe it's just I feel her less because of her size?).  I guess I am most interested in their size difference, since that's what they have been watching the closest, and it has been getting bigger over the past 6 weeks.  I guess we'll see a little later....hope everyone has a great day!

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Hi ladies!

Thanks for the wishes! I'm excited but a little nervous. I'm hoping that my body has started the process because I'm having some abdominal cramps and it's feeling very heavy but who knows (not me, since they are my first ones!) I'm still trying to get some work done before going in tonight at 9. haha it keeps my mind off of the inevitable pain. ;o) But I'm so excited about the babies coming...I can't wait to see them and honestly, I'm looking forward to the rash going away and to the carpal tunnel going away too. So odd to have no feeling in my fingers for a couple of months! And finally, please swelling, go away! haha


Belly, I am sure that your babies are fine. I think that they would have been more worried and would induce you earlier, if they were worried about the size difference. But how exciting that this is your last growth scan! Let us know what happens during your appointment. And I hope that you do have your babies without induction! They do say that the second baby (or babies in your case) should come out easier because your body knows what to do.


Monkey, I'm so excited to keep following you too :o) You're just behind Belly and me!


Deport, like Monkey, I had a lot of cramping in the beginning. It's just the implantation probably! I hope you get your confirmation soon! Very excited for you. By the way, I wouldn't use the progesterone. I would try to get to see a doctor asap, as you're doing, and wait for him/her to give you an idea of what you need to do.


Tenzi, awww I'm sorry DS is getting jealous but I'm sure that he loves his little sister so much too! yah for having an easy baby! Very jealous! She owed you though for your concerns during the pregnancy! ;o)


Wissa, Keria, Kewpie, Vegan Hope, Hi! How are you guys doing?  Keria, welcome home! Blue, just thinking of you!


Argh, have to go get some work done. Big hugs everyone! I'll check in again when I can :o) I'll definitely be reading along though!

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Wow Rena - it's TONIGHT?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I can't wait to see pics of your babies!!!!!! Good luck! And I hope it truly is happening already so you don't need the xtra meds. :-)


Belly: I hope all is well at your scan! We'll be getting baby news from you too in no time!!


Deportivo: I was SOOO elated to read your news! What an AMAZING surprise!! I'll be praying this is your sticky baby! I woulnd't bother w/the cream. If you truly need progesterone, I don't think the cream has nearly enough to do the trick. 


AFM: I am back from San Diego. Had a nice trip and my energy held up pretty well. I slept SOOO horribly though, despite the beds being comfy. Just wide awake most of the nights. It felt amazing to sleep in my own bed last night. I actually slept!! My sister is going to visit my parents in early August and now my family wants me to come back then so that everyone can be together (rarely happens). I'll be 32 or 33 weeks then. I don't think I'm going to go. I think I'd just rather be home in my own house - in my bed and with my DD having her own toys, etc to entertain her. It's more work living out of a suitcase at someone else's house and tyring to entertain a 3 yr old. I doubt I'll have the energy to do the zoo or anything big in the august heat at that point! 



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renavoo - Sososososo excited for you!  I can't wait to hear how it went and see pictures!  Good luck, Mama!!


cindy - That's a hard decision.  I'd probably rather be home too.  It's bad enough living out of a suitcase but to do so while so very pregnant and also with LO too.  It's kind of sad that families spread out so much now cause we rarely see each other.

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Rena - good luck. I will be thinking of you.
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Renavoo - thinking of you and hoping that all goes smooth and easy for you tonight or tomorrow!!!!  Can't wait to hear and see pics of those little ones!!!!  joy.gif


Belly - you are getting close too!!!  How was your appt??


Vegan - glad you are home and in your own bed!!!  Funny how much you miss your bed when you are away!!  Nothing like your own bed and your own space.  How many wks are you now?  You need a little ticker!!!


Keria - glad you are home too.  Hope you had a good time!  How are your little ones doing and how did they do being away from home?


Deport - What is next for you? Did you make an appt w/ your dr???


Monkey - wow, i can't believe that you are 31wks or coming up on 32 this week.  Hope you are doing well.


Tenzi - thinking of you and hoping you are adjusting and so is DS.


Kewpie - I know you were talking about moving back to your old house... when is that happening??  Sorry i forget the date.  Hope you all are doing well.


Hope - how are you doing???  Did you have your appt w/ your OB yet?  Maybe you already updated on it and its on the page before and I don't want to lose my post so i can't look back.  Hope you were happy w/ your new dr.

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Hi everyone- I just got my numbers from a crazy doctor! My doctor was not available. Non the less got my print out. This doctor was nutso, and couldn't help me with this print out. So, here it is, Progesterone is:61.6 nmol/L HCG : 97, iron 40. This is Farly normal, but I am still unsure of the progesterone. Can anyone help me out with this? These results were taken on day 35 of cycle, I have gone to day 38 or 39. So, this would be the day around I expect my period. Is this progesterone number ok, for this early! anyone one know?


Cramping, I am still scared of and unsure of. I hope it is extreme digestive problem. Has anyone else had bad stomach cramps at this early! It is high in my stomach, middle of my stomach. Like extreme gas pain or diarrhea pain!

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blue - We're moving around the 20th of september.


deport - That high up. I doubt it's anything wrong with the baby.  Remember cramping is normal.  spotting is normal.  Both together is not.  Sorry I have no idea about the progesterone.

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Deport - Progesterone is excellent!!!!!!  HCG is good, but it's all relative to whether or not it doubles.

The high progesterone can cause digestive upset...it slows everything down and gives you gas. ;)


My progesterone was 55 the day before expected period...

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Kewpie- thanks, good to know! It helps to get reassurance until I feel secure in the pregnancy; it is nerve racking! thanks that boosts my confidence!


wissa- so I don't need to worry about this level than? yeah, everything has slowed down, gassy and constipated with headaches. I take it that is a good sign of progesterone doing its job right!


Vegan- thanks again, prayers are always needed and appreciated. I have been praying non stop for this little one! I can't bare to lose!


Rena- thinking of you and hope to hear some good news and see some cute baby pics!


blue- waiting for an appointment with obstetrician! I will do an ultrasound at six weeks. Hopefully this one is it!

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Rena: So, so excited for you! From the moment I joined the Infertility One thread (when was that again!?!?), you've been a constant cheerleader! I feel so lucky to have had you rooting for me! I Can't wait for you to hold you babies. I'll be thinking of you smile.gif
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