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Just a quick note to say that I'm thinking of you, Rena!  xo

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Ra ra ree, go renaaaaa! goodvibes.gif
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Renavoo, thinking about you!  I hope everything went smoothly and you are snuggling with your babies as I type.  luxlove.gif


AFM, everything went well at the OB/NST today.  Babies are maintaining their weight difference between eachother (15%) but are falling on the overall growth chart compared to all babies, including singletons.  The OB says it's totally normal since they are running out of room and that there is nothing to worry about.  If I am still pregnant at 37+2 (my next appt), they will schedule my induction for 39 weeks.  I have a feeling I'll still be pregnant next week, but mabye something will happen between the 2 dates.

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Thinking of you Renavoo.

Belly...sounds like good news. It will be your turn before you know it.
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Rena- I can't wait to see photos!

Belly - you're next!
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Rena- thinking of u hoping babies are in ur hands and you all are resting and enoying your moments together!!
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Lyndi - cute new pic.  She sure is growing like a weed!!!


Keria - what is up w/ the new youtube video you posted?   Did you mean to post that??


Renavoo- Can't wait to see a pic of the little ones!!!!  Hope you are resting up and enjoying having them in your arms!!!!


Belly - glad your appt went well.  You are next!!!  Are you ready? Fingers crossed those little girls show up on their own here pretty soon.

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Rena thinking of you can;;t wait to hear how it went.


Lol blue we caught one of our employees at the store stealing money while we were away and he was denying it so I uploaded a video and sent it to him. I'll post a cute baby one to make up  for it :) How is miss Abby girl? You are never far from my thoughts.ws about tthe u/s


Belly great news about the u/s  how much are they weighing right now?


Lyndi what a cutie!


The babies are 4.5 month old and they are really fun but a lot of work they demand our attention every single second while they are awake. We are still adjusting a bit to be back at home and managing our store hopefully things will settle soon. Oh and  Lucia slept form 11pm to 6 am this morning and Oliver only woke up once I couldn't believe it hopefully it was not a one time thing.

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Hi ladies! Quick check in and i will post photos tomorrow because it is difficult to on my ipad. Thank you for thinking of me ! Everyhing went well, although inuction was a big failure and after 24 hour of labor, i needed a c section. So my babies were born Tuesday night at 11:54-55 pm! They are adorable and i am over the moon! Of course they require insane amounts of work which DH has the brunt of because i am in so much pain. However, i am able to breastfeed, which is wonderful!

Sienna came out at a whopping 6lbs, 15 oz. Colin was smaller at 6lbs 5 o. He was out first,

Ok, I'm going to sleep now! Will catch up tomorrow!
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So glad to hear from you! I've been worried! Glad the babies are doing well, and are nice and big! Good luck with your surgery recovery!

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Rena: Yay!!! I'm sorry you ended up needing a c-section. I'm guessing you're still in the hospital? Yay for breastfeeding going well!! And holy moly - you didn't look big enough to have two babies that big! My DD was born at 38 weeks and was 5lbs 12 oz - and there was only 1 kiddo in there. I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to see pictures! Enjoy this amazing and special time. Congrats mama!!


AFM: Nothing exciting here. I hit 25 weeks today. :-) I over nested today and now my back hurts. LOL.



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rena, yay! Thank you for updating! It took me a full week before I could find the time/energy, so I appreciate the effort. We were all thinking of you and hoping for the best! I also had an induction that led to a c-section, so I'd be happy to help you process if you'd like. I had some emotions to work through from that. I'm so glad everybody is healthy, and I can't wait to see pics!
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partytime.gifrena- that is so awesome! wow, I can't believe your twins are so big. Congratulations!!!!! I hope your healing goes as well as it can go! So Happy for you!!! Can't wait to see some pics!

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Renavoo, so great to hear from you!!!  What great weights for your little ones!!!  I am really hoping I can get both of mine over 6lbs (right now they estimate baby A is, but not B).  My MIL made a comment the other day about how in the old days DH wouldn't stay in the hospital with me, I was like um, I am going to need his help with 2 screaming babies!  Plus in the old days I think they took the babes to the nursery so the mom could get some sleep :)  I hope you are able to find some time every now and then to get some rest and your recovery is speedy.  Super great news about how well the breast feeding is going, I am still stressed about that.  Did they offer you a pump at all?  I am hoping I can get approval to rent a hospital grade one, since I only have a single from DD.


Enjoy all those baby snuggles!!!  I am so happy for you and your DH!

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Yay rena!
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Congratulations Rena!!!  It sounds like the babies are absolutely perfect and they were born on the best day possible (my B'day)!!  I can't wait to hear more about those two BIG babies.  I had a c-section with DS and the recovery is not much fun, but I promise it does better!   If you are in a lot of pain, you might want to talk to your doctor about changing it or getting more meds.  My doctor was great to work with on the pain issue and would have given me way more meds than I actually needed.  ;)  (I say changing because some pain meds just don't do much for me, plus you are dealing with two babies...)  


Congrats again!!!  joy.gif

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COngrats, Rena!  I am so happy for you!  I'm sorry you didn't get the birth you were hoping for, but I'm so glad they arrived safely!  I can't wait to see pictures of them!  And WOW on the sizes!  Sienna is half a pound bigger than my biggest. and your Colin is 5 oz bigger than my smallest!  Way to go!  I'm happy you are able to breastfeed.  That will sure be a blessing to all of you.  I've never had a c-section so no ideas on the pain, but I agree that your doctor should be able to help you out more there.  Enjoy your babymoon!  

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Congratulations Rena!!!! (thread crashing) joy.gifjoy.gif

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Can I come on here and ask a question- I am wondering about my first ultrasound! I made my appointment for at six weeks or around there. Is this too early. I know it will be a vaginal one too, cause it is so early. Is this a bad idea, good idea. I don't want them to disrupt anything, does that make sense. Because of my miscarriages I am told to not have sex but what about the ultrasound?


When was the first ultrasound everyone here has had? How did that go?!

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Hi ladies! I hope all is going well. I'm back home and just so excited. I hate being in hospitals even for such a happy occasion. haha I'm attaching a photo of my little ones. This was taken Wednesday morning. :) Colin is left and Sienna is on the right. 


I may have spoken too soon about breastfeeding. Sigh. Colostrum seemed to come in well which is probably to be expected considering how much pitocin I got even after the surgery. However, we realized today that I don't have milk coming in which is a huge issue. I had to feed the little ones some formula today. That made me sad. Anyone have suggestions on how to get my milk to come in faster? I got a Medela pump so I'm going to keep pumping and I've started to take some fenugreek. I mean, if my babies have to be brought up on formula, so be it. But I would like to at least try to supplement with some breast milk then!


Deport, I say my doctor at 6.5 weeks and by then, I was able to see the heart beats. The next week, I heard the heart beats. It is fine to go so early. I don't think that there is any harm the ultrasound can do to the embie at that time. However, I certainly understand your concern!! 


Wissa, thanks for the advice about the pain. I ended up giving in and taking the motrin plus percocet as needed. i'm limiting percocet and trying to exist on Motrin and it has been ok. but boy, is this painful!!


Belly, DEFINITELY have DH there. I'm still pretty immobile and DH had to change diapers and do basically everything!! No going home!!


Cindy, yah to 25 weeks!! 40 weeks will be here before you know it!!


Hi to everyone else!


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