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Rena- Oh my gosh!!! So, cute!!! love the little hats by the way!

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Rena- Did you try the oatmeal trick???? Just start eating anything oatmeal especially a bowl of it will do. Love the pic. They are so cute!! Thanks for sharing!
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aw, rena SO cute!!! I'm glad you're home: keep taking it easy! As for getting your milk to come in: keep at it! Keep trying to nurse them so they practice the latch even if they don't get milk. That will also give your boobs the BEST signal to produce milk. Then after each nursing attempt, pump, both sides at once if possible. Cup feed everything you get to your babies. Spend as much time skin to skin as possible, and eat oatmeal, drink lactation tea, and take fenugreek. Fenugreek made Anika really gassy when she drank the milk, though, so be aware that this could happen. Good luck! Milk takes time to come in, sometimes more for some than others. You can do this! goodvibes.gif Enjoy your babymoon! joy.gifjoy.gif
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Renavoo, ha, like I would ever let DH sleep comfortably at home while I am at the hospital recovering with 2 little ones :)  They are absolutely adorable!!!!!  What a couple of real cuties!  It hasn't quite been 3 days since your babies were born, so I wouldn't get too worried about breastfeeding yet, but all the suggestions Tear made are great for helping!!!!!!  I think it took about that long for my milk to come in with DD, so they had me feed with a SNS (so she was getting formula, but stimulating the breast as well).  DD also had some jaundice so that might have been why they really wanted me to use the SNS.


Deport, I went in at 6.5 weeks with both pregnancies and was able to see the heartbeats.  However, I can understand your concern with the losses.  Is your OB of any help on deciding when it would be "safe"?


AFM, in almost constant pain...wondering when/if these 2 will make an appearance.

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Rena - SO CUTE!!!  I love them!


For the breastfeeding... Oatmeal, fenugreek, blessed thistle, and alfalfa can all help 3-4 of each supplement 4Xs per day). Keep attempting to nurse as much as possible.  Pump for 30 minutes after each nursing session.  Do breast massages before you nurse for a few minutes.  


If you do need to supplement with formula, ask your lactation consultant for a couple SNS (supplemental nursing system).  It's a bottle that hooks to your bra and has a thin tube that you tape (with bandage tape) to your areola so that the tip of the tube is in baby's mouth.  They suckle at the breast and get any milk you have, but they also get the formula.  It helps to stimulate your breast tissue and the babies learn to suck still and have to work for it the same way they do when the nurse normally.  You'll need 2 to tandem feed (which I HIGHLY recommend)  


If it gets really bad (like in my case) you can ask your doctor for domperidone prescription.  It is difficult to get in the US, but there are ways if your doctor won't.  PM me about it if you are interested and I'll explain more about it. 


Eating regularly (like 6+ times per day) and drink TONS of water will help as well.  I had to drink about a gallon a day to keep up with supply.  Sleep is also very important.  Whenever I didn't get sleep, my milk took a dive.  


My milk was late coming it too (about 5 days for me).  Induction unfortunately can cause that.  Just keep working at it and it'll come.  

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Originally Posted by BellyBean View Post

It hasn't quite been 3 days since your babies were born, so I wouldn't get too worried about breastfeeding yet, but all the suggestions Tear made are great for helping!!!!!!  I think it took about that long for my milk to come in with DD, so they had me feed with a SNS (so she was getting formula, but stimulating the breast as well).  DD also had some jaundice so that might have been why they really wanted me to use the SNS.


Great suggestions!  My milk didn't really come in with dd1 (difficult birth) until 4-5 days after she was born.  Don't panic!  You're doing great.  Also, you should find an "IBCLC"...this is an "international board certified lactation consultant," which is a high level of training.  Search here: http://www.ilca.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3432  Apparently, you can call yourself a "lactation consultant" without significant training, but IBCLC's have studied breastfeeding issues extensively.  GOOD LUCK!

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deport - my first u/s my second cycle I had at 5w4d.  I had it that early because of a subchorionic bleed.  All we could see were 2 sacs.  At 6w3d we could see the beginning fetal poles and HBs.  At 7w3d we could see the fetal poles well and yolk sacs.  At 8w4d (the anniversary for this one is tomorrow) we saw movement on both.


I wouldn't worry about the transvaginal u/s and m/c.  They are very gentle and won't disrupt your uterus.  You may get some slight bleeding afterward, but it won't cause a m/c.  

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Rena: I second (or third?) the SNS idea - or try to order a Lact-aid online w/rush shipping. I found the Lactaid so much easier to use. But I had major supply issues and one we started supplementing with a bottle, DD's latch got really messed up! So supplementing at the breast is definitely best - and it gives your body the stimulation to bring your milk in. I think it took 3 days for my milk to come in, even after a natural birth! If you need to stick with bottles, find the Breastflow bottle - the setup of the nipple actually fixed DD's messed up latch! It mimics the breast really well in how they have to use their tongue to pump in order to get milk. 


Try the herbs and hopefully just with a few more days time, all will be fine. But if you do need more, like Kewpie said, there is domperidone. It made a HUGE difference for me! Brought me from like an ounce per feed to 3 ounces! It's not available in the US but you can order it online from www.inhousepharmacy.biz. But be forewarned - it can take 2-4 weeks to come bc it comes from abroad and sometimes has customs issues. You may be able to get it compounded here in the mean time, but it is really expensive. I doubt you will need it though!


Oh and the babies are just SO precious!!! :-)


DEPORTIVO: I was very anti u/s w/my first preg. But after my miscarriage, I knew I needed them to ease my mind. IVF docs require an early one to make sure it's not ectopic. I had my first at 6.5 weeks this time. I felt pretty comfortable. They are gentle and it doesn't make your uterus contract like the big O does. If you are really uncomfortable, skip it - it's not going to change the outcome of things. But for me, I needed to know one way or another and not have so much anxiety hanging over my head. It would calm me down for at least a couple days. ;-)



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Rena, congratulations on the safe arrival of your beautiful babies.  Colin and Sienna are absolutely adorable!  Sorry you had to undergo a c/s... It's not easy, that's for sure.  It is painful!  I'm at 3.5 weeks post c/s recovery... Try not to worry about the meds--  I found that any worry I had about taking them went out the window completely, because I realized that I needed them.  If I didn't take them, it would have been so hard to care for DD...and especially if you are trying to nurse, you definitely need to make it as comfortable and pain-free as possible.  (There's only so much that pillows can do for providing a comfortable-enough position).  So many great tips on nursing here... My midwives told me that my milk could come in as late as Day 5, and not to worry.  Snuggle those babies as much as you can, skin to skin... drink lots of water...  Kelly Mom  (or kelly.mom?) is a good website for breastfeeding.  Like the others say, there are those options for getting colustrum or formula mixed with your colustrum/milk into the babies without having to use a bottle... for DS, he was such a 'lazy' nurser the first few days (he was barely term at 37 weeks, had some jaundice)-- he did have a good latch the first couple of times, but then went into 'sleep-mode' for the next two days-- I had to hand express my colustrum into a shot glass, then take a syringe and suck it up from the glass and squirt it into his mouth while he sucked on my pinky... this is what the midwife suggested, and it totally worked.  Oh... And don't overdo it during your recovery...I learned the hard way. I would feel pretty good one day, do too much and then be set back 2 days or so in my recovery. I think it might be hard for you cause you're used to being so active, but, honestly when they say take it easy for the next 6 weeks, there is a reason. Congrats again!!

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Rena Congratulations joy.gifThey are absolutely beautiful.


Welcome to the world Colin and Sienna!


It's way too early to worry about bf issues, I wouldn't even take herbs or other stuff since is so early and your supply may drop if you try to get rid of them. Find a good LC for a consult and supplement if babies are hungry, My milk was late coming in and we supplemented with formula fr the first 3 weeks or so. The most important thing is let the babies nurse as many times a day as they want if they are getting frustrated with the lack of milk  give them some formula take a nap and pump if they are still sleeping when you wake up. One thing that helped me a lot was a nipple shield my nipples were raw after the first couple of days and with the shield I was able to bf without pain. Once my nipples healed I was able to get rid of them without any issues. Both my kids took a bottle from day 1 without any issues going back and forth. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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Rena...they are both just gorgeous. Way to go. You did great mom. Don't worry about bf, I am sure everything will fall in to place. Give your body some time to make the necessary adjustments. I hope the healing process is going well. Remember...use the meds as you need them. It will only help your recovery. God bless Colin and Sienna.

Belly...I am sorry that you are so uncomfortable. Your day will be here before you know it and you will forget all about the discomfort of pregnancy.

Deport...I had a u/s at least once a week starting the week after iui. It caused no problems. But..like Vegan said, if you are not comfortable skip it. It won't change anything at this stage of your pregnancy. Good luck.
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Hi ladies, thanks for your amazing advice. I've been doing what you all said...trying to rest as much as possible (which wasn't much yesterday), continuing to breast feed even if the results are minimal and then supplementing with formula. I think it's going well. Colin is a lazy feeder but he seems to get jealous of his sister and last night, he was LIVID that she was breastfeeding so he started crying. DH and I do shifts and I ended up being unable to control both the babies so I had to wake DH up. sigh. I was so frustrated about it! He's the little devil. haha he looks like my DH so i compare the two. ;o) Yesterday, while pumping, I noticed little drops of brownish liquid and my breasts are definitely getting a little more sensitive so I think it's a matter of time. Keria, do you have specific nipple shields you like? i'll buy those immediately because my breasts are feeling a bit raw now too!


i let the hospital photographer take photos of my little ones because, well, he had the same camera I do and I love photos of my babies. This is my favorite because it's of the both of them and Colin is playing with Sienna. Sigh, the disk with 22 photos was 175 dollars and while dh wasn't keen on spending that much money, i couldn't resist. With tax and shipping, that's $200 for 22 photos. I guess they are worth $10 each ;o) We spend so much money on everything else. Seriously, I feel like we're going to go broke soon!


Belly, I CANNOT wait until it's your turn. I can't believe you may still have another couple of weeks. That's just not fair, considering how uncomfortable you're feeling. Hopefully, the girls give you a break and come soon. Tell them we're all waiting anxiously for them to get here. :o)


Praying, how are you feeling?


Vegan, Sienna has really taken to the breastflow bottle. Colin still likes the evenflo glass bottle (or the nipple that comes with it anyway!) I think he's a lazier feeder though. Sienna is great at latching on which makes me happy. How is everything going with you?


Caryle, THANK YOU! I am definitely finding someone certified. In fact, there is someone who is very well known and suggested by one of my good friends as well as by the hospital. I should be meeting with her on Tuesday. However, the hospital also has free meetings for new mothers who are breast feeding. Tomorrow at noon is one of those meetings so i'll definitely be going there!


Keria, Kewpie, Tear how are your gorgeous babies?


Blue, yah to oatmeal. Mmmm that always hits the spot. How are you, your DH and my favorite puppy, Abby?


Deport, did you decide what to do?


Hi to everyone else! i hope, in my sleepy state, I didn't miss too many people!


Big hugs!!


Screen Shot 2012-06-23 at 9.28.49 AM.png

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renavoo- congrats!  they are beautiful!  my dh leaned over my laptop screen and asked who these cuties are... they are ADORABLE!  i hop you and your dh are able to get some rest, but i'm so happy for you right now! 

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Oh Rena the  are so cute Colin looks so skinny next to sienna. I think the pictures are worth it. They are only that little once right?


I used the avent shields because I had those on hand and they worked fine.  I never got to try anything else though so I don;t know if there is anything better out there. Another thing that I got was this thong http://www.amazon.com/FAO-Schwarz-Toddler-Scale-White/dp/B0054L4VB4/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1340543190&sr=8-3&keywords=baby+scale It's pretty accurate and it was nice to see just how much they were getting from the breast. Don't feel guilty about waking up DH I'm sure he;s happy to help.


My little ones are doing great we are going to start solids next week and I'm super exited about it.

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rena, awww, look how Colin is holding Sienna's hand. It must be cool for them to finally be able to touch after kicking each other through membranes for so long. love.gif
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That is seriously the most precious picture!!! I think it was money well spent. I'm debating having a newborn shoot done, even though we are totally broke too. I just adore teeny baby pics - especially when they are well done!


Gotta run, more later. 



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I'm late to the party but just wanted to say congratulations Renavoo! Your teo are gorguoues! And Colin shares a name with some I'm very close to so I approve! Hope eveything picks up the the bfing and congrats again.


And hello to eveyone else hope your all doing well!

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Renavoo - Sorry to hear about the c/s but I'm so glad that all is well and they seem so healthy and big!!!!  You go girl!!!  Hoping and praying that you heal quick and are pain free soon.  Glad to hear that they are nursing so well, that's great!!!  Take care of yourself too and keep us posted only as you are able.  Know we are all thinking of you/DH and your little ones.


Belly - you are next!!!!!  Wahooo!!!

Vegan - yay for 25 wks!!!!  Don't over do!!!!!!


Keria - That is awful!!!  I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you.  Never know who you can and can't trust. It was so funny b/c i'm watching the video thinking that might be your DH (even though i know i've seen pics of him and now that i think about it it doesn't look like him w/ that dark hair - haha) and I heard a female voice in the background thinking it was you and then the baby crying so I was just trying to piece it all together.  LOL.  I kept watching thinking that pretty soon you would be showing us the babies or something.  LOL  Hope you get your money back.  Can you press charges?  To answer your question... Abby is good.  She is having a hard time w/ this extreme heat we are having though. I took her for a little walk to get some energy out and she was walking around w/ her tail between her legs and every time we came to a shady spot she would just lay down, poor little girlie.  We got home to a big bowl of water and the A/C so she was fine.  It's suppose to cool down today thankfully.  DH and I may take her to the lake to swim this weekend.  She loves that.  New profile pic of her and her ball loving life!!


Hope - how are you doing?  Did you and DH go on your vacation yet?  Hope it was good!


Praying - how are you? Just checking in.


Kewpie- hope you and the babes are good too!!!


Tenzi - how are you feeling now?  I'm sure DD is growing like a weed.  DS adjusting any better?


Tear - how is your summer so far?


Hi to everyone else... hopefully I didn't miss anyone!

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Yay rena. What cuties!

Belly - sorry you are in so much pain.
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rena - They are SOOO adorable!  I'm so happy for you!  Sorry that it wasn't exactly the experience that you wanted, but look at those cuties!  Oatmeal and lots of water (along with everything everyone else said) are the best pieces of advice I can give.  I used a medela shield and loved it (but I have small nipples and they had a nice small size).  I hope your milk comes in soon!!


Tenzins - It's so hard after the euphoria wears off and you're just plain tired.  Make sure to get some sleep when you can.  Don't feel too bad, I only made it through the first month in DD's scrapbook and babybook, so I'm right there with you.


Belly - I'm sorry you've been in so much pain!!  Hang in there, it'll all be worth in when you're holding the little ones!!  Did the doc seem worried about the size discrepency?


Vegan - I'm glad you had a nice trip!  But I'm sorry about the crappy sleep. I don't blame you for not wanting to go again in August.  It's gets harder the closer you are to delivery to travel.


blue - I did have my first OB appointment, and it went well.  I do like her, and it seems like things should be better from here on out!

AFM - 12 weeks today!  We had a great vacation, although I got nervous for a few days because I wasn't really feeling any symptoms.  Then we got back and the heartburn came back LOL.  I said the thin mountain air must have been good for me.  But I am also reminding myself that I'm nearing the end of the first trimester (when the heck did that happen???) and my minimal symptoms may just naturally be going away.  I've def popped, so I told my bosses today.  The one knows our history, and was super excited for me so that was really nice (he's our VP).  Other than that, DH and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary on Friday, I can't believe it's been so long!!  We started to tell our siblings over the weekend, and I told a close friend who lost her first baby at 31 days old (born 2 days after my DD).  So, we are slowely coming out of the pregnancy closet LOL.  Glad to hear that things are going well during my time away!!
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