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Belly - I'm sorry you're having pain.  :(  I do remember having a lot of cramping and it felt like AF and I'd get it in my back a lot too.  It was kind of a dull ache with occasional sharper jabs.  RE said it was the area waking up and preparing to grow for baby.  It is nerve wracking, isn't it?  I was told to drink water and a warm heating pad on the back was ok.  It seems water fixes everything, doesn't it?


renavoo - Oh dear!  I am speechless about your doctor!  Can you get a new one?  There's enough worry without all the doom and gloom!  Not all multiple pregnancies are high risk!!!!  I wish I could share my perinatologist.  He is so reassuring and calm even when things go a little off of what we'd like, he always had comforting words.  Your doctor sure could use a lesson in bedside manner.  I had a hematoma on Liam's placenta and it did heal on it's own in a few weeks.  It's true that most of them do.  Be prepared for it to possibly drain, though.  Mine did and scared the crap outta me and I wish I had known what it was while it was happening. 


AFM - I'm now in the 30s for week numbers and the babies will definitely be here in less than 8 weeks.  I've got most things ready, but there are a few little things that I hope to finish up in the next week or two.  (mainly my hospital bag, finish sewing diapers, and getting the newborn photographer squared away)


DH said he needs to work a little bit this weekend.  I totally saw this coming... I have a feeling work will creep into his whole "vacation" and he's already working all of monday.  At least he is home and I can go talk to him whenever I want to.  

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Renavoo, wow! (not in a good way).  I can't believe the high risk person had such poor bedside manner.  I mean if you deal with multiples all the time you think she would be a lot more understanding of the situtation.  I hope you don't have to see her much and just get to work with the regular person that you liked.  The only words that are coming to mind are bad ones so I wont post them here :)  I had an OB (for one appointment) when I was TTC#1 that was really mean when I brought up clomid because I had been charting and my cylces were like 53 days long.  She admitted she had used it with one of her children, but went on to say every scary thing that could happen (in a mean voice).  Let's just say after I got my prescription, I never saw her again.  I hear the hematomas are common as well, but I am sure it makes you nervous.  I'll be praying it goes away on it's own and maybe even un-noticed!


Kewpie, I saw your ticker at 30 weeks and thought to myself, wow, this is it!  She made it!!  I am so excited for your little one's to join us!!!!  And VERY excited for your newborn pictures!!!  I LOVE pictures!  Sorry, your DH has to work a little this weekend and Monday.  I know I am always a little disappointed/upset when my DH says he'll be home at a certain time and then it's like an hour or two later.  I am happy that he will be spending so much of the week with you and at home too!!!  Just having him around will probably feel much better!


Tenzi, how are you doing?


Keira, anything new with you guys!  Probably just busy working :)


Deborah, welcome!


AFM, I fell asleep at 8 last night and woke up almost 7.  (DH took care of DD at 3am when she woke up, but poor him he wasn't able to fall back asleep).  It feels amazing to be so well rested!  I am dying waiting for my u/s on Wednesday.  I need to know whats going on in there!  If all is well, we will tell our families on Thanskgiving, and probably our friends towards Christmas.  I also am SO tempted to make my ticker.  I want one so bad, but I am scared of jinxing it before the u/s.  I am pretty sure I made one when I got my BFP with DD, but I am so much more guarded this time after this long year of trying with FETs.



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Kewpie, YAH!!!! I'm so excited for you and i can't wait for you to show us the photos of Liam and Maisie when they are in your arms!! it's so exciting! How are you feeling overall? I hope you get some quality time with DH this week :o) i know he has to work some but hopefully, he will be able to just be with you some of the time so you guys can really be together. the babies are coming! it's the perfect time for you two to really reflect on life as it is because it'll all change (for the better, I'm sure!) when the babies are here! joy.gif


belly, YAH for a good night's sleep!! What a wonderful dh for taking care of DD at 3am to let you rest. hopefully, he'll get some rest later today! As for US, i'm sure everything is going great in there and your little embie is growing! i am looking forward to hearing about your results too. it'll be week 6 for you right? i hope you see the heart beat so you feel all reassured!!


Welcome Deborah!



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Kewpie Maisie is so cute.I can't believe you are 30 weeks already time sure goes by fast. I'm right behind you and we are NOT ready for babies yet. Are your twins head down? Mine are breech and I'm getting a little worried. Enjoy your week with DH.


Belly yay for a good night sleep Just 3 more days till the u/s I still think you are joining us in the twin club.


Rena that doctor sucks I can't believe a doctor would actually say that.


Deborah Welcome!


AFM DH is finally getting better so I;m pretty happy about that.


My girl was having a sleepy day yesterday. I didn't feel her much and  I got super worried. Thank god for my doppler she had a  strong heartbeat. She is been super active today but I can't wait for my next u/s to see if she is growing as she should be.




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keria - Both are transverse right now; they were head down until this past week.  The OB says not to freak and that there's time.  I'm a tiny bit nervous cause I REALLY don't want a c-section.


I'm glad your girl is ok.  Sleepy days freak me out too!

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Thanks Kewpie, Renavoo, Bellybean and Keria!

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Keira, that would make me nervous too, although I am sure it is totally normal for them to be less active somedays.  I remember poking DD to get her to move if I didn't feel her for a while :)  I am such a nervous wreck this time I might need to get the doppler too :)  When is your next u/s? 


Kewpie, did your peri/ob give you a % chance for vaginal vs. c-section?  Hopefully those babies flip back around!  Maybe they knew to go head down when your "labor" started, and now their just chillin' waiting for the right time :)


Renavoo, yep I am 6 weeks today, so I'll be 6 weeks 3 days for the u/s.  I really think they expect to see a hb if all is well, they are very thorough and I know they wouldn't try to schedule me too early.  Plus, I remember seeing a hb with DD around this time.  Then they have me come back in 2 more weeks for a fetal movement u/s. 


AFM, I simply cannot wait for Wednesday, please please please let there be a healthy hb.  I have already become so attached to this little one, I can't bear the thought of losing it.  Still having cramps and a little back pain, but thankfully it's not very often anymore.  My nausea has picked up a little.  Oh and I already have to use a rubber band on my jeans to button them.  Not sure if it's because I am eating too much, the drugs, or because it's my second.  I don't really care either way, but it is a little embarrasing to be outgrowing clothes already!   I got my maternity bin out of storage yesterday and will probably be in it before Christmas.  I had to buy it early with DD because of OHSS, and felt the need to lie about my due date when checking out at the store because really I should have barely known by then...not needing maternity clothes yet :)



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Belly, I think it's bloat :o) I actually weigh myself every Sunday and I've only gained 3.5 pounds so far but my jeans and other clothing don't fit well anymore. I think our stomachs are also a bit sensitive too. So I'm chalking it up to that for you and me, although both of us will probably show pretty early, especially if we're both carrying twins :o) I had my first US at 6 weeks 1 day and the heartbeat is there so I can't wait until I hear that you just saw your baby (ies) heartbeat(s) too!! It's so exciting, isn't it? My clinic required me to get an US at 7 weeks so and I heard the heartbeat that time so I was just amazed. It's such a miracle. However, that doctor did it so quickly! This last technician was nice and slow and pointed out everything including our little babies limb buds and such so that was so amazing. I'm addicted to US already and I won't have another one for 4 weeks. sniff!!

haha oh well, I'll live vicariously through yours, Kewpie's and Keria's until then!


I'm glad that your backache has lessened. Things will be fine and you'll be announcing wonderful news at Thanksgiving! (And anyway, remember, nausea is a fantastic sign. they say women who suffer from nausea have a much lower chance of miscarriage). everything will go great!!


Kewpie, and Keria, I really hope you ladies don't have to get a c section as well! Turn, babies turn! They are probably just getting comfortable and will turn when it's time for them to meet their parents in person :o)


By the way, when did you ladies buy your dopplers? I'm definitely going to get one. I'm just wondering when they actually start getting effective?


Tenzin, how are you doing?



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Belly my clothes didn't fit really early as well, I bought like 3 pairs of track/yoga pants and I wore that all the time before I went out and bought maternity.


I give the belly a little shake and they move but her movements were still faint not what I was used to. I'm sure she was just in a weird position and she was kicking her brother or something. Last night I actually felt body parts moving when I had my hand on my belly  that was so weird but pretty cool. My next u/s is on the 28th they are doing a doppler study then has anyone had that done?


Kewpie Transverse that cannot be comfy.

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Belly - Nope, I have no idea what my chances are.  My SIL said that she was told she had a 25% chance of delivering her twins vaginally.  I think I'll be ok with either.  I'm just not looking forward to a c-section recovery.  I live on the top floor of my building with no elevator and I'm thinking an abdominal surgery recovery would suck with that.  uhoh3.gif  Plus, we're wanting to go for a FET a year after we deliver and I'm not sure I can do that with a c-section so close.  I think I heard that they want you to wait 2 years.  I'm 31 now and I'm hoping to complete our family before I hit 35 cause the success rates are supposed to go down a lot after that, so that darn clock is ticking...


I am hoping so hard for your LO and a healthy HB on wednesday!  How have you been feeling?  Oh, and I outgrew my clothes really early even with my cycle last fall that had a singleton.  I'm thinking we just tend to bloat more with all the hormones or something.  


Renavoo - I bought my doppler at week 9, I believe. 


Keria - Transverse is actually more comfy than the head-down/tranverse combo I had a couple weeks ago.  Baby A was head down and had his head against my cervix and then baby B was transverse on top of his feet.  It felt like they were hammering their way out and since my cervix has been shortening and Liam had started to drop a bit, I felt like I had a bowling ball between my legs.  haha I can finally walk now. I had the pressuer when they were both head down too, but it wasn't quite as bad.  I'm hoping all our little guys turn in time!!


AFM - I have my next growth scan this wednesday.  Last time, they were measuring a week ahead and were 3.5 pounds.  I'm betting they will be over 4 pounds by wednesday, which will be bigger than I was when I was born, so I'm feeling a lot more relaxed now. 


I had some fun playing with Maisie last night.  She had her feet up and pushing out and I pushed back on her and she slid around inside like toothpaste.  So I pushed her around a little more and she started kicking back.  It was really neat to feel.  DH joined in on the fun and she kicked him really hard...so hard that I saw his hand jump.  We're really aching to hold them and waiting is starting to get really difficult.  We haven't met them yet, but we feel like we miss them if that makes sense. 


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Oh, forgot to add... This time last year I was in the middle of my TWW of our miscarried cycle.  I've been thinking a lot about that lost baby as I approach the anniversary of the loss.  My due date is actually on the 1 yr anniversary of the miscarriage.  I don't want to forget our lost little one and want to do something... I was thinking I would find a giving tree where they have cards with the name and age of a needy child hanging on them.  Know what I'm talking about?  I was thinking it might be nice to make it a tradition to find a child the age our baby would have been and get them a gift as a way to remember.  If we can't buy for our baby, at least we can bless another child.

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That's what I 'm doing right now. I'm lucky though because DH's cousin had a baby in March, so she's sending me maternity tops. She's much bigger than I am on bottom, but we are pretty much equivalent on our upper bodies. She will still send some pants in case it's twins :-).

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Belly my clothes didn't fit really early as well, I bought like 3 pairs of track/yoga pants and I wore that all the time before I went out and bought maternity.


I give the belly a little shake and they move but her movements were still faint not what I was used to. I'm sure she was just in a weird position and she was kicking her brother or something. Last night I actually felt body parts moving when I had my hand on my belly  that was so weird but pretty cool. My next u/s is on the 28th they are doing a doppler study then has anyone had that done?


Kewpie Transverse that cannot be comfy.


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hug2.gifKewpie I think that would be a lovely tradition in memory of your little one did you ever name him/her?.


I know what you mean about not having met the babies but aching to hold them. We are so in love with our little monsters they are part of our family already.


Belly only two more sleeps! how are you feeling?

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Keria - We always called the baby, "Little Mr Bean."  DH affectionately called him/her that during an u/s and it stuck.  We don't know what the gender was, so we just kept that the name. 

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Kewpie, I think that is a wonderful idea!  It's so sweet of you guys!  I loved playing with DD and watching my belly move...it's probably my favorite thing about being pregnant ;)  How many frosties do you have left again?


Keria, how are things with you today?  Are the babies back to moving normal? 


Renavoo, oh man, 4 more weeks!!!  I think I have it set up so I go this wednesday then wait 2 weeks, then another u/s with RE, then wait one week, then u/s with OB at 9 weeks...but then I'll probably be on the 4 week cycle if I am lucky.  I don't think I had another u/s with DD until closer to 16-20 weeks.  Just got to hear the hb with the doppler at my OB appointments.  Hopefully, I'll be feeling a lot more confident by 9 weeks and it will be a breeze going so long without one.


AFM, feeling like crap!  I am sick and an emotional wreck...I cried when I left the pharmacy today because my prescription was $50 more than last 2 times and they wouldn't let me use another coupon till next month.  So silly right.  I have also noticed my boobs are getting a little bigger (they are pretty small, so easy to notice changes!)  I just don't know what I'll do if it's bad news on Wednesday...that would be so tough.   I don't know if I have it in me to try again.  It's even hard to keep it together after getting a positive.  Hopefully our family will be closer to complete in just 34 more weeks.  DH is ready to start telling everyone and I am like, I don't even believe it's real yet...so I think I need more time!




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Belly- My IVF nurse said that i could actually use a heating pad on low on the front as long as there's a blanket or towel between the heating pad and the abdomen. She also said tylenol was okay and repositioning might help. My acupuncturist says to do footbaths.

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Belly, that sucks I was an emotional wreck during my wait for the u/s as well, just one more sleep seeing. DH was also super positive and told his entire family before the u/s. I could not do it until I saw those little beating hearts.


My babies are doing great I can actually feel  my girl more now I can feel her arms and legs moving inside it's pretty neat, for my boy I  only feel the big  thumps but no body parts. I think I'm going to be one of those over protective moms that stays up all night watching the babies sleep.

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Just wanted to duck in and announce that we're happily expecting two healthy BOYS!!!



I was completely shocked. At first I was nearly certain that they were two girls, especially B (we've been told that since 12 weeks at every single scan). Then last week my OB said A possibly looked like a boy and B was still a girl for sure. Thank goodness we had the baby A announcement last week to temper the surprise. Well fast forward to yesterday and the much better US machine at the perinatologist's and it was clear as day! I was in so much shock that I paid cash for another ultrasound yesterday afternoon at the OB's office where my mom works. Definitely two boys, and they made me a DVD for "proof." You can even see them pushing against each other back and forth - SO adorable! We're revealing genders to the families tomorrow at our early Thanksgiving meal and I just needed to feel 110% sure after hearing girl for so long.


Now that the surprise has worn off, I'm completely over the moon! Buying boy clothes online and picking a second boy name helped a ton :-) In other news the perinatologist wants me back in two weeks since baby boy B was wiggling too much to get all of the pictures they needed, then in two more weeks for a total of four weeks from yesterday's scan. Then she wants me back every four weeks after that to watch their growth and my cervix in addition to my normal OB appointments. I'm glad for the extra monitoring! More chances to see my boys!!!

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Congratulations Bugalowmama!!

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Congrats Bungalowmama!

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