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deportivo - I sadly cannot offer you any sure-fire way to stop the vomiting (though you could ask your doc about a prescription for Zofran, which I never tried), but I want you to know that everything was disgusting to me for the first 14 or more weeks of my pregnancy, I wanted water but it made me nauseous, and I mostly laid on the couch and moaned for two month straight. And I'm now 37 weeks pregnant with what seems to be a very healthy baby. Your body is capable of remarkable things, even with minimal food input. Definitely keep looking for things you can keep down and things that help, but at the end of the day... energy from sour gummies is something, you know?

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monkey- great input thanks. yeah, everything taste different and in a terrible way. One of us is still really small so I am sure you are right on. I am going to see what the OB says tomorrow. Glad you mentioned that.

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Deportivo: I've also heard unisom and B6 can help a lot. I don't have a ton of advice as my morning sickness was super mild - I am so thankful for that!!! I know my mom had it awful with all 3 of us. She used to keep saltines by her bed and eat them before she even moved to get up. I've heard the sea bands for nausea can help (they are acupressure). As long as you are able to function and not get dehydrated, I'm sure everything will be ok!



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Hi everyone!  I have been meaning to write for soooooo long and then of course something comes up with one (or more) of the 3 girls :)


Renavoo, I am sure your breasts are better by now, but I ended up having mastitis at the girls 2 week appointment.  My right breast hurt all the time, not just when nursing and then the bottom half of the breast turned red.  My left one is also my "good" one and produces more than the right. 


Kewpie, it looks like one of our girls has reflux.  Did you end up using the prescription?  We started 2 days ago, and it seems to reduce the pain since there is less screaming, but did you find it worked better over time or is the whole benefit there from the start? 


Deport, I used the unisom/B6 combo and it helped a little, but my morning sickness was so bad I ended up on zofran.  It didn't even completely get rid of it, but it helped a lot more than the over the counter combo.  I thought I was going to die for the first 16 or so weeks, so I hope you aren't dealing with anything that bad...it sucks :(


How is everyone else doing???????


AFM, things seem to be getting crazier around here :)  The twins seem to go through mini stages/growth spurts that can really limit our sleep :)  And between the 3 girls and keeping up the house (which is in a constant state of disaster), I barely sit down a minute during the days.  One of our girls has had some minor problems - eye infection, baby acne, and reflux...while the other is completely fine.  It makes it hard to give them both the same amount of attention since one needs more "help".  It makes me feel bad for the healthier twin since she gets less one on one time with me, but then she is the one everyone seems to favor more (I think based on looks)...which hurts my feelings.  I knew I would have a hard time with that aspect of twins, I just can't stand the constant comparison between them.  Any of the other twin mamas have this happen?  If so, how do you respond/deal with it?

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Belly does she have a clogged tear duct? My son has that he had a constant infection on his eye. It's getting better now. I have dealt with people favoring one kid over the other it drives me crazy. Right now my girl has some serious stranger anxiety so everyone is more drawn to Oliver snce he s a bit more social and yeah it hurts my feelings.

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Belly - Which one is she on?  Liam was put on Axid, which is different than zantac or the other reflux meds in the way that it works.  It definitely built up over time and we saw a steady decrease in symptoms until about 3 weeks on, when he was nearly symptom free.  My only experience is with this script, though.  I believe Tear's girl was on a different med?  


as for the attention, Maisie gets a lot more attention from strangers and it bugs me.  She is more social and smiles and laughs at strangers.  Usually I just answer questions quickly and kind of edge away as I talk to get them out of the situation as politely as I can.  Some people make comments about Liam's eye too, like, "oh he's being a little pirate." or something like that.  I usually quickly explain that he is blind and has problems with that eye.  It's not a big deal now, but I worry about when he's older.  I'm going to try to not make a big deal about it so that he won't feel like he needs to make a big deal either.  Like, "oh, yeah, my eye is small because I have XYZ and I was born that way.  I also like cars and things that go beep."  It's kind of surprising that it's usually the adults that make stupid comments.  The kids just say what a cute baby he is.

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privateeyes.gif Belly, Kewpie is right. DD was on Zantac for reflux, and we noticed a difference right away, if I remember correctly. The difference was so obvious, and she was in so much clear pain before, that I never second-guessed giving her meds. hug.gif Reflux is hard! goodvibes.gif

I would like to be posting personals, but I'm so wiped and we're flying to Germany tomorrow and I'm not packed. So I'm going to be lame and just afm, but I love you ladies and send lots of hugs all round! Here it is:
afm - I've been feeling pretty nauseous all day every day, and very tired, which DH and I both had a good feeling about. Yesterday we had our first ultrasound and we saw a little baby in there measuring 6w6d and with a heartbeat flickering away. We're both just amazed that this could really be true, and so thankful, and hopefully this little one will keep growing healthy and strong. Yesterday afternoon I went for acupuncture, and today I felt so much better. She left in some little needle-bandaids, so hopefully I'll feel ok on our flights. I'm pretty nervous about how DD is going to sleep on the trip, but we'll bring the ergo and hopefully she'll sleep well. I'm following along and sending you love, but I'm not sure what my connectivity situation will be for the next three weeks in Europe. goodvibes.gif all around!
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rena - I'm glad that there's no thrush, and hoping that your nipples are feeling even better!!!  It's pretty typical to produce diff amts in diff breasts.  I always called my left boob my over producer and my right my slacker.


Belly - Ohhh my DD had reflux and it was miserable.  We got her on Axid also, and within a week she was like a whole new baby.  I never regretted giving her the meds, and I'll do it again in a heartbeat if this one has reflux.  DD's wasn't diagnosed right away, so almost my entire maternity leave consisted of one miserable baby and one miserable mama.  I do know that for a few weeks after starting the meds she continued to get better as it built up in her system.  We unfortunately weren't able to wean her off of it until just a few months ago, maybe when she was around 18 or 19 months?  I was so glad to get her off of it, but would have given it to her as long as necessary.  DH and I joke that she's either going to have a strange love or hate of mint because the smell/taste of the axid reminded us of mint LOL.  Good luck ~ I hope she feels better soon!!


Kewpie - I LOVE the pictures!!  What cutie pies!!


Tear - Ohhh I love Europe, I'm so jealous.  I've been a few times, but it's been 6 years since we last went.  I hope that you get to fully enjoy the trip and that you're not too sick and tired!!  YEAH for seeing a nice strong heartbeat!!!


AFM - Not much going on.  Plowing away at work (super stressful still), and fighting off the terrible two's as basically a single mom.  (DH works almost every evening and weekend).  But I've been working really hard at getting my DD to communicate better, and I think it's helping the massive tantrums.  I have my ultrasound next Tuesday, and I'm excited to see our little one!  Hope to find all is good, and that the u/s tech doesn't slip up and tell us what we are having :-)

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Keira, yes she has clogged tear ducts in both eyes.  They keep getting little infections and are goopy almost all the time.  Sorry you have had to deal with people favoring one twin more than the other but it is nice to know it isn't just me (and that it upsets me so much)


Kewpie/Tear/Hope, she is on Zantac and there was a dramatic difference right away, but I wasn't sure if it would keep getting better.  I don't think she is in much pain anymore, but there is still A TON of spitting up. 


Kewpie, ugh to the adults and their stupid comments.  Talk about foot in the mouth!!!!!


Tear, still so excited for you and your pregnancy.  Glad everything is looking good!  Super jealous about your trip, I hope you have a great time!


Hope, terrible twos and pregnancy are a tough combo!  Hope you find some relief, even if it's just an extra long shower (my new vacation!)


Renavoo, how are you?


For those who don't visit the IF thread much anymore, you might want to check it out....there is some pretty exciting news over there!!!!


AFM, what a week!  I ended up with mastitis in the other breast and a migrane with it that lasted 2.5 days.  I am starting to feel a little better now, but it's crazy with no sleep and this 3 ring circus :)  THinking of you all!!

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Belly-Sorry to jump in, but the clogged tear duct caught my eye and I thought I might have a helpful suggestion smile.gif.  Both my DDs (DD1- now 6 and DD2 1 month) have had clogged tear ducts.  DD1's resolved itself before she was a year I think, though she would get a watery eye with a cold for awhile.  DD2 now seems to have clogs in both eyes.  Though it won't resolve the clog, squirting breast milk in her eye (if you are nursing your girls- I know twins are harder) seems to really help with the little infections that make them goopy.  This may sound strange, but my Ped agreed the breast milk is the best antibiotic for babes.  Sorry- people seem to prefer one twin- that must be really hard,greensad.gif but all her little baby issues will resolve themselves and you can make sure they feel equally loved.

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Rena - how are you and the babes doing??  Glad to hear there wasn't any thrush.


Hope - hope you are feeling well and that the terrible 2's go by fast!!!


Tear - hope your trip is going well.  You go over there a couple times a year don't you?  Do you or DH have family over there that you visit??  There isn't any risk in flying like that when you are first preg i'm guessing.  See my AFM.


Kewpie - love the new pics.  So cute!!

Belly - i have a friend that swears by the Gonstead chiropratic method helping her little guy w/ his reflux.  She did that b/c she didn't want to put him on drugs.  Just a thought.  Sorry to hear about the headache and mastitis.  You have had it all.  Gosh.


Deport - hope you are feeling some better.  What did your OB say?  Did he/she give you something.


Vegan - Hi.  i asked on my other post on the other side... how far along are you??


Sorry if I missed anyone... i was just going off this last page.


AFM -  (part of it copied from my IVF side post so i didn't have to type it again)

So for those of you that didn't know.... i got a BFP this morning w/o any help from ART!!!!!  I'm totally in shock and don't believe it yet and may not until i see if for a fact on an u/s.

 I'm trying to just stay positive and not think about all the things that are stacked against us w/ my immune/health in general.  I just have to believe that if it is ment to be it will continue to all work out for the best and we will have a great story to tell for sure when this works out - trying to keep the faith alive.  DH and I have been married this Sept for 9 yrs and we have been trying for a little over 6yrs w/ no luck.  Those of you that asked about the immune stuff.... I don't really know what to do.  Dr. S from SIRM in Vegas recommends me doing the intralipids up until week 24 even now, so on Monday i really need to see if my RE that is out of state would maybe be willing to order it for me again.  I don't know if he will or not, but i really need to get it asap.  Also have to find out if I need to get back on prednisone too or not.  It's so weird b/c i feel kinda like i'm alone in this b/c I'm not under my RE's care at this point in time.  It's rough b/c this week is crazy busy w/ work and then not this coming sat, but the next, i'm suppose to fly to London which my Mom was telling me I shouldn't go, but I can't imagine it would be that bad.  Any thoughts???

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Belly: You have so much on your plate with twins, reflux and eye duct stuff! Were you able to stop pumping? Nice to see an update from you. I'm STILL waiting on pics! :-)


Blue: My thoughts on flying are that it's probably fine for baby. You just need to feel totally comfortable being over there if god forbid something were to happen while there. For me, I chose not to travel at all in my first tri this time - even though I traveled plenty during my pregnancy w/my daughter. I was just so afraid of something going wrong and being away from home on top of it. Plus I didn't want any extra stress. I so hope your RE is willing to treat you the same as if he helped you conceive! I would think he would be so happy for you and want to help still? If not, I would call and call and call until I found a place willing to help! I know there aren't a ton of clinics that specialize in immune issues, but I do know there are at least a few. I just have to say again - I am SO thrilled for you. I've been thinking about you all day! I even told my DH your story. :-)


AFM: I know, I'm too superstitious to make a ticker. LOL. But I'm 31 weeks now. :-) Nothing major to report. Starting to feel pretty stretched - and can't help think how crazy it must have felt for you twin mamas! I just hosted my brother, sister-in law and their ELEVEN kids for 3 nights this week! (blended family - he had 4, she had 6 and they had 1 together. And actually she had her tubes tied and then decided they wanted another so they did IVF - and even though she had 7 kids already, it didn't work for her). My house is pretty tiny! But it went pretty well. They range so much in age (4-19) that the big kids really do a great job of keeping the littles under control. Plus they were out exploring most of the time. My daughter had a great time! I do feel relieved to have my calm house back to myself though. That was one of my big things I've been needing to get through before baby comes. Next week we're ripping out our bedroom closet and fixing a bathroom leak and doing mold remediation. SO not looking forward to that! But that will be the last major thing to do. Then I can just relax and mentally prepare for baby. :-)



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Hi ladies!

Sorry i've been MIA. I've been dealing with a few things here. My right breast developed either mastitis or a blocked duct. i was going with the blocked duct theory but I did have a fever of 102 so I think that there may have been an infection in there somewhere. Perhaps, because i know you can have a low grade fever with a blocked duct but 102 seemed a little high to me (and accompanied by chills- It's odd to be wearing sweaters and sweatshirts in 90 degree plus weather, isn't it?). Ibuprofen is my friend. And then, Sienna has been having blood in her stool. That freaked me out but the doctors seem to not be as freaked out (they think it may be a milk allergy but seriously, it shows up 5 weeks later?!) and so I'm trying to cut down my dairy intake. Well one of the doctors thinks it may be a milk allergy and the other is of my frame of mind that it shouldn't have presented so late but suggests I cut down my milk. I'm looking for alternative sources of calcium them. Almonds, I know. Any other suggestions?


BLUE, I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! SO HAPPY. Ugh this medium doesn't even let me express how happy I am for you!! joy.gif I know it is nerve wracking but we will get you through this and I can not wait until you are holding your beautiful baby in your arms!! I'm so excited!!!!!!


Belly, ugh to the mastitis, migraine and clogged duct/infections. :o( I'm so sorry you're going through all that. It is difficult enough taking care of twins without those other things added on! i'm thinking of you and your beautiful family!


Kewpie, OH MY GOSH, they are getting so big but just so adorable! I just want to nibble on their cheeks. haha i do that ad nauseum with our own kids too.


Keria, Kewpie, Belly, I totally get what you mean about people being drawn to one twin over the other!! My nanny seems to be more drawn to Sienna which annoys me. I'm sure that it's a little bit of jealousy too because I don't get to hold either child as much when the nanny is here. DH thinks it is because the nanny wants to prove that we need her but sometimes, I just don't want to feel guilty when I want to feed my own children. argh. I'm also afraid of nanny mother confusion of course. I think that Colin will have less problem with it because i swear, he stares at each of us and seems to comprehend who we are. Sienna is more lethargic but she does smile. She smiles more at the nanny though :o( Argh, i have to get over this though, especially because I'll be returning to work soon. sniff.


Tear and Monkey, how are you ladies feeling?


Hope, I hope the scan goes well! ah the terrible twos! I'm glad your dd is responding to learning to communicate better.


vegan, 31 weeks! thumbsup.gif Where does the time go?! and WOW to getting so much work done during your pregnancy and hosting such a large family event. haha there was no way I was going to be doing that. haha in fact, I probably wouldn't do that even during my non pregnant times. :o) but I'm glad it went well.


Ok, back to lurking. i'm still trying to get the babies on a better schedule, especially in preparation for going back to work (still a month away but I'm nervous!) Actually, they are asking me to start working from home a little early and to go to a big meeting August 22nd. So I have to get my bum in gear!


Hope everyone is doing well! Big hugs!!

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Belly - I'm so sorry you're having so much trouble.  If I were closer, I'd so come help!  As for the spitting up, my ped. said that the anti-reflux meds just help with the excess acid and don't help with spit p cause that's a physical issue of the valve being immature and not closing at the top of the stomach.  Liam have projectile vomiting and huge spit ups for weeks, but it gradually decreased as he got older.  Now at 7 months, he spits up a tiny amount every few days.  I've been told that by 8 months, it's *usually* all gone.


Blue - OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!  I am FLOORED!  And sosososo happy!  Stick stick stick!!!!!  You just made my day!


Vegan - You're getting so close!!! 


Ren - Just remember they're YOU'RE children!  If you want to hold and feed them, go for it!  You worked too hard to let someone else push their way in!  


AFM - My babies turn 7 months old today.... how did that happen?  Maisie is scooting backwards now and she can kind of lunge forward when she gets up on her hands and knees.  Liam still scoots forward while keeping his face on the ground.  He refuses to crawl using his arms.  It's really sad to watch cause he ends up with red marks on his cheeks.  He's SO insistent that arms are over-rated.  

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Blue Again so so happy for you guys, hopefully you get everything figured out fast for the intralipids and the other stuff.  I don't think the flight would be bad if you are up to it but your morning sickness may start already by then and I can't imagine being stuck on a plane for such a long flight while feeling like crap.


Belly I tried everything for the eye infections, eventually he just woke up one day and his eye was clear, I think that all they need is a little time and eventually she'll just outgrow it.


Rena I think it;s great that the babies are bonding with the nanny but by all means grab your baby when ever you want to. Sometimes my mom it's a little too helpful and I had to tell her a few times that these are MY babies and we are doing things my way.


Kewpie 7 months! We are right behind you at 6 months I can hardly believe it.

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Blue- I sent you a post on the other thread. Basically, woo hoo! I can't believe it. So, happy for you and congratulations! I can't wait to see how your pregnancy progresses. I did get something for the nausea, still puking at night. I am feeling a bit better though and starting to find things to eat, so my baby will not be starving lol. I am good. I am blessed. It is a miracle that I am pregnant at all. And oh how amazing it is to finally get thought the first trimester. I still am gun shy, I think the hormones are partly why I just can't relax and let go. It is a challenge. Well worth everything!!!


I couldn't ask for anything better, after everything I have been through, I know this just makes me a more compassionate person. I couldn't ask for anything better to happen for you. I would love to try and be as supportive as possible for you through your pregnancy! So, excited. How, did this happen anyways?



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Deportivo: How far along are you/when are you due? You're done w/the first tri already?! WOO HOO!!! Awesome!! Hopefully that means the nausea will soon be a distant memory. :-)


Kewpie & Keria: It's amazing and a little sad how fast time flies and little ones grow! I still can't believe I have a 3.5 yr old. She and I were sorting baby clothes today that she wore and I still find it a little hard to believe that she has grown SO much since then! That said, you guys are getting into SO many fun stages these days. 


Rena: That definitely sounds like mastitis. I think the tell tale sign is the chills that just come out of no where. So horrid! I'm sorry. I hope you're feeling better! If you think your supply took a hit from it, I found that goats rue restored what the mastitis took away (unfortunately it took me 8 months to figure that out!). I like what the others have said about not being shy about taking your time w/your babies while the nanny is there. This time you have with them before you go back to work is so precious.



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Belly - I did just that last night while DH was actually home (woo hoo!) and putting DD to bed.  It was by candlelight and SOOOO nice!!   I'm glad the Zantac is working, but I agree that the spit up will probably stay around for a while.  I'm so sorry about the mastitis and migraine, I've heard they can go hand in hand.  Ugh.


blue - I am feeling good!  STILL dealing with some headaches, but I think I'm noticing the m/s less and less these days, thankfully!!  I know that I posted it on the IVF ONE thread, but I have to say it again - CONGRATS!!!  I am so excited for you!  I think that flying won't be an issue, I did early in the first tri with my DD with no problems. 


Vegan - Wow, 31 weeks... where did the time go?!  OK, and 11 kids??  Wow.  That's just crazy!! 


rena - Oh hun, sounds like mastitis to me.  It may have started out as a clogged duct that turned into mastitis if you weren't able to get rid of it.  I hope that you're feeling better.  And blood in the stool?  I'd push them to make sure nothing else is wrong, trust your instincts mama.  It doesn't make sense that it would have taken this long to show up if it's a milk allergy, but I guess cutting it down/out is a good starting place. And I agree with EVERYONE else.  They are YOUR babies that you worked so hard for.  If you want to hold them and feed them, then just take them and do it!! 


Kewpie - wow, 7 months.... crazy how quick the time goes.  I'm laughing at how Liam wants to crawl though, how adorable is that (OK, except for the red face he gets, poor kiddo).


AFM - Just SO excited about tomorrow's ultrasound.  Can't wait to see this little one and be reassured that everything is as it should be.  I'm feeling movement a LOT more lately.  I think it helps that it's my second, so I know that it's movement versus something else.  It's still inconsistent and strange feeling, but oh how I've missed this.  I'm enjoying every movement as I know I only have just over 5 more months of this and then probably never again.  I love it.  :-)

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Blue:  That is the best news!!!  Congratulations!  banana.gifchampagne.gifhug2.gif

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