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Belly, i'm soooo jealous! On a good day, our babies get about 5 hours of sleep. Of course, with my pumping, that means I get about 3.5-4 hours because I often can't go back to sleep after I pump. Case in point... haha so much for sleeping while they do! Additionally, my darling boy grunts like a truck driver in his sleep. It makes for a lot of amusement during the day but a little frustration during the night. I don't  care though...I check in on him and just smile anyway, regardless of what time of the day it is. We had to move the babies into their nursery because they outgrew staying in the same crib. I almost cried at that because it just means that they are growing bigger. Can't they stay small forever? Ooooh soccer is great! Will you be able to go see some games? I think that would be fun!


Blue, I gave in to my lunch meat cravings (I love boar's head ham) and just warmed it up. It didn't taste as good to me but hey, it satisfied a craving! haha I too am so excited to hear every detail about your visits. By the way, I had the NT scan too. I think everyone gets it and they use that plus blood tests to give you the risk of your baby having a genetic issue. Like Belly, I didn't really know what i would do with the results...there was no way I was going to abort the baby so it was more of a fact finding thing, I guess. Plus, I just wanted to see the babies.


Rcr, how are you doing?? I can't wait until November/december! Have you been keeping in touch with your doctor? Did you get your schedule yet?


Vegan, ugh to more nausea!! Yah to being close to the end though!!! :o) I can't believe the time is coming up so fast!!


Tear, how are you feeling?


Hi to everyone else! I'm thinking of you all!


AFM, well i go back to work on Tuesday. Yesterday, I received an email telling me that i was most likely going to be put on a presentation- this means late nights. I went ballistic. Not only am i not performing to the best of my abilities because of lack of sleep but most importantly, I am not going to go back to work and not see my babies for days on end. I was going to give in my notice right then. Luckily, I wrote to one of my coworkers and she talked me down the ledge. I called my (new) manager and told her that I just can't work those long hours this early back and I'll be completely willing to come home and work from home when needed but I need to be home. I also told her that I intend to work from home one day a week. She took it well. My manager used to be this workaholic but now that she has a boyfriend who she adores and loves to travel with, she's much more about life work balance. I know her bf and personally, I just want to thank him a million times over.


I have to go dairy free, I think, for my baby because she's continuing to have blood in her stool. I've already cut out the obvious sources but there must be other things I'm eating. Right now, we're really testing by just giving her hypoallergenic formula and Colin gets all my milk. Anyone have any experience with that and have suggestions about what to do?


Thanks ladies! Babies are stirring! Check in later!

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Rena - I am ok. Thanks for asking. If it helps at all, when I went back to work after DS, It felt like the most horrible thing in the world. I was so close to quitting my job many times. The only reason that I didn't is because my job is really, really stable, and DH is always afraid of loosing his job. However, once I went back, and got busy with work, it was ok. I also shifted my priorities. I was offered a position in administration, which would mean more money and a lot better job title, but I turned it down because it also meant not being at home as much... So, things shifted, but work turned out ok, and I am happy that I didn't quit. You will get through it. It sucks and is horrible, but in the end it will begin to feel normal and good. Oh, and we drink almond milk and love it. Cheese is harder to give up though.


All - I posted a new fall IVF thread.


Blue - like I said on the other side, I didn't know where to put you. Are you comfortable with being graduated? Free baby?

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Oh, one more thing. There are a lot of black spaces left for birthdays in the grad section of the IVF thread. None of you on this thread (except tear) have birthday dates. Post them on the other thread and I will be happy to add them.

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rcr - Yes, i'm fine being graduated but maybe w/ an "expensive free baby"  LOL.  I'm confused on what you are talking about w/ Birthdays??  Are you talking about due dates/birth dates of the babes???  Sorry, it's late and i should be in bed.  Maybe it will all come to me tomorrow when i re-read it.


more later... off to bed.

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Oh Blue.  love.gif  Your ticker makes me smile like no other...

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Blue - the birthday thing that I was refering to  is on the other thread - the people on the list of graduates near the bottom all have dates (example: "Tear - Thanksgiving Day - 11/25") I am assuming those are baby birth dates? I was so happy to add you to the graduates list, and yea, free baby does not seem really free after IF. We should come up with a different word.

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Hi everyone, sorry been away. i moved and in between being exhausted and my puking marathon, had so many things to do. I didn't have access to my computer either for a few weeks there.


My news with last u/s at 13 wks was great. I cried. Was jealous though that DH got to see all of the jumping and hand waving. I saw all the cute little fingers. So cute to see the littlest fingers in the world lol. So precious. I am now 16wks and about 4days pregnant.


Next u/s at 19wks. I have been feeling a little nervous lately about losing the baby, I think this fear is more my hormones making me so sensitive!


So, I have had a lot of time in the bathroom lately! Now it seems as though I can manage to eat normally through the morning and day, still having trouble at night. Also, oddly I am more exhausted now, I think my iron must be so low. I do take iron, but I drag myself everywhere, so exhausted with no energy at all.


Side note- Hormonal! I decided that I really want to try breastfeeding and for some reason, everyone in DH's family is against breastfeeding. Isn't this odd! Most people encourage others to breastfeed. And I think either way is great, I wouldn't discourage anyone either way. But for some reason they have it in there heads that there is no way to tell how much your baby gets fed and that you would end up overfeeding.


Mother in law asked me if I was going to breastfeed or bottle feed. I already told her I was going to breastfeed. I think she just wanted to share her opinion you know! So, than my brother in law tells me that 90% of breastfed babies develop colic because of being overfed. I told him that does not sound right at all! (I am sure he misread or misunderstood this statistic) So, he than adamantly tells me no, it is a FACT! Mother in law chimes in and agrees yes it is TRUE. So, I was a bit frustrated with not only two people trying to tell me questionable info about breastfeeding. I am getting lectured on breastfeeding from a man, that has not breastfed or given birth. Before, this he was giving me tips for my birth. Also, my sister in law tells me to not get a midwife even though it is my choice, and she is basing her info on one persons experience that is not her own.


I hope that once the baby comes, DH will keep his word and intervene for me. I don't want to constantly have to tell them to butt out!


My hormones get in the way of me just ignoring it, and it is such an annoyance. I just want to have my own experience I am not my SIL and I don't know why they would think I would do things the same as her.


Besides this, Looking forward to the future. Anyone, have some useful tips for breastfeeding(in a positive light). I don't expect it to be easy or that it will automatically work. But lots of women succeed so there must be a reason for that! And when did everyone start getting there first movements?


I am going to go back now and try to catch up, sorry AAM I just know I never updated and wanted some advice or tips. Saw all the cute baby pics too. I am starting to see how challenging it could be to be pregnant with twins! I am exhausted and having a hard time with one!

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Deportivo: Yay!! I'm SO glad you came and updated us and that everything is awesome!! We were all really worried about you bc you never updated after your u/s. Hooray!! I think I felt movement really early this time - maybe 13 or 14 weeks. But I didn't feel it until around 20 weeks last time. As for breastfeeding. It's a hugely personal choice, but it's tough to persevere through the tough beginning without support. I hope your DH will at least be your support. Breastfeeding is often painful or challenging at first, but then it gets so much better and ends up being easier than bottle feeding - you never have to wash or prepare bottles or remember to pack enough for an outing, etc. Also, it's really hard to describe how amazing that bond is. For sure you often don't feel that way at first though. I think formula fed babies have a lot more digestive issues and tend to get sick more and get more ear infections. Not the other way around. Breastfed babies are not overfed - babies know when they've had enough! On the contrary, I think babies often drink more from a bottle than from the breast bc they don't have to work as hard to get it. Anyway, I'd say to keep an open mind and see how it goes. You may love it. Or you may find it just isn't for you. I had a ton of trouble with my first (mostly bc I have breast implants)...but I am sooo happy we stuck with it bc it was just such a sweet thing we shared - that bond really shows more as the baby is older.

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Hey- thanks Cindy, good answer. That is the same information I have come up with too. Yeah, i want to breast feed, it may turn out to be too difficult. But I won't know until I try. I would be happy to know if i could do it. I guess I have to be prepared to bottle feed if it doesn't work. I just thought that the info I was getting from inlaws was not correct at all. I was just suprised that they had such an opinion of me breasfeeding when they have never done it themselves.


So, thanks so much for the positive feedback. Has anyone supplemented with formula. And how have you found pumping?

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deporto - Glad things are going well! I second all of what vegan said. I was like a pumping machine for a year. I BF for 2 1/2 years, but I only pumped for a year. Pumping was easy and fast, although not everybody has the same experiences. I was getting so much milk we had to purchase a second freezer, and then that filled up and I knew DS was never going to drink it all, I donated it to an adopted baby who I found online. Then I kept feeding the adopted baby for about 6 months. I am not huge chested either (36B), so I don't think it had anything to do with breast size. Some people have an easy time, and some people have a really hard time. Talk to Kewpie about supplementing with formula.

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rcr- ok, good to know. thanks. i should try not to be disapointed if I can't breast feed. I just have an urge to try I guess. But yeah it would be nice to know if I could supplement if I don't produce enough. Or if it would make it easier for DH to help feed maybe one shift. It would be nice for him to have that experience too. Thats crazy that you had so much milk and awsome that you were able to feed an adopted baby!

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again- sorry havn't been on here for few weeks. its been crazy. I did see some updates. Blue, so happy things are moving along!!!


I am looking forward to well I kind of want to skip to the last part of pregnancy! I get nervous and scared sometimes. The unknown is scary. I love love love that I have this chance finally. If I could make it to the birth. So, excited for the birth of my baby!


I will try to catch up this week!

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Deporto- I am a worrier and like to keep track of feeding especially since we spent the first few weeks supplimenting because I wasnt producing enough so I pump and bottle feed.. This way I can track her consumtion also I started producing so much I froze the rest. I still supplement when I somewhere I cant breatfeed comfortably and I like saving my frozen breast milk for when Im done breast feeding and my child gets a cold or sick.... I feel like it helps boost her immune system to recover faster, but that part could be totally wrong!! smile.gif glad everything is going well!! smile.gif

Blue-God is so great!! Im so excited for you!! smile.gif

Hi to everyone else wink1.gif back to stalking wink1.gif
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deportivo - I don't have much time, but just wanted to say YAYAYAY!  I was really worried about you and thought the worst had happened!  I'm so glad things look great! 


Your in laws are WRONG! It is much more likely that a child will be overfed on formula.  A baby has to work to get breastmilk, but the formula just flows and so it's easy to drink more.  Plus, the breasts make what the baby needs.  As a growth spurt nears, the baby will do what's called cluster feeding to prepare for the extra demand.  


There are ways to tell how much a breastfed baby has eaten.  They make super sensitive scales and you weigh the baby before eating and then right after without changing a diaper and that will tell you.  They can do it at the dr's office (nurse while you're there) or you can rent them from the hospital or I'm sure there are other places.  You can also buy them, but renting makes more sense IMO.


I breastfed my babies as much as I could, but had to supplement with formula starting day 3 till 5.5 months and then I had to drop breastfeeding altogether.  It was TOUGH!  I was determined to do what I could, though.  I can probably tell you everything you need to know about increasing supply, hand expressing, pumping, and supplementing, so feel free to ask!  I read and read and read everything I could.


I'm actually still making milk (some women don't dry up for years... or ever) and so once I'm done with my move, I do plan to start pumping again and mix it in with my babies' food and maybe start a freezer stash for the next baby, so I can avoid supplementing at all.  If you want to breastfeed, go for it!  You have lots of support here.  If it doesn't work, try not to feel too badly.  I was crushed when it didn't work out and beat myself up for it.  I really shouldn't have.


babies are up...gotta go!

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deport - ok, so with the supplementing with formula... If you have to supplement, try to use a SNS (supplemental nursing system) if you can.  A Lactation consultant can get one for you. It's a bottle you hook to your bra and a small tube goes in baby's mouth next to your nipple, so they get breastmilk AND the formula at the same time and your breasts get the stimulation they need to produce more.


http://www.medelabreastfeedingus.com/products/51/supplemental-nursing-system-sns This is what they look like... mine was a little different, but the idea is the same.


There is a really good book about breastfeeding and increasing supply.  It's in the other room so I will have to wait to get it... remind me if I forget.


Liam's up again... gotta go again... lol

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We ended up nusing for 20 months but I always had to supplement. I started off using formula but then I switched to donor milk. It made me so happy to be able to supplement with human milk, even if I wasnt the one making all of it! I used a lact-aid at the breast - like the SNS. But honestly, most moms of singleton babies make plenty of milk for their little one! I had breast sugery and screwed myself up. And it's pretty common to not make enough for twins. But otherwise, there really isn't any reason to think that you won't be able to breastfeed! It's how we humans were meant to feed our babies - it does all work out in the end. And if you do have to supplement, it isn't the end of the world. My daughter still LOVED nursing even at the end when I was off all my meds and herbs to make more milk and had very little milk left bc by that point it wasn't about the milk anymore. And speaking of supplementing - i am hoping I make more milk this time around - but I already have 300 ounces of donor milk in a deep freezer, just in case. And two moms who are willing to donate on an ongoing basis. I feel so glad knowing these awesome women are able to help us out!

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lyndiramos- good to know thanks!


Kewpie- awsome info, yeah I knew that the info about women overfeeding their babies by breasfeeding was totally wrong. Thats the same thing that I have read as well that it is easier to overfeed with a bottle. I am glad I got to talk to other women who have experience with both. So did you find pumping easy, hard or time consuming? I was hopeing to pump some bottles for DH to use so he can have that closeness as well! Thanks for answering, I know I am not there yet, but I am still getting excited! yeah your right, I think I would be ok if it doesn't completely work out. Definately like to try and see if it works! Even with supplementing that would be ok with me too!


If you do find the book, I would definately buy it right away. I just want to be prepared. Does cream for your nipples help at first? I was told to get cream before?


Cindy- yeah that is great that other women donate their milk as well. I didn't know that! I also wondered how hard it would be to breastfeed twins! I though of that a lot before. You must get some amazing experience after doing that lol! thanks for sharing, apreciate it.



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Oh, deporting, yay WHAT a relief!!! Thanks for updating. smile.gif everybody said it so well above: breast feeding is less likely to cause over feeding than bottle feeding. Whats wrong with DH telling you inlaws to butt out now? It'll be good practice. orngtongue.gif I started feeling movement that I was sure was movement around 20 weeks with DD. don't worry if you're not feeling it yet, it's different for everybody. Great to hear from you!

Ok...gotta run to work. love.gif
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Tear- yeah, good advice. I will mention that to him! We have to start some time. I really thought for sure I felt movement at 13wks. I know that is early. It was like a quick fluttery feeling low in my uterus. I know it wasn't digestion, for sure. But now I don't feel that at all, makes me worried, and I don't know what is going on.

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Subbing for stalking. Deportivo- Even if you felt movement that early, it doesn't become regular until much later. Obviously you need to put your mind at ease, but I hope that's somewhat reassuring.

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