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deport, earlier on your uterus is down in your pelvis and the baby has less room, so I think you probably feel movement better. Baby probalby has more room to move now, so you can't feel it as much.
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Tear- yeah, that is what I thought. That the baby has moved up where there is more padding so I can't feel it anymore. I hope that is what it is. Thanks.

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Deport - It is your baby and you need to just do what you are comfortable w/ and not worry about what the rest of the family thinks.  If you want to breastfeed then do it and if they give you crap about it that is their problem.  I believe breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do for your child at that early age so more power to you and if it doesn't work then just pump and bottle feed your breast milk and if that doesn't work then do formula.


Lyndi - Thanks girl!!!  So good to see your name pop up!! How are you doing????


Renavoo- sorry to hear about the blood in the stool.  My one friend's little boy had the same thing and when she went dairy free it all cleared up.  Hope it works for you. I think once she switched to formula she had to use the more expensive brand called like Alimentim or something like that.  So you go back to work this Tues right?  Fingers crossed it goes well.  Are you going back full time like 5 days a week or starting off part-time?  I sure hope they don't run you into the ground.  I also hope you get lots of sleep at night so you can function during the day. 


Hi to everyone else!!!!



AFM -  Not much going on here. I can't believe that I'm 10 wks today!! I actually broke down and took some tylenol tonight b/c my neck has been out of wack and it has been killing me.  It was fine, but i went to the chiro last Thurs just for a routine adjustment to stay on top of things and when he was palpating my neck there were 3 sore vertebraes so he adjusted one of them and after that my neck was so painful and sore.  I had been thinking my nausea was doing a little better until then.  After that it seemed like it made it worse, so i had an emergency adjustment yesterday evening and i think i might have to try and get in again tomorrow after work b/c it's still messed up and bothering me.  My nose is still a mess and I can't breath out of it and DH has officially moved to the other bedroom to sleep every night now b/c I sneeze/snot and toss and turn all night long.  So at least one of us can sleep with him in the other room.  Other than work this week and DH being away on business several days not much else going on this week.  Then on Tues the 18th I have my next OB appt and then Fri the 21st is the next U/S.  I'll feel better after that u/s when I can see that the bean is doing well and growing strong still.  We didn't do this NT scan w/ our boys but i figure it's better to know things in advance even though i know several people that have had it and they scare them half to death saying something is wrong and then the baby turns out just fine.  We wouldn't do anything different even if they did see downs... we will love a baby no matter what.  So that is all from my end.

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Hey Guys,


I'm going to apologize now, this is going to be AAM.  I've been following along but haven't had much time to post.


Some of you that stalk the IF threads may remember that DH and I were separated for a year after our first IVF failures back in 2008 (I've mentioned it many times through this cycle).  We worked things out, and actually went through counseling before we started this IVF cycle and kept up with it through the cycle.  We called last week to set up an appointment after not having been for a few months (we both really like the therapist) because our marriage suddenly hit a very sudden, very rocky issue.  She is out until tomorrow, but we will be calling first thing in the morning (after leaving a message as well) to get in ASAP.  I'm not so sure that I'm ready to talk about it, but we need the counseling before everything falls apart.  Please please keep us in your t&p's.  The stress caused me to lose some weight, and the OB (had an appt this morning) is a bit concerned about my lack of weight gain.  Luckily my BP wasn't horrible, but it is higher than normal.  I just could really use the good thoughts if you have any to spare, even though my issues aren't baby related.  You ladies are the only ones I feel comfortable turning to right now and so here I am.  Thank you thank you and thank you. 

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Hope, I am so sorry to hear things are a little rocky right now.  I pray that you and DH will be able to work through the situation and come out stronger once again.  Hugs.


Renavoo, thought about you a lot this weekend.  Can't believe you go back tomorrow.  Sending lots of good thoughts your way too!


Kewpie, yay for your post on the other thread!  Can't wait to follow you through another BFP cycle!


Blue, LOVING your ticker!  Can't wait to hear more good news next week!


Deport, glad everything is okay!  I would definitely give breastfeeding a try, it's worth it and your in laws are being rather silly.  Ignore them and make DH tell them to hush!


Hi to everyone else!!!

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Hope - thinking of you and praying that you and DH can get things worked out not only for your relationship, but also for your kids sake too!!  Thinking of you!!!  hug2.gif

Belly -  Thanks!!!  How are you doing???  You forgot your AFM.  I hope things are going well.


Renavoo - thinking about you and your day tomorrow.

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Hope: Sending t&p your way!! On my due date club on here someone started a thread about emotional turmoil in preg and issues dealing with her partner. I hope whatever you are experiencing is just seeming worse than it is bc of the hormones. I hope the counselor can work her magic. Try and do some things that relax you if you can - baths, cups of tea. Please take care of yourself mama!

Blue: Wow, I always marvel at how fast other people's pregnancies go by! 10 weeks already! Awesome! I hope the chiro was able to fix you up. That is always a fear of mine - them making things worse! I was sore for a couple days after I went but then felt much better. I'm going tomorrow again and can't wait!

Rena: I hope this week goes ok for you!!

AFM: 36 weeks 4 days. Had my big birth team meeting today. Been having tons of braxton hicks and a bit of a menstrual crampy feeling. Baby has dropped too. I really really dislike the feeling of having a head in my crotch whenever I stand or walk. I didn't feel this last time. My DD didn't drop until the day before I went into labor. I was really freaked this weekend that labor was imminent and I wouldn't be able to birth at home. But my midwife said she is ok delivering me at home any time after today - so that is a big weight lifted! I have everything ready for baby but I feel like I am not quite mentally ready and really would prefer her to stay in for another couple weeks - so she is bigger and healthy. My midwife is betting it's going to go fast when it happens bc my body is getting ready. Plus I had a fast first labor.

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hi ladies!


I'm sorry I've been MIA so much...it has been so crazy. Thanks for checking in about work. It was ok and I got to leave at 5pm every day to relieve the nanny since DH was traveling. We'll see about this week though- I had an excuse this time...who knows what will happen next week!


Hope, I'm thinking about you and wishing for the best. I absolutely know how difficult infertility and then pregnancy is for the marriage. i really hope that the therapist continues to help and that you're doing ok. BIG HUGS!!


Blue, how did the visit go? I can't wait to hear the news.


Belly, how is everything going where you are?


Vegan, YOU'RE SO CLOSE! I'm so excited! I hope she stays in there a couple of more weeks but i'm happy that no matter what, your baby is probably very healthy right now! YAH!


Deport, I totally get where you're coming from with breastfeeding (my family and DH's family want me to stop). I have the added problem of my DH also wanting me to stop breastfeeding (technically, pumping because I can't get them both to latch and so I ended up having to pump for them). He thinks it's too exhausting and while it is, I'm not ready to stop. My baby girl also has a dairy allergy so I've has to stop all sources of dairy, which is insanely difficult because apparently, dairy is everywhere. I ended up having her drink formula for a week and a half while I tried to figure everything out and she's back on breastmilk as I look for blood in her stool. But I just told my DH to understand that this is what I want and what I NEED and he's supporting me...although I know he's also looking forward to me stopping too! Hang in there and good luck!


Hope everyone is doing well! Big hugs!!

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Renavoo - glad to hear that your first week went well. I think you need to keep using that excuse so you can get home to your babes every week.  LOL  Was it hard leaving home the first day?  My appts are this coming week on tues and friday so the wait continues.


Vegan - So funny that you feel that my pregnancy is going fast b/c i feel the same way about yours.  Almost 37 wks for you is crazy!!!  So glad that you are able to deliver at home like you want!!!  That has to be a huge weight off your shoulders. My neck felt a little better after the last treatment, but this morning i woke up and it was kinda off again.  So annoying but i'm sure that w/ all the hormones it makes it hard for things to stay in place like they should.  I only have like 5-6 visits left w/ my insurance so i'm trying to space them out some up until Jan when we start w/ a new deductible and have to start paying out of pocket for everything again.  Uggh!


Hope - still thinking of you and praying that you guys got to see the counselor and are starting to patch things back together.  Sending hugs!!hug2.gif



AFM - I have kinda felt like crap the last couple of days.  I was actually thinking I might have to call the on-call ob today if the pains i was getting didn't go away.  Yesterday i was having like baby belly pains.  It is really hard to explain and it is kinda hard for me to even figure out how i feel, but i just know that i feel like crap. At first it felt kinda like it did when my gallbladder was going bad and i was having these middle quadrant pain above my little baby belly and then kinda also under my belly button. I feel much better sitting or even better laying down than i do standing.  I keep telling myself that it is just growing pains, but then i remember when i went into pre-term labor last time i was saying the same thing (not that i was having these kind of pains but still I didn't know what was going on then either).  My head is a mess and so stuffed that i think that is making me feel yucky too.  Uggh i sure wish there was something i could do to clear my head.  I work Mon and Tues and then tues afternoon at 4:45 is my appt but i will call in advance b/c she is always running like an hr or 2 late.  Friday is my ultrasound and i'll feel much better after that.  DH and i worked on our little announcement for hopefully next weekend as long as all goes well on Friday at the u/s.  I'll post it on here.  We made a cute little sign that says " I'm going to be a Big Sister to a Little Miracle!!!" and we put a string on it and will hang it around Abby's neck and take a picture.  The hard part is going to be to get her to sit still enough and look at us to take the picture and to get a good one.  Fingers crossed.

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Blue, ugh to feeling like crap...i'm sure it is just growing pains too although with your past, i can definitely understand you being worried. I can't wait to hear about the US on Friday and I'm glad your doctor is see you pretty frequently. I love love love watching your ticker move!!


haha and your announcement idea is hilarious! i love it! i bet Abby is going to be the best big sister any little baby could ever want. How is your DH in all of this? I bet he is also over the moon happy!!


By the way, my neck is killing me too- i must have slept on it wrong. argh...maybe something is going around :o)

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Hope:  I am thinking of you , my friend.  I really pray that the counsellar is able to help you and DH figure everything out that you are going through.  Hang in there, and don't forget to take care of yourself.  I know that it it not easy in times of turmoil, but it is really important!


Rena:  Glad work was able to get you out on time.  Hopefully that will continue for you.  Must be hard to be home with DH travelling.  Love seeing all of the pics you have posted!


Vegan:  Glad that your midwife is ready to go when you are.  Sounds like it won't be long now.  Had to laugh at the comment about the baby's head in your crotch.  What we go through to have children!  I never felt that with DS, hoping it will be the same with this one as it sounds downright uncomfortable!  Are you still working?


Blue:  So excited to see your announcement.  That is a lovely idea to have Abby be part of it.  How creative.  Thinking of you and hoping that you feel better soon!A


AFM:  30 weeks now.  Can't believe that my due date is right around the corner...although I part of me wants her to come tomorrow.  Very uncomfortable and getting terrible restless leg at night so getting minimal sleep.  My mom and dad were here from NY all last week.  It was great to see them...but exhausting.  Now I am back to work.  I have nothing prepared for the baby...we still have not picked a name, or even a crib set, so the nursery has not been painted.  Have not picked out furniture....  We are really dragging our feet...  We are so busy with DS and his feeding issues that when we have down time we both just collapse.  Oh well, I am sure it will all work out.  The baby won't be in a crib right away anyway, but in the cradle.  We will get there....But I really need a name.  HELP!!!!

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Rena: Glad work got off on a good foot. I hope the trend continues! And yes, must be hard to be home with 2 babies without your DH!

Blue: Very cute idea! Sending great appointment vibes your way for this week!!

Praying: I'm not working. I'm home with my daughter. Which is a bit easier and bit harder bc at least when I worked during my last preg I was just sitting on my arse all day - instead of getting up every 2 seconds to get someone milk or wipe a tushie. :-) I get restless legs too - it's so horrid! I've found that taking magnesium as well as Hylands Restful Legs (homeopathic) helps me to sleep. It still sometimes will bother me while awake and trying to watch tv but this combo at least lets me sleep (er well at least it's not the restless legs keeping me awake). Good luck on the name. You still have time!

AFM: 37 weeks 4 days here. :-) I'm actually having fewer contractions than I had been and not really having the painful ones at night anymore. I'm 3 days away from when DD was born. But still hoping to make it another 10 days or so. I know DD was fine being born at 38 weeks but she was so teeny. So while I wouldn't be scared for baby to come, I'd like her to bake some more. I have plenty of discomforts but even though I want to cry from pain sometimes, I still don't feel ready to be done. Trying to savor the last moments of being pregnant! Getting pretty excited to meet this little girl though and have a little nursling again!

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Blue Good Luck Today!!! Love the idea can''t wait to see the pic.


Rena nice to see you is Sienna doing better now that you cut out  dairy?


Praying You are having a girl right? My little one is Lucia and I love her name. I'll lend it you :)


Vegan can;t wait to see your little one but I hope she stays there till 40 weeks. I have a friend that had a baby at 41 weeks and the difference between her and my little 36 weekers was gigantic. Even though they are fine now I really wish I could have kept them in there longer.


AFM I think Lucia is allergic to eggs I gave her scrambled egg yolks and she vomited a million times when she started vomiting bile and was very drowsy we took her to the ER. After some fluids and some meds she is as good as new but I'm still recovering from the sleep deprivation. That was a looong night. Also I think we are ready to try some gentle sleep training my son wakes up around 6 times a night and I'm going crazy.

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Hi All!  Thanks for the good wishes.  DH and I had our first counseling appt last night, and I know that we will work things out.  We have to work on some trust issues now, but I have faith we can work things out.  It's not easy at the moment, and I'm having a lot of emotional days, but I'm trying my best to not let it get me too worked up.  It has affected my weight gain (or lack thereof) but I'm trying to fix that.


I've been following everyone, I promise!  Just not saying much as I'm trying to get through these rough moments. 



Vegan - I can't believe you're getting SO CLOSE!!


Keria - awe, sorry about the eggs.  At least you know now and won't have to (hopefully) deal with it again!!

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Hope - Glad you guys got into the counselor and I hope all continues to improve for your relationship.  I'm sure the hormones of pregnancy don't help a rocky marriage at all.  One day at a time and try to keep your head up.  hug2.gif


Keria - ughhh to the egg allergy!!!  Sure glad you found it out but still what an awful time that must have been.  You will have to make sure she doesn't get a flu shot now b/c i think it is made w/ eggs and they always ask if you have any egg allergies.  Crazy how he is fine w/ them but she isn't, or didn't he have any eggs?? As long as all goes well Fri i'll post the pic, once we actually take a good one that is.


Vegan - glad to hear you are doing okay and feeling alright w/ your little one baking a little longer.  You are almost there!!!  Did you do a homebirth w/ DD??


Praying - you still have some time to get things organized.  With our last pregnancy we had actually picked out the cribs at like 22 wks but i hadn't ordered them yet thankfully.  I'll probably wait on this one too just to be safe and not feel like i've jinx'd myself.  I forget, do you know if you are having a boy or girl???  You don't have any names picked out at all?  As long as all goes well Friday I'll post a pic.


Renavoo - DH is still in shock I think as am I, and we are both pretty gaurded this early on unfortunately.  I think we will both feel much better after seeing the "bean" on friday at the ultrasound.  That will for sure calm my heart and i think I'll be able to believe that this is all actually happening and i'm not just in a dream.  I know it sounds crazy, but that is kinda how i feel.  Don't get me wrong, I feel very blessed to have even gotten this far, but sometimes I don't feel pregnant other than my stupid nose being so stuffed I think I'm still just in shock that it has actually happened.


Hi to everyone else!! How are the rest of you grads doing??? 



??????  Here is a question for those of you that have had babes.... did you have any idea if you were having a boy or girl even early on and what made you think that way???  One friend of mine that has had 5 kids said that when she is prego w/ a boy she wants to dtd more often than w/ a girl and that she gets more hair growth.  Just thought i'd ask since it kinda a fun question.



AFM - Well, I'm feeling better (all but my nose is still a mess) and today was suppose to be my OBGYN appt, but I called to see how far behind she was and the receptionist said "oh, actually I think she might have to cancel your appt b/c she is going to have to do an emergency surgery" and then she put me on hold to check w/ the Dr.  When she came back she said "you were coming in for an issue weren't you" and I told her the story about my OB wanting to see me a week early b/c of the stitching and she said to still come in and that i'd see another dr if she had to go off to her surgery.  So then i sat down to eat something b/c i figured I'd be in there all evening.  As I'm eating she calls back and said that the Dr said she wants to see me on Thurs morning instead, so now my appt is rescheduled for Thurs morning at 8:45am and the ultrasound appt w/ the high risk  Dr is on Friday at 9:20am.  What a pain, but i totally understand and if it were me that needed the surgery I'd appreciate her dumping her schedule to take care of me.  So that is all I know from this home-front!!

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Keria, we waited until a year for egg whites, but dd reacted similarly to eg yolks. Our doc said wait until a year and then intro eggs baked into things. We did that and she had no problem. Yet to try eggs alone again though. Sorry, that's no fun and definitely scary!

Blue, SO excited to see you at 11 weeks! I'm sorry your appt got put off, but I'm glad you feel like your doc had her priorities right. I'll be thinking of you this week!

Afm, lurky lurker here. School starting is always overwhelming. 14 weeks and still feeling pretty gross at times, which is reassuring since I have to wait another week before our next appointment, during which we will try to hear the heartbeat with Doppler. I'm a little nervous, but feeling pukey helps.

Love you ladies! Sorry to be so brief.
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blue - I think I'm one that the gut instinct of girl vs boy doesn't work LOL.  We didn't find out what we were having with our first (haven't with this one either) and we both thought for sure it was a boy.  It wasn't until sometime in late 3rd trimester that my gut attempted to prepare me for a girl, but even then I would fleetingly think it was a girl, then go right back to boy.  The moment I figured it out for SURE?  Oddly enough when I was doing test pushes and the nurse said she could see a head full of dark hair.  Not that a boy can't have a head full of dark hair, but for some reason, at that moment, I KNEW it was a girl.  And now, 2 years later, I'm so glad that she was a girl and not a boy LOL. 


So now, with this one I keep thinking it's a boy again.  So I joke with DH that it'll be a girl since I'm thinking boy again, to which he jokes back that this time my gut instinct is probably right and we'll think it's a girl because we really think it's a boy and it'll end up being a boy.  Oh man that sounds funny just re-reading it ha ha. 


For what it's worth, and not that it means anything yet, but for me this pregnancy is completely different than last.  I'm carrying lower, had less m/s, my heartburn comes less frequently but worse bouts, I haven't had any yeast infections or cold sores, my gums aren't bleeding, the stuffiness isn't as bad, the plantar fasciatis isn't as bad.... I think you get the point.  So we'll all find out in another 16 weeks or so if that means anything :-)

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blue- hey, that is an interesting question. I was wondering that myself. DH's mom and grandmother told us they had a feeling ours is a boy. But I also had that feeling. I guess it is hard to describe. This may not make sense, my feeling was also based on my mood. like there was some extra testosterone around or something. Anyways we found out today, and it was as clear as day that it is a BOY!!!!!


I am so excited that I have a gender and I did want my first baby to be a boy! So ecstatic. 


I hope you are feeling better, I had a lot of cramping before and it scared me to death. I still have light cramps. I did get the tummy pain before that I think you are describing too. I know how scary it is. I was also so nervous about this ultrasound and scared, but he is doing fine and really active. I hope things just go really well for you and you have some reassurance.


renavoo- thanks for that. Yeah I am going to breastfeed no matter what they say. I know they don't know what they are talking about anyways. DH is really supportive with me breastfeeding and I told him to stand up for me if they continue on. He understands. He is getting more involved now, so I feel more confident.


Vegan- getting so excited for you and meeting your new girl soon! I am so happy for you and can't wait to see some pics if you get them of your daughter. I hope the birth goes well too! Are you excited for the birth?


praying- are you having a boy or a girl? I just found out today that we are having a boy, and finding a name is so difficult. I have about three names to choose from well only two cause DH doesn't like any of the names. I think we have narrowed it down and might stick with the one I really like.


hope4light- Hope things will get better for you guys. Me and DH need to go to counseling too. Things have gotten better lately, I hope things work out for the best with you both. 


Keria- How old are your twins now. Thats really scary that Lucia was that sick, How do you find out if it was a food allergies?


Hi to everyone else!


AFM- we found out definitely it is a BOY!!!! I had a feeling it was a boy and he is so so active!!!! lol. I can't wait to pick out clothes now and start decorating the nursery with boy things. I am afraid that DH is going to fill the room with hockey stuff now though lol. He looks really good really healthy. And he moves all over the place!!! so he must be pretty happy in there. I on the other hand have been really tired and cranky and crappy. As long as he is happy doing whatever he is doing I am happy lol!!!


Thanks to all of you giving pointers with breastfeeding, I feel a lot more confident about it. DH is completely supportive with my choice and looking forward to learning more.

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Hope: I'm so glad you guys got into the counselor and that you feel like you will work things out!! Please put your health first right now mama!

Blue: I had my first daughter at a birth center. Natural, water birth. It was pretty great. But it will be extra great to not have to go anywhere or to drive home a few hours later with a brand new tiny baby. I remember being up all night and leaving 5 hours after birth, at 10am. It was just so surreal - and my DH was so freaked out driving us home. LOL. As for intuition - mine is always wrong. Ha. I thought boy both times and both are girls. My pregnancies have been very similar in many ways but different in others so I don't know if you can go based on that. I've had friends have 2 very dif pregnancies and have 2 girls. Will you find out the gender? Sorry you have to wait longer - still sending good appt vibes your way!

Deportivo: Yay for a little boy!!! And yay for another good ultrasound! So exciting!!!! :-) Are you feeling him move these days? Am I excited for birth? Um no. LOL. I'm feeling kind of ambivalent and kinda dreading the pain. A bit scared but also knowing I can do it. It's hard to explain how I feel. I feel like I could be pregnant a while longer. I am excited to meet my little girl - but haven't felt quite ready. I am feeling more ready with each day. But still having a hard time graspig that I might actually have a baby in my arms after all I've been through in the past couple yrs! Not that having a baby isn't such an abstract concept anyway, without all the infertility stuff on top of it! I think there was a different excitement and energy before my first birth. My day to day life seems too normal for me to be in labor a few hours from now, ya know?

AFM: See my thoughts to Deportivo above. Feeling like maybe baby will stay put for a while. My midwife is having a big surprise dinner/party for her husband this sunday - so murphy's law says that is probably when baby will come. LOL.

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Originally Posted by Vegan Princess View Post

Will you find out the gender?




Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  thumb.gif     I'm way toooooooo much of a planner to not know.  I'm even going to ask the u/s tech on Friday to look, even though I know it's way too early!!!!!!

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