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rcr -  She doesn't know what is coming for her.  I just hope that she matures a lot more before a little one comes.


Deport - Those pics are beautiful!!!!!  So funny how babes in the womb can look so much alike.  LOL


Tenzi - Thanks and it's so good to see your name and I hope that your little one is doing good.


Keria - That's some good info about the dog.  I think Abby will do fine b/c she loves kids but we might have to start playing some u-tube videos of babies crying or something so she gets used to that.  I'm just afraid she will try to lay on top of the baby which won't be good.  She does this crazy thing if one of us lays on the ground where she tries to lay on top of our head to cuddle or something crazy.  Not sure what that is all about.

Hope - how are things??


Vegan - Anything going on there???  Good1` thinking about having them check maybe after the stitch goes in!!!  Great idea.  I know it still will be early but worth a shot b/c i know they will do a u/s afterwards to make sure the procedure didn't cause any contractions i guess.   Hopefully whoever does it will be more easy going about looking than my first tech was.  I'm not sure if the dr does it herself or if someone else does it.  We will see.


AFM -  this will be my last full week of work.  I had to break the news to my manager at the main place that I work on Friday after our ultrasound and she took it really well.  I guess she herself went through infertility and they ended up telling her that she would have to use donor eggs and it was too expensive for them so they just never did anything and said it just wasn't ment to be.  So I will work this week and Mon/Tues the next week and then the cerclage goes in Wed the 3rd.  Kinda how crazy things are happening.  Not much else happening here.  Hope everyone else is doing well.

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Blue: Wow - I didn't realize you'd be off work. I'm sure you said and I forgot. That's extra exciting! I forget also - will you be on bed rest of some sort?

RCR: I'm waiting for good news from you too! :-) I hope the next few months fly by for you!

Deport: Love the pics!

AFM: Nothin happening. I think I might text my midwife soon and tell her I'm having contractions bc her party is probably starting fairly soon. But it does appear baby is playing nice and waiting until after the party. :-)

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Vegan - how exciting!!!!  Hope you have that babe this week.  How many wks are you again?  Sorry i always ask you that question, but when someone doesn't have a ticker I always forget.  Yes, I have to be off work only b/c my job is kinda physical and I'm suppose to not be lifting after they stitch me and w/ my job it is hard to avoid.  Also, there is always a risk of someone falling that I'm working w/ and it's hard not to try to catch someone if they start to fall which could also be bad.  So it's probably best over-all.  Keep us posted as you are able.


oh and I don't think I'll have to do bedrest.  She said she wants me to take it really easy the first couple of weeks though.

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Vegan, where on earth has the time gone?  I can't believe it is almost time for your little one to be welcomed into the world.  Super exciting! 


Hi to everyone else, too!  Sorry, this is another fly-by... I haven't been posting much, however, I've been reading along all this time.  Thinking of everyone on here and hoping all is well with each of you!

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Yeah seriously - time has both dragged by and flown by!!

Blue - I'm 38 weeks and 3 days today. :-)

And off to have seconds of my ice cream sundae...
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Oh Blue love.gif SO excited for you!!!

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blue, omgosh, I can't tell you how happy I am to see pics of your little one when I log on after a weekend away!!! joy.gif I love the announcement pic! Abby is SO cute! love.gif

deportivo, you too! I'm so glad for you!!!

vegan, holy cow, it's your time lady! Easy labor vibes to you! goodvibes.gif

Carlyle, why is my stalker setting on Mothering not emailing me that you posted? harumph! Love you!!!
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Blue - I missed something. What is this about a stitch?

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Originally Posted by rcr View Post

Blue - I missed something. What is this about a stitch?


rcr -They are going to be stitching my cervix (cervical cerclage) closed to help keep the babe safe and in there as long as possible.   They don't know if I had an incompetent cervix and that is part of the reason we went into labor w/ our boys or if I went into labor and the contractions just opened my cervix so they are being safe and going to stitch it early on.  I'm fine w/ it if it is going to keep the little on safe and give us our take home baby.  They say there are always risk in any surgery, infection, break the water bag, cause contractions to start but I know that w/ everything there are risks and that is part of life.  I think the benefits will outweigh the risks in the long run.


Vegan - thinking of you!!!  How are things today?


Tear & Carlyle - my 2 fav sisters!!!  Thanks to you both!!



AFM - I'm suppose to have my intralipids tomorrow at 7:45am, but i messed up and forgot to order them early enough (pregnancy brain), so now i'm just crossing my fingers that they will come by 10:30 tomorrow morning and then I can still have the treatment tomorrow, but if not then it will have to be on Wed instead.  Not the end of the world, but I'd really like to do it tomorrow.

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vegan- hope everything goes perfectly for you and your birth coming up.


blue- I hope the stitch that is put in turns out succesful and can put your mind to rest somewhat. Glad things are going well!


everyone else- hello, hope your enjoying your babies lol etc....smile.gif put together a swing for my baby today! I am getting so excited (also very nervous). I just have jumped right in and have some baby things some outfits and had the room painted already.


Sorry for short msg. I am off to bed now. but so glad I get to be here.

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deport - yeah for a boy!!!  I am also so glad that you are making the decision to breastfeed no matter what the family says.  If it's right for you then who cares!!  What a super adorable little one!


blue - I'm sorry about the gb issues.... but that little one is SO freaking adorable!!  I also LOVE the announcement!  I'm doing good - I'll give an update below!  Can't believe that the cerclage goes in in just over a week!


Vegan - I'm biting my nails I'm so excited for the next new baby to be born on this thread!! 


rcr - thank you!  I'm going to give an update in my AFM.  I agree though, it does good things and gets you talking.


AFM - thanks to everyone for the kind words and making sure I'm doing good.  Our first appointment last week went well, and our second is tonight, although our DD will have to go with us.  As it turns out we weren't communicating as well as I thought we were, (and not trying to point blame here, but....) it was a lot of DH not communicating.  Our schedules were very off, we literally would go days and days without seeing each other as I'd be asleep when he got home and he'd be asleep when I left for work.  He has been working 7 days a week.  I've been sensing some stress from him in the last few months and kept reminding him to TALK to me about it, but he wouldn't (my work stresses I would call and talk to him about when they happened to help me calm down to move on with my day).  Turns out he was instead talking to someone else, a student (he's a flight instructor).  I guess it was mainly emotional, but I honestly don't know if that makes it better or worse.  Apparently just one instance of making out, but they spent a lot of time together before/after their lessons hanging out and talking, eating meals together, cuddling.  He's been open and honest with me and has given me all his passwords to everything to help assure me that it's over.  I found out because we randomly went over in our minutes on our cell phones, which we NEVER do.  So I looked and found one number with lots of calls and texts.  When I confronted him he lied about it, but I didn't believe him, so I hacked his email the next day at work (yeah, that was stupid).  Then I called him from work and confronted him again, at that time he admitted it.  He took the steps to get the counseling set up, but it's really hard.  Now looking back there were other signs, and I think some of those were the signs that wouldn't let me believe he was being honest when he first denied it (ie not interested in having sex with me to name the biggest one - actually turning me down when I tried to initiate just 2 weeks before I confronted him).  I'm really really struggling with it and having a hard time trusting him.  I'm trying so hard to take care of myself.  Sometimes I find myself just not being able to handle the little things, like my DD's serious melt down last night, and ended up in tears after biting my mom's head off for no good reason.  The only other person that knows what's going on is my IRL best friend.  not even my parents.  I'm embarressed and I don't understand why!!!  I get that I'm not the perfect wife, but really, I'M PREGNANT.  With YOUR child that cost US almost $15,000 to make!!  I questioned him why he would go through with the IVF if he felt that our relationship wasn't good?  Apparently he didn't at the time.  He got some God complex by becoming a flight instructor (right around the time I got pregnant) because all of these really smart, wealthy people were suddenly worshiping the ground he walked on.  OK.  That's it.  Deep breathing and eat some lunch, then on to the next meeting for work.  Thanks for listening, it feels good to get it out to a group of women that are so insanely supportive.


(PS - for those of you that remember our separation, that was MY doing, my inability to deal with infertility and what had happened to me as a person at the time.  We both got counseling at that time.  So this isn't something that he's done before.  But I am SO angry at him right now, and SO hurt by what he's done to us.  I just wanted to clarify that it wasn't a two strikes and shouldn't you be out kinda deal.)

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Hope - I'm so sorry to read your story and all that you have been through!!!!  I give you a lot of credit and hope and I pray that you guys can work things out and that your relationship will become stronger even with this little bump in the road.  You have every right to be angry!!!!  Thinking of you!!  hug2.gif

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Blue: I love love love watching your ticker!  The picture is so awesome.  Abby is adorable and I cried at the us pics.  So insanely happy for you!  Go baby go!


Hope:  Your story made me sad...and angry at your DH.  You must be a very forgiving person.  I just don't know if I could do it...  I admire your ability to hand in there.  Thinking of you...hug2.gif


Deport:  Your little boy is precious...


Aura:  Have you in my prayers today and everyday.  I pray this is it for you.  Your so deserve it.


RCR:  Read about your poor little chicken of the other page.  I am so sorry.  You must be pretty strong because there is no way that I could have taken care of one of my pets remains.  You totally did the right thing.  I am glad you will be able to bury her.  Can't wait until December is here for you.  Like you said...it is right around the corner!


AFM:  In my third trimester and feeling every bit of it.  My back is really bothering me and I am having trouble eating as there is just NO ROOm in there for food.  When I do eat I birp alot and have to sit upright for quite a long time to be comfortable.  It stinks, because the rest of me just wants to lie!  I think that I mentioned that my hour gour glucose test was way high.  I did the three hour and that came back fine (the same thing happened with DS).  However, my OB sent me back to the high-risk OB "Just in case"    My OB also said the baby was measuring small so they repeated the US.  When DH and I walked out I said to him "is it just my imnagination or did the tech keep referring to the baby as he"?  We were told it was a girl. Of course he did not notice so now I have been wondering.  But yesterday the high risk did another US and we have been told that it is definately a girl.  It is a good thing because otherwise my boy had better really like pink because I already have a closet full of it!!!  So yes...girls names please!!!!!  Still looking for some guidance there.


We picked a crib set and it arrived yesterday so hopefully we can get the nursery painted this weekend.  I will feel a little better once that is settled.  Maybe I will go look at furniture today.  Hoping to rest my back some.  I am back in physical therapy but I am not sure how much that is helping.  Otherwise we are just hanging in...trying to prepare DS for what is to come and enjoy this last little bit of alone time with him.  Thinking of all of you...


To all those I did not spcifically mention...  I think of you all and am always  rooting for smooth sailing for all of you!!!  God bless you all! wave.gif

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Hope: I'm sorry for all you are going through!! It sucks no matter what but while pregnant is just an extra huge blow! I so hope that you guys can truly work things out and that your DH never does this again! MEN! UGH!

Praying: Sorry you're feeling uncomfortable! I hear ya!!! Have you visited a chiropractor? If you find one w/lots of experience on pregos, they can work wonders!

RCR: I too saw about your chicken. I'm so sorry! I have 4 girls too and I would be so sad to lose one - I can't imagine having to clean it all up. :-(

AFM: I think I lost my mucous plug. 39 weeks tomorrow. But that doesn't necessarily mean labor will happen in the next day or two. My friend lost hers a month before her baby came! I felt like such crap yesterday - coughing and just so sore all over and didn't sleep the night before. I slept pretty well last night and feel like a new person! I've been saying the 27th sounded like a great day for baby to come - that's tomorrow. We shall see. LOL.

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hope, i can't imagine all you've been going through!  i think you and your husband are doing the right thing by going through counseling.  obviously there is something there worth saving, and you have a baby on the way!  i'm rooting for you, and i hope that everything works out.  sending you hugs!!

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HOPE- i just read what is going on with you. Wow, you have to deal with a lot right now. It is so hard while you are pregnant to have to sort through your feelings like that. I really wanted to say I feel for you a lot. Especially that he would do that after IF and you being pregnant now. Me and DH have had a lot of issues. I have made appointments and he cancel es them every time. We have a long way to go too, so I understand where you are coming from.He also makes me wonder all the time, even though I don't have proof of him cheating. He turns me down for sex all the time. Also never initiates sex. I have actually only had sex twice since I got pregnant. But I really can't believe that you caught him cheating while pregnant. Wow, I just hope he completely does a 180 for you and things turn completely around. I just wanted to know I was listening to you, I wish you the best feel for you. Must be very difficult right now. How are you feeling with your pregnancy?


praying- what kind of girls names have you come up with so far. I found that thinking of boys names were so much harder, I found a girls name that I really liked right away. I want to name my boy Cole, still thinking about it though.


Vegan- I am still excited to find out when you are going to go into labor !!!!


How do I do the chart at the bottom to show how far along I am?


Anyways thinking of everyone!


AFM- I am completely exhausted, the baby is taking away all my energy but I hope that means he is energetic and happy. I feel him moving a bit so hopefully he doesn't feel the way I do.

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Hope, my goodness, I'm so sorry that you're going through this! I'm glad you're working through it for your baby's sake but your DH has a heck of a lot to make up for and I really hope that you make him do that. At least he sounds very apologetic and willing to make amends. Big hugs and I'm thinking great thoughts for you.


Vegan, ALMOST! YAH! haha i'll root for tomorrow for you then! keep us updated and big hugs to you too!!


Praying, I can't believe you're so far along...where the heck does the time go? I'm glad they reconfirmed that your baby is a girl. haha i walked into my pregnancy thinking, my gosh, what if they got the sex wrong? i remember reading somewhere that they have a 3% chance of getting the sex wrong!


Deport, sadly, you just have the draw a little ticker. Mothering.com doesn't allow you to use premade tickers


Blue, LOVE watching the ticker!! I can't wait until you bring your little baby home!


Thinking of everyone! grouphug.gif

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blue - thank you for the kind words.  I am hoping that we come out stronger, we really are so good together even though we've had some troubles.


praying - If you had asked me 5 years ago if I would have forgiven I would have said no.  I think having already gone through a separation with my DH and everything we dealt with during that year apart (and after getting back together) is what changed me there.  It's been very hard, don't get me wrong, and if it EVER happened again we'd be done.  Period.  And I've made that insanely clear to him ~ I'm not going to let him walk all over me, but (while I don't understand per se) I am willing to try because I love him.  Plus I think that my brain went into survival mode and I didn't want to make life changing decisions when I was pregnant.  ~~~~Wow, I can't believe it's finally the 2rd trimester!!!  Glad they were able to assure you that it IS a girl :-)  Yeah for the crib!!!


rcr - Oh man, I'm so sorry about the chicken!  I don't know that I could have cleaned it up, ewwww.  Good for you!  I can't wait for December either, I'm really really really hoping this will be it for you!!!


Vegan - That makes 2 of us!!!  ~~I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be soon, I really can't wait to hear all about our next miracle baby on this thread!!


aura - Thank you!  I agree, I feel we have something worth saving, and I really think that he feels the same way.  I'm stalking you on the other thread and hoping that you get amazing news on Monday!! (or before when you POAS :-)


deport - I know that you guys have had some issues too, and I'm sorry that your DH hasn't been as willing to get counseling.  Have you considered going alone?  Maybe it'll help your end of it and he'll eventually realize that he's being a mean-o by not going too?  I know I've considered doing a couple of sessions alone to just try to help me get past some of the things I'm feeling that I'm having a tough time dealing with.  On the sex front ~ is this normal for your relationship?  For us, it wasn't, which was why the red flag went up.  Don't get me wrong, when IVF started we stopped until we were given the OK back in June, but to be honest after that it dwindled and at first I just chalked it up to not seeing him often.  But being that I am married to a horny horny man I should have known right away that something was up.  I'm just saying it because if this is a new situation then I don't blame you for being worried.  Pregnancy wise I'm doing good!  Finally gaining some weight, so I'm hoping the doc will be happy at the next appt.  EXHAUSTED though, so I completely know what you're feeling there :-)


rena - He does have a lot to make up for, and I'm making sure he does.  He's been very good about it, so that's a plus.  Right now I don't have to do any prodding, he is just going out of his way to do nice things for me, and help me out where maybe in the past he hasn't been so good about doing.  How are you and those adorable babes doing?  Settling into the work routine?  I want some recent pictures!! 


Thanks again everyone!  Right now we are just taking it one day at a time and things are doing OK, considering.  Our appt went well and the therapist feels we are on the right path and doing a good job keeping the lines of communication open, and telling each other what we need.  I think stress from work and then this is what was keeping me from gaining weight, but I'm now up just about 4 pounds since my last ob appt, so that's good.  Otherwise, just plugging away, stalking everyone and excited for hopefully some new BFP's to be joining us soon and excited for new babies being born!!

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Hope - Oh my,  I am sorry. I hope you find some peace and take care of yourself. I think that taking it one day at a time sounds like the best approach.


Blue - ouch. I don't know what is involved with stitching, but that sounds unpleasant. But yea, a good choice.


Vegan - Ahh!I am excited for you!

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Blue - hope the stitching went well today, let us know how you are!!

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