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Hope - glad you guys got to your 2nd counseling session.  Hope they keep going well.  My stitch actually happens next Wed!!

rcr - Hopefully the procedure won't be too bad.  I have to have a spinal block for the procedure and I've never had good luck w/ blocks, but hopefully this one will be better than the last 3.  So my OB I guess will just go in there and stitch my cervix closed w/ either one or two stitches in there and then they will monitor me to make sure I'm not having any contractions from the procedure.  After the block wears off and I'm able to get up and pee then we can leave.  They will take the stitch out at around 36wks.  That's about all I know. Oh and I'll be awake for the whole procedure too and might feel some tugging but hopefully no pain.


Praying -  wow, that would have freaked me out if all that time they were saying one sex and then they switch it!!!  So funny that your DH didn't notice at all... sounds kinda like my DH.


Vegan - any news???  Thinking of you and hoping all is well and maybe you are holding your little bundle now!!!


Renavoo - hope you and those babes are doing well!!!!!


Tear - how is school going and how are you feeling now?  How far along are you?  I know we are only a couple weeks apart.


Kewpie & Belly  -how are you both and your little ones???


Deport - glad you are feeling some movement.  I can't wait to get there!!


Hi to everyone else I missed, which I'm sure I did.  So tired tonight b/c it was a long day at work.


ps.  Did any of you have the P17 shots or 17 P shots????  I was talking to my insurance company and they put me on some free pregnancy program and i was talking to the nurse on the phone and she said I should ask my OB about it.

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No news over here. Thought maybe something was starting this morning, kept DH home from work and then it just went away. C'est la vie.


Blue: No experience with the shots over here but I've def read of other women who have had preemies taking them in subsequent pregnancies. I don't see how it could hurt. So many of us use progesterone in early pregnancy.



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blue - ah dang it, that's right.  I don't know why I kept thinking it was this week, I did that every time I read your posts about it, even though it is clearly next week in your posts.  LOL ~ pregnancy brain!!  I've heard of the shots as well in people who have had other preemies, but that's about all I know.  I think there was something in the news semi recently about the FDA maybe taking away the rights of pharmacies to compound it and it went up in price drastically, but I don't know whatever came out of that.  It was maybe a year or 2 ago?


Vegan - aw man, I was hoping to find news!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, can't wait to hear!!!

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Just a quick one here...


Hope - no problem!!!  Just blame it on Preg. brain!!!


Vegan - thinking of you!!!



??????  Any of you out there that are pregnant or were, get a nasty taste in your mouth all the time?  Not sure if it is just b/c i can only breath through my mouth and it's b/c my mouth is always drying out or if that is kinda normal.



AFM - Ughhh.... seems like dinner time hits and i just kinda start feeling like dirt!  Morning/mid day seems to be the best time of the day for me.  Today we took Abby to get her first taste of Bird hunting in fields like 45 mins away and on the way home i thought i was going to lose my cookies.  It was bad!!  Then DH and I traded and I started to drive and it was so much better.  So weird.  We are suppose to go to NC for Thanksgiving this year (driving) so maybe i'll have to drive the whole trip, so i don't get sick. Hope everyone else is doing well.  Off to bed I go.

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Aria Rose joined us last night. Born at home in the water. 7 lbs 8 oz 19.5 inches. So precious! Labor was fast and intense and I bled a lot after so recovery has been tougher. Feeling better though.
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Vegan! Yeah! That's so exciting! Congrats mama, I can't wait to hear the birth story and see pictures! Beautiful name. Try to get some rest.
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partytime.gifVegan:  Congratulations!!!!  What a beautiful name.  So glad that you were able to have the birth experience that you wanted.  Hope that you start feeling better soon...when you do...have a drink for me!!!  Post pictures when you are feeling up to it!champagne.gif

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Vegan - Yay!!!!joy.gif  Congrats on your little bundle of joy!!!!  Hope you both are doing well!!!!  Can't wait to see a pic when you get a chance.  Cute name!!

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Vegan, congraulations on the birth of your little Aria Rose.  What a beautiful name.  I'm so happy that you had a home birth as you had wanted.  Cannot wait to hear the birth story when things have settled down. YAY, yay, yay!  I love these moments when we can share news like this!

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Vegan - CONGRATS!!!!


Hope - I don't have much time, but wanted to let you know that I was in a somewhat similar situation 2 years ago.  I was having major depression issues over the infertility and found my haven in computer games.  DH and I rarely saw each other as a result and he started going to strip clubs and he dated one of the strippers.  It was mainly emotional as well, but there was some lapdances, touching, and talk of sex.  If you ever need to talk, I'm here.  I'm right in the middle of a cross country move (currently in illinois and leaving for nebraska in the morning) but I will respond when I get a chance to.  We never had counseling, but we did get better over time with a lot of honest talking on our own.  It also took a lot of honest looks at myself too...  There are days when it still cuts deep, so be prepared for that to happen after you feel that things have gotten better.  Those days always blindsided me.  Hugs to you!


AFM - This trip is insanely long (traveling 11 states over 12 days) and super stressful, but babies are handling it well.  Our 4 cats are not handling it well, though (pee in the suitcase 3 times today....)We're surviving and I cant wait to reach the other end.  I miss talking with you guys as much as I used to.  L&M are approaching 9 months old the end of this week... crazy!

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They're pulling up to standing now and Maisie cruises along furniture.







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Just had to drop in quickly to say, Oh my gosh, Kewpie, those two so darn cute!!!!  I love the one of them standing, from behind.  I just want to pick them up and snuggle them!  (I see all the boxes in the picture... That must be a lot of work to do a big move like that.  Wow!)

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Vegan, YAAAAH! What a gorgeous name and I'm glad you're feeling better! CONGRATS!



Kewpie, OH MY GOSH, THEY ARE SO CUTE! Liam is so handsome and Maisie is beautiful! Those eyes! I can't believe that they are almost 9 months old! How time flies!


Hope and Kewpie, I read about your struggles and I am just so sorry that you had to go through that, especially since we all had to deal with the emotional fall out of infertility. I'm happy that you guys are able to move on, even though it bugs me that you had to deal with it at all. You two are such amazing, strong women!


Blue, YES to the nasty taste. I think it was because my mouth was always dirt dry- i had to drink water CONSTANTLY. It was nonstop! I hope that by the time you go to NC, the morning sickness will be gone anyway!


Hi to everyone else! My baby girl decided she didn't want to sleep last night so I'm exhausted. haha not the best way to start the week but it's my first day of working at home! So I'll forgive her and perhaps, now that the nanny is here, go take a 20 minute nap before i start my workday! yah!


Big hugs! Sorry for the quick drive by!

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Vegan - Yay!!!


Kewpie - cute photos. Sorry the trip is hard. I couldn't imagine traveling that far with two babies and two cats. I don't follow along here very closely - did you decide to ship your embies out there or travel for the IVF? Any plans for when you are going to get started?

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Congrats Vegan!!! joy.gif

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Congrats vegan!!!!!! joy.gif
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Renavoo - sorry to hear that your little girl was awake all night!!  Ugh!!  Glad you were working from home though and could get a nap.  So how many days do you get to work from home?  That is great but I hope that you can get some work done while you are home.  Thanks for the info about the yucky taste in your mouth too when you were pregnant.  I read that you can use a little baking soda and water mix to just rinse and spit and it helps so i'm thinking of trying that to see if it works.


Kewpie - hope you survived the move!!!  Love the pics!  That last one looks like they are helping you pack, which I'm sure they are better at unpacking but I thought it was so cute!  Hope the rest of your trip goes smooth!!


Aura - can't wait for you to come and join us!!!!  Wahooo!!!  joy.gif


Hope - I hope you are doing well and things are still getting better w/ every day.



AFM - one more day before my stitch surgery (Wed).  Oh and that means one more day of work.... HOLY cow! Where has the time gone????

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Renavoo, I wish I had your energy!  Even if you were up most of the night, that's amazing if just a 20 minute nap is enough to get you going for the day!  Any particular reason she was up?  I find that my little girl isn't going to sleep as easily the last couple of nights, I wonder if it is some kind of pre-growth spurt happening.


So, I have a question... For those of you who have done both Clomid and IVF cycles, which one was most problematic in terms of side effects?  I've gone just about crazy on Clomid, and swore I'd never, ever take it again (even though DS was conceived on 2nd cycle with it).  I'm very sensitive to the effects of anything I take, and I had heard that the IVF drugs have a different mechanism so that same kind of crazy feeling doesn't happen.  Is this true?


The reason I ask is because our RE has me thinking about what next steps are for trying for #3.  We saw her a couple of weeks ago and she suggested we do Clomid/IUI, provided we get good results from all of our testing (Day 3, HSG, pelvic u/s for me-- apparently a c/s can cause some fallopian tube scarring, so she wants to rule that out--  and SA for DH).  I'm not sure why she didn't tell us to go straight to IVF-- I've got all the IVF drugs on hand, except for the suppression drug since I had been on that when lo and behold I got my miracle bfp... And I'm willing once again to go through the whole process.  Perhaps she's hopeful because of our conception history?  She did say that sometimes, with women who are nearing the time when their natural fertility declines dramatically, they experience a jump in fertility when their bodies go all out in a last ditch effort type-of-thing... I still haven't had a PPAF yet, so of course none of this is going to happen anytime soon... and I'm still bf'ing a ton.  But still, I can't stop wondering about her recommendation.  It worries me to think about feeling nutty on Clomid when it's now more than just my DH that has to deal with me.  And... You know how it is when you leave the RE's office and it's only then that you think of questions to ask?  Well, I should have asked the RE if she is hopeful for us... But I was just too darn afraid of putting it out there in words, in case she said something that was less than hopeful.  I guess if she's sending me for all those tests once AF comes, that there is a chance, right?  I'm just glad that she didn't tell me I was crazy for wanting one more...


Hi!!! To all on here, and I hope all is well with you and yours and I look forward to more updates from each of you!!!

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Blue, in case I don't check in tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday when you get your stich.  Sending you lots of positive energy for a smooth process with that!!

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Okay, here I am again... Just got a call from the Fertility Clinic, and DH's SA from last week came back as abnormal.  The person who phoned said she wasn't able to tell us what exactly it was showing... and she said the RE stated that we could decide to still go ahead with IUI when we reach the point of being ready for it,  or we can go in now and find out what exactly the results are from the SA.  The person on the phone (was she a nurse?  receptionist?) said "obviously it isn't that urgent or anything to worry about it if you can still go ahead with the IUI".    So we made an appointment; can't get in until the 26th. 


?????  DH has never had a problem before, in fact all his SA came back great in the past.  I suppose it's possible something can happen within the last year?  And it's also a possibility for the lab to have made an error?  At any rate, he should probably be re-tested, right?

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