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Rcr, I'm not quite ready to make it official. Maybe once I have a heartbeat?

Blue, how did the allergist appt go? Any solutions? Not being able to breathe through your nose is the worst! How is your back today? I'm good, my next appt is next Monday, and it's my six week ultrasound. No more betas!

Laura, the PIO is pretty nasty! I hobble like an old lady. Last night the shot hurt so bad (either we hit a nerve or it was just a sore spot) but I almost crawled away and dh had to hold me down. Some are worse than others for some reason, but each one reminds me that I'm pregnant, so I suck it up and keep injecting!

Kewpie, your kids are so cute!! Maisie is a speed demon! They must be so fun these days.

Renavoo, hello! How are the twins? How has it been going back to work?

Afm, I've had a headache for days. The kind of headache where it hurts if I turn my head or move my eyes too much. Honestly, it feels like a bad hangover! There are moments of queasiness, but mostly it's the headaches. Any remedies? I am trying to save Tylenol for when I really need it.
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Aura - ouch. Sorry about the headache. Pressure points work well for me, although I don't really know where they are. My friend who does massage always just does it and it works pretty well. I am sure you could find some info online. He always does something on my hand to make a headache go away.

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Aura: I got a lot of headaches this pregnancy. I often did breakdown and take 1 tylenol. But a lot of people swear by cold washclothes on your neck or on your forehead. My midwife also told me to ask my DH for neck massages. I hope it goes away soon!


Blue: I had horrid allergies while pregnant. I took Sabadil. It's a homeopathic allergy treatment. Homeopathics are supposed to be fine for preg. And I do actually think I got some relief from it! Not a total cure. I also got an air purifier for my bedroom and did mold remediation on my closet that actually didn't turn out to be all that moldy - but it was driving me nuts. 


AFM: I'm having some breastfeeding challenges over here. I had supply issues with my first and anticipated it this time. Turns out that so far, I have enough milk for my baby! But she is a sleepy, lazy nurser and isn't draining the milk from me. So I am pumping after feeds and feeding her the expressed milk via an at the breast supplementer that has a faster flow than my boobs do so she doesn't fall asleep as fast. Other than the nursing issues, whihc hopefully will resolve as she gets back to birth weight and gets stronger/more awake (she is gaining weight but isn't back to birth wt yet), Aria is a dream. She sleeps so much and is just so easy. My first DD was not like this at all! Not sure if this will all change once she is awake more though. LOL.


I am feeling a lot better. I got out of the house for a little while today to run an errand, take DD into preschool (and show off the baby a bit) and get some coffee. Felt nice to get out of the house a bit. I need to head to sleep now though. I'm already up later than I have been! Had been going to bed after dinner each night for a nap before the next feed. 



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I can't believe it's been 5 days since I've last been on here-- where is the time going?!


Aura, so sorry to hear about your cat.  It really has been a sad couple of weeks for the poor kittys.


Vegan, glad to hear that things are going well with Aria!  My situation is kind of like yours-- DS wasn't an easy baby at all, but this second one is.  She's 4.5 months now and that hasn't changed, so it's sounding good for you to be able to have an easier time.  Enjoy!  And YAY for good milk supply!  I think, too, that with a few more days of growth she will become less sleepy and feed longer.  I really don't like pumping, I didn't realize what a pain it is (I pump in the morning before I head off to my class, so that DH can feed DD).  It's only once a week that I have to do it, but still... if DS starts needing me in the middle of it, my flow stops and then I can't get it back easily because I'm not relaxed. 


RCR, did I read over on the other side that you may start your cycle in November?  I'm on Team RCR too!


Laura, thanks for the info about the fever and stress.


Darn, I have to go before I finish personals... DD is crying...

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Blue -- Sadly, I am betting that there was no miracle cure for your stuffed up head.

Aura -- Yuck, yuck, yuck on the headaches. No fun at all. PIO still sucks over here too--but if it has gotten me pregnant and can keep me that way, I will live with it.

Vegan -- Glad things are going relatively smoothly. smile.gif

AFM -- Not much exciting here. My ultrasound is on Monday and I wish it would get here faster. PIO is still not my friend. So, yeah.
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Laura - Can't wait to hear about your ultrasound!!!  Yay!!!  Allergist said I could use my steroid nasal spray if i really want to but i'm not sure I'm comfortable doing that.  I think I'll just suffer.  It is a bit better since it has gotten a little colder outside which I think cuts the ragweed.


Vegan - sorry to hear about the breastfeeding issues.  Hope that things have gotten better!!  Thanks for the suggestions about the allergies.  I have been using a humidifier at night in my bedroom every night.  Not sure if it does anything. I also tried one of those Vick plug in things and DH said it made the whole upstairs smell and I couldn't smell anything and it was in "MY" bedroom (which is our bedroom but DH hasn't slept there for 3 months now b/c of my head and nose.


Tenzi - what is going on w/ you???  When do you think you might start a cycle?


Aura - how are you doing??? How are the headaches? Hope better!!!  You never said if the spotting stopped or if you did i miss it.  See my AFM to answer your other questions.


Hi to everyone else.


AFM - Allergist appt was fine.  I had a great breathing test so that was good (asthma) and not much w/ the allergies.  He said i could use my nasal spray, but it is a class C so i'm kinda scared of it and will probably just suffer.  It has been just a little better b/c of the drop in the temp lately.  Still feels  like i'm recovering from my stitch procedure.  I still have this pressure type feeling kinda lower baby belly and have had an inc in need to pee and also my back is still sore.  I have had back problems in the past, but usually sitting bothers me if i do it too much, but since the nerve block it hurts even when i am standing or sitting and radiates into my hips.  Grrr. I do have a chiro appt on Mon so hope maybe they can help!!   I had an OB appt today and told her about all of these issues and i guess they found that i have a trace of protein in my urine, so she ordered a urine analysis today and I haven't heard anything, so i guess it must have been fine, but we will see tomorrow.  She said that a UTI can cause pressure and inc in urinating.  Who knows, even the babe growing can cause this too I'm sure, but i think it is weird that all of this started the day of the stitch.  We will see.  Hope it all goes away soon. 

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blue, sorry to hear about your discomfort!  i hope they figure out what it is.  i also feel you on the allergy meds.  i have taken symbacort for quite a while to manage my asthma, but it's a class c and dr t said i should take something else.  i just had my gp switch me to pulmacort which is a class b.  i guess it's still gray area, but i feel better about it.  they keep stressing that breathing is most important.  ha!


laura,  i feel ya on the PIO.  i am counting down the days.  i hate it.  are you having other side effects?  morning sickness? tiredness?  i can't wait for your ultrasound on monday! what time is yours?  they won't tell me what time mine is until some time this weekend.  i am so anxious about it. 


vegan, sorry about the breastfeeding issues, but i'm glad that Aria is such a dream baby!  I can't wait for photos!! How are you holding up?


afm, the PIO is pretty unbearable.  i have red welts on my hips that are six-eight inches wide.  and they hurt.  i can't sleep, i can't sit, i can't walk.  i had to go buy elastic waistband jeans (i feel 90!!) because the pressure from my pants was excrutiating.  i've got night sweats, and i think last night i had my first real experience of nausea.  i drank a lot of ginger ale and couldn't do anything but lay on the couch with a pillow over my head.  my poor husband!  he asked me when pregnancy gets fun.  lol!   i am so elated that we've made it this far, and i'll feel better once i see the ultrasound on monday.  i think i just need the weekend to rest. 

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Hi All!

I'm still around, sorry I haven't been posting lately, but I swear I've been stalking!!


Laura and Aura - it's so good to have you both over here!  I can't wait to hear all about your u/s's on Monday.  Aura - I've had headaches with both of my pregnancies... unfortunately each time I would end up giving in to some medicine and/or caffiene to help... actually, each time they had to prescribe me something stronger that was safe with pregnancy because they got so bad (like migraine level, this pregnancy I even had hallucinations from them).  Sorry I can't help with the non medicated route, but just wanted to let you know that I feel your pain!!!


Blue - I'm so sorry that you're uncomfortable, I hope it goes away quickly!!!


Vegan - ohhh you give me hope.  My first was a very difficult baby (reflux), and I keep hoping and praying that this one is easier!!  My DD was jaundiced so we had the same problems with her falling asleep at the breast and not eating enough.  All I can say is keep it up and hopefully she'll get over it soon!  We used an SNS due to the problem as well, and I think it took a couple of weeks for her to start staying awake for feedings, and we were able to ditch the SNS.


Tenzins - I think you were asking about clomid versus IVF drugs... I only did one round of clomid before we realized that IVF was our only hope and it made me psychotic.  With our IVF in 2008 I had a hard time with the IVF drugs too (Lupron and Repronex were pretty much it between the 3 cycles).  This time around I didn't use Repronex but one of the others that everyone mentioned (ummm... can't remember the name... pregnancy brain?!) and Lupron (at a lower dose) and had no problem at all.  I think it  depends on the meds, the dosing, and how your hormones are after giving birth too!


OK, those are the posts that I can remember right now LOL.

AFM - Monday I will be 28 weeks pregnant, holy cow, when did that happen?  I can't believe I'm just about in the 3rd trimester!!  I'm so excited to meet this baby, but not ready for time to be flying like it is.  DH and I are doing much better, and really focusing on each other right now.  He's spending more time at home and making a point of being very good to me.  My DD suddenly has an interest in potty training (which is awesome!) and is trying to talk more.  And I'm exhausted.  Lower back pain is insane, and TMI but I think I might have a yeast infection, ugh.  My mom told me that she's starting to see some waddling going on too ha ha.  Monday I have my 28 week appt, my glucose screening and my Rhogam shot (so not looking forward to that sucker b/c it hurts!!!).  I've put on about 6 pounds since my last appt 5 weeks ago, so I'm hoping that my doc will be happier with my weight gain.  Other than that, this little one is sooo active, and I love every minute of it!  Sometimes it still feels unreal that I'm actually pregnant again.  I think it's because there's so much other stuff going on between work and home that it doesn't always leave time to think about how life is going to change in approximately 12 weeks or so.  But every night I lay in bed and play with this little one and enjoy the time we have that is just ours.  Especially the hiccups that I started feeling this week!


Happy Friday everyone!!!

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hope, i'm so excited for you!!!! it sounds like things are really going smoothly.  i'm glad you and dh are both fully committed to this. and it sounds like everything else is falling into place!

afm, i forgot to add that there hasn't been any spotting since the last time.  which is nice.  i can't deal with any more stress! 

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ladies, i think my PIO shots have crossed from "ouch" to "i don't think i can do this anymore"




i mean, am i wrong?  this is just my right hip.  my left is similar.  as is the area near these areas.  i'm out of spots.  i've had constant headaches from the pain, i can't sleep because i can't find a position that doesn't hurt.  i'm terrified to show dr t because i am guessing they will tell me to stop.  but we've proved in the past that the endometrin and the crinone don't work for me.  i'm really stressed about this.  

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Aura - OMG!!!  That looks awful!!!! I seriously think that PIO shots hurt even more once you get pregnant in my opinion, even though I've only had one experience w/ it but it didn't last.  I would totally email Dr. T or call and explain your concern about the PIO and the things that didn't work w/ you from before.  I actually was just watching a video tonight when i was doing some research on 17P shots that they want me to start in 2 weeks and came across a video on a natural progesterone that I wonder if you could use possible.  I will try to post the link and if you scroll down you can click on the video and watch it.  I was pretty impressed and if we didn't get pregnant I might even think of trying it maybe.  DH probably would have a fit if I would have tried more things and spent more money.  LOL  So go to the link below and scroll to the bottom and click on the video w/ the girl w/ her hand up and watch that one.  Might be worth asking especially if you can issues w/ the other stuff.  Just a thought.





Hope - glad things are coming along well for you and that you and DH seem to be doing better.

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Aura -- That looks awful! Mine is not nearly that bad; I have some bruising, but nothing like that. O. M. G. Maybe they could drop the amount per shot; you're doing 2mL right? 1 mL at a time might be less bad? Ugh! In other news, my ultrasound is at 10:30 am (PDT) on Monday. Have you gotten a time for yours yet?

Blue -- I hope you are feeling somewhat better.

Hope -- I am glad that things are going better with you and that everything seems to be going smoothly with your pregnancy. Also potty training, it would be great if that could mostly happen before you have another set of diapers to change smile.gif.

AFM -- I am 6w2d and the nausea is definately kicking in with a side of reflux; it is pretty livable so far and it would be nice if it stayed that way. I think that I am less tired than I was last week, but I could just be more used to it. I find these symptoms oddly reassuring. The thing that is bugging me most is that I am already in maternity pants. I have gained, per my scale, possibly as much as two pounds, taking me to a weight that is still more than 5 pounds below my high point while on stims (throughout which I wore my normal jeans). My jeans should still fit. But they don't. So at 5 and a half weeks pregnant, I went out and bought maternity jeans. The joy.

My ultrasound is on Monday; I hope the weekend goes quickly.
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well i talked to dr t and he took me off the shots.  i'm back on crinone 2xday (thanks again blue!!!).  my biggest fear is that i won't be getting as much progesterone, but he said "it's enough progesterone to support a hundred pregnancies".  i just don't want to do anything to risk this little baby.  i think i'm also overly anxious because of the upcoming ultrasound on monday.  they still haven't called with a time yet, but i am assuming they'll call tomorrow.  DH is going to meet me there.  i just hope i see a heart beat! it would really put my mind at ease.  


laura, i lol'd at your post.  i too bought pants with stretch.  my jeans weren't cutting it any more.  i'm fine in the morning, but by afternoon into night i am SO BLOATED.  might as well be comfortable, right??  how is your nausea?  how strong is it?  mine seems pretty mild so far, i'm not sure if it just hasn't really kicked in yet or if i just won't truly get sick.  my mom said she didn't really have morning sickness.  who knows?  


blue, are you definitely doing the shots?  i say anything to help keep that baby safe inside you is worth it!!

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Aura - Glad you talked to Dr. T and they are going to change things around.  I totally remember that pain and those welts.  Ughhhh.... so sorry for you.  I hope that they go away fast.  I think the last ones I had took a wk or more to go away, it was crazy.  Yes,  I just found out on Friday that starting wk 16th they will be starting to give me the 17P shots (ugh... so not looking forward to shots in the butt b/c they are Progesterone so I'm afraid of them just like the PIO shots) but I will do whatever we need to to get our take home baby and keep this little one in and healthy.  I guess the stitch will help if i truly do have an incompetent cervix and the P17 shots will help to prevent preterm labor.  In our case they really don't know why we officially went into pre-term labor or if it was one of those 2 or if it was just b/c there were 2 babies in there and my uterus just couldn't handle it.  So they are really just trying to do everything they can which we appreciate.  I'm lucky to have such a great OBGYN.


Laura - Yay for your upcoming ultrasound.  Only 2 more sleeps!!!!


Keria - how are you doing???  Haven't seen your name lately.  All okay?  How are the babes?


Tear - you still around?  How are you feeling?  How many weeks are you now?


Hope - wow, 28 wks!  That is great!!!


Hi to everyone else too.



AFM - Still haven't heard back fully about my urine analysis from Thurs.  I talked to my OB on Friday and she said something about them finding rare white blood cells and also rare bacteria and a rare something else, but she said not to worry about it.  She said there was still one more test out that hadn't come back yet, but I never heard back on Friday so i'm assuming that all must be fine since I never heard.  She also talked to me about doing the 17P shots (more info in Aura's post about this) starting at 16wks once a wk and a nurse will come to my house to give them to me.  Shots in the butt.....scared.gif  hide.gif   I hate that, but i'll do whatever I need to.  I think that is about it here.  Hope everyone is doing well and having a good weekend.

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Blue, I'm still here lurking and supporting. I'm 17 weeks along and feeling a bit better, though I'm also in nasal congestion land. We have our anatomy scan in a week and a half. School is pretty much all consuming right now. That's what fall is like for a teacher I think, but I have a really nice class. I hope your bloodwork comes back saying all is fine! blowkiss.gif
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laura, how did your ultrasound go??



ok, i don't know who voted for team twins, but..... THERE WERE TWO!! 


dr t didn't even ease me into it.  i was so nervous, hoping that there was one healthy little heartbeat, and the first thing he says are "i see two heartbeats".  i may have cursed a few times.  maybe more than a few times.  my sister, who was there with me because dh couldn't make it, just laughed! both heartbeats were in the 120s, and even though i'm 6w1d, baby a measure 6w2d and baby b measured 6w3d.  dr t said just to keep doing what i'm doing, and he'll see me back in two weeks.


i am flabbergasted.  speechless.  i just wasn't really thinking twins, so i'm not quite sure how to process it all.  

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Aura -   OMG!!!!!!!!!joy.gifjoy.gif  So excited for you!! I know it can be really overwhelming at times, but the feeling does go away after awhile and comes back at times, but so many on here have twins and I'm sure they will have great advice for you as you go!!!!!!  So what is next?  Do you have another u/s or are they turning you over to your reg OB now that they have 2 heartbeats????


Tear - good to see you are still lurking.  Can't wait to hear about your anatomy scan.  Will you guys find out what you are having???

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Aura - Ps. How are the butt welts?  Loving that Crinone yet??? LOL

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Aura: Congrats again!!! Eeck!! I would have a hard time processing too. :-)


AFM: Here is a link to our newborn shoot. No password needed.



I can't recall what I've posted where. We found out last week DD had a posterior tongue tie. She got it clipped on Friday. She has been nursing ever since! It's a miracle. I just couldn't help but think there had to be a reason she wasn't nursing right. My supply is doing really well. It has jumped a bunch in the few days since she has been nursing normally. I think I might actually have a full milk supply this time! She is still a great sleeper. She has more awake time and wakes herself to eat now. We are no longer supplementing at all and she is still pooping and peeing and gaining weight. She is 3 ounces over her birth weight now. The LC said I don't have to wake her at night for feeds anymore - so she will go 4 hour stretches easily. I got a great night sleep last night since I wasn't up pumping every 3 hours and trying to nurse. Just up 2 times (after she went to sleep at midnight following 4 hours of being awake). I am still pumping after feeds a few timesd/day to maximize my supply, but at least I'm not tied to the pump like I was when she wasn't draining my breasts. Not sure how much longer I'll pump - but I am accumulating a nice freezer stash. My MIL is here for 1 more day. Then my mom comes next Tuesday for 4 days. So I'll be on my own w/my 2 girls for a few days this week. I think we'll be fine though. Aria is pretty mellow. :-)



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Vegan - So beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How old was she in these pictures?  Did you bring all the outfits or did they have them?  Love every single one of them.  Beautiful!!!!  Thanks for sharing!

ps. glad they figured out what was going on and that now things are going better now w/ nursing.

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