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Aura -- Congrats! joy.gif Two babies smile.gif How is your back doing since you've been off of the shots?

Vegan -- Very cute! You are a lovely family. I am glad that they figured out what the nursing trouble was and that it is going better now. Yay!

Blue -- Yuck, more shots. At least these come with a nurse though. Good luck with them.

AFM -- We are only having one baby smile.gif. Confirmed today by ultrasound. All is as it should be. My doc didn't measure or anything, just looked for the heartbeat--which was quite visible. DH has started quietly freaking out; I think he may be figuring out that we're actually having a baby.

My symptoms are getting more obnoxious; the nausea isn't too bad, but nothing looks good a lot of the time and I'm tired and crabby. I also seem to be moving directly from not hungry to that stage after hungry where you can't make decisions about food anymore and are crabby and unreasonable; I am going to try better planning and eating every three hours regardless and see if that helps. But hey, I'm pregnant!
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Yah Aura!! Twins are so much fun! I mean, all babies are fun but you get twice the fun. haha. ;o)


Everyone else, hi! Big presentation tomorrow. Just trying to get pumping done before I go to sleep.


Will do more personals soon!


Big hugs

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Aura, OMG, YAY!!!!!!!!  Congratulations!  Two babies to love, yes I imagine it would be a shock but I'm sure it will settle in, as others have pointed out.  I can't wait to follow your pregnancy along!  (And I hope you completely recover soon from that nasty reaction... I couldn't believe it when I was reading about it, that must have been awful!)


Laura, YAY!!!!!! for your good news from the u/s!!!!  Looking forward to more updates, too!  It gets better with the appetite thing that you are going through right now... hang in there!


Vegan, thanks for sharing those pictures of your family... SO precious.  Your kids are just so darn cute, if I saw them irl I would want to just pick them up and give them big squishy hugs!  And I'm really glad to hear that nursing is going even better than ever now that the tongue tie is fixed.  DD had a small tongue tie, but after 6 weeks she had adapted and her mouth had gotten stronger, etc. so it turned out we didn't need to do anything.  Are the posterier ones harder to detect sometimes?   I think I read something about one being more difficult to diagnose, I think that is the kind?


Blue, how are you feeling now?I smile every time I see your ticker...


Rena, HI!!!  Any new pics to share of Colin and Sienna?  You must be so busy with them, and work.  I can't believe you are still pumping... I would guess you had a really good pump... I


Tear, I wanted to ask you, were you still nursing when you conceived?


Deport, are you still on here?  Just wondering how you are doing...


RCR, I'm getting excited for you to start things soon!  I hope good things have been happening since you had that one week that was so difficult...


Hi to everyone else I may have missed!


AFM, I'm still waiting for my first PPAF.  I dream about catching the first PP egg, but then reality sets in about my age and IF, etc. I keep getting signs of returning fertility (well, to whatever extent it is that I have-- such an unknown, really), so I am hopeful I can get my cycle and then see what the possibilities are.  I wish I had more time where I didn't have to be thinking about next steps, but, since I really would like to have three children, I feel like I have to be coming up with a plan now.  At first, DH was thinking it was kind of crazy to be thinking this way, given the issues of the last pregnancy with the previa and the anxiety/depression I experienced, but, hey-- I feel completely back to normal now, my sweet little girl is so enjoyable (she is such an easy baby), and I love both kids soooooo much.  Yes, it's been really hard sometimes having two kids so close together in age, especially with DS being 'spirited' or 'high needs', but it has also been so wonderful most of the time.  Parenting isn't easy!  Hardest job in the world!  Anyway, we go back to the RE in a couple of weeks to find out what the deal is with DH's SA that came back a little wonky.  I'm going to ask her about Femara instead of Clomid, and also, if we shouldn't just go straight to IVF.  I'm not ready to throw in the towel and say that I'm done...


Anybody on here who has had their babies, have their cycles return yet?  If so, did you have signs it was coming?

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Laura: yay - so glad all looks good! lol about your dh! which clinic are you at?


Blue: the pics were done at 9 days old. the photographer came to our house and brought tons of props. one hat and the diaper are mine...and the "welcome" sign in the fall pic...that was one of my things to focus on in labor, a welcome to my fall baby. :-)


tenzin: yep, posterior is the sneaky one. one lactation consultant and my midwife missed it. they can stick out their tongue so everyone assumes they are fine. but they can't lift their tongue up. it has to be found by feeling in the mouth, not just looking. as for cycles - i take a med to increase my milk supply that makes prolactin levels really high. so as long as i'm on this dose, i won't get af. i got af at 14 mos last time, when i cut way down on the med in the process of weaning off it. i'm cool with that!



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Aura and Laura, yay congrats!! joy.gif. goodvibes.gif

Blue, I'm pretty sure we're finding out, though the idea did come up to wait. I guess we have just over a week to decide.

Tenzin, I was still nursing when we got pregnant. My Ppaf came back at like three months pp because dd went through a phase of sleeping 12 hours a night and I didn't pump during that time, so it wasn't our first pp egg I think though I guess that's possible. I hope you conceive easily and have an easy pregnancy!

Ok, I know I'm missing people but I have to run. Sorry! Lots of love, ladies!
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Aura congrats!! welcome to Twin mommyhood.


Vegan your little one is so precious and your other DD is gorgeous as well.


Blue 15 weeks!!! My allergies were horrible during my pg nothing that was "safe" worked, but they actually got much better after the babes were born.


Tear I'm betting for boys for you and blue!


Tenzin I'm 8.5 months pp and no AF in sight I hope she  stays away as long as possible.


Quick AFM. I've been MIA but we are ok, just super busy, both babies have been teething and waking up a million times to nurse. I haven't been so sleep deprived since they were tiny. We also put an offer on a apartment and then the  owners decided not to move grrr, since then we found another place the only thing is that this new place needs to be remodeled but it was way cheaper so  we made an offer and it was accepted. We are going to be homeowners soon!. And lastly our business is picking up for the holidays already so that is keeping us busy as well hopefully we'll be able to hire some extra help because I can;t imagine doing it all with the 2 babies.

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Vegan - I love the photos. So cute. Your older DD looks so happy.

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Keria, nice to hear from you!  Wow, you are super busy.  Teething is troublesome, isn't it?  Although apparently some kids don't seem too bothered by it I hear.  I thought DD was starting to go through it, even though she is only 4 months old-- lots of drooling, mouthing really hard on things, irritability, etc-- but it might also be because we've had so many cold viruses sweep through our household the last 1.5 months, since DS started daycare two days a week.  We are going to pull him out though, he'll be done at the end of this month-- we decided that we'd like to save the money by me taking the kids to my folks place for a couple of days, with me staying with them since they live an hour away.  I thought the daycare would give me lots of time to work on my school stuff but DD doesn't nap much during the day it turns out.  So I'm feeling constantly behind, and that's super stressful.  Hmmm, they say women can have it all... but I don't know, something's gotta give sometimes... wild.gif

ETA: Anybody else notice that their babies, around 4- 4.5 months, became super upset about being separated from you that they didn't want to go to sleep on their own for naps???

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aura - congrats on twins!!  Has it sunk in?  How's your back healing?


vegan - the pictures are so so so adorable!!!  I'm glad they figured out the issue and now she is nursing like a champ :-)


laura - congrats on one healthy singleton!!


tenzin - I didn't have my first PPAF until about 10 months PP.  I also dreamed of catching the first egg, but knew it wasn't going to happen, so I totally know what you're going through!!  I do remember some pretty severe separation anxiety with my DD, but I honestly don't remember when it hit. 


Keria - oh man, I can't imagine having 2 teething at the same time... good luck and hang in there!  Congrats on the accepted offer too!!!


Not much going on with me.  My back is getting to the point where it hurts so bad to do much of anything, so my OB told me I needed to get a maternity support belt.  Any experience with these ~ any suggestions on one that worked well?  I had some back pain with my DD, but I carried her much higher than this one, and I think carrying this low along with where the baby must be sitting is really killing me.  I can't hardly even snuggle with my DD right now because her added weight (even sitting down) shoots pain through my back :-(  I suck it up because she's not going to be the baby much longer and I want to take advantage of the individual time we have left together but it breaks my heart that I'm not enjoying it as much as she probably is.

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Aura, WOW!  Congrats!  Welcome to the twins club :)  It took me my whole pregnancy to get used to the idea of twins, it's really life changing and wonderful at the same time!  I can't wait to follow you and Blue through these pregnancies and hopefully rcr too :) 


Blue, still so happy for you!  Glad you guys are doing everything possible to keep that baby growing, you are right, it's worth it no matter what it is! 


Vegan, those are BEAUTIFUL pictures!!  What a lovely family :)


Hope, I wore a support belt towards the end of my pregnancy but it was borrowed from a friend so I don't know the brand.  It helped, especially if you stand a lot, but when I was sitting it would bunch up a bit.


Tear, keep us posted on your atatomy scan!  Especially if you decide to find out :)


Tenzi, I got my ppaf at 13 months with DD, I am not expecting it anytime soon :) 


Laura, congrats on your singleton!!!


Kewpie, rcr, renavoo, keira, hi ladies


AFM, it has been so busy, I haven't even had time to stalk.  We have another couple weeks of craziness and then things should hopefully settle down a bit.  One of our girls has taken a few steps backwards on the sleeping and I really hurt my back somehow, so I dont' think I have had more than 4 or 5 hours sleep (not even continuous) a night in the past 2 weeks...getting to the point where my patience is almost non existent and I can barely function.  Hoping things improve soon.

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BELLY- Just wanted to crash cause I remember those days all so well. Things get much much better and for me I think it got a lot better when the twins started walking cause it was easier not to carry both around all day long, I used to get major back pain and major chest pain from it. Raising twins has been the hardest thing I have ever done but they finally sleep well(took till about 18 months for that) and they play pretty well ( went through biting each other faze till about a month ago). My biggest savior has always been to just get out of the house even though its hard to do it does help. We go to all the local library programs to keep busy and they r free and we go in the yard as much as possible. Just wanted you to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hope that helps a little cause i know how ur feeling.

Hi to everyone else. Ohhhh my friend Blue I love seeing that ticker move. Aura so happy for u still.
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Hi all, the thread's been quiet... How is everyone doing? 

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Tenzin - I was thinking the same thing!  I hope quiet means everyone is doing good :-)

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Tenzi - so funny that you asked b/c last night I was going to post on here b/c I thought it seemed way too quiet too but then ran out of steam and decided to go to bed and post today instead.  How are you doing and what is going on w/ you and your next cycle?


Hope - no AFM?? That's not fair!  Hope you are doing well and how are you feeling?  Did you find a good support belt and is it helping?? I sure hope so.


MomtoAlexis- always good to see your name on here!!! You are a wealth of knowledge!  So glad you are willing to share.


Aura - you still w/ us and how is the idea of twins sinking in?  How are you feeling??  What is next for you?

Tear - when is your anatomy scan?  I can't wait until mine!!! Keep us posted!!


Keria - how is the teething going???  Hope things are letting up a little.  I know, the whole allergies, full head sucks!!!  I had the same thing w/ the twins and then night they were born my nose totally opened up so i know there is hope.  I guess i just have to embrace it and be thankful that a stuffy nose still means i'm pregnant. I love your boy guess b/c everyone i talk to tells me girl and my one friend is kinda annoying about it so in some ways I want her to be wrong or i'll never hear the end of it. LOL  I also still have boys clothes left over that were never worn so it'd be nice to take advantage of those since i have them.  We will see on the 9th.


Praying - how are you?  Haven't seen your name in awhile!!  Fill us in! HOpe all is well!!


Laura - how are you feeling???


Renavoo, kewpie, vegan - how are you all doing and how are your little ones?


Hi to everyone else! I'm sure I missed a few but i was just looking back on this page.


AFM - Can't believe we are 16wks last Sunday!!!  I had my intralipid IV today and that went fine.  Only 2 more to go and I'll be done w/ them!!  Yay!!!  Tomorrow I have a reg OB appt but my OB is on vacation so i'm seeing one of her associates so that is okay.  Then in the afternoon the home nurse is coming to my house to do vitals and to give me my first shot!  Not looking forward to that but hopefully it will be better than the PIO shots from what she said.  I just hope I don't get the welts like I did from the PIO shots that were so uncomfortable to sit or lay on.  Lets see what else... everyone keeps telling me I'm so tiny for 16 wks and if they didn't know i was pregnant they wouldn't never guessed it.  The one nurse today at the IV place said it is good that I'm not gaining a ton of weight b/c the more weight I carry will only put more pressure on my cervix.  I already have pressure especially if i am on my feet too long or over do in a day.  Counting down the days to my big ultrasound on Friday the 9th!!

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mom, your post was both wonderful and terrifying.  hardest thing you've ever done, eh?  i'm shakin in my boots!! i don't think i really fully have an idea of just how hard having twins is going to be.  and if i'm clueless, then my DH is REALLY clueless.  my friends keep telling me that since we don't have anything to compare it to, it won't be that bad.  uh HUH.  goodbye sleep! goodbye sanity!


blue, 16 weeks!!!! every day is a celebration.  i'm so happy for you!  please make sure you rest and keep the pressure off that cervix.  good luck with the shot, i'm sure it will be fine... especially if a pro is administering it! i'm jealous about your lack of weight gain too.  i've put on about 7 lbs already and i'm only 7 weeks!  i don't seem to have too much morning sickness, instead i'm just hungry.  or as i like to say, hangry. 


keria, how are you feeling?  and is the teething getting any better? 


belly! how are all your little ladies?? i'm glad i'm not the only one who is/was in denial about the twins.  i start hyperventilating if i think too much about it.  mostly how much it will cost.  and how we're going to need a bigger/more reliable car.  and two of everything.  *faint*


hope, what's new? did you find the belt?  


tenzin, i know my friend's daughter went through a phase at 4/5 months where she got very clingy.  i'm sure it's just a phase! 


vegan, such beautiful photos!! what a lovely family!


laura, what's new? how are you feeling??


afm, 7 weeks! my little blueberries are hopefully doing well.  i go for my final ultrasound with SIRM on Monday, and if all is well they release me.  so far my symptoms seem so random.  i do pee all the time, but that seems to be the only constant.  some days i am starving, some days i'm slightly queasy.  some days i feel great, some days i need toothpicks to hold my eyelids up.  i had a split second of spotting last night but it went away instantly.  today i feel a lot of "activity" in the uterine area, but nothing too crazy.  i just seem to have a lot of time to worry about things!


has anyone else been on supplemental estrogen?  after my last failed fresh cycle we discovered that my estrogen levels were SUPER low, which was preventing me from absorbing progesterone.  since then i've been on twice weekly IM estrogen shots and voila, pregnant.  i assume they are going to take me off of the estrogen when they stop my progesterone on november 16th, and i'm getting really anxious about it.  has anyone ever taken estrogen through a whole pregnancy?  if I was so low to begin with, will my body be capable of making its own? 

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AURA- Oh no, I promise I didn't mean to scare you, twins are fun, amazing, and wonderful but just a lot of work. Whenever things get crazy I always remind myself that these adorable little babes are miracles and I still cry at times when I look at them cause I can't believe they are here after all we went thru.

I'm not sure about the estrogen but I remember Dr T telling me that the placenta starts making progesterone by like 9 weeks or so and it's not ur body that makes it cause I was terrified of stopping the progesterone. Ask him maybe on Monday cause the placenta may be making the estrogen also. Good luck with next u/s.
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Aura, 7 weeks already, yay!!!  When I was on the suppression drug and then got my bfp, they put me on estrogen and progesterone supplements (both were oral) to make up for any wonky levels the drug would have caused... I can't remember how long I was on them, maybe until 9 or 10 weeks?  As Mom said, until the placenta kicked in. 


Um, I'm supposed to be doing a paper for school that is due in 2 days, so I'm not supposed to be on here, ha ha.  Am I allowed to just ditto the questions and comments that Aura made?  :)  The paper just isn't happening, I'm too distracted-- and part of it is wanting to come on here, because I'm so excited for you ladies!!!

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I always have to laugh when people talk to "MOM".... it makes me feel like she is the "Mother" of the thread!!! 


Aura - wow, i can't believe you are 7 wks already too!!!  Awesome!  I know i freaked initially w/ the news of 2 but it seriously does sink in and gets easier to wrap your head around the whole situation!!!  Sorry I don't know much about the whole estrogen... i'm sure Dr. T will lead you in the right direction.  I hated that hungry feeling all the time in the 1st tri.  I would eat a nice sized dinner and afterwards i'd start to feel nauseous and then I knew i had to eat again even though I had just eaten dinner.  It was so annoying.  Glad to hear that you aren't feeling too sick.


Tenzi - ughhh.... to papers!!!!  I don't miss that at all!!  What are you studying?  Hope you get motivated tomorrow to get it done!!  Good luck!


Belly - how did i miss you???!!!!  How are you doing and the girls??  Hope that things have settled down and that the one little one is sleeping better.  Do you ever go to a chiro for your back??  That seems to help me so much or a massage.

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Aura I won't lie twins is hard work but totally worth it. Sometimes I do wonder how different things would be if had only one baby.  There are some things I wish I had done differently to make our life easier but what's done it's done and now you have all of us here with twin experience who you can ask questions to :)


my girl woke up will be back later.


Here is some proof of the teething :)

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Keria, ouch!!! I looked at the pics (adorable, btw!!!) and thought...holy cow, does he have EVERY tooth coming in at once?!

blue, keep taking it easy on that cervix.. It's so great to read your updates! joy.gif And yeah...MOM is definitely the mom of this thread. love.gif I love when she updates!

Tenzins, you sound like me at report card time, lol. I hope you get your paper done.

aura, no wonder there's so much activity in there: your little blueberries are growing strong! I know you'll find things about being a mom of twins that are wonderful and special, and you will be GREAT!

belly, I hope your sleep improves soon. I know how hard it can be when DD is having a rough week, or two, or three. I can't imagine if there were two going through that together. hug2.gif I hear you on being crazy busy. I'm glad you checked in when you had time! (Just like I hope people forgive me for rarely checking in, and only lamely when I do).

hope, I'm sorry your back is hurting so much! I got a belly belt last time but never really used it because it was bulky under my clothes. I obviously didn't have a pressing need like you. I hope it helps!

rcr, I can't WAIT for you to join this thread in December!!! goodvibes.giffingersx.gifpraying.gifblowkiss.gif

afm - Please forgive me for missing anybody: I just responded to the current page of posts. I've been super busy with school (being a teacher right now is doubly stressful what it used to be), and DD went through a two-week cold, a (thankfully) short stomach flu, and now she's pushing in what appears to be two molars and two other teeth at the same time. We're all a little worn out here, but she's so wonderful and precious and I can't believe how she grows and changes every day!!! Lately she's taken to growling like a tiger and charging around the house laughing for us to chase her. She has developed such a sweet "mischief laugh" that I think she picked up from us but it's SO much cuter from her. And she throws her arms up in the air when I ask her how much Mama/Papa/Nana/Grandpa/Auntie Carlyle/etc. love her. There, that's just a tiny piece of how much the good outweighs the tiredness. love.gif

On the topic of our second little one, we had our ultrasound today and we are definitely having a boy, and he appears to be healthy! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif I am still wrapping my head around what that will be like, since I grew up with a sister, even though I was convinced ahead of time it was a boy. I'm THRILLED but realizing how, even though so many things are not gender specific, there are things that are: like puberty, circumcision (which we're not doing Carlyle, fyi), nurses and doctors trying to retract, boy stereotypes. I dunno. I realize that I feel less prepared than I did with DD since I went through all those things for girls myself. But I'm also really glad that DH will have a son who will probably come to him for those things, where DD will more likely come to me. Another little part of me is sad for Anika because she won't know how amazing it can be to have a sister to share those "girl" life milestones with. But I'm also excited because they will have their own special, close relationship that is new to me and exciting for me to see how it develops. How's that for a whole ball of thoughts whirling around? Does it make it shallower to say that one of the first things I said was "oh my gosh, now I need to learn how to clean a penis when changing a diaper without getting pee on my face"? lol.gif So...to summarize...THRILLED...and more THRILLED...and also still wrapping my head around it...and more THRILLED. orngbiggrin.gif
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