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Keria - so cute!! Hope you survive the teeth!!!  Hope you got the economy size bottle of orajel for babies!!!


Tear - Yay for a little boy!!!!!! stork-boy.gif I'm sure it will be an adjustment but excited for you and I bet DH is a proud papa!!!!!! You can get some Pee Pee Teepees for boys.  LOL  they really do make them. 




AFM - had my OB appt today and it was w/ one of the OB's in my Drs practice b/c mine is on vacation this week like i had said before.  So she decided to check me just to make sure the stitch look okay I guess. I told her what ever she wanted to do was fine by me.  I'd always rather be safe than sorry.  So after she checked the stitch she said it looked great and then she asked me if i was having any itching, odd discharge or odor ( i can't smell anything b/c of my stuffy nose, so I told her that) but I said that I wasn't having any issues.  She wanted to take a sample/swab just to make sure all was okay and to make sure I didn't have an infection, I guess.  So she did and I won't hear until tomorrow how it came out.  Everything else went fine and then the nurse came to my house this afternoon and gave me my shot which hurt, but isn't bothering me at all after the fact.  She kinda did it a different way than we did the PIO shots before.  She had me kneel and lean forward onto the couch in front of me.  Then she kinda poked around and got right to the muscle by i guess kinda getting any fat out of the way and then jabbed it in and released it really slowly.  No rubbing afterwards or anything.  I totally felt that she might have been really close to a nerve b/c it shot down my leg, but oh well.  She is coming back on Monday for the next one b/c of her schedule.  She was really nice and easy to talk to so that is good b/c she will be my nurse up until 36 or 37 wks giving me these shots.

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Blue, I'm doing my masters in social work, with a specialization in international and community development.


Keria, the little ones are SOOOO cute!


Tear, LOVE the heartfelt musings... So excited for you!  By the way, changing a boy's diaper is way easier than a girls, I think... A lot less places to clean up, you know?  And I never did get peed on by my little guy, I even had those teepee thingys but never had to use them. 


I love reading about the u/s and pregnancy experiences on here... I miss being pregnant... Two more sleeps and then we find out about DH's wonky SA, yahoo. Just have to get this paper done and then I can breathe a sigh of relief and focus on the fun things around here!

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aura - congrats on the twinsies!  Try not to freak out.  The first few months are difficult, I'm not gonna lie, but it gets WAY easier.  I hardly think about having 2 these days and everything just flows.  Even when the unexpected happens, you just deal and move on.  It becomes a way of life, I guess.  You figure out what works and what doesn't and it's no big deal.


Blue - I love watching your ticker, my friend!


keria - Your babies are so stinking cute!!!!


Tear - YAY FOR A BOY!  I'm thrilled for you!


AFM - SO freaking busy.  so sos osososo busy!  We're still not in our house (we left NC 22nd of september to give you an idea how long it's been.  It's a long story, but suffice it to say I'm so over this living with relatives and out of suitcases.  It looks like it will be another 3 weeks at least.  Not happy about my babies' first thanksgiving not being in our home...


They are approaching 10 months old and I've been thinking about their first birthday party.  Can you believe they're nearly a YEAR!?!?!? How the heck did that happen??? Maisie is standing and will let go of support and just stand.  Liam is starting to cruise the furniture.  Maisie says, "ba-ba" for bottle and mama and dada (but they're still interchangable at this point.)  She shakes her head when she doesn't want any more food and she likes to mimic sounds and expressions.  Liam hates crawling on his knees, so he does this funny kind of walk/crawl... He basically crawls on one knee and uses the foot on his other leg... so it's hand...hand...knee....foot....hand....hand... and so on.  It's funny to watch.  He is my super cuddler and gives kisses ALL the time.


picture time!















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blue - you crack me up :-)  There's an AFM this time, I promise! I can't believe you're 16 weeks already!!!  Glad the intralipids went good and you only have a couple more to go.  Also glad the shot went good, it'll be worth it to make sure that little one stays put!!  I wonder if she thought you maybe had a yeast infection or something.  The first one I got with my first pregnancy I had NO idea I had it.  Hope it all comes back good!


aura - sleep and sanity would be gone even if it was only 1, so just look at it that way LOL.  (even if it's a bit harder with 2.)  Like someone said, you'll never know any different, right?!  Don't feel bad about the weight gain, with my first I'd gained over 10 pounds before I ever got out of my first trimester... this time around it took me until like 25 weeks to gain any more than 10 pounds.  It just depends, and doesn't mean anything.  With my first pregnancy I gained a total of about 28 pounds.  7 weeks already!  Wow, the time is flying!!!


Keria - what a cutie pie!!  Looks at those buds, here's to hoping they'll both pop through soon :-)


Tear - Loving the mischief laugh and tiger noises :-)  SOOOO adorable.  Congrats on a BOY!!!  I think I'm having a boy (so do a lot of other people; DH thinks it's a girl), and I've struggled with a lot of the same thoughts.  I'm seriously afraid that I won't know how to take care of a boy!!  We can't even decide on how we'll handle some of those boy specific things.... I know we'll figure it out, but it's so strange.  I grew up with a brother and it wasn't always the best situation/relationship so I think that weighs on my mind a bit.  DH had a GREAT relationship with each of his siblings though, so that helps a bit (2 brothers and 1 sister).  I'm sure you'll figure it all out!!


Kewpie - I can't believe you still have another 3 weeks to go, man that has to be hard, especially with the twins!!!  Wow, a year.  Where did the time go?!  OMG they are so cute, I just want to eat them up!!!


AFM - I did get a maternity support belt.  Called a resale shop near me late last week and they had 1 for $5.  So I had them hold it and my mom ran and got it for me (she had the day off and I was going to be getting off work too late to pick it up).  Over the weekend I didn't think it was really helping, but then I figured out exactly where to wear it, how to best keep it in place, etc etc.  Oh My has it made a HUGE difference!!!  It really made me realize what severe pain I was in, once I started to lessen it.  My back is still tired and a bit sore by the end of the day (hello, that's just being pregnant in general!), but NOTHING compared to what it was.  There's a nurse that works with me and we chat regularly, and she saw me yesterday and asked how I was doing, she said she could tell in my face, how I carry myself, etc that I was really drained and uncomfortable last week and this week she said she can tell I have more energy and am feeling much better.  Thank you Maternity Support Belt - you are SO worth it.  I have begun wearing my belly band over it to help keep it a little smoother against my skin (to get rid of that slightly bulky aspect) and that helps a lot, plus it helps keep it in place (because it is one of the cheaper versions).  Other than that, things have been going well around these parts.  Not much exciting going on.  DH and I are doing really well and he continues to make a HUGE point of being home( and really being there when he is if that makes sense), keeping me in the loop on where he is, and really treating me like a princess right now.  We've been working really hard on keeping open the lines of communication, and I THINK we're doing good.  I finally hired 3 people at work and they start within the next week, so that's a huge stress relief too.  So yeah, I feel like things are finally settling down a little bit.  Oh yeah, and last night was the 4th night in a row that DD slept in her big girl bed, and the last 2 nights she's gone down by herself pretty well and slept through the night!!  I'm SO excited!  This means we get to think about setting up the nursery in the next few weeks, which is scary and exciting all at the same time.  YEAH!!!

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On the topic of our second little one, we had our ultrasound today and we are definitely having a boy, and he appears to be healthy! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif


Woo HOOOOO!!! (again love.gif)


Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post
I'm THRILLED but realizing how, even though so many things are not gender specific, there are things that are: like puberty, circumcision (which we're not doing Carlyle, fyi)

HOORAY! HOORAY!!!  HOORAAAAAAYY!!!!  So glad to hear that!!!  Have you read this thread?: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1196786/i-grabbed-the-docs-hand-off-my-sons-penis/0_50   Okay, that's not really the thread I was looking for, but I can't find the right one!  But that one is pretty good.  I'll post again if I can find the one about intact penis care (since so many pediatricians in the US are mis-educated about intact penis care).


Originally Posted by Tear78 View PostAnother little part of me is sad for Anika because she won't know how amazing it can be to have a sister to share those "girl" life milestones with. But I'm also excited because they will have their own special, close relationship that is new to me and exciting for me to see how it develops. How's that for a whole ball of thoughts whirling around? Does it make it shallower to say that one of the first things I said was "oh my gosh, now I need to learn how to clean a penis when changing a diaper without getting pee on my face"? lol.gif So...to summarize...THRILLED...and more THRILLED...and also still wrapping my head around it...and more THRILLED. orngbiggrin.gif


Awwww, this is SO what helped me feel so happy that Maggie was a girl (because a little part of me was hoping for a boy for a little while)...knowing that she'd get to have a sister like we do love.gif  Cause I feel pretty lucky to have you!   But I have to say that after watching my neighbors Dominic and Joy (brother and sister) it seems like brothers and sisters can have a super sweet amazing relationship too.  So I'm sure Anika and your new little one (!) will love each other to the stars and back :)   Plus, if Anika doesn't have a sister to talk to about girl issues, she'll be more likely to ask YOU instead of her sister.  orngtongue.gif  And HAHA  on getting peed on.  I plan to have some good laughs at you about that :)

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Hope - so glad to read your AFM and that the belt is helping.  Can i ask the name of the store was it Jelly Bean's?  That is the only place I can think of but always good to know of places to get maternity clothes cheap.  I really need to find a sm pair of maternity jeans.  I got a pair from a friend today but they are still just a little too big but i'm sure i'll grow into them.  I really should stop at that store and see what they have.  I also may go to a local baby sale at one of the h.s's one of these weekends.  That is another good place to find maternity clothes.  See my AFM about the infection issue.  Thanks for sharing though.


Carlyle - I love how you and your sister support one another.  It is so refreshing!!!  Kinda makes me wish i had a sister!!!  Hope you are doing well w/ your little ones!!!


Kewpie - love the Halloween pics too cute!!  Where did you find those cute costumes?  Hope that these next few wks go by fast so you can get into your house soon.  What seems to be the hold up?  Is your DH doing the same job there that he was in NC? Or did he have to find a new job?  Glad you have family close though so they can at least put you up for a bit so you don't have that extra expense!


Tenzi - did you get your paper done?  Sure hope so. Interesting field!!  How much more schooling do you have until you are done?


AFM - well, I got a call from the OB's office and i do have an infection.  I'm guessing that it must be b/c of the stitch procedure b/c there is nothing else that could have caused it.  I guess sometime you can get infections from DTD but we aren't aloud to do that so i know it wasn't from that.  So now I'm on an antibiotic (yuck) and they said it is good that they caught it b/c i guess it can cause early rupture of your membranes if not treated and pre-term labor.  Not what i need!!!!  Been there done that!!!  The thing that scares me is that I don't have any symptoms so i'd have no idea and i also have no idea if it will be gone after the 7 days of antibiotics since it isn't like I will notice the symptoms going away.  That kinda scares me as well.  I have kinda felt really nauseous today and not sure if it is bc of the antibiotic that i took at lunch and dinner or if it is the infection in general just wearing at my body.  The thing i hate about antibiotics is that it kills the good bacteria as well as the bad so they say a lot of times you treat this and then get it back again. I'm thinking of trying to find a really good probiotic to start taking too as long as that is okay to do while pregnant.  We will see.  I have to go tomorrow morning for fasting blood work for DH's work for some stupid health assessment we have to do for our insurance.  So i may ask that dr that i see if they have any suggestions or maybe i should call my chiro b/c they might have a better idea than the dr since they like drugs instead of natural things.  I'm a little afraid i might fail my cholesterol test tomorrow.... we will see.  I've had high choles before and i'm not over weight but it is hereditary.  So that is about it.  

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Blue: Probiotics are not only fine during preg but they help with so many things! They can help prevent being group b strep positive too. My midwife had me taking them for a possible UTI and to make sure my group b strep test came back negative. I'd def take them with your abx.


AFM: Baby has been awake a lot more lately! Still having some nursing issues and baby really won't go to anyone else when she is awake. So I've been busy! Still reading along though. :-)



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Carlyle - I love how you and your sister support one another.  It is so refreshing!!!  Kinda makes me wish i had a sister!!!  Hope you are doing well w/ your little ones!!!


love.gif  Aw, thanks.  I just wish we lived in the same town!!!  I hope your infection goes away quickly!  I second the probiotic idea.  Good stuff, that.  I still love seeing your ticker every time I log on here.  Am so hoping that all goes smoothly for you!

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Blue - Oh man, not what you need is right!  I hope it clears up quickly!  My OB told me to eat a lot of yogurt while on an antibiotic while pregnant.  I'm not sure if that's different than a probiotic.  I'm glad they caught it before something awful happened!! You've been through enough!


The hold up with our house is that the entire back end of the house was resting on the gas line (yes, really) and it turned into a much bigger project.  Right now, there is a big dirt hole where my bathroom used to be.  It doesn't help that it's been snowing the last 3 days either... (off and on)


DH is working for IBM still.  They are letting him work remotely.  


The banana costume we found at Target.  We called Maisie banana when she was tiny, so that fit.  We tried to find a potato costume (what we call Liam) but couldn't so we went with monkey.  We got his costume from amazon. 


Vegan - Enjoy those baby snuggles!


Tear - Still so thrilled for you!  If it helps, the worst pee incident I've had is he got the wall and he got my shirt.  I've never been hit in the face, though I guess your boy may have stronger "go force" and better aim... I guess I'm not really helping, am I?  :)  He did grow out of peeing when the diaper opened pretty quickly, so you might get lucky and your boy may too. :P

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Kewpie, those are seriously cute pictures!  I've got the cutest costume for DD, it's a ladybug one from Costco... For DS, I found a brand-newish bug costume at a second-hand store for only 3 bucks.  But, I don't think he will wear it, because he doesn't like putting on things that feel weird-- and this one certainly would, as it has a big stuffed belly.  I really hope though that he would wear it long enough for me to get a picture of the two of them together.


Blue, I just now got my paper done... with 10 minutes to go before the deadline! It's not easy doing this with a baby, and if I had my way I would not be doing it right now, but I have to (did I mention before that I couldn't get any more parental leave from the university-- I had two years already, for DS).  At least it is only one class, but DD is not napping like she used to.


Vegan, nothing like mama's arms, is there... Makes it hard for us, though!


I'm sure there's people I've missed catching up with, but I have to go and try to wind down and get to bed... Hope all is well with everyone!

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Kewpie - that is great that DH is still able to work for the same place. So does that mean that he is working out of the home and is around more to help?


Tenzi - my hat goes off to you b/c I'm sure that has to be super hard.  You go girl!!!!  Keep your eye on the prize!!  You can do it!!



AFM - irked.gif I'm a little frustrated right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So I took two pills of that antibiotic that they prescribed me yesterday and I felt like crap.  I know that antibiotics in general can make you feel like crap, but this was way worse crap then I've ever felt taking an antibiotic and I have been on a bunch due to major sinus infections yrs ago, so i know.  Anyways, I really thought i was going to hurl all evening and when i went to bed last night i just felt awful!!  So today I call in to let the Dr.that was covering for my OB that i saw that prescribed it know.  We will call her Dr. M.  My Dr. J is my regular OB and is on vacation and not back until next tues.  So I tell the receptionist what is going on and she says she will get a message to the on call Dr. who is Dr. S (never met her before).  So i get a call back from the receptionist and she says that Dr. S called me in a vaginal medication and I can pick it up at the pharmacy and to stop taking the other one that is making me sick.  Then after getting off the phone, i got to thinking, Dr. S doesn't know me from a whole in the wall and i wonder if she knows that i have a new stitch and that i'm at a high risk already even w/o the infection for pre-term labor.  So I'm going to be "THAT" patient and I'm going to call back and make sure this Dr S even looked at my history.  So i call and get a different receptionist, gotta love it, and tell her my story and that i just want to make sure she is aware of my past history (hoping that she would have looked at my history before prescribing the new meds - i didn't say that part, but I was thinking it and laser beaming it through the phone :o).  So the 2nd receptionist says she will get the message to Dr. S.  About a couple hrs later the phone rings again and it is the 2nd receptionist and she says "Dr. S has now changed the meds to an oral med instead".  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........ now i'm laser beaming the message that she needs to strangle Dr. S in the nicest way possible for not looking at my past history and then i politely say "okay thank you"!!!  I also have a call out to the perinatologist office as well b/c i know he knows my history and it will make me feel better if he also feel this is the right course of action.  Drives me nuts that this whole thing has gone down like this, but you totally have to be your own advocate in medicine now a days and it is kinda scary to tell you the truth.  I mean what would have happened if i wouldn't have asked???   yikes2.gif  I need to go to my happy place!!!  Okay now i can stop venting.  Thanks for listening!! 

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blue - it was Jelly Bean's!!!  I actually just went into it for the first time maybe a month or so ago, and I love it.  They didn't have a TON of maternity stuff, and when I was in there it was all still short sleeved, but none of the other consignment shops in the area carry maternity stuff.  Def check it out, they have TONS of kids clothes, toys, etc.  When I was there the first time they even had a co sleeper, bouncers, jumpers, stroller, monitors, etc.  DD is getting some of her Christmas stuff from there for sure.  If you're ever willing to meet IRL, and can make it another couple of months, I'm willing to pass on my stuff after I deliver, that'll put you probably somewhere around 26 weeks or so, so you'll still have some time to go, and it's almost all smalls.  Except for a few random mediums that I got from a friend.  I'm so sorry about the infection :-(  But I"m glad they caught it.  Are they planning on checking to make sure it's gone in a week?  They should.  On the cholesterol thing ~ they shouldn't put TOO much stock in it if they know you're pregnant, because pregnancy and nursing can raise your cholesterol.  I have to do a health screening too (checks cholestorol, BMI, HBA1C, etc) and the nurses pretty much laughed that I was even doing it; but I get points that save me money on my health insurance. 


Vegan - Sorry there's still some nursing issues.  It's so nice when they spend more time awake, and isn't it nice in a lot of ways that she only wants her mama?


Tenzins - Glad you got your paper done :-)


AFM - Man have I had a day.  DH is in NC for a few days, and DD decided to wake up at 5:00 am and be nice and grumpy while I tried to get us ready.  So I ended up just drinking an ensure and planned on eating when I got to work.  Then right before I got to daycare to drop her off I noticed my car making a strange noise and I just knew it was the tire.  So I dropped her off then made it to a gas station and tried (unsuccessfully) to put air in it.  Yeah, that little bit of extra driving managed to demolish the tire (and dang it my stupid tires are EXPENSIVE).  So the donut is on it now, but I ended up being there for like an hour and a half, so I was late to a meeting.  Luckily the meeting included food, so I grabbed a bagel, which I promptly dropped.  Then one of my employees was grabbing me a new one and I somehow managed to practically toss my cream cheese packets.  So then I decided that I was gonna have some decaf coffee (because it was turning into one of those days and I don't allow myself that luxury very often) which I ALSO promptly dropped and got all over my WHITE shirt.  Mind you, this meeting had lots of people from different departments, and needless to say by the coffee the ones that were sitting close to me couldn't stop laughing (at that point though neither could I ~ it was better than crying, you know?) and the other half that couldn't see what had happened was all looking at us like we were crazy.  SIGH.  Glad the day's almost over, that's for sure.  DH will be home tomorrow, and he's just going to put the snow tires on the car so that we can wait to replace the tire until spring.  Especially since I just shattered the front of my cell phone earlier this week and have to replace that this weekend too, and we are broke.  UGH, when it rains, it pours!!!  Thankfully pregnancy wise all is good!!

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blue - we cross posted and I just wanted to say I am SO sorry, that really sucks!!!  It's good to be your own patient advocate, but WTH, a doctor that is prescribing you any meds should KNOW!!!

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Kewpie Love the pics what a couple of cuties. I see Liam is getting hair. My guy is still pretty bald but Lucia started to get hair as well but just on the top of her head.


Blue Man that sounds frustrating a hell as you going to stay in the oral meds?


Tear Yay for boy I have never gotten pee in my face but the other day he managed to pee in his eye lol. Is this your last babe?


Hope WHat a day. Tomorrow HAS to be better :)

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Hi ladies! Just hunkering down for the hurricane, wanted to say I hope all the east coasters are safe! Renavoo, hope you weren't evacuated!
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Thinking of you all on the East coast!!!!  We are getting a nasty storm too here in OH and i'm just hoping that all of our trees stay up and the power doesn't go off.  It almost went off this afternoon but then came right back on.


Keria - yes, i ended up going w/ the med by mouth instead since it sounded like the vag. one was bad news in my situation.  How is the teething going?


Hope - Wow, what a bad day!!!  Glad you were all able to laugh about it in the end though.  You are so sweet to offer me your clothes.  I actually have really broad shoulders so even when I'm not prego I don't fit in smalls of things b/c of my shoulders, but that was really sweet of you and I appreciate the kind offer!!! I just needed to find a pair of size 6 jeans right now and didn't want to buy a new pair b/c it won't be long that I'll prob be wearing them (or at least i hope), but I keep wearing my reg jeans w/ a rubber band and a belt to keep them up so that is working so far and i have a pair of size 8 jeans that hopefully will fit in a few weeks.  I'm not scheduled to see my OB for another 3 wks.  Next week is my big ultrasound (can't believe it is so close) and then the week after I have an appt w/ my OB.  My ob is pretty on top of things so when the medical assistant called to tell me that i had the infection i asked her if the dr that was covering said i need to come back and see my OB sooner than 3 weeks and she said she didn't say anything about that.  Maybe i should call this week and ask. My OB is back from Vac tomorrow so maybe i'll call on Wed if i don't hear from her.  it would really make my day if she called me tomorrow which she might but we will see.  I know she will be very busy being the first day back and all.


Kewpie - That whole house issue sounds like a mess! Hope they get it figured out soon!!  I do eat yogurt and will continue but the probiotics are also still good to add as well they say.


AFM - Only have 2 1/2 more days of antibiotic left and it seems to be treating my stomach better thankfully.  Next Friday is our big anatomy ultrasound so that is exciting and a little nerve wracking too.  Just hoping and praying all is going well in there.  I really hate that i had to take this antibiotic, but it sounded like it was a real problem if i didn't.  Not much else going on here. Oh, I had my 2nd progesterone P17 shot today too which went fine.  Seems like the nurse knows what she is doing and it doesn't hurt as bad as when DH was doing it.  Just hoping that this storm calms down and isn't as bad as they are expecting.  Take care everyone.

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Aura - how are you feeling and when is your next scan?  Was it today?  Be safe and stay inside.

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aura and renavoo - You've been on my mind all night!  I hope you're both safe and everything!  


blue - I sure hope you can get over the infection soon.  The fact that you had no symptoms is scary to me!  


AFM - Maisie has a double ear infection and a viral exanthem (head to toe rash due to a virus) and she's cutting tooth number 4.  Liam has 1 ear infection and the rash as well.  He's cutting teeth #5 and 6.  We've had up and down fevers for 8 days now. This too shall pass....This too shall pass....This too shall pass....This too shall pass....  


I've got to count my blessings that while we aren't in our house yet, at least we DO have a house.  And although the babies are quite sick, they could be much sicker!  AND I have the means to care well for them!  I've been grumbling a lot the past few days and I need an attitude adjustment!!

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Hi Ladies, I just read this page so I am pretty far behind.  But I wanted to stop in and say that I think about you all often, and hopefully I can catch a break soon and write more!!!!!


Things are crazy busy here, and the babies (well mainly one) has stopped sleeping, so I am completely sleep deprived.  I am having surgery on Friday to repair an area where I tore during labor but it hasn't healed correctly.  They are putting me completely under and while I am scared of surgery, I like to joke that I'll finally get a nap :)

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hi ladies! just popping in to say we're safe and just had minor damage to the gutter of our house and some short term power loss.  we were insanely lucky.  haven't had work in days because there is no power or phones there, so just hanging out with dh in the house.  we're a little stir crazy.  my ass is fused to the couch after laying here for five days straight.  i'm a little stir crazy!


i hope renavoo is okay, that she wasn't in an evacuation zone, and that she hopefully has power.  having lived in nyc for ten years, my heart breaks when i think of the damage that occurred.  it's going to be a very long recover process for ny and nj.  


belly i hope your surgery goes well and makes you more comfortable!  and blue, glad the antibiotics aren't making you as sick! and to everyone else, i hope things get better and your days have all been a little less insane than the last week has been!  want to conserve laptop power just in case, but wanted to say hi to you all!  


oh and of course, since nyc has no power, sirm has no power.  my 8w ultrasound was cancelled and i'm being told to call next week to reschedule.  which means that i probably won't be released and have my records in time for my first ob appt on wednesday, so i'll probably have to reschedule that too.  *sigh*

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