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Aura - LOL.. i just posted to you on the other side and was hoping for an update over here and i pop in over here and look what I see.  Good minds think alike!!!  Glad you are okay!!! Sucks about not getting that u/s but i hope they are up and running soon so you can get in there.  Keep us in the loop as you are able.


Belly - i will be thinking of you on Friday and praying all goes well w/ your surgery and afterwards too.  Do you have some help coming in to help w/ your girls?  Keep us posted as you are able to.


Kewpie - you are so aloud to complain b/c it really sounds like you are going through a lot right now.  I hope things start to calm down for you and the babes start to feel better and get over their sickness soon.  I know, it scares me too that i had no clue about the infection and i wonder if that might have been our problem before when we lost our twins.  You just never know.  It sounds like it is a pretty common infection that healthy pregnant women get as well.  I really think that having all that stuff going on in there when they did the stitch totally threw off the pH and caused this infection. That is my only explanation.


Tear - how are you adjusting to the boy factor??? Has it fully hit you yet?  Now you can start adding some blue to your collection!!!  I can't wait to find out b/c i see cute baby things and just hold back from buying b/c i don't know the sex.  Which technically is a good thing since we are down to only one income since i'm not working any longer so at least the not knowing factor is saving me money.  LOL  Hope you are well.  You get damage from the storm?  I'm trying to remember where abouts you live.


Renavoo - are you all okay???  I sure hope so.


????? for all of you prego or past prego women..... Did any of you use a body/pregnancy pillow to sleep w/ or on?  I am finding that my hips are really hurting since i have been laying on my sides so much at night and it makes it hard to sleep.  I was just wondering what your thoughts were or if any one had any suggestions of a good one.



AFM - only one more pill tomorrow and I am done!! Sure hope the infection is gone.  I called my OB's office today to see if she needed to see me sooner than the 3 wk appt i had originally made before knowing about the infection w/ the covering dr while mine was on vac.  I didn't hear back from her which is odd but i know a lot of people are w/o power still and when I called a male answered the phone which was really weird so who knows if he was training and new or what.  If i don't hear back tomorrow maybe i'll call on Friday again.  I hate to be a pest but it'd be good to know.  Just counting down the days until our big ultrasound next Friday.  Thinking of all of you on the east coast and hoping you all are okay.

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Hey all. I've been reading, but not posting--don't really know why, just been weirdly anti-social. Not going to try to reply to everything, but I am glad that the east-coasters here are largely ok (and I hope renavoo posts soon, although lack of power would make that difficult, I suppose).

I am 9 weeks along today. As far as I know all is going well. I have 13 more days of PIO shots remaining (and 7 of those are at half a dose)! I count down every day. My next appointment with my RE (with ultrasound) is next Tuesday (at almost 10 weeks). I should be released to my OB after that appt. My first prenatal is the Monday or Tuesday after Thanksgiving (I should probably figure out which one). I am fairly certain that my child is getting the energy for its exponential growth by leaching it from me; this is not doing good things for my attention span or short-term memory.

I have spent several Tuesdays in a row helping out my friend who has 9 week old twins (also IVF). They are adorable and still way too much for her to handle alone (a different person comes MWThF). I have not completely forgotten how to handle babies; it is good practice smile.gif.
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Belly - glad to hear from you!!  Sorry that you're so sleep deprived :-(  Good luck on Friday ~ and yeah for a nap LOL. 


aura - HI!!  I'm sorry about things being pushed back, I hope they get rescheduled soon so that you're not stressing about things!!!


blue - For both my pregnancies now I have used either a body or regular pillow to put between my knees and under my tummy to help.  Not only does it help with the hips/shoulders, but as you get larger it helps just to have the support under the tummy in general.  Yeah for only one more antibiotic day!!  I hope you hear back soon.... sounds like they are really getting people back up and running in our part of the woods.


laura - glad to see you and know things are good!  It's SO nice to finish up the PIO shots.


AFM - not much going on here.  Exhausted as DD isn't sleeping the best during this transition to her big girl bed, plus she had some constipation for a few days that wasn't helping either.  I'm dealing with a lack of motivation at work, and have too much to do to be dealing with it LOL.  Here's to hoping it's not going to last the rest of the pregnancy!  Otherwise, I'm now 30w3d and can't believe it.  For me it's like getting into the 30's makes everything feel so close.  I mean, really, I'll be full term in less than 7 weeks.  Whoa, crazy!!

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Laura - So good to see your update!!!  Glad you are doing well and I'm sure that you will be happy to have the PIO shots done... I'm just starting mine but they are P17 which are progesterone and are given by a nurse so they don't seem to hurt as bad thankfully.  Keep us posted as you are able.


Hope - thanks for the info.  Hope your DD starts sleeping better and you get some motivation back.  Ughh!



AFM - this is the pregnancy pillow that my parents actually found and my Mom so graciously ordered it for me.  I'm excited to try it out when it gets here.  Figured I'd share w/ you all in case you want to check out the website.  She said on there she also went through fertility treatments and got preg w/ iui's I think it was.



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Blue I can't wait to hear! today is the big day right?


I don't have a lot of time right now but I'll try to comeback tonight and catch up.


I do have time to add a cute pic of my little ones


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Originally Posted by Keria View Post

Blue I can't wait to hear! today is the big day right?



Keria - I wish it was today (except that DH wouldn't be able to make it b/c of a busy day at work if it were today)!!  It's next Friday the 9th @ 2:40pm!!  Bummer!!  Your guess was a boy for both Tear and I right??? Everyone IRL keeps saying girl, but i lean towards boy when all the girl talk isn't around.  I've had the exact same cravings as before, but you never know, I guess.

ps. cute pic!!  Did you already convert their crib or where are they?

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Yes my guess is BOY!!, I I'll have to wait not so patiently until next friday then :). That's a big day for us too is when we finalize and get the keys to our new place. We have one of the cribs side carred to our bed and one of the babies sleeps there and the other one in the bed with us. If we had more space I would put one crib in each side of the bed. Both babies sleep way better in their own space.

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I am wondering if anyone experienced hyperstimulation during their IVF cycle?  I had to have my abdomen drained and I still believe there must be fluid because the midwife said that I am measuring a month large.  Has anyone had experience with extra fluid not disappearing until the second trimester?

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Belly, hope your surgery went well today!  Sorry to hear that sleep is so evasive for you, that's rough!


Laura, nice to hear your update, and that things are going as they should.  That's so great that you help out the friend with the twins. I'm sure she really appreciates all the help that she gets, I've had some struggles with just one sometimes, and I've had some extra support coming in.  Makes a huge difference.


Blue, I can't wait until next Friday for you!!!!!


Keria, I can't believe how fast they are growing!  How exciting that you will get your new place soon.


Hope, my little guy transitioned recently to a toddler bed, and we found that he did much better when we put body pillows along the side as well as a huge square pillow at the foot-- it kind of madea little next for him and he felt really secure in there, so we all got a lot better sleep after that.  Not sure if something like that would help, or not.


Oh, I know I'm missing so many others on here, but on the topic of sleep, I really should get off to bed.

But a quick AFM... We had our appointment at the RE, and it turns out that the problems with DH's SA isn't really a problem after all, but, it was just nice to get back in there and ask a few more questions that I didn't ask last time.  I asked about Femara vs Clomid, and then we went on to talk about other things.  It's not really encouraging, to see the statistics for pregnancy and miscarriage in all the different age groups (well, the one I'm in, anyway).  DH thinks we should just be really happy that we have two kids now, and that this last one was a miracle, really... And while I agree, I can't help but believe that we have a chance to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term just one more time.  I mean, I received the Unexplained Infertility diagnosis with my now-ex DH many years ago, and perhaps our combined fertility was the culprit... It makes sense for DH and I together to have a different fertility factor, right?  And I guess I'm hopeful because I just got my first PPAF this week.  Amazing... DD just turned 5 months on Monday and I get it on Tuesday.  That's 2 weeks sooner than when I got it back after DS.  Please, body, please... Let me have one more chance, so cycle sanely and stay healthy... please, please, please!  Darn statistics, anyway... They are a downer, that's for sure.  And apparently, the RE says that at my age, IUI with Clomid has just as much of success rate as IVF does.  I guess that's why women go with donor eggs with IVF when they hit a certain age.  Yet, I have a friend whose mother got pregnant with her when she was 45 years old-- and that was 43 years ago.  And according to the REs stats, at age 45 there would be 0 pregnancies and live births-- go figure.

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Hi ladies!! I hope all is going well. I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. It has been insane at work and then with the hurricane. Thanks for asking about me. We're all fine although we did lose power for 4 days. I wasn't in an evacuation zone but there was a huge explosion in one of the power substations and that took out our power. It was tough because we live on the 17th floor and we couldn't leave because the babies needed to sleep in their cribs. DH and I took turns going to friends' apartments to charge our electronics, although we didn't get great service (he didn't get any service on his cell; mine was really really spotty) and to take showers. It was a minor inconvenience. My heart goes out to the people who continue to suffer. :o( I don't know why I expected this storm to be minor. I guess I was wrong!


Anyway, I'm going to miss people but I just wanted to say that I'm thinking of everyone!

Keria and Kewpie, OH MY GOSH!! Your babies are SO ADORABLE!! I just want to hug them! They look so fun. I love their costumes, Kewpie and Keria, those skeleton onesies are hilarious. But the most amazing thing are the smiles on their faces. I love it!


Belly, how did the surgery go? I hope it went well and that you enjoyed your "sleep" ;o) I hope everything is better at home too and that your girls are sleeping better. It will it get better...it has to, right? 


Aura, i always laugh at how people say that we first time mothers with twins truly do not know what it's like to only have one baby to take care of and therefore, we don't know what we're missing. It's so true! I do have to say that while it is difficult, I also think that it would be really difficult with one baby and the joy overrides everything (the joy of having a baby or two- it doesn't matter). I think it comes down to the fact that we will always do what needs to be done and that the joy that you feel when you see your babies will overcome the pain of the first few months (or longer). haha. How did you make out with Sandy? I hope you're ok too!!


Tenzi, I'm so excited you're trying already and yah to getting PPAF!! I can't wait for you to get your next BFP. :o) I'm holding out for another baby for you...if you feel like it's meant to be, I think it is!


Blue, how are you doing? I'm glad your infection is better. I CANNOT wait until your next appointment...I hope they are able to tell you the sex of your baby. At least, they should be able to guess. I think it's a boy too. I don't know why...I just feel like it will be a boy. I'm so so so jealous of your lack of weight gain. sigh, I gained like 25 pounds by week 24 so I remember feeling like a hippo! By the way, I used a pillow. I can't remember what the pillow's brand was but it was like a half pillow (I like my head pillow) and it was ok but necessary. Definitely get one. I think the biggest issue is that I needed to turn from side to side every hour or so and the pillow was difficult to manuver but I bet it would have been more so if it was one of the full body pillow


Hope, 30 weeks!! I can't believe it's been so fast!! I can't wait to see pics of your little one. And I'm glad that the pregnancy is going so well. (Even though you're feeling a lack of motivation...but who can blame you? Your little one is coming!)


Tear, YAH for a baby boy! 


Babies are awake and wanting food. Will come back later. I know I missed people but thinking of all of you!

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Just popping on here quickly to say that I'm glad you are Ok, Renavoo!  And to thank you for your encouragement, it helps me to stay in my positive thinking mode!

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Tenzi - glad to hear that your appt w/ your RE gave you and DH better news than you expected.  Wow, I can't believe that DD is 5 months already. So what did you end up deciding to do next and when will you start?  Are you going w/ the IUI's and clomid or injectables?  I'd skip the clomid and go w/ injectables w/ IUI's if  IUI's are the route you are going to go.  Just my two cents.


Renavoo - so glad you all are okay and survived the big storm. So scary!!  Hope you got your power back and are starting to get back to a normal life.  My heart just broke for all of those in NJ and NY affected by the storm.  I couldn't believe the devastation.  I saw too that the NY metro (or what ever they call the under ground subway system) was so flooded.  I sure hope they can get that back up and running.  I'm so excited for Friday too.  I'm trying to figure if I should maybe drink something kinda sweet like apple cider or juice like a half hour before the ultrasound so that way the Baby will be moving around more b/c of the sugar.  I think that might be what they tell you to do to get the baby awake.  I think they say the babe usually is awake after women eats a meal, but my appt is at 2:40pm so that is a little late.  We will see.  I sure hope the "bean" isn't shy on Friday b/c we are really excite to find out the gender.

AFM - not much going on here. I'm still in shock that this weekend we will be 19 weeks.  So thankful w/ every week we make!!  Had my 3rd P17 shot today and it is amazing how much easier it is when a nurse does these progesterone shots.  They have this technique that i sure wish we knew about when DH was giving me the PIO shots.  These seem so much easier. Still having back pain from where they gave me that nerve block from the stitch which is annoying but I'm hoping that it will go away soon.  My OB's office called today and cancelled my reg OB appt which was scheduled for next Tues so now tomorrow I have to call and be on hold for at least 10mins waiting to talk to someone and then find another day to go in.  Not what I like to hear.  I always try to get the first appt of the day b/c if not then sometime you have to wait hrs to see her.  Ugh!!  Hope you all living in the USA voted today!!!!

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Aura - did you have your ultrasound that got cancelled b/c of the storm???  Hope all is well.


Splashing - I don't know anything about hyperstimming b/c lucky i have not had any issues w/ that but I'm sure that someone has.  You might want to ask on the IVF Fall thread maybe you will get more response.  This thread is a little more slow moving compared to the reg IVF thread.  Are you actually pregnant or just in the process of doing IVF and having this issue???  Good luck to you !!!


Hope - how are you doing?  How is your back?


Laura - how are you feeling????


Belly - how did your surgery go?  I hope you are doing okay and healing!!! 


Kewpie -  are the babes feeling better?  How is the house issues coming??  Hope you can get in soon! Who are you staying w/ your family or DH's?


Keria - how's the teething treating you?  How exciting that you get the keys to your new store on my ultrasound day!!!  Exciting day for both of us!!!!  Yay!!!


Tear - how are you feeling?  How many weeks again?


Hi to everyone else that I missed.

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hi ladies!!


blue, so annoying about having to move that appointment!  i am on pins and needles waiting for your appt on friday.  come on baby, SPREAD THOSE LEGS!  heheheheh


renavoo, i am so glad you're all safe!  i was worried about you guys, good to hear from you. 


tenzi, congrats for the PPAF!!!  it will be so exciting to get the ball rolling again.


keria, love those little ones!  i love their smiles!


afm, i still haven't gone back to work!  rumor is the power is back as of tonight, so i am hoping to go in tomorrow.  i wasn't expecting to get 7 days off! i did a lot of laying, and am more than ready to go back.  there are only so many episodes of a baby story i can watch.


i was able to switch my RE appt to today, so dh and i went in and got my ultrasound done!  today i am 9w2d.  baby a measured 9w4d and had a heart rate of 155, and baby b measured 9w6d and had a heart rate of 180! dr t said he was really happy with their progress, and he felt i was going to have a healthy pregnancy based on how they were measuring and all.  i've graduated!  later this week i'll be able to pick up my records to bring with me to my first ob appt next friday.  i have a feeling baby a is a boy and baby b is a girl, but that's just random speculation.  i can't believe i have to wait another two months to find out.  

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Blue, Wow, 19 weeks... That is so great!!!  I hope that pain goes away for you.  How's everything else going?  You must have a little bump now heh?  I can't believe we have to wait until almost the end of the day for your ultrasound... So excited for you!


Aura, are you feeling good?  That's great news from your u/s.  What was it like to see your little babes-- I can't imagine seeing two inside of me, and then when they start to move around-- oh my gosh, that must be such an incredible experience.  I'm chuckling about the Baby Story... That was one of my indulgences whenever I would accompany DH when he had business meetings, and we'd stay in a hotel-- we don't have cable at home-- I would watch it each morning we were there, and then it was followed by "I didn't know I was pregnant" or whatever it is called.  Then, the one where they had the pregnant women in prison, as part of that program...


AFM: So, the RE explained to us that the 'abnormal' results with the SA weren't really so-- it was about morphology-- and the results weren't that different than when I conceived DD last year.  There was a percentage of abnormal shape that was a little high, but it was not a concern because of the high numbers in total.  And the numbers go up and down all the time...  So while it looked abnormal on paper to the nurse who was reviewing it, it wasn't a concern at all to the RE.  It was weird how it worked out-- we had our appointment with the RE on the Friday, and there she was asking if I had PPAF yet... and then I end up getting it 3 days later.  From the other visit with her, I already had the requistions for the work-up, so I've gone ahead and done the Day 3 bloodwork, and had an HSG (just yesterday).  With the HSG, she wants to be sure that I don't have any internal scarring in my tubes/uterus, from the c/s-- thankfully, the RE doing the HSG said they looked fine.  Next week I do the pelvic u/s.  I'm reall glad to be able to get everything checked out.  The plan I have for right now is use OPKs and see if I can time it well to DTD with DH, and hope that something happens naturally.  I imagine it will take some time for my cycles to get back 100% to what they are normally, and I know that my body should have more time to recover after having DD.  I'm also bf'ing a lot yet. Then... If months go by without a bfp, then I'll be staring the IF right in the face again.  The RE still maintains that Clomid and IUI is the way to go right now... She gave a whole bunch of reasons, and they made sense to me. We didn't even talk about the injectbles with IUI-- I'm thinking it is for the same reason we didn't go with it when we were trying for #1-- because it still ends up being quite expensive, and with IVF they have better control of the cycle/how many embryos you end up with inside of you.  Anyway, one of the reasons for Clomid is that they find that it does something with the outer part of the egg to make it more receptive to the sperm, or something like that.  When she said that, I felt encouraged-- thinking I can do it, despite the awful side effects I get from taking it. It was also good to hear what she said about 'older' mothers-- she also said that often what they see is women who experience an upwards surge in their level of fertility just prior to their body starting perimenopause-- as though the body does one last kick at the can to get pregnant, you know?  And she does feel some hope for me, because though I've had two m/c, I've birthed two babies.


Has anybody heard about this about the Clomid, or about the fertility jump?

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Tenzin, i TOTALLY have been watching i didn't know i was pregnant.  these shows are insane.  especially the women who have had two prior pregnancies.  REALLY?  you didn't know?  no idea?  also, so excited that your dh's sperm is actually okay!  i feel good about you getting pregnant quickly.  clomid stinks but if it brings you results it is worth the hassle.  hooray!

blue, is your appt tomorrow??

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Splashing - I had OHSS during my IVF cycle, but luckily didn't have to be drained, although I was close to it.  My albumin was low, so they gave me a couple bottles through an IV and it helped a lot.  My RE told me if they drained me that I would still accumulate fluid for a while.  I'm not sure exactly when it went away, but I don't think it lasted quite into the second trimester, sorry I'm not of more help, but here's to hoping this meant you got your BFP!


belly - how are you?


Tenzin - Ohhhh, I like this idea, I'm going out and getting pillows this weekend to try it out.  I'm hoping it'll help her out ~ she's killing me with these early mornings LOL!  I'm glad that the SA problems really didn't turn out to be problems for you guys!!  I'm keeping everything crossed that you'll be able to make it happen naturally before jumping back on the meds horse :-)


rena - Glad to hear that things were OK, but UGH on living on the 17th floor and having to deal with everything!


Keria and Kewpie - the pictures are killing me, they are SO FREAKING CUTE!!! 


blue - I can't believe we have to wait until the end of the day tomorrow to find out if the little one decided to show off the goods.  I'm thinking boy too :-)  Can't believe you're 19 weeks already!!!  Hope you got your appt rescheduled.


aura - HI!!  Wow, 9 weeks already, woo hoo!  Sounds like both those little beans are looking great in there, and SO excited that you've graduated!!!


AFM - My back is doing good, but as I continue to grow I notice that even with the belt it's hurting.  There are certain ways I can't sit because it's too painful, but the belt really does make a HUGE difference.  I had my 3 new staff members start, and they've been in training this week, but everyone at work is starting to really freak out how close I am getting to the end, with so many new people (there's my 3 new staff members, then 1 that has less than a year in, and 1 that has this amazing experience in half of what we do, but not so much in the other half as she was specialized, and my boss is new.  It's crazy!)  I really feel like things are settling down and I'm feeling pretty good.  Motivation comes and goes, but that's OK.  I'm SO excited to meet this little one!!  But I also don't want to rush the last couple months of pregnancy since I know I'll never experience it again.

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Aura, I know... it's hard to believe that some people wouldn't feel movement as the baby gets bigger, and clue in that way.  Hope you and Renavoo don't have a heck of a lot more problems with that second storm, yikes.


Hope, sorry to hear that your back is still hurting so much. What else have you tried or can try yet, in addition to the band?  Ha ha, just looked back at my other post to you and saw the typo (next, instead of nest).  One hand typing while nursing... no wonder my upper back hurts so much sometimes!  I hope the pillows help. It was suggested to me by an occupational therapist who works with kids who have some trouble sleeping. Has to do with their proprioceptive senses, and helps themnot have that 'falling through space' sensation that can jar them during certain sleep cycles. Those early mornings are HARD, I know! 

A quick AFM: I appreciate the encouragement-- Aura and Hope, I certainly do hope that something happens naturally.  But like you say, if I have to take Clomid, then I do... I think DH would have to take 5 days off work, though, because I would worry about the side effects impacting my ability to parent well.  Ugh to those side effects.  I'm really finding that I'm going through some sentimental moments, remembering my pregnancy last year with DD.  In a good way, I mean... I'm remembering going for walks in the snowy woods down by the river, feeling my belly and thinking about her (though I didn't know I was having a girl until her birth), and feeling so connected with the earth, with life.  I found so many moments to be uplifiting and very spirtual.  Of course, towards the end, I was getting pretty uncomfortable, but oh, how much do I want to experience that one more time and add one more little munchkin to our family. You ladies will be so tired of reading my posts if I keep saying that each time, ha ha. Anyway, the fertility clinic called me this morning to say that my prolactic levels are high, which they say is likely due to the bf'ing.  I'm not surprised that it is, but I do find it interesting that even with high prolactin I still got my PPAF already. So I'm supposed to re-do the bloodwork once I'm done (or, cut down to a lot less).  So, kind of in a holding pattern, holding out hope for a natural bfp.


Hi to everyone else!

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Tenzi - does your RE want to wait until you are fully done BF'ing before you'd start anything?  Maybe i missed that above but I wouldn't think taking the drugs and BF'ing would be a good thing but who knows.  I know that they say BF'ing supposedly lowers your chances of getting a BFP but you did get AF back so who knows.  Fingers crossed for you that you get another free baby and don't have to go the drug route what-so-ever.


Hope - Glad you got some help at work and I can imagine why people are starting to freak that you are going to be going on maternity leave soon.  How much time will they give you off at your work?  Have you ever tried a chiro?  I found one that works on pregnant women in Westlake but they don't do any cracking at all it is all stretching and muscle work.  My insurance covers 12 visits a year so I'm taking advantage of it but in some ways i kinda like the mild cracking part but oh well.  PM me if you want any more info.

Aura - how was your u/s?  Hope it went well!  I can't believe you are at 9 wks already.  I'll be 19 this Sunday so i'm getting close.  Can't wait to hear how things went for you today!!!


AFM - I got my OB appt switched to tomorrow morning at 10am and then I have the big ultrasound at 2:40pm so it will be a big day,  When I called to reschedule my reg OB appt the lady said that my OB is going to be gone a lot so had to get me in this week b/c next week is not open or filled.  I'm not sure I like that at all and i plan on asking her tomorrow what is going on and if i need to be looking for a different OB.  I really need to have an OB that is around so i'm a little worried about that.  We will see tomorrow what she says.  Here is a little pic we took of Abby i was using in a little guess the gender poll - Team Pink or Team Blue??   I can't wait until tomorrow afternoon.  I have a lot going on tomorrow so at least it will hopefully make the day go by faster.  Here is the pic. 



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Blue, good luck tomorrow! I can't wait to hear! I think I checked six times this week wanting it to be Friday for you! And thanks for asking and sorry for being so absent. I'm feeling pretty good except my back has started hurting on a daily basis. I hope that doesn't get any worse, and I've been thinking about hope and her back pain. Dd has been teething terribly and/or sick almost nonstop since September so DH and I haven't had much time together, let alone time to ourselves. I feel so bad for dd! Poor little girl. I really should get a ticker, like you requested, lol, but I just haven't felt like messing with my siggy. I think it might be slightly OCD of me, but that's my load to carry I think. Blush. Anyway, we're 21 weeks now and just in the last two days his kicks have gotten much stronger. Ysterday I felt one from the outside, but DH and dd haven't caught any yet. I'm excited for that! Other than my back I actually feel pretty good, which is really nice. I am not sure I got that last time. Oh oh, dd waking up, gotta run. Love to you ladies!
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