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Aura, thanks for those kind words.  Yes, I really feel sad about the whole loss of the friendship... and I'm with you-- even with having IF, and finding my friends all around me getting pregnant, it really hurt and I dealt with it privately.. yet I would still send off congratulatory notes, etc. because even though I wanted to be pregnant also, and even felt jealous/envious at times, I still didn't let that get in the way of wishing someone and their baby well. If it had involved my best friend, I would have been honest and discussed it, even if I had to say, "I'm sorry I just can't be around you right now because it hurts too much".  I'm not sure what my gut is saying right now, about contacting her or not... I'm just mulling it over some more.  Trying to find a way to be at peace, at any rate.  Wow, another milestone for you-- dropping the meds!  I was nervous as well, but they really do know what they are doing.  Is it kind of surreal, knowing you have two little babes in their?  Can't wait to hear how your appointment goes!

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Hi ladies, I don't have much time but I just wanted to let you guys know that I am thinking of you!

Hope, hug2.gif I am so so so so sorry for your loss. I'm also SO incredibly angry at the system for letting that disgusting person out so that he could hurt more people. Your cousin's DH and child are in my thoughts. I'm so heartbroken for all of you and so sad for the baby who will be missing out on having a wonderful mother.


Tenzi, I remember that story about your friend and I'm so sorry :o( I wish I could tell you what to do. You know, i have a husband/wife friend who also stopped contacting me. I didn't think they were trying so I don't think that it was because they were faced with infertility (I have no idea if they are dealing with that! I know they were waiting to try until after she finished her schooling). They didn't come to my baby shower and then from then on, I just haven't heard from them besides a facebook "congrats". I haven't really reached out either. I guess this just made me more thankful of the friends that I do have and I just thought to myself that I wish them well and moved on. But they live relatively far away from me so I didn't see them often even when we were close so it's a different story than yours.


Hope, so close!! I'm so excited for you! This pain will all be worth it in the end. haha I didn't used to believe it but I can't remember anymore the annoyances of pregnancy. I just look at my little ones and I am so happy that I think, I could get pregnant again. But alas, we are done.


Vegan, oh I'm so sorry your baby has to go through so much so young but she's lucky that you're so on top of everything! let us know if everything is fixed with this next procedure!


Blue, YAH for a boy! I'm so happy for you! He's going to be the luckiest little baby with you, DH and Abby to watch over him. Sorry about not traveling for Thanksgiving but it probably is better to be safe than sorry. And, you get to miss out on all the nasty traffic!


Keria, Congrats on the new home and store! The picture of Oliver made me crack out loud! SO ADORABLE!


RCR, I have to go check in and see how you're doing!! Your cycle is soon, right? Argh, I wanted to follow you all through and I've just been swamped. :o( I'm thinking of you though!


AFM, Busy as all heck and not in a good way. Work is crazy- just got back from my first business trip away from the babies which was so hard. Only to come back to work and have to work late into the night and during weekends. I'm ready for a career change! But I feel better after getting some sleep- I don't sleep well while traveling so I ended up only sleeping 2-2.5 hours a night while away. Now that I've gotten 3 days of around 4-5 hours of sleep, I feel positively refreshed. haha. 


I haven't really had time to take photos of my babies besides the occasional snapshot but here are a couple of ones. Is anyone else sad that their babies are growing so fast?








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argh, hit the submit button accidently. Anyway, just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you ladies a lot even if i can't sign on and type! BIG HUGS!!!


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Renavoo, oh.my.gosh.SO CUTE!  Yeah, it's sad that they grow up so fast... everytime Raya outgrows an item of clothing and I pack it away, the moment is tinged with a bit of that feeling and also one of surprise-- how does the time go by so fast?!!!  How is the nanny situation, is it all working out for you?  So nice to hear from you, I miss you on here!  But I totally understand how you are so busy.  I honestly don't know how you can function.  I didn't get much sleep the last couple of nights, and it's so rough on me... You must really have to like your job, to put in so many hours.  I think that makes a big difference-- I remember when I was getting close to the end of my job, before I went back to school, I was so ready to be done-- and even a regular work day was brutal!

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quick question ladies... did anyone have any spotting when they stopped progesterone?  i took my last dose on thursday and was fine.... but today i had brown spotting and light cramping.  the spotting was a full wipe's worth, but stopped immediately and hasn't come back.  the cramping also stopped.  i also absolutely overdid it this weekend... went into the city to look at strollers with a friend and ran all over the place.  also went food shopping with my mom today for thanksgiving (which is a multi hour affair) and i did a lot more lifting than i should have. 


should i be worried? i read online that it can happen and i'm trying to reassure myself, but any bleeding is scary.  especially this close to the holidays.


thanks for any advice!

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aura, i don't like to speak for someone else, but, I just feel so bad that you are having to worry about this-- but, I remember Renavoo having some spotting-- maybe on a couple of occassions early on-- and she was told it was quite a common thing to happen.  Were you able to contact your doctor's office just the same, to get some reassurance-- or do you have to wait until tomorrow?

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Vegan/Tenzin/aura/rena - Thank you so much.  It was a rough weekend, but I was amazed at the turnout.  She was well loved. 


Tenzin - I'm so sorry about the friendship.  I can imagine that you're very torn between reaching out to her and not.  Here is where you really have to look at your heart and see what it wants you to do, then follow it.  I know that is easier said than done, but if you keep thinking about it and thinking about it and thinking about it (and not being mad), then maybe you should reach out, and if she doesn't respond then you know where she stands, you know you did what was right, and you can wash your hands of it.


aura - how did the appt go? I did not spot this time around when I came off of progesterone, but I did have 2 spotting incidents during my first pregnancy and they freaked me out.  Are you RH negative by any chance?  I am RH negative; the first time they did an u/s and said I had irritation, probably from sex/overdoing it.  The second time I don't remember what they said, but they decided to give me my rhogam shot early because of it, and I didn't have any more spotting incidents (the second time was at 17 weeks).  It could be just a tender uterus due to the over activity.  I'd call if you haven't already ~ better safe than sorry.  They can check it out and see if it's just something that is irritated.


rena - They are SO adorable!!!  Wow, it sounds like things have been really crazy for you!!!  How is the nanny situation going?


AFM - not much else going on.  Looking forward to a small thanksgiving this year, it'll be us, DH's mom and my mom, although my dad will probably be there long enough to eat and then go back home (he's on meds right now that make him SO sick).  Going to try to work more on the nursery this weekend, so fingers crossed that we'll get some stuff done.

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hope, i'm actually RH positive, so i don't think that had anything to do with it?  i forgot i did also have a pap smear on friday, but i had some red spotting shortly after the pap so i assumed the sunday spotting was unrelated... but it was brown blood so maybe due to that?  i think because it timed so precisely with coming off the crinone that i couldn't think of anything else?


renavoo, seriously, those babies are delicious! i love the photos!


i called the dr today they didn't really know what to tell me.  they told me to keep an eye on it, and to let them know immediately if there is any more spotting.  they also said if i wanted i could go get an ultrasound done, so i scheduled one for wednesday morning before work.  it was the earliest appt i could get without having to miss work (i'm going to have appts every two weeks and will be spending a lot of time out of the office).  i haven't had any spotting since, although i did have a moment of panic this morning where i took one more dose of crinone.  i figure it can't HURT.  i'll have the ultrasound wednesday just to check on things, and then an early glucose test next thursday and my nuchal test on friday.  


i am going to try to take it easy this thanksgiving, which is impossible, really.  dh is offering his help, as is my sister and my father in law.  but i know i'll be running around since i do most of the cooking.  i have to remind myself that the babies are more important.

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Oh i could just scream!!!!!!!!  I just wrote this long response to everyone and an AFM and i was about to post a pic and i lost it all.   So frustrating after all that typing.  Here we go again but it might be shorter so sorry if i miss you.


Aura - i have heard of spotting after stopping.  I'm glad to hear it was brown and not red.  Red is when you for sure need to worry.  How was your OB appt or when is it?


Tenzi - sorry to hear about the friend drama.  Not sure what to do. You could try and be the bigger friend and send her a private message but then again it has to sting that she never contacted you either.  Hard one!


Hope - i'm so sorry to hear about your family death.  Broke my heart!!!!  Keep you all in my thoughts and prayers esp this thanksgiving season.  <hugs>


Renavoo - love the new pics.  So cute. They have such expressive eyes.


Vegan - how is your little one doing now after the last surgery?  I hope better.


Tear - how are you?


Belly, Kewpie, Keria, Lyndi - how are you all doing?


HI to everyone i missed.  Still mad that i lost my whole post.  Grrrrr!!!!


AFM -  I almost pasted out yesterday. It was scary!!  We were at church and i had been sitting for like 10 mins when i started to feel nauseous a bit and then i felt really warm and my ears started to close up like my hearing was going.  I leaned forward to try and get my head between my knees and that helped a little and then i started fanning myself w/ the bulletin.  I leaned over and told DH that i felt like i was going to pass out so he could catch me and not be totally freaked out which i think might have freaked him out even more... LOL.  Then people around me started to notice and my one friend sitting behind me asked DH if i was okay and he asked her if she would walk me to the ladies room.  DH knew he could do it but couldn't go in w/ me.  So she did and then i started feeling a little better but had a bad headache after and still have a little one today but feel better.  My OB wants to see me tomorrow just to check me out.  On another note.... poor little Abby had surgery today.  She has canine ear margin dermatosis (which basically is a big word for dry flaky ear tips).  Anyways, one area split open and has become a bleeding ulcer and we have been treating it for weeks now and it's not going away so the vet put her under and took a biopsy today to try and determine what is going on and make sure it's nothing else.  Poor girl has stitches and everything.  I have to take her back tomorrow afternoon for a dressing change and re-check.  She is sleeping soundly now on my lap, so that is good. I'll post a pic of how pathetic she looks w/ her ear bandaged, but we still love that cute little face. 




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Thanks for all the words around the friend situation... I'm going to continue to sit on it for awhile and think more about what I'll do.  If she announces on FB, that will mean I will need to make a decision then. 


Blue, 20 weeks!!!!  Sorry to hear about the near-fainting episode.  I know of someone who had that happen to them a few times during pregnancy-- well, she actually did faint completely, in the grocery store and places like that, and people would call an ambulance for her... But it nothing serious each time-- it was just what happened with her during pregnancy (happened to her for both of them).  Hopefully this is a one-time thing for you!  Poor Abby... That girl has had a few things over the past year, hasn't she.  Musn't be easy on the pocketbook, but pets are so precious, aren't they.  You do what you have to do to take care of them. Let us know what the doc says about you and the near-fainting, and the vet about her ear thingy!

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Hi ladies! 

Just checking in quickly. i just got in from work so I'm fairly exhausted.

Aura, I had some bleeding early on. The doctor said it was completely normal and that I should keep watch over it. The last episode was at 11 weeks, while traveling for business. After that episode, i stopped flying. No more bleeding after that and everything is fine :o)


Blue, OH poor Abby! But that face. haha she is just so cute and I just want to nibble on her nose! I hope you don't have another one of those episodes! It must have been scary but I think it's completely normal for women to have fainting episodes when pregnant. I'm glad you're getting it checked out though! Let us know how it goes.


Tenzi, I think it's a good plan to take everything as it comes, in regards to your friend. She's definitely missing out though; so, no matter what happens, just remember that! I feel so happy to have you as one of my confidants on this site. By the way, the nanny is great although I still have residual feelings of jealousy, of course. But I really like the nanny and she loves the babies so that's all that matters. I'm quite happy although I wish I didn't have to work as much as I do and could, therefore, spend more time with my babies.


Hope, yah to a relaxing Thanksgiving and getting the nursery fixed up! That's such an exciting, fun time. Is your DD going to help? 


Ok, time to pump and then feed the babies and then sleep! Big hugs everyone. I can't wait until work slows down so I can spend more time with you ladies!




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By the way, in case I don't have time to check in before, HAVE A WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!!! blueman.gif

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


Blue, sorry to hear about the fainting episode.  So much is going on in our bodies, it totally makes sense.  Was it hot in there?  So weird!  Also, poor little Abby!  That pup has gone through a lot and is lucky to have such a diligent parent.  That ear cast is the cutest thing ever!  Give her a kiss for us!


I had another small brown blood spotting incident this morning.  I am glad I'm going for an ultrasound this morning!  It will be nice to see the babies, I hope everything is okay.  I also emailed Dr T because my OB said she had never heard of anyone spotting while coming off of progesterone.  I know the internet is not the best for medical advice, but there are thousands of women who report having the same spotting when stopping.  It must be a thing, right?  I don't think it's related to overexertion?  I baked a bourbon pumpkin cheesecake and my grandmother's apple cake last night, but DH lifted anything heavy and cleaned up, so it was really not that hard.  Hrm. 

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I had heavy red bleeding with the twins at about 10 weeks and it lasted for like 2 weeks and those silly little almost 2 year olds and sleeping peacefully as we speak. Hope that helps. Let us know how it goes.
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aura, thinking of you!!!

I'm starting to swell, and it's bringing up some serious panicky anxiety feelings from last time. I dot NOT want to be preeclamptic again! redface.gif
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all is well!  i saw the babies this morning and they are just fine.  heartbeats are both around 150 now, and they are BIG!  baby a is measuring three days ahead, and baby b is SIX days ahead.  baby a was moving all over the place.  i don't know why, but i never realized that babies that small could move that much.  they moved like... real babies?  i guess in my head i still think of them as cells, not as independently moving creatures.  


tear, sorry about the swelling!  is it one part of you in particular or all parts?  just take care of yourself.  


mom, i can't imagine how scary all that bleeding must have been.  i wish our bodies would be kinder to us!  so far the bleeding has stopped, and has only been brown, so my panic attacks aren't at full throttle.


and again, happy thanksgiving everyone!

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aura, I'm so relieved! The swelling is in my hands (I had to remove my wedding ring) and my legs/ankles. It's not extreme yet, but uncomfortable and very familiar. I hope that's all it is, and not foreshadowing for a repeat experience.

afm - two years ago today we got our bfp phonecall while visiting Carlyle in California. I was in tears this morning with gratitude and love. We're so thankful for our little girl!!! And now we have our little boy coming. I just feel so grateful, and I hope that all our IVF ladies graduate to here!!!
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okay ladies, sorry to bombard you with questions.


looks like i have a yeast infection (blech).  i believe this is what has caused the spotting, or at least, it seems likely from what i've read online.  my dr's office doesn't seem to be open today, nor will they be open on the weekend.  it's not an "emergency" so i feel bad calling the emergency line.  from what i have read online, it seems like most drs say you can use monistat 7.  other sites say it's safe after the first trimester.  i will be 12 weeks on sunday.  so... what do i do????

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aura, I would call if you're going to use medication. That's just me. Usually the emergency line asks why you're calling before they page the doc, so they can decide how quickly to call you back. Just my 2cents. I would feel guilty too but want to call, so hopefully that helps you feel better about it. smile.gif
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Aura- I don't know much about yeast infections so I'm prob not going to be much help unfortunately. I'd probably call the on call line as well just to be safe and I'm sure the on call dr would rather have you call today than tomorrow. You can just say you didn't know what to do and bc of the long weekend you felt it would be better to call. Let us know what you find out.
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