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Hi ladies.  Well, it's 2 am and I am wide awake because 1) I had to pee, 2) I am dying of thirst,  3) extreme nausea, and 4) I am having a mild panic attack from our news yesterday.  I decided to come downstairs so I don't bother DH, he has been up with DD the last 2 nights since I have been so tired.  Nights are always the worst for me in terms of panic attacks.  When there is nothing else to occupy my mind it can really wander.  I might just watch some TV and then go back to bed when everyone else is getting up :(


We plan on telling the families that we are expecting today, but I am debating not telling them it's twins.  I really haven't had time to process the news myself, and I am so fragile about it I am not sure if I am ready.  It would probably help to have their support, but I have so much fear about the situation I feel like holding it in until I figure it out (or I explode). 


Tenzi, you are right.  My friend who is prego right now is also worried about her first.  It is probably a very normal reaction and in my case amplified by expecting 2 little ones, all the hormones, and my natural tendancy to worry too much!!!


Luckily DH will be up in a couple hours.  I feel like I really need his help to calm me down again. 


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Belly, grouphug.gif

i think that it's a great idea to hold in any piece of info that you're not comfortable with. Only tell people when you're ready for them to know!! I hope that your DH is able to make you feel better when he wakes up. Wait, forget that, I hope that you're back asleep by now :o)


By the way, I think that you should get used to getting up often, if your life becomes anything like mine. I still get up 2 to 3 times a night to pee and to eat because of the nausea. Sigh. I LOVE food but i have to say...I'm really tired of eating. haha I tell some of my friends who know that and they stare at me like I'm insane because they know how much I love food.


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Belly Congratualtions! I wouldn't worry about the little ones measuring a bit behind at this point they are tiny and just a milimiter could throw the measurements off.


Take all the time you need to process it. It is BIG news. Very few people know we did IVF and I'm ok with that. I did get asked a few times if I used fertility drugs I lied and said no and that was it.


DId you tell your DD she is going to be a big sister? I'm going to guess TWO GIRLS for you since we don't have any of those yet and I think three little girls would be the cutest thing ever.

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You are welcome and they are definitely relaxing! Always thinking good thoughts for you!
Originally Posted by BellyBean View Post

Bungalow, congratulations!!!!  I think twin boys sound fantastic!!!!  I have a friend with twin boys and they are like little best buds!  If all goes well tomorrow (for me) we will both be announcing some fun news tomorrow!!  Congratulations again :)


Keria, great news about your little ones.  I can't imagine what it's like to have 2 babies in there, I loved feeling/watching DD move!


Deborah, thanks for the ideas!  I am willing to try pretty much anything and the footbaths sound relaxing too!


AFM, I wrote on the other thread too, but I think I have terrible heartburn right now.  I say "think" because I have never had it before.  I am hoping it is a good sign for tomorrow's ultrasound...I don't think I can wait another second, but it is still about 24 hours out.  DH is going to try to join me, but his job is really demanding so I am not sure if he'll be able to get away.  It doesn't bother me if he can't make it, it might be kind of fun to have a secret I get to tell him :)  Please everyone think good thoughts for me tomorrow, I am scared to death!


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Belly- Congrats on the twinsies! Easier said than done, but stressing is not going to help both beans stick around. Maybe watch a feel-good movie or something. That's what I do when I can't get myself in a good place emotionally.

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haha Keria, that is too funny! i love your predictions. I think 3 girls would be the cutest thing ever although poor DH would be horribly outnumbered. haha my aunt had 4 boys and she was always outnumbered but they always bowed down to her. as it should be!


Belly, i hope you're feeling better now! By the way, I have the worst heartburn ever too. i have to eat smaller meals every time because otherwise, my heartburn kicks up, which annoys the heck out of me. I'm the worst with GI upset. I would self medicate with pepto all the time to get rid of nausea or heartburn. Sadly, i can't take pepto anymore and that makes me want to cry. haha not really but still, I remember how effective it is! ah...


Hope everyone is doing well :o)


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Lol rena yeah that's a lot of estrogen, I was thinking that I would dress them all matchy matchy until they wouldn't let me anymore. Anyways boys or girls it's all great.


I'm officially in the third tri which is amazing but I'm starting to get pretty uncomfortable. Sleeping is becoming pretty  hard. Everything hurts and even switching sides makes me feel like I just ran a marathon. Other than that I'm excited to see my babies tomorrow and see how they are growing. Both have been moving  a lot my you can see my belly  moving on the outside pretty much all the time which is pretty fun. Now I can poke them and they poke me back. DH does not like me to poke them he says he is going to start poking me in the middle of the night and see how I like it lol.

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Keira, yay for the 3rd trimester!!!  I was always so conflicted about poking DD.  I loved the response, but I didn't want to make her mad either :)  Let's just say, more often than not, I couldn't resist :)


Renavoo, what day is your next u/s?  I am 7 weeks today, so that makes you 9 weeks.  IMO 9 weeks is pretty much past the danger zone, so I am sure you are feeling great about your little ones.


Kewpie, how are you doing??  How was your week with DH?


Bungalow, Deborah, all, how are you doing?


AFM, we have our next u/s on Wednesday.  My part time job doesn't even cover the weekly costs of u/s, bloodwork, and drugs, so I am looking forward to being released to the OB.  I think I'll call them tomorrow to see if they want to see me sooner since it's twins.  I have been reading A TON on twins this weekend, especially the tough parts of having an older sibling.  I think the best case for us, would be boy/girl twins (which is the most likely at 50%).  I always wanted boy/boy twins, but girl/girl would definetely be the worst.  Although it would be super cute, from what I have read twin of the same sex are often very close and might exclude DD from their activities.  (and girls can be pretty mean)  I know as a parent I have to manage that, but I think it would be easiest if there was a girl that might enjoy girly things with DD, and then the boy/girl twins would also have a special bond.  Something I didn't think about until reading up was the room situation.  We only have 1 spare room right now, and a lot of people recommend having everyone have their own room to cut down on jealousy...or maybe let DD decide if she wants to share.  We could do that later on, by dividing the bonus room into 2 rooms (no more playroom/DH football room).  I also realized we don't have 5 seats at our dining room table although the highchairs would work for a while.  Oh, and we will need a minivan, but I have been dreaming of one for a while :) 


Also, I have been reading a bunch on breastfeeding twins.  My goal is to make it to 38 weeks.  I am not sure if that is possible, but I think that would really help with breastfeeding, and a vaginal delivery would be amazing!  I guess it's pretty normal for twins to take several weeks to learn how to breastfeed properly.  It was my favorite bonding thing with DD, I just hope we have a chance to do it this time.  I was so sad when DD self weaned, but I *knew* I'd get another chance.  I had a hard time pumping last time, so I'll have to get a hospital grade pump and really focus on making sure we have plenty of milk in the freezer.


I also wonder if I will be able to keep working part time.  It really does keep me sane and the money helps.  I can't ask MIL to watch 3 kids under 3, so maybe I can alter my work hours so it's only 1 day of child care (otherwise money becomes an issue, but perhaps my sanity is worth it...)


I know...I am way ahead of myself given my RE's *assessment* last week, but I am the type that has to be overprepared.  At this point, it's the only way I can get used to the news.  I am still plenty scared...

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I worry a lot about breastfeeding I really really want to make it work. I've also read that it may take them a bit longer to get the hang of it especially if they are on the smaller side. But I'm hopeful it will work out.


I really really want a minivan, Dh hates them though also we have a good working car right now so no need for another one. Some day...


I would have thought 2 boys would be more likely to exclude a girl form their activities. I'm sure no matter what they are they'll have their own little personalities and special bond with each other and with your DD.

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keria, yah for starting the 3rd trimester!! That's so exciting! Let us know how the US goes. As for poking, I'm sure they love interacting with their mommy and it sounds like you poke them when they poke you so i think you should enjoy it. The babies must love knowing you're around and hearing your voice as you speak. :O)


Belly, how are you feeling? Are you feeling better about the twins? As for the type of twins you get, don't worry about the sexes. I'm sure the twins, whatever sex they are, will look up to their big sister. I feel like it's a good thing, actually, to have twins after a singleton because most of the younger kids always want to get in good with the older kid. So I'm hoping that is how things will be in your family, regardless of what the sexes are for your babies! I can't wait for your Wednesday results!


I don't have another US until week 12 so I'm kind of wondering what is happening in there. I'm hoping everything is going well! I have an ultra screen test to take this Friday but otherwise, another many weeks until I can go and get the US! The next time, they will be looking at the NT to look for risk of downs. Ugh to waiting though...haha I am so impatient. I did buy a doppler (still haven't received it yet) just because I think I'll go crazy not doing anything while waiting a month between visits!


I'm with you about work. I'm actually going to tell my boss about the pregnancy today because dh is worried about me working as much as I do. The next few weeks are going to be hard too so we would feel better telling my boss so if i need to leave early or not say, go to a client dinner after a full day meeting, he would hopefully be ok with that. Knowing my workaholic boss, he wouldn't be but hey, I'm going to try. i am still not sure what i'm going to say to him but I just think he needs to be told! But work is definitely something i'm concerned with when it comes to having children!


Kewpie and Tenzin, how are you doing?


Hope everyone is doing well!!


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Keira, now that i think about it, you might be right about boy/boy twins being more exclusive.  I guess I was thinking they would be, but DD wouldn't really be interested in playing with them either ;) and that would keep everyone "special".  But I can see how maybe they would like playing together more if there were more girls...oh and it keeps me happy cause I wont need anymore toys ;)


Both you and Renavoo are right about it working out no matter what the genders! 

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belly - Having an older sibling sure adds an extra bit of stress.  Does your daughter like babies or is she pretty indifferent?  My SIL's daughter was about 3 when the boys were born, but she adored babies and was a little mommy from the start.  I'm sure that helped.  I hope you can find a good solution.  One thing my OB recommends is to buy a gift for the older sibling "from the baby" to give the day of the birth.  No idea if that brings the new babies up a level with an older sibling or not, but it may help. 


I hope to breastfeed the twins too.  I got one of those EZ twin pillows from my brest friend.  I've heard really good things about it.  The lactation consultant who did my BFing class had twins herself and she said it helps to get the easier feeder to latch first and then work on the second.  Another tip I picked up from her is it helps to have a clip (like a safety pin or barrette) assigned to each baby on your bra strap to help remember which baby fed on which side each time so you can remember to switch them at the next feeding.  


I hear ya on being overprepared!  I'm the same way.  I have to have everything worked out WAY in advance and I think way too much about things.  rolleyes.gif


Good luck on wednesday!!!


Keria - We're debating about getting a minivan.  Our main reason for wanting one is we plan to try for a FET in a year, so it may be necessary.  Plus, it'd be easier for hauling a stroller.   We have an audi A4 and it barely fits the car seats and with a stroller in the back, we have NO room for anything else.  My DH is thinking of going the SUV route.  His thought is safety... So many decisions!


Renavoo - The time in between visits is torture!  The doppler saved my sanity so many times and I hope it works well for you.  The wait does get easier once you start to feel them regularly.  


Good luck with telling your boss.  That's always tough... Last cycle, I dreaded having that convo and of course his first question was how long I would be able to work and if it would change what I could do.  


AFM - Having DH home last week was awesome!  We got a lot done and got lots of time together.  We discussed some of my anxiety issues surrounding the birth and got that figured out.  He's the type where he likes to just see what happens and then make a decision in the moment and I need to have things figured out ahead of time.  He has certain ideas in his mind and can be very stubborn, so it felt like he had an idea of how things would go and then if something popped up, we'd address it then.  That does NOT work for me.  It took me a while to explain why I was feeling so stressed, but we got it worked out.  I was worried that we'd get in there and be able to do a vaginal birth, but I'd feel the need for an epidural and I'd have to fight him about it.  Being in labor is not the time to be arguing!  He assured me that he's not a fan of them, but if I want one, he supports it 100%.  He said we can readdress how I'm feeling every 30 minutes and just worry about those 30 minutes.  If I decide I'm ready for one, we'll do it.  That made me feel a TON better.  He's being more reasonable than I expected him to be. 


We got the crib set up completely, cleaned all the bedding, got my hospital bag packed just about completely, and we got the rest of the flat diapers sewn.  We just need plastic pants and we'll be pretty much set.  It's feeling so close now and I go through moments of panic and then it switches to "OMG I want them here now!"  


I've got pubic symphysis dysfunction and sciatica going on so I'm seeing a chiropractor for that too now.  She thinks that we can get me feeling better in 5-6 visits and we're going to bang them out every 48 hours.  I had my first adjustment today and wow am I sore.  I've been having so much trouble walking, getting dressed, sleeping and showering so I really hope this helps.  This doctor specializes in pregnancy issues and she's gotten rave reviews so I'm feeling hopeful. 


BHs are getting more frequent now.  I'm getting them around the clock.  Some of them are strong enough that I can see a rough outline of the baby lumps in there.  My next OB appt is tomorrow and I'm curious where I'm at in measurement. A little over a week ago I was measuring at 40 weeks.  Putting the pelvic and sciatic pain aside, I'm feeling pretty fantastic.   





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Belly- I get to have every symptom in the book. I know it's a good thing, but it's not particularly comfortable.

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Kewpie - so good to read that you and DH got so much done last week when he was off and that you talked about how you were feeling about the epidural and all. That has to be a huge weight off your shoulders.  Yay for 31 weeks you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!  Can't wait to see a pic of those babes in your arms!!!!


Renavoo - how did it go telling your boss today?  I was thinking of you all day and sending you good thoughts that it went better than expected!!!  So have you only had one u/s now and your next is at 12 wks is that right? 


Belly - 2 more sleeps until your next u/s!!!!!!  Yay!!  Hoping and praying everything goes well!!!


Keria - I could totally see how a mini-van would be so good with twin especially b/c most of them now a-days have the automatic opening doors when you push a button on the key thing.  That would make it a lot easier when you have groceries and 2 babes in tow!!!  HOpe it works out for you.


Bungalowmama- what is going on with you?  What is next?  Hope all is well!!!


Deborah - what is next for you?  Another appt soon?


Lyndi - you on here at all??


Hope i didn't miss anyone else, I was jut kinda going from memory (which isn't the best) and the last page.   Love being able to stalk you all and keep up to date!!!!







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I have my 7 week ultrasound a week from Thursday.

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Blue nice to see you :)


Kewpie Dh wants an SUV as well, but we have to get our house first then the car. Right now we have a corolla and I don't  think I can fit back there with the babies once the car seats are  installed.

I'm impressed with everything you've done. I'm glad you and your DH figured the epidural thing out.


Quick update on the u/s before I go to sleep. I think something was off with the machine last time. Today little girl measured one day ahead and little boy measured 5 days ahead that is way more consistent with all the other ultrasounds we have had.   The doc did the doppler thing and both babies and placentas have great bloodflow everywhere. Both babies are head down which is awesome. I passed my GD test but I'm a bit anemic so I have to take some Iron pills.


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Keria - Fantastic news about the u/s!!!  I bet that was such a relief!  I can understand wanting to go for the house first.  We would be doing the same if our house out west would sell.  We put it on the market in the beginning of 08 right before the housing bubble burst and we weren't willing to take a huge loss on it considering we've owned it since 01 and have done a ton of renovations on it.  So, there it sits 2500 miles away and empty.  I bet now is a great time to buy.  Good luck in finding the perfect one!


AFM - Well, I've got just about the weirdest thing going on this last week.  Only my right foot and ankle are swelling.  My hands and left foot all are normal.  It doesn't matter if I'm sitting with both feet down or laying on either side, just that one foot swells.  I did some quick google searches and it can mean a blood clot or preeclampsia but usually you have an extreme swelling change and tenderness in the calf and thigh.  This pretty much comes and goes and I have no tenderness, so I'm not too worried, just confused.  I do have my OB appt in the AM and I will mention it and see what they say.  My body comes up with the weirdest things to do sometimes...


I am in so much pain after my adjustment today.  She warned me I might and I'm glad she did or I'd wonder what she did to me.  I grunt when I stand and I take 6 minutes to walk to the kitchen and forget putting on clothes... Good thing it's just DH and me at home or this could be really bad.  Only a week or so more of this till I feel better.  




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Blue- yes im on here but mainly stalking everyone!! I glad you are able to get your testing done even though tests are never fun!! Maybe you will get some answers!!

Its crazy to me how many twin pregnancies we have on here but very exciting as well!! Im keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

AFM- Im still on bedrest. But modified bedrest so I can do somethings but still very boring. I have been getting shots once a week to curve the contractions and we should finally find out thursday what we r having. They couldnt tell last time. This one we are paying for to find out the sex but if they cant figure it out then we dont have to pay which is nice!! I will update as soon as I know!! joy.gif
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Kewpie, It'll take a week before you feel better? oh my gosh, poor you!! i hope you get better way before then. I'm so happy you had a good time with dh...it also sounds like that time was very stress relieving, which is wonderful. It's also great that you and he had decided that you will get an epidural if needed. I'm curious because i think Keria also said that DH doesn't want you to get a epidural either...why is that? My dh is gung ho about me getting an epidural if needed because he says he wants me in the least pain possible (I'm such a baby). I know there are some risks involved in getting an epidural but I don't think I realized so many people were against it. i'm curious why (and whether i need to be more brave and try to forgo it!) I love looking at your little countdown, by the way...You're so close!! YAH!


keria, YAH for a great US. I think that you felt that it was nothing anyway so I'm so glad that things are continuing to go well with the little babies.


Blue, I love seeing you here! Actually the talk with my boss went well. He thought I was there to quit first though...the look of panic on his face was priceless. I actually felt bad! But anyway, I told him i wasn't quitting but i was pregnant and he looked genuinely happy for me. I then told him i was carrying twins and then he looked really happy...he has twins himself and he said that if I ever want to talk to him wife about the experience i should let him know. Basically, it all seemed good and he said he would be understanding if I had doctor's visits or if I wasn't feeling well but i'm reserving my happiness until I actually need to hit him up for some time off or whatever. That'll come on the 12th when i won't be going to dinner with clients after an all day meeting...we'll see how he takes it. haha he's a great guy and i like him a lot but he really is a workaholic!


Belly, so excited about your US!!


Lyndi, awww i'm so happy you checked in. i can't wait until you can tell us what sex your babies are! I hope that you're no longer experiencing the bleeding. Did you kick that awful doctor to the curb? By the way, i echo your comment about the twins. haha i thought that we all had a 25% chance of getting twins with these procedures but it looks like we're beating those odds. I'm still a little in shock about the idea of twins but I get happier and happier because, well, that's it for me :o) No more worrying about getting pregnant and stuff. DH and I wanted two kids anyway. So if everything goes well, we would be done after these little babies come!


Belly, I know you're feeling better about the idea of  twins too and I can't wait until your US so you feel better telling your family! Here's hoping you hear two nice, strong heartbeats!!


Big hugs, ladies!

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lyndi - Hello bedrest buddy!  I'm sorry you're having to be on bedrest.  It does get old fast.  I hope they are able to tell what you're having next time!  SO exciting!


Renavoo - My DH is against it because it *can* cause the pushing phase of labor to be longer cause the mother can't feel which muscles to use.  With it being longer, it can cause fetal distress.  That's his big concern.  We've talked to 3 different OBs now and they all say it's a possibility, but it's pretty rare (the fetal distress part)  That made him feel better about it because he was thinking it happened all the time.  


That's AWESOME that your boss is so supportive.  Not all bosses are and I think that's sad.  I hope the support continues even when you need to hit him up for time off or something.  I'm thanking the stars that I'm not working this pregnancy.  I was last one and it sucked and I don't know how I would have done it this time.  I'm a homebody and prefer to be home doing domestic-type things anyway, so it doesn't bother me at all.  DH fully supports it as well, so it works.


Blue - Hello stalker!  I love seeing you around!


AFM - Had my OB appt this morning and things are still looking good.  My fundal height is still the same as last time, but he said that's normal and that I'm probably growing more outward now.  Judging by how I feel while sitting in the tub, I'm not surprised.  It's getting difficult to work the drain and knobs without help.  I talked to him more about the birth and we talked a little about our wanting to go for vaginal if at all possible so I can get pregnant again in a year without worry of rupturing.  He said that all the doctors at the practice are BIG supporters of vaginal births and see c-sections as a last resort.  He said that all the doctors are very comfortable doing breech births as well as long as the first baby is head down.  Liam is my first baby and he has been head down the entire pregnancy with the exception of 1 week.  So, I'm am feeling really good about the possibility of going vaginal.  The last few weeks have gone so smoothly and DH and I are seeing eye to eye on things and it feels too good to be true. haha


On the pain front, I woke up this morning feeling a LOT better.  She said it'd probably take about a week to feel a difference, but I feel it now which is so awesome.  I see her again in the morning and on friday for more adjustments and if I feel this good after the first, I'm excited to see how I feel this weekend! 


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