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SSB and Deborah - I said it on the ONE grads thread too, but congrats!!! 


vireoes - I hated that feeling in the first trimester, never having me time on top of feeling really tired.  I hope you are feeling more human!!


SSB - I didn't have that experience.  I was released once we had a heartbeat which was nice, except then my OB didn't see me until like 10 or 11 weeks, which sucked.


aura - I am so glad that you met your new OB and that you love him!  He sounds great :-)  I did not have any of the things you mentioned, but I am only pregnant with 1, so maybe twins makes a difference? Did you end up going to a 3d place?


Bucket - Welcome and congrats!!!  I don't know if I would say I had a hard time adjusting, just a hard time believing.  I'm 39w2d and still can't hardly believe that I'm pregnant and about to have a baby.  This is #2 for us, but we struggled with both primary and secondary IF due to severe MFI.


Vegan - 3 months already?  Where has the time gone???!!!  I hope I'm as lucky as you and this one is easier ha ha. 


rena - They are so stinking adorable, I just want to eat them up :-)


Tenzin - Sounds like you had a great time!  Nope, no baby yet.  I've heard of people taking it for IUI, but no experience since we go right to IVF due to severe MFI.


blue - I can't believe you're 26 weeks already!  That's AWESOME!!!  We also own a house like that, and it is a constant struggle to clean up the mess they left.  *sigh*  I hope it turns out easier for you.


SSB - Yeah for getting close to the end of the first trimester!!!  I LOVED grapefruit in my first trimester too for some reason... funny.


AFM - 39w2d.  Still pregnant LOL.  I'm surprised, but this little one can bake just as long as he/she needs to.  (but I can't wait to meet him/her!).  I have an OB appt today, so I'm curious to see what she says.  I am, admittedly, ready.  Sleep seems to be a thing of the past, I lie in bed exhuasted, but just toss and turn and get up to pee every 5 mins.  Once I'm finally asleep it starts all over again a couple hours later when I have to get up to pee again.  Ahhh, the joys of the tail end of a pregnancy ~ but I'll take it any day.  And when I'm laying there at night?  I put my hands on my tummy and enjoy the feel of the baby moving (although the movements have slowed down lately).  I'm loving every last minute, even the uncomfortable ones :-)

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I'm just realizing that I don't know if I gave a big hearty welcome and congrats to vireos, SSB, Bucket and Deborah!  I wish I could say I have pregnancy brain, but nope, I'm just sleep deprived. 


Hope, it will be soon... I love the image of you holding your hand on top of your belly... I remember doing that, awwwwww... sniff, sniff.


Laura, are you checking in from time to time?  Thinking of you and wondering how you are doing.


Not much going on in my world, other than spending a few days at home after the excitement of the holidays (the kids' schedules are off) and I'm trying to get some things organized.  I've got another class starting on the 11th. DD has been getting a bit more formula the last couple of weeks, as DH has tried to give me a couple hours of extra sleep... I kind of feel guilty about it, because there is no other reason why I can't let her have the boob. But then I kind of feel relieved, because she has this tendency to knead my boob with her arm that is tucked under, on the side-- it is driving me crazy because it hurts (no matter how many times I cut her fingernails, they seem to grow back the next day). I've now got to tuck my shirt a certain way, which of course she doesn't like, so she squirms in protest... I LOVED breastfeeding DS, and with DD, I don't love it as much. She's really distracted with DS around, so I now have to go into a secluded room with her, and then he ends up barging in-- I'm now trying this because she ends up 'snacking' so much, she isn't filling her tummy and that might be why she doesn't sleep as long as she should during naps and is waking up so much at night. She's growing well, doesn't seem to have any issues with being given formula, so I'm really glad about that.  I guess I feel guilty because DS never had formula at all, and it seems like I'm not putting in as much effort with DD, if that makes any sense... The joy of mommy guilt. 

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Thanks Hope and Tenzins!

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deborah - glad everything looks good!


hope - thank you so much! I'm so glad you're enjoying the last part of your pregnancy. I'm sending lots of good thoughts to you and baby.


TenzinsMama - thank you!! I hope the changes with DD let you get some more much needed sleep. I wish you didn't feel guilty about it, from what I've read you sound like a wonderful, caring mama.



AFM - not much going on. Still having the same symptoms, along with waking up several times a night to pee. From what I've read this only gets worse as time goes on (makes sense), so I think I can say goodbye to a full night's sleep for a long time! Oh, well. Still very worth it of course.

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I am 23 weeks along after having done IVF this summer. My first daughter was conceived through IVF a couple years ago.  As I talk to more and more people about my pregnancy, I am getting asked if we did IVF.  Although I wasn't reluctant to say so last time, I am feeling less willing to discuss our exact conception.  How do others handle this?  Do you mind telling others? And if you wish to avoid it, do you have a polite way of responding.  


The one thing I do like about saying we conceived though IVF is that others sometimes say the same.  And I do like breaking the silence around fertility issues.  Yet I am not always in the mood for it. In many ways, my pregnancy seems like any other at this point. However, when I do have difficult pregnancy symptoms (and I've had a lot of nausea and still do), I tell myself that we are lucky to be pregnant. It's amazing how IVF can bring such gratitude. (I didn't feel that way while doing injections.)

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Deborah, I can't recall-- did you do acupuncture this time around?


SSB, thank you for your kind words... means a lot! 


Splashing, hi there!  I was thinking of you just yesterday!!!  Wondering how far along you are, and how you are feeling.  I'm sorry to hear that nausea has been bothersome... Hopefully it abates soon!

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I've been somewhat open that we had to do IVF. I find a lot of people tell me about struggles they have been through and it has made me feel a bit less alone in my struggle with infertility. While going through it, you just see the pregnant bellies all around you and think everyone else has it so easy. And though it mostly is the case, it's not entirely. But I still don't tell everyone. And I find I am more willing to talk about it now that my baby is here than even when I was still pregnant. 


Hope: I'm so excited for you to meet your little one! I'm going to be stalking this thread, waiting for an announcement. :-) And I hope #2 is easier for you too. I think it will be. You just cannot get nearly as stressed about a baby pooping in public or crying after you've dealt with your first wailing away for a couple yrs. LOL. 


I went to a lactation weight check thing today. They weigh your little one and then everyone sits around nursing and eating cookies. :-) It's a nice gathering. Aria was the tiny one when we started going at 10 days old. Now I am always shocked at how tiny the new ones there are compared to my baby! She weighed 12lbs 3 oz today - up almost 5 lbs since birth! It's insane how fast the newborn period goes!

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Tenzins- Yes, I did. I did it with the IVF that resulted in the boys too. Also, I am still doing it for nausea and pain.

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hey all... sorry I have no time for personals today, but I have read up! I'll try to get back on later today and catchup with you all.


Today is Maisie and Liam's first birthday!




Liam was born first at 6 pounds 9 oz. Maisie was born 11 minutes later at 6 pounds




Maisie likes bananas, stuffing, bread, chowders, watergate, and macaroni. She loves to walk, pat her brother on the head, her stuffies, and dancing. She dislikes being tired, hungry, and when Liam steals a toy.




Liam likes bananas, spaghetti, BBQ hotdogs, watergate, milk, actually any food… He loves to give kisses, his sister, anything that makes noise, cars, lights, and being tickled and bounced. He dislikes being tired or when his eye is hurting.




Happy birthday!

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Kewpie, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! I can't believe it has been a year. It's been amazing being able to watch them grow. And I love your little overview of their likes and dislikes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Liam and Maisie!


Will come back later for other personals! Babies are crying.

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OMG time flies HAPPY 1st birthday Liam and Maisie, you two r way too cute!
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Wow Kewpie- A year already! What is watergate in the context of food? AFM- I have a big ol' baby belly already. 


This was yesterday at 5 weeks, 6 days along (the second one says 5 weeks and 4 days because I was confused yesterday).














Last year with the boys:



7 weeks 3 days






13 weeks 3 days




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Thanks renavoo and momtoalexis!


Deborah - watergate is a dessert my mom used to make and now I make it too.  It's 2 pkgs pistachio pudding, 2 small tubs of cool whip, 2 cans of mandarine oranges, 1 package of colored marshmellows.  You just mix and chill.  It's really quite good.  I make it for christmas and the babies sure loved it.


I can sure see a difference in your pictures.  How exciting!

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Mmmm. I'd have to find some way to make it Deborah-friendly, but boy does that sound good.

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Kewpie, what a wonderful year it has been!  The babies are beautiful and I love how their personalities have formed.  You must be so proud! 


Vegan, three months!  That lactation meeting sounds wonderful, what a fun experience! 


Splashing, I am pretty open about IVF.  It was such a hard road, that I feel like people should know about it.  And if there is any way I can offer comfort to someone else who is going through it, even better.  Since we're having twins, EVERYONE asks if twins run in our family.  If we simply say no, then it leads to 100 other questions.  Sometimes it's easier to just say "we did ivf".  


she said- at 18 weeks i am STILL waking up 2-4 times a night to pee.  or if it's not that, i wake up from heartburn.  or just being uncomfortable.  sleep is already a distant memory.  but the fun of being pregnant makes it all worth it!  how are you feeling otherwise?  when is your next appt?


tenzin, it must be hard to feel guilty about the breastfeeding, but at least you still have that bonding time with her.  i think with the twins i'll start out feeling what you feel with your second... how on earth do you split time equally when there is always another child that needs you?  if you figure it out, please share!  i'd be curious what other twin moms have to say about it.


hope, i'm so excited for you! i keep checking back to see if the baby is here yet! i hope you are finding comfort in these last few moments.   thinking of you!


deborah,  you've got a more impressive baby bump than i do and i'm at 18 weeks!  how exciting.


afm, still chugging along.  i've got my first consult with the peri on friday along with a cervix length check.  still feel good, just wish i felt the babies more.  and still wishing for their sexes.  i've got a one track mind!

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Aura, I just noticed that your twins' due date is the same as what DD's was (although I had the scheduled c-section on May 28).  I really enjoyed having a spring baby... I think back to how much time we spent outside, since we had the whole summer and then the fall which is a nice time of year weatherwise for us here-- and how now we spend too much time indoors because so often it is too darn cold outside even with dressing in layers and having wind protection, etc.  How have all your OB appointments been, with the new one that you really like?  Just thinking... you may have to divide your time up between the two, but, they have each other for company. I can really see how much my DD benefits from the interactions with DS, so even though I feel like I may be shortchanging her sometimes with my time and attention, he makes up for that in a nice way.  So I guess it works out.  The breastfeeding thing is tough for me, though... Take today, for example-- I was out this afternoon for an acupuncture/massage appointment, then walked the dog-- so DH gave her formula twice in a row.  I was able to nurse her after dinner, but then, before bed, DS was having a tough time and needed me just as she was getting ready to go to bed herself-- so DH gave her a bottle.  I say it's 'tough', because there is a part of me that is very relieved that I don't have to nurse her all the time.  It's like a big break sometimes.  With DS, I never felt that way at this stage.  Oh well, that's just the way it is.


Kewpie, Happy Birthday to Maisie and Liam (for yesterday). Did you have anything planned for the day, or was that this weekend?

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Thanks Aura. There is someone in my DDC from another board questioning whether people can have baby bumps at 6 weeks despite my evidence to the contrary (showed pictures). Pissed me off. I don't want to start drama so I didn't say don't be a bitch, but I really wanted to say it. LOL. I hope no one is offended by my use of language.

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Deborah, I love your bump!  And you are positively stylin' in those glasses, I might add!

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Thansk Tenzins. Now, someone from the FB group for the PAL board questioned  it too. How obnoxious are people? I do not have a round belly when not preggo. I have a thick one but not a distinctly round one. I may have to disappear. I want the support, but it's not happening right now and is only upsetting me. Thank you all for your support.

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So, I did actually read the month of posts I missed, but I won't try to reply to all of them. I am glad to see some more faces from the IVF thread!

Deborah -- I was in maternity jeans at 5 weeks along -- and this is my first pregnancy. I sympathize.

TenzinsMama, Blue, whoever else -- Thanks for wondering/worrying. I am still around and all is currently well. (See below.)

AFM -- So, yeah, I am sorry for just vanishing for a month. I woke up at about 6:30 the Thursday after Thanksgiving (13w1d) bleeding profusely and leaking fluid. An ultrasound later that day verified that the baby was "happily oblivious", but I was, needless to say, really freaked out. I kept bleeding/spotting off and on for the next 3 weeks or so. I was put on bedrest (which I was released from a couple of weeks ago) and had weekly checks. For whatever reason, I couldn't deal with baby stuff at all or read about other peoples pregnancies. I sort of hid from the whole subject while taking things one day at a time. *shrugs* All is looking well now; I haven't had any red spotting since before Christmas and the baby looks fine. My anatomy scan is on Monday and we are pretty excited. That is all.
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