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Oh I ment to post a belly shot.  So here it is!!  Me at 26 + weeks it was taken last week.


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Hope: Yay, congrats!! I love the name. My labor was equally as short - I'm wondering if yours was overwhelming too? Enjoy your babymoon!!!! :-)


Blue: We have a baby bjorn and I hate it. But it is all DH will use right now. He wore that thing a ton w/DD1 too. He did use the ergo once she was much bigger. It hurts my back and cuts into my shoulders - though I think they may have redesigned them now to have a waist strap like an ergo? I adore my ergo once babies are big enough to go in without the infant insert. It is SO comfy. I could comfortably wear my older daughter on my front still at age 2! Aria at 3 mos is big enough to not use the insert. The insert annoys me a bit btu isn't that bad. I actually just bought a Boba 3G - you don't need an infant insert! So I would reccomend that. Also, the moby wrap is awesome for newborns. I don't like how the legs hang down in the bjorn. In the moby you can froggy up the little one's legs and they are so snuggly on you. Moby is annoying to put on when out of the hosue bc it is so long and drags on the ground - so you have to put it on before you go out if you care about that. But DD napped in the moby until recently when I could stop using the insert in the ergo. Now I love how easy it is to snap on the ergo and pop her in and out without the insert. I love baby wearing! Love you pic!! :-)


Ugh, my older daughter has pink eye! Yuck yuck yuck!! Off to go pick up drops. Praying I do not get it, Ewww.



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HOPE- Congrats so exciting, hope everyone is doing well.

BLUE- love seeing your pic, u look so incredibly adorable for 26+weeks. Getting there my friend.

Hi to everyone else
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splashing - I'm very open about having done IVF. Same reason as Aura pretty much.


Kewpie - happy birthday to your little ones!


Aura - I had my last appointment at the fertility clinic yesterday. I'm so glad to be out of that place!


deborah - you look great! I'm so impressed with your baby bump. I have absolutely nothing yet. That's really rude of the person on your DDC. I've seen lots of women with impressive bumps at 6 weeks. Most of them are really tiny so there's nowhere to go but out! Plus, as you said, many women show much earlier when they've been pregnant before. I can't believe people are even questioning it.
I really hope the med change makes a difference.


laura-belle - I'm so sorry you had to go through that, and I'm so glad that everything is looking good now with your little BOY!


bucketofrain - I'm feeling pretty blah, but still excited. We had our US yesterday, which was a frustrating experience but thankfully everything was ok with the baby.


vireoes - I'm glad you're feeling better and everything looked good on your check-up!


vegan - a trip to Hawaii sounds wonderful! The co-sleeping does sound easier, I hope it gets you some more sleep this time.


Hope - Hurray! Welcome little Beckett!


blueyezz - your belly is beautiful!



AFM - have graduated from the fertility clinic and couldn't be happier about it! Yesterday was my first ultrasound and last appointment there and it was extremely frustrating. They didn't prepare me for what the ultrasound would be like, so it was upsetting. DH wasn't allowed in the room at all, the tech refused to let me see the screen at any point, and we weren't allowed to see the pictures they took. They were sent the wrong information for me - it said our transfer had been on December 10th and they transferred two embryos. Our transfer was really on November 25th and they transferred one. I had thought for some reason our transfer was on the 24th so I messed up correcting her, but it was one day anyway.


At the clinic we saw the replacement for our usual dr who is on maternity leave. She was ok, but she gave us a lot of information that would have been very helpful to know about before now. Like, my blood type is O negative, and DHs is O positive, so the baby could be O positive. If I have any bleeding or cramping at all, even just spotting, she said I have to go right to the hospital and get a rhogam shot. Thankfully I haven't experienced cramping after the first few weeks or any bleeding, but what if I had? Our first RE had talked about this and just said I'd need a shot at 28 weeks and then again during labour. Nothing about early pregnancy. I also got a ridiculous speech on what I can't take medication wise and what I can't eat, don't drink, don't smoke, etc. I just sat there thinking "a little late, lady.." and thankfully I already knew all of it. She got annoyed with me because the nurses who called with my second beta results were supposed to tell me to go see my GP and get hooked up with an OB. They didn't, and from what I was told in the past, I thought I was to wait until they were done with me and THEY would send me to an OB. Nope! So she told me to get on top of that because "all the good ones will be gone already". They really never tell me anything and then get annoyed if I don't know. I've never gone through a pregnancy with a fertility clinic before. I don't know the protocol.


She also gave me a prescription for Diclectin because I'm nauseous all day pretty much every day and have been throwing up a lot. I've been losing weight and even though I can afford it, it's probably not healthiest for baby. I've also been feeling awful because of it, so hopefully it will help.


Anyway, everything with the baby looks fine. The baby is measuring at 8 weeks 4 days, although she calculated me to be 9 weeks. I thought I was 8, so I guess 8, 4 is in the middle. Baby's heart rate was 174bpm, and everything else looks fine. I'm waiting to hear back from a midwife practice to see if they have room for me in baby's birth month and if they do we'll probably go with them. They said they'd call back within a week. I made an appointment with my GP tomorrow anyway, and she'll probably try to convince me to go with an OB, but I'm not sure DH or I really want to. We're planning to birth in a hospital, but would rather have midwives if we can.

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hope!!!!!!!  i am so excited for you, his name is wonderful and he sounds like he graced you with a nice and easy labor.  i can't wait to hear more details!!


blue, you have the cutest baby bump ever!  i feel like my stomach is just as big and i'm weeks and weeks behind you.  there isn't going to be anything cute about my belly!  please get some rest tomorrow, that's most important.  are you having fun registering?  i keep updating mine and changing my mind about things, but it's private so no one can see it yet.  i'm scared to go public! where did you register?  also, so excited the room is getting done! you'll have to post a photo when it's done.


deborah, no offense taken.  funny enough, my coworker just announced her pregnancy and she has more of a bump at 7 weeks (it's her second) than i do at 18 with twins.  anything is possible.  


vegan, i hope you don't catch that pink eye! it's so gross.  and thanks for the carrier recommendations! i registered for the ergo, but one of my friends was complaining that her baby likes to face outwards so she will only wear the bjorn now.  i'm not into the wraps because i think they're too annoying to wrap up (maybe i'm lazy?) but someone lent me a sling and it seems convenient.  i think with the twins i'm going to need free hands now and then and wearing them seems like a great option. 


shesaid, so glad you're out of there!  i had similar issues leaving SIRM.  they were great, but due to the storm my final visit got postponed until i was 10 weeks.  and the ob wouldn't even give me an appt until i was released, and then i had to wait for an appt, so my first appt wasn't until 11 weeks and i felt like i was getting information from them that i should have received the moment i knew i was pregnant.  oh well, it wound up being fine in the end.  i will cross my fingers that the midwives have space for you! 


hi mom!  hope all is well with you too! 


afm, my belly has started to pop!  it's not the cute round belly i've always hoped for, but i had a belly before i started so i suppose it was unrealistic to think it would be magically perfected.  i think now people are starting to think i look pregnant.  i don't know if strangers would approach me yet, but coworkers and family are all about rubbing my belly.  what's hilarious to me is that the bump is probably my organs being all pushed up, because as far as I can tell, the babies are still below my belly button?  i want to tell them they are probably rubbing my intestines, but it's funnier just to think it.  heheheh.  friday i have the consult with the peri, hopefully a gender reveal, and then i wait another two weeks for the anatomy scan.  even though my appointments are ever two weeks i'm still incredibly impatient. 

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Aura: So funny about people rubbing your intestines! LOL! I know you said you don't want wraps - but I've seen people wear twins at the same time in a moby. Not sure you can do it in anything else. Of course I'm not sure it would be very comfortable beyond the tiny baby stage to wear 2 anyway. Anyway, you might google baby wearing twins and see what kind of carriers come up? Someone on an IVF cycle buddy board that cycled with me posted a pic of her wearing her twins in her moby - it was SO cute!

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Hope, congratulations on your little baby boy!  Welcome, Beckett!  Can't wait to hear more, when you are feeling up to sharing and you have time.  I hope all is going great!


Blue, that is one cute bump there! Nice to hear that things are going well with the renos.  I hope we get to see more pics as you progress!


Aura and Blue, about the baby carriers... I agree with Vegan about how great the Ergo is.  I wish I would have had that for DS from early on, but I only just got it when I was pregnant this second time.  However, I can still use it with DS-- he likes to be in it on my back.  I had it on holidays with us when we were in Antigua, and sometimes I carried him but most of the time I had DD in it (front carry), when either of them weren't in the stroller or DS wanted to walk himself. It was so convenient to have, especially in places like the public bus (very crowded, a mini-bus), and the market in the island's downtown core, as the stroller would have been too cumbersome along the narrow sidewalks, market stalls, and people. We were really wishing we had a second Ergo.  The thing is, they are so comfortable for both us and the kids.  I have some back soreness and stiffness from having a moderate scoliosis curve, and yet the Ergo doesn't bother me one bit.  DD falls asleep in it every time, and I can even nurse her in it as I walk. Even DS fell asleep one time while being carried on my back. I have a light grey colored one, so I didn't get too hot having it on-- I'd recommend taking that into consideration.  They are expensive, but I got mine for much less off of Kijiji, as it was very gently used.  It was like it hadn't even been worn before, actually.  I did try a Bjorn-- a friend had given me hers-- however, I had to take it off after a couple of minutes because my back hurt really bad. Also, like Vegan says, I don't like the dangling legs from being suspended by the crotch. As for the wraps, I love the Moby wrap in concept but I wasn't patient with learning how to put it on and have it all neat and tidy looking, so I didn't bother trying anymore after a couple of times.  I do think you can buy wraps (Moby or otherwise) for shorter people, though?


Aura, I was chuckling about the rubbing the intestines image... ha ha.


SSB, so glad you are done at the clinic! That must have been so frustrating getting the u/s done, with the mix up and not being able to see the screen and all that.  What was the reason for that, anyway? And what's up with DH not being allowed in at all???!!  I've had the experience at the 18 week u/s (anatomy scan) at one place, for DS, where DH wasn't able to come in until the measurements were finished (they said it's so the tech can concentrate fully on the task at hand)-- but once they were done, the rest of the u/s was completed and he was able to come in and we could talk freely with each other and the tech. My clinic can be frustrating, too, in ways.  I was completely frustrated when I got my bfp after being on suppression drugs-- I received differing advice on what to do with taking baby aspirin, and one nurse said I didn't need estrogen and progesterone supplements while another said it was absolutely necessary. And then it took a third phone call with yet another nurse to get the dosages all straightened out, and it was her who offered that I come in for an u/s at 7 weeks to make sure there was a hb. Hopefully you get in with midwives, I love having them!

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Aura- Glad I didn't offend you. I didn't have as big a bump with my boys at this point last year either. I believe there is a website called babywearing twins. You can Google it. She shows many different ways to use wraps and carries and several different types of them. I also liked your rubbing intestines image. Haha. AFM- First ultrasound tomorrow. I'm anxious, but not because I have any concerns. I just haven't had a pregnancy ultrasound since the one where we found the boys had passed. Glad DH will be able to come with me.

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Hope, yah!!! CONGRATS! I hope you're recovering well and that you're enjoying your baby boy!


Blue, adorable belly! I'm so excited for you!


Cindy, ugh to pink eye. i hope you don't get it either and that your daughter gets better soon. We have two carriers but DH refuses to use the carriers when we go out. I think that i would use it more if we only had one baby but with twins, since i can't carry both, we just use the stroller. i just like the idea of having the babies on me. But yes, the hip strap is important. I have another brand of sling (and I can't for the life of me remember which one it is!) and it really makes carrying the babies quite easy.


Aura, haha you made me crack up with that image of people rubbing your intestines. Funny way to look at it! How are you feeling overall? i remember always being so impatient to see my babies and I was so disappointed when i went to an appt and they didn't US me. haha But luckily that didn't happen often!



SSB, yah to getting that clinic out of your life! On to better things! Do you have specific midwives in mind?


hi to everyone else!!

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privateeyes.gif OK, I've been in lurkdom. Anika and I both got a bad cold, and after two weeks my midwife said it's time to stay home and rest, so here I am. As a teacher, it's hard to take a day off because you have to spend extra hours writing sub plans, but she got me with saying I don't want this to turn to an infection. Anyway, so here I am!

I wanted to say congrats to Hope, woohoo!!!! I can't wait to see pics and hear your birth story when you're ready!

Blue, your belly is adorable! It makes me so happy to see your updates.

Welcome to all the new graduates, what a wonderful surge there has been! orngbiggrin.gif

My belly feels like it's getting huge, and little boy is starting to really rock and roll so much my students have been able to see him move. We're going to have an ultrasound in two weeks because my fundus was measuring 27 weeks this week (30 weeks). My midwife assured me that she is NOT concerned at ALL (because DH pointed out I was going to go home and spazz...he was right). She just wants to check to be sure he's growing just fine. Of course, now my pride in only gaining 2 pounds this month is turning to "oh, crap, I only gained 2 pounds!" Any words of assurance?

Love and hugs to all you ladies! I'm off to correct papers (yes, on my sick day), and take a nap.

eta - deborah, people like to make all sorts of comments about pregnant mama's bodies. Don't worry what they say: you know your body better than anybody. Congrats! ps - don't you have an u/s today?
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Tear - so good to see your name pop up again!!!  Sorry though that the reason you are home is b/c you are under the weather!!!  I hope that you listen to your Dr and take it easy today and maybe even get a nap in too.  I secretly think that my OB may have put the order in the computer for my ultrasound tomorrow as a growth check b/c she is concerned about my fundus length as well.  Originally it was just suppose to be a cervix only check and she put it in the system as a growth check and when i asked her about it at my last appt she just kinda said that my perinatologist may just want to check growth as well since he hasn't seen me in 4 wks and is just not telling me to not alarm me.  Also, this last time i was in she measured me twice which I kinda thought was weird but didn't ask.  Normally she only measures me once.  Hopefully it is all in my head.  LOL  Wonder what they do if the babe is measuring small?  Do they make you supplement w/ like ensure or something?  Hopefully not bedrest!!!!  Oh my... I don't even like that word!!!


Renavoo - no AFM??  Hope your little guy is feeling better!!!


Deborah - what time is your Ultrasound?  Hope all goes well!  How many have you had w/ this pregnancy so far?


Tenzi - thanks for the info on the sling/carriers!!  I always like to hear it from Mom's that know best b/c they use them!!!  Anything else you would highly recommend adding to a registry??


Aura - I literally  LOL when I ready your rubbing my intestines comment!!!  So funny!!  I was bigger than I am now w/ our twins so the fact that I'm farther along now w/ one than I finally got w/ them and I'm smaller is still an adjustment to me.  We will see tomorrow hopefully how the little guy is measuring (as long as they check that).  The baby's room is really coming along.  DH has been awesome and really working hard which I'm very thankful for.  I just wish that I could help or just even hang out up there w/ him to keep him company while he works but b/c he is painting, i really don't want to take that chance.  My OB said "Daddy paints, while Mamma goes shopping".  LOL  I love helping w/ those kinds of projects though and normally I'm the motivator to keep DH going b/c he gets burned out.  He renovated a almost 100yr old house in spare time for about 9 yrs, so i think that kinda did him in.  I got to help w/ the last couple yrs of it, which I was the motivating factor of actually getting it done, well that and the fact that we bought a different house and had the push to get it finished to put on the market about 8 yrs ago.  I registered at BRUs and Target.  It is really overwhelming though.  I took a girlfriend w/ me the first day (and DH the 2nd time) who has 2 young kids so she could really help me.  DH and i had done one for our twins right before we lost them and we left there extremely overwhelmed by all the choices and how much stuff we needed.  This time i got that book Baby Bargins that is like a consumer report on baby products and it is really helpful knowing what is good and what isn't b/c they grade the items and give you lots of tips.  You should look into that book too or get it at the library.  I have found though that my friends (since pretty much most of them have already had 2 kids by now) are great resources on how many of what we really need.  One was telling me about making the crib like a lasagna where you do the same layers like twice so if they wet/mess in the middle of the night you just take off the first layer and the 2nd is still fine (that is with using those waterproof pads in between).  Thought that was an interesting idea and could be helpful.


Keria - how are you doing???  Just checking in since we haven't heard from you in awhile.


Kewpie - loved the pics of the kids!  Can't believe they are 1.  How's the house coming?


SSB - I'm so glad you are done w/ that practice!!!  What the heck is wrong w/ them!!! Wow, is all I can say!  I sure hope your experience w/ you reg OB is much better!!!!


MOM2Alexis - thanks girl!!!!


Vegan - thanks!  A couple people have recommended that Moby wrap to me so i'll have to check it out.


Hope - I hope all is going well adjusting to having 2 at home now!  Is DH taking some time off?


AFM - Not a ton new since last time i posted.  DH got almost all the trim painting in the first room done.  Kinda hard to explain, but there are two rooms over our garage and the first one you walk into was an office that the people that used to live here before us used as her home office, so no window or closet but it has a built in book shelf (that DH has to repair botton of b/c whoever did it messed it up and it has been sagging) and then the next door you walk through is the nursery which has a window and a closet so we doing both rooms b/c they both needed a little TLC. I ordered carpet yesterday and they are suppose to instal that next Friday so i'm excited b/c that means DH has to be done w/ all of it by then which is good b/c it will light a fire under his tush to get it finished which is normally my job but since i can't help... this will be the motivating factor.  He is really doing well though, which I'm very appreciative of and know our little guy will too!!!  Ultrasound tomorrow to hopefully check growth and cervix at 10am.  Been having more indigestion lately too.  Yuck!!  Tums are my friend and this morning I felt like I could have slept the whole day away!!  Wow, was dead tired but needed to get up b/c if i lay too long my hips kill me and i was to that point.  Hope you all are well!

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Today was my first ultrasound and it went great. Baby was measuring 6w3d and I'm 6w6d which is totally normal range and hb was 126. They like it at 120 or higher so we are good there too! I also have no cysts so I can start my prenatal yoga and she thought it would even be a good idea to keep me centered and my anxiety levels low. I will post a picture for you all later.

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Aura - that sounds really frustrating! We probably won't have our first appointment until 12 weeks, but I saw my GP today and she booked the first trimester screening/nuchal scan for us so we can still do that. Thank you! I really hope they're able to take us since they're the only midwives that deliver at the closest hospital to us.
That is so funny about people rubbing your organs and not the babies! You must be so excited about the gender reveal. I cannot wait until I'm far along enough to find out. Do you have any feelings about what the babies may be? I bet your belly is super cute, even if you don't think so. Most baby bellies are!


vegan princess - I've seen pictures of twins being worn in a moby and they are always SO cute!


Tenzin - Thank you! I'm so glad too. The tech told us that she wasn't allowed to give us any results or information and that was the reason. I told her I understood completely, but would it be possible for me to just look at the screen (and then later the pictures) without her saying anything, but she said no. I'm really upset because in my due date club a lot of women had the exact same ultrasound and they all got to watch and see the baby move around. I feel like I missed out on a lot. I've never had an ultrasound in my previous pregnancies so this would have been the very first time we saw any of our babies beyond the embryo picture we have. I know the ultrasound place we normally go to does what you explained with the measurements and then calling dad in. I imagine that will happen with our nuchal scan, but I'll ask when I book the appt. Your situation with the suppression drugs sounds so frustrating! I'm glad you eventually got that nurse who straightened everything out. I hope so too! They sound like a great group of ladies and they're the only ones who deliver at the hospital nearest us.


renavoo - I know, right? Thank goodness for being released from the clinic! Yes, these are the midwives we have in mind. I want to deliver in the hospital for this first birth, and they're the only ones who use the hospital closest us.


Tear - that's so exciting about your students being able to see baby move! Great spontaneous learning! I'm a teacher too :)


blueyezz - thank you! I imagine it'll be a lot better than with the clinic! I saw my GP today and she was so shocked at how the clinic was acting.
What colour are you painting the room? I love decorating projects. Good luck with the ultrasound!


deborah - I hope your ultrasound went well!



AFM - I saw my regular GP today and she ran some bloodwork and gave me a requisition for first trimester screening and a nuchal scan. She's going to have me do it at 12 weeks and she said they should allow us to see the ultrasound so I'm very excited for that!

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Hope - Congratulations!!!  Can't wait to hear more about your little guy.

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Blue, the one thing that pops into my head is an Arms Reach Co-Sleeper. We had the mini one, because our room is smaller... I loved it.  With DS we had a regular bassinette, and I found it made quite a difference to have the co-sleeper because of the side-car concept.  Plus, it was super sturdy which made me feel more comfortable with our dogs (my one dog sleeps right beside our bed, so she was in line with the co-sleeper). I also found DD had a lot more room than what DS did in his bassinette. The lasagne thing with the crib-- I hadn't done that with my kids, because I never thought about it (even though we had done that with our bed, using a cheap waterproof shower curtain liner, because we had a homebirth --it was great because of the same idea... birth the baby, rip off the top layers, and then the bed is ready right away for sleep!). I don't know if doing the crib, it would be made up that easy because the waterproof mattress pads we have are thick and even just putting one on over the mattress is snug. And then it might make it too 'puffy' for DD and she might get her face down in it and have trouble. Oh, and I guess the other thing that comes to my mind is how much I love my City Select stroller.  They are pricey, and hard to find gently used in my area, but I sure do love it. Ha ha, just thought of another... I really liked my muslin swaddling blankets-- I bought a 3-pack for DD, and I forget the brand but I think it starts with 'A'. (I also found that we really appreciated gift cards, because months later something would come up and we would realize that we really need this or that, and didn't need some of the stuff we had bought/received at all. One of my mom's friends sent us a Visa gift card months after DD came, and it came in SO handy at that time.  And I had some friends that didn't have time to cook a meal for us, so they gave us some gift cards for restaurants, and that was great.  We sure didn't feel like cooking anything ourselves for the first while. But, I find that not a lot of people want to buy gift cards, they want to buy actual items.)


Deborah, great to hear that your u/s went really well. I'm sure you will really enjoy the prenatal yoga, when will you start?


SSB, still... If they wouldn't even let you look at the screen to see the baby, that's really different. Oh well, you are out of there and now you can look forward to the next part of your journey, and you will see your little one soon at the NT scan.


Tear, nice to see you pop in on here. It's inspirational and I'm hoping I find myself in your shoes soon-- nursing a little one, and getting a bfp!

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Whenever I feel like starting. I inherited DVDs from family members :-). My numbers on progesterone and estrogen were fantastic too! Here's the babe: 

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Hope-Congratulation!!!  Welcome to your little man.


We use and Ergo and really love it for DD.  I knew lots of people with Bjorns who thought they would great with newborns, but by 8-9 months most mom's found them rather uncomfortable.  When DD was old enough to really want to look out, I put her on my back in the Ergo.  DD did not like the infant insert in the Ergo, so it didn't get used much until she was 3-4 months and big enough to do without.  She really liked the Moby Wrap, during that phase.  We also had a sling, but DD hated it so we got used to the wrap.  You really need to watch a you-tube video or have a friend show you how to do it the first few times though.


Aura-Now anytime I see someone rubbing a pregnant belly I am going to have a chuckle and think about intestines.  


SSB- I am so glad you are done with your RE clinic.  That place does not sound good at all and you don't need all the BS.  You get a much better look at the baby during the 12 week ultrasound, if that is any consolation.  I got to see my first two ultrasounds and while it was reassuring it was nothing like the 12 week when you really seem to have a little person in there.  I hope you find a great OB/midwife that you like and that the rest of your experience if much better.


Tear-Hope you both recover from the cold quickly.  That is really cool that your student can see the little one moving around.


Blue-It is good that DH has a time line for finishing the work.  I know how those remodeling projects can really drag out if you don't have firm deadline.  That will be exciting to have it all together and ready to put the furniture into.


Deborah - Glad your ultrasound went well. 


Vegan-Fingers crossed the pink eye doesn't get passed around.  That is not fun.


Hi to everyone else I missed.


AFM-Ultrasound went well and everything seems normal.  We had DD and DH in the room for the whole thing, I am thankful for having friendly staff manaing our clinic, they would have hated waiting outside and missing out on it.  DH had the amazing revelation that we are actually pregnant now and got all excited to pick out names.  



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Vireoes- thanks. What a beautiful baby! Was this your anatomy scan?

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No this was the 12 week Nuchal scan.  So tiny but already a little person.  DD started crying in the middle of the US since she wanted to hold the camera daddy had.  The baby immediately started jumping all around and didn't settle down again until she stop crying a minute later.

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Vireos- Oh- That's great! What a sweet little babe already. DH and I are debating about the nuchal scan, but if I get a pic like that, no way I'm not doing it!

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