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Vireos: Wow, so cool the baby responded to your Dd crying! She will respond to your DD so much when she is here. :-) 


Deborah: So glad your u/s went well! :-) I love prenatal yoga.


Well DD got drops for her pink eye. Putting them in her eyes has been the single most challenging thing I have ever done as a mother! She was running away and screaming like I'd never heard. Cowering in corners and just spazzing out. I've never seen anything like it. If we had closer neighbors they surely would have called the cops on us. But we weren't even touching her. She had let me do it 2 times and then started refusing. Thankfully we managed to get it done and after the next 2 times she stopped spazzing out. Now she lets me. Of course she has to have candy after each time - all 4 times/day. But the good thing is, she was no longer contagious (supposedly) after 24 hours of drops. I'm still washing like a mad woman though!


Aria just started reaching for her toys on her activity mat this morning. :-) And she is constantly doing raspberries. Raspberries might be one of the cutest phases! DH and I both love it! LOl.



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I just spent 30 minutes writing up replies to everyone and the browser seems to have lost them all. Aargh!

Tenzins -- My placenta is around the back, right up against my spine, and the perinatologist said that placentas in that position don't move as much in her experience. I am not at all happy about the scheduled C-section idea, but if it doesn't move, the other options are much worse, so... Thank you hug.gif.

Aura -- The patting your intestines thing made me laugh. I too am starting to look pregnant and my baby sister (18) does that all the time.

Cindy -- I am sorry, but your description of trying to get eye drops into your DD made me laugh out loud. Pinkeye, Eeew.

AFM -- I am currently sitting in the lab taking the 3 hour glucose test, which I am quite certain that I am going to fail miserably. If there were any justice in the world, we would all get nice, calm, uncomplicated pregnancies, but no... I am up to maternal obesity (5'6", 206 today), second trimester bleeding, placenta previa, and gestational diabetes so far. And I am not even 20 weeks along yet. I am running of of cope.
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vireos, so amazing!!! my nuchal was a regular ultrasound, not a 3d, that is so lucky!  it's really cool to see them that early so defined.  hooray for the baby recognizing its sister's voice!


tear, hope you two feel better soon!  


deborah, what were you debating about the nuchal?  love the ultrasound!


tenzi, i LOVE the city select.  if i was having a singleton i'd be all over that.  it is cost prohibitive for all the extras you have to buy for twins, and i don't like that i wouldn't be able to see the second baby (since the rear baby is so far down).  i am going with the city mini double though.  such a great brand!


shesaid, so freaking annoying that they wouldn't let you see the screen.  my nuchal was like that.  my dh was able to watch but she wouldn't let me see!  finally i said something and she said she'd let me look when she was done, but it was like a 30 second glance and she was over it.  not what i had expected.   my peri's office has a tv on the wall so i can watch what they are doing without breaking my neck trying to sneak a peak.  it's much nicer! 


blue- it will be so great when the house projects are done.  then you can really get to arranging!  what color are you painting? i love decorating so much, i can't wait to do it! i agree that registering is totally overwhelming.  i am taking all the advice i can from friends, and i've been doing it online.  it's easier to read reviews and compare the items.  we took one trip to babies r us and one to buy buy baby to see a few products in person.  i HATE babies r us.  not a single person asked us (in the two hours we were there) if we needed any help.  their twin merchandise is severely limited, and i found them to be overpriced on a lot of the items.  i'm thinking of doing an amazon registry only.  i'm sure i'll hear about it from a few of my mom's friends (and my dh's family because i was told they "like to touch things", but all our friends and everyone else orders online.  it's cheaper, easier with returns, and has a great mom program.  


renavoo, how are you doing? babies keeping you busy? you're right, with these twins i'll be getting an ultrasound every two weeks or so.  it's pretty amazing.  the only thing is that i came home COVERED in blue goop.  they did vaginal and abdominal, and the paper covering wasn't enough to wipe it all off.  the tech was goo happy or something.  i'll take it though!  i love photos!  my fridge is almost full of ultrasound photos already and we're only almost 19 weeks.  


vegan, your comments sent me on a youtube binge, and i forced my dh to watch all these videos about wearing twins with a wrap.  i almost peed i was laughing so hard.  it looks like it will take some training to get it done right, and maneuvering the babies into place is certainly funny to watch.  but so freaking cute!  i'm going to try to make it happen.  


afm, met the peri today.  i LOVE him!  he made me feel so good, spent over an hour just talking to me, answered every question honestly, and made me feel like i was doing a great job (at doing something that just is happening naturally.. heheh).   yesterday my ob had called me with an abnormal AFP and i freaked out, but when the peri looked at it closer he saw the lab had calculated it for a singleton pregnancy.  no wonder it looked abnormal!  in any case, the peri told me to totally disregard the afp, said it was antiquated, and that the anatomy scan is going to detect anything wrong anyways, so the test is useless.  it made me feel a lot better, because yesterday i was practically in hysterics.


ooh and also, baby b is definitely a boy!  the tech said he *thinks* baby a is a girl, but couldn't really tell.  she (?) was only partially cooperating, so i'll know for sure at the anatomy scan.  i'm so excited though.  fluids look good, cervix is long, and all is well.  i couldn't be happier. 

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laura, we must have cross posted!  when did they do the first 1 hour test?  i had one at 14 weeks and passed but they want to repeat it in a few weeks.  they seem pretty convinced i am going to get it because of the twins.  awesome.  maybe you will pass the 3 hour?  i am crossing my fingers that this gets easier for you!  we all deserve easy pregnancies.  seriously.  we've been through enough.  

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We just wondered if I really needed it since I'm not of advanced maternal age and whether the anxiety it could cause might be worse than not having it done. I think I want one though. DH may be harder to convince.

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Geeze. It acted like it didn't go through so I pressed submit a couple of times. Oy.

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Aura, oh my goodness, approaching 19 weeks already?! Wow!  So happy that you had such a positive visit with the peri, and how reassuring that everything looks good. Yay!


Laura, how did your test go today?

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Vireos- just had to st OMG that pic is amazing!!!
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Yeah, Vireos, that picture is incredible!

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Pokey- I realize that now, but couldn't know until after it happened. I have issues with multiple postings whether the site is having problems or not. Aura- Glad you had a great appointment! I still need to schedule a meeting with the peri.

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No problem, Deborah.  It was happening to me and everyone else.  I just wanted to spread the word by posting to some active threads.

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Okay. AFM- I am itching like crazy today! I have a rash on my right boob. Weird!

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Tenzi - thanks for the suggestions!!  Keep them coming as you think of things!!  I don't know much about the whole lasagna bedding thing but I do know that there are a couple different sized mattress sizes from like 4"-6" so maybe the friend that told me about that had the smaller mattress.  We will see.


vireos - wow, that is a really cool pic. We didn't get any pic like that at our 12 wk ultrasound.  That is a keeper for sure!!  So cool!!  I love how surrounded and protected the little bean looks in there.


Deborah - glad your ultrasound went well.  Can't believe that was your first one w/ this pregnancy.  So are you still with your RE, I take it?


Aura - glad to hear you like your peri!!  That is great!!  How cool that you got to see that one babe is a boy and maybe the other is a girl!!  About the paint color... we went from a lighter green to a blue color.  I'll try to post a pic below w/ the old color on top and the new one on the bottom.  DH will be close to done tomorrow I think.  He just has the windows and one more door and then the shelves in the first room to paint now.  Carpet on Fri and then we just wait for the furniture to arrive which I'm not sure when that will be.  I've been having lots of fun being crafty.  Was working on his name (we think we are set but not 100% sure but can always change it) to go above his crib in wooden letters w/ scrapbook paper mog podged on to them and then tomorrow i'm hoping to work on recovering a old rocker that was my grandparents to match the decor. 


AFM - ultrasound on Friday went great!!  He is measuring 2lbs 11ozs right now and i don't have to go back until 34 wks now.  My cervix is also looking good the peri said, nice and curvy which i guess they like to see.  LOL  There are two new pics below.  He slept through most of it and I almost passed out from laying on my back in that position.  The tech had me roll on to my L side which helped and gave me a cold wet washcloth for my neck.  The Dr said that it's pretty common at this point b/c of the pressure of the baby and the fact that laying in that position can lower your BP which mine is normally low to begin w/.  Here is the little guy giving us a little smile and his left foot.  LOL



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Blue, awwww, so nice to see the pics!  I loved seeing my baby's feet, and I always like to look at their little toes because they are just so cute!  About the lasagna idea, it's the bedding (mattress pad) that I'm referring to, not the actual mattress itself. I think our mattress pad is a little on the thick side just because of the fabric. So glad everything checked out well and you don't have to go back for awhile!

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Yes, Blue, I'm with my RE until about 10 weeks when I will see my regular OB. I also will be scheduling a consult with a perinatologist within the next couple of weeks. I'm just 7 weeks and 2 days today and the clinic likes to wait until close to 7 weeks to be sure we can detect a heartbeat. I have another one at just shy of 9 weeks (1/24) with them. My OB appointment is on 1/31. 

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Aura -- I did the one hour test on Monday. And no, I didn't pass the 3 hour. To be honest, I am not at all surprised that I am gestationally diabetic; I was pretty borderline before I got pregnant.

Tenzins -- The test didn't suck as badly as it could have. They only had to stick me twice on one of the four draws. I failed it miserably though.

Blue -- Wow! You can practically recognize the kid from that ultrasound pic. Glad all is going well. smile.gif

Deborah -- Making progress smile.gif.

AFM -- My fasting number was decent (actually lower than I've had in a few years), but I failed all three of the other draws. I'm not actually surprised; I have been well aware that I have blood sugar processing problems for years--they just haven't gotten bad enough for an actual diagnosis. I am pretty sure that I can control it with diet (at least I hope so). The results came back Saturday, so I am expecting a call from my OBs office or from perinatology on Monday. In other news, today I have been married to my wonderful DH for 6 years!
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Tezins-My two will be 2.5 years apart.  It is great the DH has taken over some of the night work for you.  To night-wean DD I had to turn the job over to DH for a week or two.  For me to have done it would have been so much more difficult.  It is great when they can step up to the plate to help out in times like this.  It is nice for them to have the special bonding time together too.  


Laura-Congrats on the anniversary.  Fingers crossed for you that you can keep the GD under control with diet.  Hang tough, soon enough this will all be past and you will have the sweet little bundle of joy to hold and love and you can put all these challenges behind you.


Blue-Awesome picture-love it.  Sorry the ultra sound was rough on you, that must have been a bit scary.  Glad your medical team was paying attention and able to respond to the situation right away.


Deborah-Yuck to the rash, how weird.  I hope it clears up fast.  


Aura-They don't do nuchal screens here routinely so I got to go to the high tech lab.  They switched on the 3-D when they were done with their measurements mostly for our benefit.  DH even managed to sneak a couple of quick videos while they were doing it, so we can see the little babe wiggling around in 3-D.  I wish they could have given us a CD with it, but it was not that kind of place.  I only got the one 3-D ultrasound last time, so we tried to really enjoy it.  My next scan they do at the regular clinic where you are lucky if they even give you a print out of a regular image. :(  I am glad to hear that your peri is great, you deserve that after the last crazy OB clinic you were at.


Vegan-I feel your pain on the eye drops. DD also got some eye issues this week and we had to put in ointment.  Nearly impossible task the first few times, I felt so bad about having to do it.  Now that her eye is improving it is getting a little easier, but still not fun for anyone. I hope your DD is doing better.  I love the raspberry stage too. :)


We had a fun day for DD birthday.  She was so excited for her cake and all of today she has been super quiet as she is totally absorbed in her new toys.  I was hoping they wouldn't be too challenging for her, requiring me to sit and help her continiously.  Fortunately I think we hit the sweet spot and she has quietly played on her own as happy as can be.  Gotta love a few minutes of peace for mommy, I know it will be hard pressed to come by once the second one arrives.

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Vireos- It seems to have gone away for now. I suspect it is related to the redness and itchiness from the Estrogen patches. It was just an odd place. My morning sickness (read afternoon/evening sickness) has been pretty awful. I think I'm going to have to tell my choir director I'm pregnant and see if he'll make an exception to the only missing one rehearsal rule; especially since we have more rehearsals for this concert than we have all year. I wouldn't ever try to miss more than 2 though.

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Oh Blue, YAAAAY!  love.gif

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