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Our clinic told us it was about a 50% chance of twins with IVF. We have just over a week until we find out how many we're having.

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Kewpie, It'll take a week before you feel better? oh my gosh, poor you!! i hope you get better way before then. I'm so happy you had a good time with dh...it also sounds like that time was very stress relieving, which is wonderful. It's also great that you and he had decided that you will get an epidural if needed. I'm curious because i think Keria also said that DH doesn't want you to get a epidural either...why is that? My dh is gung ho about me getting an epidural if needed because he says he wants me in the least pain possible (I'm such a baby). I know there are some risks involved in getting an epidural but I don't think I realized so many people were against it. i'm curious why (and whether i need to be more brave and try to forgo it!) I love looking at your little countdown, by the way...You're so close!! YAH!


keria, YAH for a great US. I think that you felt that it was nothing anyway so I'm so glad that things are continuing to go well with the little babies.


Blue, I love seeing you here! Actually the talk with my boss went well. He thought I was there to quit first though...the look of panic on his face was priceless. I actually felt bad! But anyway, I told him i wasn't quitting but i was pregnant and he looked genuinely happy for me. I then told him i was carrying twins and then he looked really happy...he has twins himself and he said that if I ever want to talk to him wife about the experience i should let him know. Basically, it all seemed good and he said he would be understanding if I had doctor's visits or if I wasn't feeling well but i'm reserving my happiness until I actually need to hit him up for some time off or whatever. That'll come on the 12th when i won't be going to dinner with clients after an all day meeting...we'll see how he takes it. haha he's a great guy and i like him a lot but he really is a workaholic!


Belly, so excited about your US!!


Lyndi, awww i'm so happy you checked in. i can't wait until you can tell us what sex your babies are! I hope that you're no longer experiencing the bleeding. Did you kick that awful doctor to the curb? By the way, i echo your comment about the twins. haha i thought that we all had a 25% chance of getting twins with these procedures but it looks like we're beating those odds. I'm still a little in shock about the idea of twins but I get happier and happier because, well, that's it for me :o) No more worrying about getting pregnant and stuff. DH and I wanted two kids anyway. So if everything goes well, we would be done after these little babies come!


Belly, I know you're feeling better about the idea of  twins too and I can't wait until your US so you feel better telling your family! Here's hoping you hear two nice, strong heartbeats!!


Big hugs, ladies!


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Thank you guys it was a big relief to see the babies were measuring right on track.


My clinic didn't say much about twins. Even though we  transferred 2 and the betas were high I was still SHOCKED to see it was twins.


I'm starting to think that it's true that transferring 2 only increases your chances of having twins and not the chances of getting pregnant.


 DH says he wold like twins again  if we do IVF again we'll see if that changes once the kids are here.I think I would be more inclined to do a SET  if there is a next time.


Kewpie I'm glad the pain is gone and everything with your OB went great are the babies still transverse?


Belly I can't wait for your u/s news I'm sure both of your little ones are growing healthy and strong.

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keria - Nope, they're both head down again :)  


ugh... pain is back :( 

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Keira, great news about your u/s!  Glad everything was good and a mother always knows :)


Kewpie, sorry you are in so much pain.  I am sure these last few weeks will be tough.  Do you think you will have the babies before Christmas?  Or after?


Renavoo, I don't know how you are working so much!  I went in for 6 hours yesterday and almost collapsed on my desk :)  Good for you!!


Deborah, yay for you u/s next week! 


Lyndi, keep us posted on your little one!  Can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl!


About twin odds, my new clinic has a 50% twin rate for fresh cycles, but it doesn't give a rate for FET's.  My old clinic was closer to 20% for fresh cycles.  I had so many failures, I really didn't think we would end up with twins, but I guess that's just the thing.  They really can't tell which embies will be babies and which wont, just by looking at them.  Look how many of us got twins from our FET's (supposedly not as good as the ones used first).  My friend IRL also had a single fresh, and twin FET. 


I am so sick, I don't even feel like I can move.  I just lay in the fetal position as much as possible and think that I might not survive the day!  Of course I will, but you know what I mean.  I feel so guilty letting DD watch TV when I don't feel up to playing...like I should be spending more quality time with her, but I am so sick it makes it really hard.  I had constant m/s with DD, but it was all day mild...this is all day horrible!  I am hoping in the next couple weeks when I start decreasing the progesterone it will get a little better.  I have also been cramping a little the last couple days.  I am sure it's just growing pains, I am pretty sure we will see both doing well today and it's just a ploy to get another $500 out of me!  It's not like they could do anything anyway...   Too make my panic over these babies worse, my DH learned this morning that he might be up for a promotion (on the other side of the US).  I already told my mom it was twins and she has been making me feel better about possible bedrest and the time right after the babies come with how her and my MIL could help (cooking, cleaning, helping with DD, helping with the babies, etc).  Just the thought of doing it all by myself (DH will have really long hours) really pushes my panic to the next level.  I just need to take it day by day, I know its so far away and so much could change, but I have a hard time not thinking/planning for worst case.


My u/s is in a few hours, should be back with results around noon pacific.  I am sure eveything is fine, just looking forward to seeing what's happening in there.

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Yup. Officially 6 weeks along today and starting to think about what questions to ask at my ultrasound next week. I have a couple of them at the ready, but anyone have suggestions?

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Belly - lurk.gif I'm just here patiently waiting (or not so patiently waiting!).  Can't wait to hear how it went!!!  Sorry to hear about the all day sickness!!  I think i took vit B 6 when i was having my m/s (or all day sickness) and it helped some.  Also drink lots of water and try to eat a lot of little meals really helped.  OH and i kept pretzel sticks in my pockets or in little bags at all times everywhere I went b/c the salt helped a lot.  Good luck!!! 


Kewpie - i normally go to the chiro like once a month or every other if I can get there and i know when i first started going i was sore so i think that is normal but b/c you are also pregnant i think that will also make that soreness worse since your body isn't used to it.  Hope you feel better soon.  Does your chiro say to use ice at all?  Mine is a big fan of ice esp. after an adjustment and you are sore.


Keria - 27 wks yay!!!!!  How are you feeling??  When is your next appt?


Renavoo - glad your talk with your boss went well.  I just lol when you said he thought you were quitting!! Sometimes it is nice to feel like you have the power!!!  I hope he is a man of his word and won't work your too hard.  It isn't worth the risk.  You amaze me!!! 


Lyndi - hope that u/s goes well and can't wait to hear what you are having!!!


Deborah - how your u/s goes well too!!!

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Sorry to keep you waiting Blue!!  I had a couple conference calls for work and then I thought I'd try to sneak a nap when DD went down...but I just laid there awake worrying about stuff, then the dog started barking, and of course the RE called with my blood results!  So no nap :(


U/S went pretty well today.  Babies measure 7w0d and 7w1d, so they are growing at the right rate but still behind, should be 7w3d.  He seemed less worried since they gained the 7 days in a week.  Last week they were 6w0d and 6w1d (but should have been 6w3d).


The doctor didn't seemed too concerned at all, but I am a little worried for baby A.  The "pregnancy sac" as he called it was smaller than Baby B and it looked like it was already running out of room.  He said it's hard to tell since the u/s is 2D, but the sac is really 3D.  He couldn't tell if it was bigger than it appeared in the other direction.  Last time he was like 1 or both might not make it, and he didn't make any comments like that this time, so it seemed like he didn't think it was a big deal...of course here I am ready to hit up google for more answers :)


I am kind of annoyed because they didn't call with my results last week and it turns out they wanted me to lower my dosage.  Since I didn't hear anything, I just kept going as normal.  Well, now they had me lower like they wanted me too last week, but it means I'll have to go in for an extra b/w and it will cost an extra week (or more) in drugs.


Hope everyone is having a nice Wednesday!

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blue - yes she does recommend ice.... 20 minutes 3 times per day.  I didn't do it the first day, but I did yesterday and today and it seems to be helping. I was pretty sore after my adjustment this morning, but I'm feeling better this evening.  


Belly - I'm glad your babies had good interval growth.  From what I understand, interval growth matters more than what they are supposed to be on the week/day rate thing.  I was told that the week and day measurements are guidelines and all babies grow differently.  I think having exactly 7 days of growth is a HUGE good sign!  


deborah - At 6 weeks, I'd probably be the most concerned with rate of growth and making sure the HB was in the right range.  They probably won't be able to see much beyond that until you get a little further along.


AFM - I had my 2nd adjustment today and while I was sore this morning after it, I'm doing much better tonight.  Words of experience here... If you find yourself hurting in your crotch like you've sat on a bike and bruised the hell outta your vajayjay and surrounding bones and tissues and have trouble walking or pain when you lift your leg, get yourself checked.  Apparently the sooner you fix Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, the better off you are.  It can cause permanent damage and can hinder labor and delivery.  I've waited a long time (since august-ish) and I didn't need to.  The adjustment is really quick and easy (a tap on the top of the pubic bone on the side that's out) and it can hurt the back as well if you don't get it fixed.  I don't see a chiropractor often at all (maybe once every 3 years) but I could have kissed mine this week.  



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Haven't felt Liam move for several hours....freaking out... They're supposed to have a growth spurt this week, so I'm hoping he's just sleeping.  Music, juice and poking have all failed.  They're so big that I pick up HBs from all points on my bump, so I have no idea if I'm hearing 1 or 2... ughhh MOVE BABY MOVE!

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Hi everyone, I'm so behind-- I just got caught up on everybody's posts this evening...


Kewpie, I sure hope you continue to get more relief from that pain you are experiencing, with each visit.  It sounds rough! 


Belly, I cringe just thinking about the nausea you are experiencing. I had it pretty bad from weeks 7-10, but it mostly would start in the later afternoon up until I fell asleep at night.  It's so individual, I think, when it comes to finding something that helps alleviate it.  But one thing I really liked was a natural lemonade.  I hope it gets better soon.

Renavoo, a lot of things I've read about epidurals is that there is the possibility of getting a major headache that can last for a long time, and then there is the whole issue about one intervention possibly creating a situation where it leads to others being needed, like if a person is too numb and can't effectively push, then forceps may need to be used.  And for some women, getting an epidural doesn't always work the way it is hoped, so if one is relying on it then they might not have as many other effective ways of dealing with pain and discomfort of childbirth-- not to mention the fact that the monitoring usually cuts out the option of walking around and using a lot of positions while lying or sitting.  I don't know anything about deliveries of twins, how much they are the same/different than a singleton delivery. My only experience is of having delivered my DS with midwives, and I was low risk the whole time.  If anything had changed with that status, I would have had an OB consult and then my birthing plans may have had to be changed... My midwives are not anti-epidural, either-- if I had changed my mind and wanted one, or if they thought that I would benefit from one, then that's how it would go.  We had a planned homebirth with DS-- I knew that I could easily transfer to hospital with the midwives if I thought I couldn't do it at home after all after starting labour, but I discovered I could cope with whatever my body was experiencing.  We attended Birthing From Within classes beforehand, and I think that really helped a lot.  Like I said, though, I don't know what approach most OBs take with labour and delivery, and if they kind of encourage epidurals anyway in that case, or not.  The most important thing is that mom and baby are healthy at the end of it all-- I should say 'babies' on this thread, with all the twins!  ha ha


AFM, we had our first appointment with one of the members of the midwife team (same team as with DS) last Friday, and she could hear the heartbeat through the cord, and it sounded good.  We are planning for another homebirth, if everything goes as it should and nothing arises.  Then yesterday we had the NT scan (12 weeks 2 days) and our results were great.  My adjusted risk for having a baby with Down's (or is it with all three trisomies they screen for?) has gone down to that of what a 30 year old's would be.  There wasn't anything on the u/s that caused any concern for alarm.  We were suprised to see how much the baby has developed since the 7 weeks 5 day u/s... in fact, measurements are showing this baby to be at the top end of the in-utero growth chart for this number of days/weeks.  And I mean, right at the very top.  We could see how long the legs were, wow... it was so funny, we saw the baby do a complete flip with legs are arms outstretched, and another time we saw the hand go up to the mouth.  I have to admit, it was great to see that, but it sure isn't like seeing it the first time with your very first baby!  I wanted to cry each time with my DS, and I don't feel as overwhelmed with the magic of it all this time.  I think that's normal, though.  Now I know why other women, when they saw me pregnant with DS and no other kids in tow, they would ask, "Is this your first?" and then give me this particular smile, like they recognize the feelings of that first-time experience and it stirs something within them about their own first time.  Maybe first-timers just have a particular glow about them, if you know what I mean? 


Sorry about missing others, I hope everyone is doing well and I'll try to stay more caught up next time!

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Belly - Yay!!!!  So glad to hear all went well.  I don't think being off just a little is a big issue.  Drs don't know the exact day that they implanted so you may be right on target.  I think medical technology can sometime scare us too much which only cause more concern and worry.


Kewpie - sending prayers and positive thoughts to wake Liam up!!!!!  Keep us posted!  That has to be scary!!!  Glad that your adjustment today was better.  So you are aloud to go to the chiropractor or does the chiro come to you since you are on bed-rest??????


Tenzi - so good to hear that your U/S went so well!  Yay!!!!  Are you guys finding out the sex of the baby????

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Belly, YAH!! I'm glad both continued to grow. I'm sure everything is fine with the sac. My DH always found it funny that depending on how they moved the want, the perspective changed so much so hopefully, your baby is comfortably snuggling in the little sac with room to spare! As for the meds, ugh! i hate that for you, especially since it means extra cost and possibly, you could have started to feel better the last few days, if you were taking fewer drugs! Well, not that your starting with a lower dosage, I hope you don't feel as sick anymore :o)Tenzin,


Tenzin, I'm glad things are going well!! It's so exciting! I'm so happy about the NT results for you. I go in 2 weeks for those results and I'm a little nervous. Did you do the ultra screen as well? I'm giving my blood tomorrow for this screening test and I'll find out all the results in a couple of weeks. The ultra screen is supposed to give more insight into risk factors as well. How are you feeling now that you're almost past your first trimester? I have the same type of M/S as you. I'm fairly ok in the morning but early afternoon, the nausea starts to hit and then night time I frequently have to self medicate with ginger ale. haha But things feel a little better, although I still have days of just sheer exhaustion! Yesterday was one of those days so I was happy I got to come home at 7pm. But from early morning to coming home, I was so tired!


Kewpie, did Liam wake up? I'm sure things are fine but he's probably tired from growing and kicking you :o) I hope that he woke up again and is kicking you once again! Yah to feeling better and i'm glad that the adjustments are working! :o) I'll look out for it as well.


I received my doppler yesterday (sonoline B) but I haven't tried it out yet. haha i'm almost worried that things won't work and then I'll be stressed. It's early yet anyway and they said that it may not start working until week 12. I know some people get it to work earlier so i'll probably try this weekend (I think they have youtube videos about where to put the sensor) so we'll see!


Hope everyone is doing well!





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Just dropping in very quickly to tell you all its a girl!! See is also measuring about a week ahead which is great!! I have a lot of people to call so I will check in later!!

Belly im glad the twins are growing well!!
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Blue, we aren't going to find out the sex of the baby.  We did last time with DS, and this time I want to have the big surprise on the birth day.  It's kind of tempting because I'm curious, but the wish to be super surprised the day of is stronger.  Another thing for me is, I'm trying to 'go with the flow' with things... I need to cultivate that in myself.  I think it will serve me well when with two kids under the age of 2 and 2 big dogs... a small house, and no minivan.  Ha ha.  (The vehicle we have isn't bad, it's one of the smaller SUVs and we do have a carrier on top for things... but still, if we decide we're all going to go on a road trip or do some camping, that won't be that easy to do.)


Renavoo, yes, I did the bloodwork as well.  Here, I believe we call it the First Trimester Combined Screening.  Probably the same thing as what you are talking about. So, b/w with the u/s.  I'm feeling much, much better... even my energy levels are returning a good deal.  Though I'm still really tuckered by the time 9 pm hits.  Hopefully you won't need ginger ale too much longer, yourself!  Let us know how you like using your doppler.


Kewpie, how are things?  Movement today with Liam? 


Lyndi, YAY!

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Lyndi - YAY! SO glad your little girl is looking so good!


Renavoo - You're probably wise to wait to try the doppler.  I hope it works out well for you when you do try it!


AFM - So last night was full of anxiety.  I didn't feel him at all before bed and I had a fitful night of sleep combined with juice drinking and poking.  I thought I felt something around midnight, but nothing else.  I could hear what I thought was him on the doppler (his HB is slower than sister's) so that kept me somewhat sane till this morning.  I ate breakfast and still nothing... I was getting ready to call the OB when suddenly I felt hiccups on his side and then after about 2 minutes came a flurry of movement.  He's been wiggling ever since.  *shrugs* So either he was really tired from his growth spurt and had been sleeping tons or he was in a spot that I couldn't feel him as well.  He does have an anterior placenta, so it does happen from time to time.  Just not for this long... 

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Kewpie- Actually, I will be 7 weeks, 1 day not 6 weeks when I have my ultrasound.  I realize I won't be able to see much this early. I meant general pregnancy questions, not specific to ultrasound.

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7 weeks, 1 d that is.

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Lyndi, YAH to a girl!! CONGRATS! luxlove.gif


Kewpie, i'm glad Liam woke up. Maybe he was trying to give mama a little rest from all his kicking. :o)


Tenzins, OOOOH you're much more patient than me. I couldn't wait if I tried :o) I am soooo tired by 9pm so i'm really quite worried about the next two weeks because I foresee long nights ahead at work. That is going to really exhaust me and I know DH is already really worried about me. I'm noticing a lot of mood swings these days too. I sometimes have to talk myself out of crying because i feel so frustrated at how tired I am!! But generally, I feel ok. Hey, my nausea used to be all day and night so this new focus in the early afternoon to evening is at least an improvement! I really hope that you start feeling the pregnancy glow soon so I feel some hope about feeling that way in a couple of weeks too!


Did anyone else also experience pregnancy rhinitis? i blow my nose so much that it drives me up the wall and this has been happening since week 5 or so. i must use a box of tissues a week because my nose is always stuffed or running! ARGH! :o) I know it's a symptoms of pregnancy but boy, can these pregnancy signs be any less attractive? Gassiness, bloating, odd gurgling in the stomach, nausea, and runny nose. Whoo hoo. And i'm still on meds so I don't want to BD with my DH because who the heck knows what those hormones will do to him! haha sorry, tmi. ok, back to my optimistic self again.


Have a wonderful Friday! TGIF!


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renavoo - Yup yup yup!  I thought I was going to blow my nose off!  Worst part, sneezing and runny nose made me hurl on top of already bad morning sickness.  I hope it doesn't hit you that way.  For me, it eased up by mid 2nd trimester.  I hope it doesn't last that long for you!  I did get the go-ahead to take an antihistamine (loratadine) and that did help a lot.  Maybe your doc will let you take something to help?

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Renavoo- OMG! That was probably one of my most annoying pregnancy symptoms! DH actually slept in another bedroom some nights bc of all the sneezing, snoring and blowing going on on my side of the bed! We moved a recliner chair into our bedroom and I tried to sleep in that bc of my nose and hip pain which helped a little. I'd spend most nights in bed with tissues shoved up both nostrils. My pereintologist said I couldn't take anything for it and everyone at work was scared of me bc they always thought I had a cold! So sorry to hear you are going through it too! I think I remember you saying you have allergies (me too) so all I can say is buy stock in tissues! Oh and maybe try a netti pot, have you ever used one of those? The day our boys were born that night my nose totally cleared up, it was crazy! There is hope, but I know it's annoying as heck!

Belly- so glad your u/s went well! What's next for you?

Kewpie- so glad they your little guy woke up and stopped playing possium! What a way to give you a heart attack already! Good grief!

Lyndi- Congrats on the girl!!!!!!

Tenzi- good for you for waiting! I wouldn't be able to do it. I need to know but that's just me! Hope all continues to go well for you! Keep us posted!
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