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Deborah - I saw your post on the other side. I am so sorry. I don't know what to say. But I am so sorry.

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Blue - Thanks for the advice about the NK cells. I don't know what to do. the two options that I have right now are my local RE and the california conceptions clinic, neither of which will do interlipids. So my only other option is to not do donor embryos. I guess I am going to take my chances, since I am not really ready to stop TTC. I did just have the interlipids done for my last cycle on Dec 3. Do you know how long they are good for? I think I am going to do the FET in March. Maybe (hopefully) there will be some leftover effect from the interliid by then?

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Deborah - so sorry to hear of your loss.  Having been through a couple of miscarriages myself (at 7-8 weeks, also after hearing a heartbeat) I know how awful it is.  There's nothing you should have done differently - it's just bad luck.


When you're ready, if you think you might have immunological issues, perhaps check out Dr. Beer's work: http://repro-med.net/ 

Wishing you well in your grief, your healing, and your journey.  I hope you have good support from your family and your doctor.  Hang in there.


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RCR, I forget if I said this but my clinic tests for NKC and does Intralipids infusions. They have locations in Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany ny. They also do donor embryo transfers, and I've heard they're fairly inexpensive as clinics go. It's called CNY Fertility. I don't know if any f those locations are possible for you. hug2.gif. I'm sending you huge hugs as you process your mom's passing. hug2.gif
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Oh no Deborah.  I am so so sorry.

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Thank you everyone. Blue- We did do chromosome testing on the boys and everything was just fine with them. At this point, neither DH nor I feel we can try again, but if we change our minds, I will look into NK cells. My clinic does use Reprosource for testing, but I'm not sure if they tested that. Lee- This one may have just been bad luck, but we had a clear reason for the loss of my sons and it had to do with a genetic issue with me. We had therapies in place to hopefully prevent a repeat. I'm still trying to decide whether I want chromosome testing on this one. I probably will want it, but am not positive.

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blue! i'll be 22 weeks on sunday.  it's kind of hard to believe.  i can't figure out how to make tickers work, i have issues.  i blame it on pregnancy brain as i'm pretty tech savvy otherwise.  the other night i finally felt our little boy from the outside.  it was so weird to have this strange little lump! i made dh touch him (he is so gentle, i think he's scared of crushing a baby) but i was poking around and he rolled over!  it was so crazy.  that's the first time i've felt them in that way, it was exciting.  our little girl is so far down against my cervix, and i think the placenta or something is in the way, because i can't quite feel her lump yet.  i keep searching for it though!  next week is our fetal echo.  kind of nervous, although they didn't see anything at the anatomy scan so i guess i shouldn't freak out too much.  just another chance to see my babies.   how are you feeling this week?  keeping busy decorating?


hope everyone is doing well and that your babies are keeping you happily busy!

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Tear - thanks. I didn't know that CNY did interlipids. That is good to know. They are popular on the egg donor forum that I stalk sometimes. I think that they are one of the more affordable options. If this donor egg cycle with my local RE doesn't work, I may look into them instead of the California clinic.

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Deborah: I am so, so sorry for your loss. You will be in my thoughts.
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It has sure been a while since I have checked in. First trimester exhaustion is no joke:)

Vireos: your ultrasound pic was amazing, so glad that all is going well! When did you tell your daughter? We are still waiting to tell mine but can't wait, she has been talking about her imaginary brothers and sisters so I think she will be so freaking excited!

Vegan: your kids are spaced exactly what mine will be, 3 years, 8 months. I always thought I would have kids really close together because I also close with my brother who is only 18 months older and I wanted that for my kids. Now, I feel like this spacing is going to be just great, I hope it goes as well as your has. I am just worried about it being such a big adjustment for my daughter to is used to being the center of attention:)

Laura: how exciting, a baby boy! Congrats on 6 years of being married!

Tenzins: I hope some of bf uneasiness has worked it's way out one way or another and that you are finding a balance to maintain sanity! I remember going through it and feeling so alone, and thinking why am I finding this so difficult when everyone else has no problems....I was of course, so wrong. It was one of those things that until i started talking about my own struggles that I just didn't realize so many other people had been through the same thing and had the exact same worries:)

Hope: congratulations!!

She said: 12 weeks, yay... I'm sorry you have been so sick, I hope you start to feel better soon. So glad you got to see the baby at your scan, I'm sure the forehead is just fine! Their heads are still way bigger than the rest of their bodies at 12 weeks so it will probably not seem as big when the rest of the body catches up!

Tear: 30 weeks is close, I hope getting everything set up is going well, what a fun, fun time!

Blue: love your colors, hope you are feeling good! That baby foot is adorable!

Aura: it's so cool that you know which baby is which when you feel them move. I wake up everyday and feel tempted to call out of work but I just keep trying to push through because I know I will need those days later, it would just be so nice to lay around on the couch one extra day a week:)

Tooth fairy: did I ever say congratulations, I think I did somewhere else but just in case, congratulations!! I'm sure you have gotten tons of books by now, my two cents is that what to expect has so much information, which I really wanted with my first pregnancy as I felt so unsure about everything, so it was a good reference to have around. The girlfriends guide, I never had it, but many of my girlfriends recommended it. Also, belly laughs, it's Jenny McCarthys pregnancy book, not good for any real information or anything but quite a funny take on many of the body changes etc. that come along with pregnancy - good for a laugh when you need one! Hope you are feeling good!

RCr: I love your new plan and so, so hope that you find a way to pull it all together!

Hi to everyone else!

Afm: I'm 14 weeks today, yay! 12 week scan and blood work were good. I just told my job this week and am starting to feel better:) I'm still exhausted but nausea is way down/mostly gone!
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bucket, so glad to hear you're feeling better! and hooray for a good nuchal!  passing each test is a major relief.  i sympathize with wanting to to stay home.  every morning i drag myself out of bed.  last night i had terrible heartburn, couldn't get comfortable, and then had crazy nightmares... plus i had to wake up an hour early for work.  i wanted to cry i was so tired! and then my dh tells me he thinks he has a little cold and is taking the day off.  i was so mad i couldn't even talk to him.  i believe i stomped off to take a shower.  heheh.  jealous much? 


how is everyone doing? i've been feeling kicks like crazy this week, which is a nice change.  and tonight dh and i watched my stomach start moving and changing shape! it was so weird and creepy and magical.  baby boy is a squirmer!


i have a question for all the moms.  did you have crib mobiles?  i had been hoping to sleep train with a white noise machine (white noise on = sleep, white noise off = get up!) because i know it works for a few of my friends.  i was planning on getting some pretty mobiles that hang from the ceiling to give the babies something to look at.  however some of my other friends are insisting that i need crib mobiles that play music and move and all that.  how does that work with twins? i am just imagining out of sync competing lullabyes.  did anyone skip a musical crib mobile?  or is it something i need to get?  they also all seem to be jungle creatures or sea creatures for some reason.  so weird! 

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BucketofRain, I'm feeling much better about nursing... I just had to come to terms with the fact that my nursing relationship with my son and daughter have turned out to be different, and basically let go of the guilt I felt for not enjoying bf'ing as much this time around. My toddler has just kept me so busy, that I never had many times when I could just sit and nurse and be totally caught up in the moment of it... not to mention that it wasn't as wondrous anymore a few months in with my daughter. It's gotten better in terms of her not kneading my side like bread dough and digging her nails into me, too. Funny how annoying that made me at the time, but I was so freakin' sleep deprived after a few months-- I'm still sleep deprived but not as bad. Ahhhh, sleep...I think the last time I slept through the night was... ummm, yeah, that would be before I got pregnant with DS-- so, 39.5 months ago!


Aura, I ended up buying an expensive crib mobile for DS, but they are used for such a short time, I don't think it was worth it. And it wouldn't fit on the crib either, even with the adaptor, because of the design of the wood (flat, as opposed to round). So we had to forgo the frame part and just hang the stuffies with the music box on a line from the ceiling.  For DD, I went to Ikea and bought one of their little mobiles without the music-- so cute, it had a dragonfly, bee, ladybug, and something else on it. I hung it from the ceiling on a line, it ended up being very dainty and had a neat look to it. It's up for such a relatively short time, I didn't feel bad when I took the Ikea one down because it was something like $10, whereas the other one was $60. Crazy, how much a person can spend on babies! I have a couple of items in her room that play lullaby music if we want to listen to it.  We use a white noise machine for each child, on the rain setting (that was what was recommended to us by the sleep consultant we used when we had problems with DS's sleep). I have a friend who has the Graco machine, and says it was really expensive and not worth the money. I really like the ones we have, they only cost $20 and $25 (two different brands/models, but basically the same). For us, the white noise machine is so good, with having our two kids... It's prevented one from waking the other up on many occasions.

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Aura: So fun watching bellies move!!! I miss that! As for the mobile. We bought one for my older DD that I don't recall using much or she never cared for. She was the kind of kid who had to be soothed to sleep by mom or dad and woke up screaming her head off - no hanging out in the crib without being upset. We lost the piece that makes it turn but are using it for DD2. She loves to lay in the crib (we have it sidecarred to our bed) and look at that and at the mirror I have on the side. If she wakes up too early in the morning I just change her and put her in the crib to look at stuff and doze off for a while until I can nurse her back to sleep. Never would have worked with my first. Anyway, ours doesn't move and she still likes it. I caught a glimpse of my friend's crib last week. She has boy/girl twins that are 6 mos old. They were still sharing a crib and she had a mobile hanging on each side of the crib. I don't think hers turned either (Ikea I think). She just started putting them in their own cribs right after that bc their sleep schedules are not in sync right now (plus her boy is getting really big). 


I find myself thinking about a 3rd baby so much lately. That is not good. LOL. Though yesterday was such a rough day that I was like "why on earth would I want another?!". The baby was still sweet and easy but my 4 yr old really was pushing all my buttons and it was just an exhausting, trying day. I know my baby is so sweet and easy now but of course in time she will become mobile and learn how to talk and become much more challenging. Thankfully, today has been a much more normal day. And thank goodness for preschool today!



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Vegan, your post made me smile... And I can't wait for preschool to start... ha ha. Challenging days of late over here with the oldest, phew!

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Hi ladies, sorry I'm MIA- It has been insanely busy at work so i haven't had time to check in. i still don't have much time but i had to write in and say:

Deborah, I am so so so sorry. my heart is broken for you. Whatever your next steps are, I'm so hopeful that you will find peace soon (and hopefully, a baby in your arms.)


Rcr, huge condolences on the loss of your mother. And i hope you get all the stuff with the intralipids squared away so that you can be holding your baby soon!


Everyone else, hi! i promise to check in soon to follow up with everyone else!


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Thanks Renavoo. Today has been a week since we found out we lost this one,so it was a harder day. However, I am organizing my house in an effort to prepare for a home study when we are ready. I have been getting a lot done with it and it has been surprisingly therapeutic.I struggle with organization due to a spatial learning disability, so that's why it's such a surprise that I'm enjoying it. I have a long way to go, but my coffee table is clear, one of my end tables is clear, a tv table is clear and usable again, the dog toys arepicked upandthere is no pile of dishes in the sink. These are huge accomplishments for me.

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Aura -- The part with the perinatologist explaining gestational diabetes and the part with the nurse teaching us how to use the meter were both great. It was just the part with the dietician that sucked. I have been at this for a couple of weeks now and the test with the glucola was definately worse than anything else has been. I haven't had any trouble controlling my sugars with diet. Glad things are going well with you--one of each!

Blue -- Glad things are going well for you! And yeah, that is about what I've heard about the third trimester.

SheSaidBoom -- Aww. smile.gif Looks fine to me; there may be an arm up there in the pic, which might be confusing you.

Hope -- I hope things are going a bit better for you this week.

BucketOfRain -- Thanks! Hope you are starting to feel a bit more energetic.

Deborah -- hug.gif

Hi to everyone else!

AFM -- So far the gestational diabetes is under easy control with diet alone. I am hoping that it stays this way for a while. Sadly, my body seems to have decided to take the major pregnancy complications list as a todo list. I am not pleased. I already had maternal obesity (although with the weight I am not gaining, I may actually be exiting that category), a subchorionic hemmorage (at 13 weeks, resolved), placenta previa (may yet resolve itself), and the gestational diabetes. This week I added cholestasis to the list. It is a liver problem, highlights include itching everywhere all the time and a significantly increased risk of preterm labor and stillbirth. My pregnancy is unlikely to be allowed to go past 37 weeks.

I wanted a boring, normal, natural pregnancy. This sucks.
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laura, how did they diagnose the cholestasis?  just reading what you wrote makes me itchy.  this baby will be worth it, and you're already past the halfway point!


renavoo, hope all is well and you have an easy time dealing with snowpocalypse!


afm, saw the peri today and everything is looking good.  our little boy flipped so now they are both head down and snuggling.  i prefer that to kicking each other in the head!  they are now both  laying diagonally across my stomach.  hello stretch marks! my cervix is at 3 and holding, so the dr said he was pleased.  next week is ob appt and the week after is the fetal echo.  i love seeing these babies so much.

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Hello all!! I've been meaning to post, I just haven't found the time. Tomorrow is my first shower!! Ugh, I'm so not the type that likes to be the center of attention, so I'm a little nervous which sounds stupid. I'm sure it will go fine. I'll try and catch up w/ personals on Sun or the beginning of next week. Hope everyone is well and survive the big snow storm too!! Keep warm!!
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So bad with personals here, too, but I'm reading along and cheering for you all! We are 34 weeks here, and at this point last time I as showing some clear signs of pre eclampsia. So far, so good. I so so so hope that everything goes smoothly and we can have a healthy, vaginal birth! I can't believe that DD was born less than three weeks from this point! I'm really hoping to be able to work until my due date so I can stay home for the rest of the school year. We'll see! :-). I was supposed to see a chiropractor today for my hip, for which I was very excited, but the storm forced me home insteAd. I put it off until Monday. Halfway home I started to just be thankful to get home safely. Phew! Lots of snow!
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