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OMG Guppy!!  Talk about beating the odds! Congrats on heartbeats, but I understand your concerns - they are all valid!  I can't offer you any advice, but I wish you all the best in what happens next smile.gif   wow... after so little symptom wise who would have thought???

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Thx. Exhausted from it all and pretty sure my BP is up. Such a mixed blessing. it's been hard to be happy about it.
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Wow, Guppy. Wow. I wish you the best in whatever happens, and whatever decision you make. There are no easy choices in IF, but I think everybody ends up doing what is best for them.

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wow, Guppy.  I have no words of advice, but I wish you luck in whatever you choose to do.  

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quick drive by to say Congrats to Guppy, and that I know you will make the right decision for you, and I hope that you have an easy time finding peace with that choice (and that no one says the wrong thing to you about it as we all know so many are good at doing!!!)
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guppy, so crazy!  on one hand a blessing, on the other, certainly something to seriously think about.  i know we didn't really expect to get pregnant with twins, and there was a major shock period.  i imagine with triplets it's even more.  trust your gut.  i didn't have any symptoms either, with twins, and i'm also overweight and have asthma, so i kind of know how you feel.  having multiples is a whole other ballgame.  sometimes i forget, because on this board there are so many women with twins, but every time i'm at the dr or at the hospital for a tour or class, it's like i'm a walking freakshow.   when is your next appt?  what do your drs say?

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Another u/s Friday. Drs are extremely against keeping all 3. I just want a crystal ball... Lol.
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Sorry Guppy. Can you wait a while to make a decision?

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They don't do anything until 11 weeks anyway... So I have consults with two other Drs in the meantime. 

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Oh Toothfairy, I'm so sorry. (And sorry I'm late in responding). Big hugs and I'm looking forward to your next BFP. By the way, ask your doctor about the possibility of assisted hatching. I personally think my babies are here because we had that done. My clinic does that for all frozen embies.

Will sign in later for other posts!!


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Gosh, I'm behind like normal w/ my posts.  For some reason my automatic email when there is a new post got turned off so I have missed so but was just trying to get caught up before i head out the door to do a couple of things.


Tear - how are you feeling??  Getting really close aren't you??  I always for get your due date.


Guppy - Congrats but I know that has to be so hard.  I'm sure if i got preg w/ multiples again they would of probably encouraged me to reduce too.  Can't even imagine what you are going through but know that i'm thinking of you and hoping and praying that the answer will find you easily.  I know we were only preg w/ twins and my body for some reason just could handle it and we lost both so i totally hear you when you say you wish you had a crystal ball so you could know the outcome before you had to do anything.  Ughh... so tough.  Keep us posted and know that we are here for you no matter what to support you.


rcr - things are coming up here soon for you too right? I know i posted to you on the other side but i like that you keep up to date w/ us over here too b/c something i feel like a foreigner over there.  Thinking of you and crossing my fingers and praying this is it for you!!!!


Suzie - thanks for your input and sharing your story about the c-section.  How are you doing and what is going on w/ you?

Aura - how are you doing?  How many weeks now?  Hope you are feeling okay.  What is next for you and the babes?  Did you order your furniture?


Hope -  how are things and how is the reflux?  Did you get my PM? Hope things are better!!!


Hi to everyone else......I'm sure i have forgotten people but i'm on the 2nd to last page and can only see those names.


AFM - This Sunday we will be 37 weeks.  Wahoo!!!  I have  my reg OB appt tomorrow (every thurs) and then Friday morning i go into the hospital at 10am and my OB will take the stitch out and we will go from there.  Today was my last progesterone shot so that is also a good thing.  I've been doing pretty well and really can't complain other than indigestion, hip pain w/ sleeping and pressure if i do too much or am on my feet too long.  I went to my beloved Chiropractor who does a technique called the Webster Technique (to help a baby turn that is not head down) and he did it on me once which was a simple little adjustment of my SI joint & one other little thing and that night i think the baby might have gone head down.  My OB said she would do a quick ultrasound on Friday when she takes the stitch out and see where he is at b/c the chiro doesn't want to adjust me again like that if he is head down which i think he might be b/c i've been feeling kicks or movements more in the middle of my belly at the top instead of the R side. Crazy how just one adjustment that can happen.  I guess it works even better w/ breech babies he said.  We will see.  I'm kinda excited about Friday and finding out where he is. My next big ultrasound w/ the high risk Dr is on the 28th so we will check his fluid levels and size/position then too.  I think that is about all from this end. Hope you all are doing well!!

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Blue - I am so excited for you!  I hope little boy is head down and staying there!

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Blue- Almost there, can't wait to meet that little boy!!!


Aura- how ya doing????


Hello to everyone.  

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I'm glad the thread picked back up... I was worried I broke it with my insanity :)  Still chugging along. No decisions yet.  Support on both sides and a great MFM in my court.  All options open and I'm going to California next week for work to stop thinking about it for a few days.  Hope all are well. 8w3d w. nice heartbeats this week. 


Suzie, Others? -- any updates? 

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blue, that's so cool that the chiro may have helped your boy get head down! Kicks at belly level are a good sign. smile.gif I'm 39w2d and trying not to turn into a grumpy hormone ball. upsidedown.gif I'm not working anymore, so that's helped a lot, especially the afternoon naps when DD sleeps. I'm feeling on and off crampy, but I have been on and off for weeks. I'm trying to bide my time and be thankful that I'm not showing signs of pre-e again (knocks on wood) and remember that I'm not even at my due date yet. Good luck with your upcoming appointments! love.gif

Love and hugs to everybody, I love hearing updates!
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Blue - 37 weeks?!?! Where has the time gone??? Wow! I am so excited for you to meet him and share pictures with us :-) I did get your PM, but haven't managed to make it out to a chiro yet. The rest of my maternity leave was spent on doctors appts for DS (regular check ups plus a pediatric GI doc) as well as for DD (she ended up really sick and in the hospital for 4 days due to dehydration, then she had to see her ped a bunch plus a pediatric infectious disease doc). It was miserable. I still have to get DS an upper GI but I keep putting it off because I don't like the thought of doing it to him, but we go back to the GI doc in 2 weeks, ugh. We've doubled his dose of meds, and it seems to be helping some, but he still has pain when he spits up about 1/2 the time, and his chocking seems to be getting worse. But he continues to eat like a pig!!! Well, that seems to be a lot of my update LOL. This is my second week back to work, and it has really been spent playing catch up. My little guy turned 2 months last Friday, and he's really starting to show his little personality. He's a huge mama's boy, he really doesn't like to be held by anyone else if I'm around. He's so much more laid back than my DD was at this age (he cries when he's tired, hungry, dirty diaper and reflux-y - which of course is a lot unfortunately but getting to be less), and he's a MUCH better sleeper than she was. Adjusting to 2 in the beginning was a bit rough just because of the sleep deprivation, hormones, and the fact that DD would get a bit jealous and throw a fit in the afternoons when she got tired. Other than that I think it's been a pretty good adjustment. It's been interesting because DH has made a couple comments about if I want another one, we can... we only ever planned for 2 but we do have embabies on ice. It's surprising to me that he'd say it, but I know he'd LOVE to have another little girl, so I don't know if that's where it is all coming from? I don't know that it'll happen, but who knows.
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hello ladies!


blue, 37 weeks!  ahhhh!  i'm glad to hear you've had success with the chiro.  i just started going and i'm in love! after one adjustment my sciatic pain went away as did my hip pain.  and i think opening up my pelvis pushed baby a a little further down, so she is RIGHT up in there.  is the nursery ready? are you feeling okay?  


hope, that's exciting about leaving the door open for a third!  especially when you're still in the thick of things.  sorry to hear that everyone isn't feeling well, but i hope that your ds will get the reflux under control soon.  


tear, i am on the edge of my seat waiting for this baby!  you're so close!  i'm glad you stopped working.  i DREAM of the day i can stop.  seriously.  not because i can't physically do it, just because i mentally need some time to prepare and rest and nap.  mostly nap.  i'll be thinking easy labor thoughts for you!


guppy, there is nothing you could do to break this group!  we're vets, we've all seen so much, and we are all here for you.  i think the trip sounds like a fabulous idea.  i hope you get all the fun and relaxation you're hoping for. 


what's happening mom?  how are you doing??


afm, 27w4d.  on the cusp of the third trimester and feeling great!  i have to say, after the two years of IF, this pregnancy has been relatively easy.  i passed my gd test (can't remember if i mentioned that?), my cervix is at 2.5, and both babies are looking good! i've got an ob appt on tuesday, and then the peri on thursday for a growth scan.  those are my favorites because i just love data.  i've also got an appt that day with a local pediatrician that a close friend recommended.  not sure exactly what i'm supposed to ask, but i know i'm supposed to do it! i'll have to do some google research on that one.  the nursery is coming together and we've set up the rug, couch, ottoman, dresser/changing table, and finally the bookcase.  thank goodness for ikea!  now i just need to hem the curtains, put together the cribs and put in the matresses, hang some art, and empty the closet out.  i've been doing loads of baby laundry (we've received a lot of hand me downs, a ton still with tags on them) and we bought some bins so i can separate them out by sizes.  looks like my little girl will have an entire wardrobe, and my boy has a handful of geeky onesies.  maybe i'll get some clothes at the shower?  i think it's being planned for april 6th, but other than that the details are all a surprise.  i can't wait!  

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Guppy ... Sorrry I've been a bit absent.  DH's mum has been in hospital for chemo which went wrong and today she passed away.  V sad times.

I had my scan on Tues and all is well, heartbeat good and strong but that was the day his mum took a turn for the worse so it all got a bit overshadowed. 

I'm so glad you have good support and an open mind - the best decisions are made with those things in place, and some time away is prob just what you need xx

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Suzie I'm so sorry for your loss!
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tear wow, so close! I cant waIt to hear the good news! (we must have cross posted yesterday.) guppy _ good for you gettIng away!
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