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Suzie - I am sorry for your loss.

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Suzie- so sorry to hear! take care and take things easy. So bittersweet in many ways.

Afm. I'm home from work today. Rough week at work and I was not feeling so well this am. Hopefully not sick - most of my students are super sick. Anyway good day of rest.
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Thanks guys :)  Really hard to see DH and his family so sad, but she was very sick so this is possibly a better outcome than the few months she was predicted to have left. She would never have left the hospital, and possibly have lost her communication abilities so although it is sad, it may have been worse for her family and her if it were dragged over months. 


Aural: Nursery sounds awesome! And yep, where were we all before Ikea?


Guppy: Hope you're feeling better.  It's so hard to feel good when working makes it impossible to get any real rest.  Glad you could take some time out for proper rest.


Blue: Happy to hear your chiro is doing a good job :) You're so close now!!  You must be so excited/relived to get to this point!


Everyone: Hope you're all happy and healthy, well rested and eating well!

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Hi ladies! I'm so sorry i've been MIA. It's been a crazy few months what with work being insanely busy and then the twins. Crazy but amazing.


Guppy, Triplets!! dizzy.gif No matter what you do, I'm sure it will be the right choice for you. I only have twins so I can't personally comment on the impact of triplets but i will have to say that the president of our company has triplets and she's AMAZING. She's extremely hands on and her triplets adore her. How she is that way and still is the president of my company boggles my mind but she makes it a point to leave at a decent hour whenever she can so she can spend quality time with her babies. Good luck with your decision!


Blue, SO CLOSE! I'm so beyond excited for you to hold your beautiful baby in your arms. Did you end up getting the stitch out? Did the baby turn yet? How are you and your DH feeling about the impending arrival of your son? I bet you both are so ready!


Aura, so funny about your superstitions! Chinese people have the same superstitions so my mom didn't want me to buy anything and especially, to put the cribs together. She wanted my DH to come back once the babies were born and do it then. I nodded and then purchased the cribs and had DH put it together sometime in the third trimester. haha I, like you, couldn't imagine what the heck we could actually get done when the babies were actually here so I wanted to get as much done as possible. I "compromised" with my mom and kept the mattress out of the crib so the crib wasn't fully "assembled" but decided we needed to do what was  right for us. I'm so excited for your twins! Does your hospital usually induce at 38 weeks if the babies don't come naturally?


Tear, SO CLOSE!! I'm hoping it's any day now so you can hold your bundle soon!


Suzie, so sorry about DH's mom. I hope she had some peace during her passing.


Hope, Kewpie, Belly, Keria, and everyone else, HI! wave.gif I think of all you ladies often and stalk, even if i don't have time for personals!


AFM, things going great although insanely busy. My babies are growing so big and so fast that it almost makes me sad...almost 9 months already! Sienna is crawling and starting to try to pull herself up and she's smart and difficult to trick. Colin is so nice and relaxed, generally. he's a round one (haha I love it!) and therefore, not as mobile as his sister but he's always babbling. I love watching them grow but I hate it at the same time because i just want them to stay my babies! Anyway, here is a pic of them smiling at each other (I clipped it from a video). I love that they are interacting now, although Colin seems much more into Sienna than she is into him. That girl definitely plays hard to get ;o)





thinking of you ladies! Can't wait to see updates and see the new babies!

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Suzie - So sorry to hear about your & DH's loss!!!!  Glad that your scan on Tues went well!!!  Yay, keep going strong little one!!!


Aura - Glad you are having good luck w/ your chiro and that it is helping!!!!  Wow 27 + wks that is awesome!!!  How'd the appt w/ the pediatrician go?  I have picked one but didn't actually meet w/ her I just know that a lot of my friends go to her and she sounds perfect for what i want. As for how i'm feeling see my AFM.


Hope - I hope that things keep getting easier for you and that the sleep deprivation starts to go away soon.  I'm sure it is a challenge going back to work and balancing 2 for sure.  Who watches your kids while you work?  I think that is so sweet that your DH is talking about maybe having more.  Before we ever started trying to get pregnant i always thought i might want 3 kids but then when i saw how crazy it was for my BIL/SIL w/ 3 it kinda changed my mind and I thought 2 might be just right for us.  But after all we have gone through now I think 1 might be enough at this point... we will see.


Tear - thinking of you and can't wait to hear your big news when it happens!!!!!


Guppy - hope you have a great trip and got to relax some too!!!!!!


Momtoalexis - hug.gif my friend!!!


Kewpie - thanks!!  Hope your little ones are doing well!!!  How is the house coming???


Renavoo - hope your babes and you and DH are doing well too!!!


rcr - fingers crossed for you and your last transfer!!!!!!!!!!  Sounds like things went great and I can't wait to hear!!


Hi to everyone else!!!! Just looking back on this last page so if your post wasn't there that is why I forgot you!!!




AFM - Well, the dr took the stitch out on Friday morning at 10am in the high risk unit at the hospital and then they hooked me up to the monitors for a non-stress test like I have every wk in her office and his heart rate was around 125 and then like 5 mins or so later it jumped up to like 160 and then dropped to like 110 and my ob didn't like that. So then after waiting like 3 hrs they finally wheeled me to see the high risk dr in his office in for a bio/physical ultrasound to check the baby to make sure we didn't need to deliver right then and there. They wouldn't let me eat either only a liquid diet, so I was starving and so was the babe!!! So I had the ultrasound and the boy passed the test w/ a 8/10, i guess if it is below a 6 then they want you to deliver right then.  I think he missed 2 points for movement b/c he was sleeping through the whole thing probably b/c I hadn't had anything to eat in like 5 hrs only liquids.  So I finally got to leave hospital and go home around 4pm. My ob wants to see me on Mon morning now and then i have my reg appt already set for Thurs unless she lets me cancel that one, but I'd doubt that, but we will see! I guess it is better to be safe than sorry.  Oh and he is head down too, we found out!!!!  His fluid level is also great compared to the last ultrasound that we had so who knows.  He is weighing in at 6lbs 6ozs as of Fri.  My OB said i might have spotting after taking the stitch out but i haven't had anything which is awesome.  My pubic bones are still really sore and have been for weeks now....ugh, just everything separating I'm sure.

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Renavoo - just saw your last post for some reason it didn't show up when i was posting. Love that pic of your two little ones!!!  We are doing okay just a little nervous maybe.  We didn't take any classes b/c we have kinda been though it in in the past w/ our twins birth (this one will be different I know) and he will be bigger for sure... the twins were only 1lb 2oz and 1lb 3oz and i had major back labor with them so i'm just hoping that I don't have the same w/ this one b/c that was awful!!!!!



Ps. I forget (Maybe Aura) who asked, but yes the nursery is pretty much done.  I want to hang his name above his crib and then we have some sticker decals that go w/ the bedding set to also put on the wall somewhere which isn't done yet but no biggie.  I also want DH to put in two more outlets on the two main walls b/c there isn't enough outlets in that room.  We also still need to get our monitor as well. Oh, and i want to do one more layer of bedding (they call it lasagna bedding) and need to get another waterproof pad.  He might not be sleeping in there for awhile but we will see.  Just found out the ladies in our little culdesac just arranged to have a little culdesac shower and that is suppose to be on the 28th which is pretty late but so sweet of them.  It will be really small like only 7 or so of us ladies that live on the culdesac.

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Suzie-so sorry for your loss.  It can be a difficult time even when it was expected.  I am glad to hear that you and the baby are doing well.


Guppy-Wow.  What an impossible decision.  At least you have some time to learn more and reflect before having to make it. I wish you all the best with whatever decision you come to on it.    


Aura-Good luck working things out for the nursery.  Those old superstitions are difficult.  They seem left over from a time when few women worked, everyone had extended family around to help put things together, there were few things to get and little choice in what you got.  With twins coming it is hard to wait and try to do things afterwards, every minute with the babies or resting is just too valuable after they are here.  Sounds like you have things under control though.  I am so glad that everything is going well for you.


Blue-I am glad everything worked out and you were able to be released.  That must have been a difficult day with no food and worry for the little one.  Fingers crossed for smooth sailing till the end and an easy delivery.  Wow you are so close.


Hope-wow back to work already, good luck with the transition.  I hope everyone starts feeling better as spring comes.  It is hard enough starting back to work, without all the illnesses that you have had to deal with on top of it.


Tear-Can't wait to here the good news from you.  Fingers crossed for a smooth delivery.


Renavoo-so cute to see the pic of the little ones interacting.  


AFM-Had our anatomy scan this week and everything is looking good.  We have one large little boy growing happily.  I guess it is time to pull out the names list, we had been putting it off till the scan.  My sister is sending a big box of her boys clothes hand me downs and I will have to start packing up all the girly little clothes we have.  A lot of DD things from early on were pretty neutral, but after those first few months even simple things like blue jeans seem to have hearts stitched on them somewhere. DD has been starting to drop her nap, so things have been a bit more grumpy in the house lately as we could both use some more rest.  Hopefully we will settle into a new pattern soon and then she can go to bed earlier and I won't have to deal with two kids napping and waking each other up.  

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Suzie -- hug.gif Yeah, we had a situation kind of like that in my family. Still sucks though.

renavoo -- They're adorable!

guppy -- Hope you're feeling better. Three--that is a lot to take, whatever you end up deciding. hug.gif

Blue -- Not a great day, but it is at least done and you're good to go whenever. I am excited for you!

vireoes -- Glad that all is well. smile.gif

AFM -- Still reading, just not posting much. Things are going pretty well for me; the gestational diabetes and the cholestasis are under decent control for now and per the ultrasound today, the placenta previa has solved itself. My OB says that presuming all continues to go well I may be able to go to 38 or 39 weeks (I had previously had a hard end date at 37 weeks), so I am pretty excited. I might not have to have a C-section after all! Now I need to actually schedule the myriad classes that first time parents are supposed to take--childbirth, infant care, breastfeeding. Really, even though I could live without some of them, my husband needs the info, so...
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Laura - glad things are going well and under control.  Hope it all continues to go well for you!!!!!


Vireoes - Yay for another boy!!!!  That is great when you get hand me down clothes.  We have been blessed by those as well and it makes it so nice. Hope the classes go well.  We are just going to rough it.  We kinda know what we are getting into a bit since we had to birth our twins but we will see.  DH thinks i'm crazy b/c i have been watching you tube videos on childbirth.  LOL



AFM - forgot to post this latest pic of our little guy at almost 37 wks.  I'm really confused though b/c i saw my ob today and she said that now he is in the 42 percentile for growth and the last 2 scans we have had he has been measuring big like last time he was in the 72% so we have our next u/s w/ the high risk dr next thur the 28 and i will be 38 wks so we will ask more questions then.  Cervix is closed as of today.  Keep getting shooting pains in it though.  ugh!!


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Feeling kinda (ok VERY) grumpy and withdrawn (please be a sign of impending labor!) but I wanted to tell Blue that I had shooting pains in my cervix for a while too and my midwife said it's because of baby's head pushing down on it. Normal! love.gif Also u/s can be inaccurate at times for growth, so hopefully this u/s was a fluke. Your guy's doing great! Keep us posted! luxlove.gif

oh! and...also...Happy due date to me, happy due date to me, happy due date, happy due date, happy due date to me. upsidedown.gifpartytime.gif Not that I put too much stock in the date itself, but still: it's a big deal for me since we never got this far with DD due to pre-eclampsia.
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Tear- Yes, happy due date to you for sure!! So excited that you got farther this time w/ less issues. Do they think its bc your body has been pregnant before or could the sex of the babe make a difference?? Thanks for sharing about the cervix pains. I was getting them now and then even w/ the stitch at times. Yes, the whole ultrasound thing just seems odd bc out of the last 3 they told us he was a little big and now w the 3rd u/s he's no longer. Who knows. This tech that I had on fri has 9 yrs of experience too, so who knows. I won't worry about it and we'll just see what the high risk dr says next week.
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Happy due date Tear! Can;t wait to see your little guy.


Blue what a cute boy. I wouldn't worry to much about the size. we got a couple of conflicting u/s. The doc did do a U/s before my c/s to check for positioning and in that one the weight was the exact weight they were born with.


Rena Colin and Sienna are so adorable.


Hi to everyone I'm cheering for all of you pregnant ladies.


AFM we are doing very well, this past year has been really fun. Watching my kids grow and learn has been an amazing experience. Right now I have a bit of baby fever, NOT going to happen though.  Unless we win the lottery which it would be kind of hard since we don't gamble lol.

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Hi ladies. What a busy time it has been. I'm so sorry I haven't been here for you to lend support. I have dropped in to read from time to time and cannot believe how much has happened. I hope it's okay if I join back in now. 


I'm so sorry for those who are going through hard times. I am thinking of you all and have been over the past several weeks. This journey is such a hard and unfair one. Nobody should have to go through what you are. Much love to you.


Congratulations to the new BFPs. Even triplets! How very exciting to have you here.


Everyone else, whereever you are in your journey, I have been following and hope to read more about it. I'm on the edge of my seat with some of you, sending lots of good thoughts, and well wishes.


I have been very busy with two ill parents, a sick father in-law, and a grieving cousin who just lost her sweet elderly kitty cat to cancer, and of course work on top of that. This is mostly why I haven't had time to update. I need to make time though. I miss you ladies.

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Hi everyone,


I've missed you all as well. I've been faithfully reading along, rooting each of you as you go through all the highs and lows of ttc'ing and new bfps and pregnancy journeys, and, well, all the other life stuff. I've been doing some soul-searching about what I want to do in the next year, and trying to juggle working on my masters program and get more involved in community stuff so that I'm more connected for when I'm ready to graduate. On top of that I've been advocating for some funding for my little guy, as he has some Sensory Integration issues, or Sensory Processing Disorder as it is also known-- we found a wonderful pre-school for a September start and have some assessments in place (OT) in the next month, through the director, so hopefully we can get him some extra support when he starts there. Both kids are growing fast, and we are feeling like we are in a nice rhythm now (okay, the month of February was awful because all 4 of us were sick with about 2 different cold viruses, plus a gastro bug-- all back to back over a 4 week period!). We have been ttc'ing the last few months, but sometimes I think we might be insane for doing that lol. Anyway, hugs to all of you!


I will start doing personals now that I am 2 days away from finishing my final paper for the semester... HAPPY SPRING! 

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Tenzins: I am beginning to wonder if my 4 yr old has SPD in the touch realm. Do you mind me asking what symptoms your son has? 


I keep thinking Tear had her baby whenever I get an email! :-)


I too am reading and cheering everyone on! I so cannot wait to see pics of Blue with her little miracle man!!


Life is keeping me busy. Mostly my 4 yr old is driving me insane - the baby is easy and so precious. She is almost 6 mos!! Just a happy person. Makes me want more - but then I wonder - what if the next is not like her. Ha. My first was not this easy - or maybe I just figured some things out along the way. Who knows. I am bringing all of my baby clothes to my midwife tomorrow. She just had a baby girl last week. I felt a bit sad packing some outfits up that I loved seeing both my girls in. We are def getting rid of all our baby stuff and not planning for a 3rd baby. Isn't that the easiest way to get pregnant? LOL.



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Hi everybody! I'm exploding with happiness! My sister is coming, my sister is coming!!! She'll be here on Saturday evening. We didn't think it was a possibility, but it's going to happen! joy.gif I don't want to wish labor to wait, because I REALLY want my VBAC, but MAN do I hope she can be here when the little baby guy is born! joy.gif

Vegan, everybody is answering their phones for me very promptly lately, lol. We've already started getting rid of baby girl stuff. It feels good to clean house a bit, but there's definitely a pang of awwwww. I am definitely saving some outfits for her and DS for "someday" though.

Tenzins, don't worry about personals! I think everybody understands if you are overwhelmed and would like to hear your updates anyway. At least I hope so, because that's what I usually do. redface.gif

shesaidboom, I'm sorry you've had such hardship in your family lately! I hope things look up soon. hug2.gif

Keria, lol. I wonder if I will end up with baby fever again someday. DH and I both feel pretty happy with hopefully two healthy little ones. We're not going to do anything permanent, but we're going to have to be careful. (I NEVER thought I'd end up saying that!)

blue, I've started wondering if you're going to have your baby before me, because I'm going to be pregnant FOREVER. lol... Hang in there, I'm glad you're trying not to worry! goodvibes.gif
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Thanks, Tear, for encouraging me not to feel badly if I don't respond often... I don't know how everybody else does it, but it seems that sometimes there is just so much going on it's like I have to keep notes so that I don't mix everybody and their happenings all up. How are you feeling? Nice to hear that your sister is able to come, and hopefully things hold off until she arrives so she can be there! It must seem really strange to be saying how you may need to be careful now... I always wanted to ask you, if they could peg a possible reason why it was easier to conceive this time around?


Blue, your little guy is so precious! I can't believe you are at 37 weeks now.. seems like the time has gone by fast, but maybe not so much for you as you are in the middle of it? lol


Vegan, I will pm you when I have more time. I've got to get a paper done by tomorrow... yikes.


Hi to everyone else!

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tenzins, I'm feeling all right, just easily tired. I'm taking lots of rests though, and relying heavily on those around me, for which I'm really lucky. Our RE said that sometimes the best cure for infertility is a successful pregnancy. They don't really know, but think that maybe having DD jump-started my hormones, or maybe being so busy taking care of DD helped us relax and get pregnant easily. They never really found an explanation for why it was so hard the first time either. So, no...no real answer. lol...
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Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post

Hi everybody! I'm exploding with happiness! My sister is coming, my sister is coming!!! She'll be here on Saturday evening. We didn't think it was a possibility, but it's going to happen! joy.gif I don't want to wish labor to wait, because I REALLY want my VBAC, but MAN do I hope she can be here when the little baby guy is born! joy.gif

Me TOO!  And I hope he comes at the best, safest, most wonderful possible time.  And I hope that time is this Sunday.  love.gifbiggrinbounce.gif


And Tenzins, I totally agree that I love reading updates even if people don't do personals.  It's really good to see what people are up to!  (And BLUE!!!  I'm so excited for you!)

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Originally Posted by Carlyle View Post

Me TOO!  And I hope he comes at the best, safest, most wonderful possible time.  And I hope that time is this Sunday.  love.gifbiggrinbounce.gif

luxlove.gif and ROTFLMAO.gif
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