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Rena how far along will you be? I've heard people seeing the heartbeat as early as 5w5d, mine was a week later and we could see babies with their heartbeats.


We can only see the other little one because the doctor still looks for it to see if my body reabsorbed it at this point I don't think it will.

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Originally Posted by Keria View Post

Rena I was scared at first, mostly because the health of the babies I was worried about prematurity and other complications with twin pregnancies, but I can safely say now that all those worries went away and I'm over the moon happy that we are having twins. Actually while the idea of triplets still terrifies me I kind of miss that one little guy that didn't develop ,we can still see him on the u/s next to our little boy and it always makes me wonder what if.

DH and I were thrilled to see twins in there, though we then had to face the possible risks involved. Keria, what you described above is how I feel. In our first weeks after Anika was born we often looked at each other and said, imagine if there were TWO of them! bigeyes.gif But at the same time, I still get a little sad when I think about the idea, or see pictures of smiling twin babies, and wonder how it would have been. Our little Baby B stopped growing at around 9 weeks and you could still see the baby and sac on u/s by the end. There was definitely a scary time when we didn't know if my body would miscarry the twin and pose a risk to Anika, but that never happened. My OB couldn't find it after birth, and I really hope that the twin didn't end up in the part of the placenta that got taken for testing. We planted what was given back to us under a raspberry bush in our yard. DH and I both are just so happy that Anika is healthy and strong, and who knows if she would have had enough resources if the twin had made it, so we focus on that without regret. Sorry, this turned into a bum-out post. I just connected with how Keria feels about her triplet. For what it's worth, Baby B was a little behind in the first few weeks (though it caught up and passed Anika the last time we saw it alive). I think probably the fact that it was behind has something to do with it not growing beyond 9 weeks.

eta - Keria, I go back to work in two weeks. waaaah! redface.gif
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oh Tear, I'm sorry :o( I didn't know that you were going to have twins and I bet that must have been difficult :o( But it's so wonderful that you have your beautiful Anika with you there today. As for going back to work, ewwww! haha don't you wish you were independently wealthy so you could work only when you want to? That's a daily dream of mine. 


Keria, I'm right now 5 weeks. Still so early yet! I can't stop worrying and whenever I talk to my mom about it, i always tell her not to get excited because it's so early yet and anything can happen. The earliest i would get the US would be 11/7- the order is set to come in for an US anytime this week. So I don't know if I should go in the 7th because i'm impatient or if I should go in the 9th because it'll give it a little more time. i can't wait any later because I have work meetings the 10th and 11th so I won't have time to go in the morning! I'm leaning towards waiting till the 9th.


By the way, I'm curious...according to some sites, I'm going into my 6th week since I'm at 5 weeks +; others count it as I'm going into my 5th week. I'm so confused about what is right!!! How do you ladies count it?


Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


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Thanks, renavoo. hug2.gif And yes, I do routinely wish I was filthy rich so I could continue living like I do now, but without working except when I want to. lol... But I wouldn't trade the lifestyle we have now: I love it! smile.gif We're definitely minimalists at heart. I'd probably buy a Playstation 3, though. upsidedown.gif

As for the u/s, I was told that at 5 weeks to just expect to see a sac and a yolk sac inside, at 6 weeks to hope to see a fetal pole, and at 7 weeks to hope to see a heartbeat. So even if you delay to the 9th and don't see a heartbeat, don't worry!

And as for counting weeks, oh that was always confusing. I always counted myself in the lower of the two until the week was completed, but that's because I was feeling superstitious about it. lol... And also then I knew that I had definitely finished that milestone by then, if that makes sense. I think you can do whatever you want, though!
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I'm typing this one handed while laying on my side so forgive typos and weird stuff... lol.gif



Tear and Keria - I feel so badly about your lost twin and triplet.  That must have been/be so hard to see at each u/s.  


renavoo - I usually count down... so if I'm 16 weeks and 3 days, I just say 16 weeks.  Unless I'm the day before the next week (ex: 16w6d), and then I count up.  


When I had my u/s this pregnancy at 5w4d we saw sacs and what looked like the beginning of fetal poles, but no HBs. We went in again at 6w4d and 1 had a HB that was clearly visible, and the second had one that we had to work to find, but it was there. If it were me, I'd choose to go in at a later date.  When we had our u/s and saw sacs, but no HBs I was nervous for that week.  I would have rather waited, but we had it done early cause of the bleeding from the SCH. If you think you can keep calm, by all means go for the earlier one, though. winky.gif  



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haha DON'T DO IT, TEAR!! We have a Playstation 3 and DH is currently playing with his friends. Battlestation something is the game, I think. If you buy it, you'll never tear yourself or DH away from it!! Just a warning. haha





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Tear you are scaring me I'm going to have two of them lol. We are lucky to have tons of help but I'm sure we'll still be exhausted and sleep deprived the first few months. I've never drank coffee before but maybe I'll start then.


I remember about your little baby B, it's nice to know we have similar feelings about the little ones that didn't made it. I love the idea of planting what they gave you in the yard.  I think DH will think I'm crazy if i tell him I want to bring placentas  home. I hope you enjoy as much as possible the last two weeks home with your little one. From what I've seen the rich work 5 times as much  so be careful what you wish for lol.


Rena  I also like tear just say the lower week. I loved this calculator http://www.ivf.ca/fet5dayduedate.php. I think I would probably go on the 7th because I'm impatient but if you can wait a couple of more days to give your little ones some time to grow you should do it.

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Hey ladies! Thanks for starting this thread. After the "warning" on the other one I wasn't sure where to post.


Renavoo - Our first ultrasound was unplanned at 4w5d because I was having some insane swelling from late onset hyperstim. They saw "two possible gestational sacs," but no heartbeats obviously. Then our next one was at 5w5d and we saw both heartbeats flickering on the US screen and could hear baby A's. Baby B has always been at the back of my uterus and harder to get to. Both were very slow so the tech said they had probably just started beating. In terms of week counting, in my mind and to family I say 16w1d for example. But for everyone else I'd just say 16w until I hit 17w0d on Sunday. Keeps it simpler. Some people ask how many months but I hate keeping track that way since it's not as accurate and I count each week (and day) as a milestone.


Keria and Kewpie - When did y'all feel the babies move for the first time? People keep asking me, but I don't think I've definitively felt anything yet. I wonder if it's supposed to happen earlier with twins? It would be a comfort to feel them, but my constant morning sickness is reassuring at least.


We're starting to think about fixing up the nursery. I don't want to do it too early, but I also don't want to get in a situation where I'm not able to be up and about and do it the way I want. We'll probably hold off on the cribs, etc. until December when I'll be 24w but I am looking at little things now. And thinking about diapers since we're planning on cloth after the newborn stage. It still seems like I'm "playing house" you know?

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bungalow - I *think* I felt some kicks at 14 weeks, but I know for sure I did at about 16 weeks.  I could hear them through the doppler as well as feel them, so I knew that was definitely what I was feeling.  Yep, you can feel twins sooner.  My OB said that they are easier to feel early because of the cramped quarters.  


I started on the nursery very early for the same reason you mentioned and I'm glad I did cause I was on modified bedrest by week 22 and strict bedrest at the end of my 23rd week.  A friend of mine is also pregnant with twins and she's a week behind me and went on bedrest exactly a week after I did.  It's not all done but the crib is up and the dresser is set up with early clothes and diapers.


A friend of mine is finished having kids and she brought over 6 large boxes of clothes and cloth diapers!  And as she was leaving she said that was just for 0-3 months.  She had 2 girls, so Maisie will be well dressed.  DH assures me that Liam won't care being a boy. orngtongue.gif We have picked up some cute clothes for him, we're just not swimming in stuff like we are for Maisie. 


If any of you all would like some girl stuff, I am very willing to mail you some if you pay for shipping.  Seriously!

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Hi everyone, I've finally made it over to this thread!  It's been a crazy week, after the excitement on Friday of seeing the heartbeat on u/s and knowing that everything is looking good, and then the worry for my DS who has some kind of bug he's fighting.  So we are trying to make sure he is not getting dehydrated, and at the same time trying to get him to eat a little so that he keeps his strength up.  I'm confident that it's just a flu or cold bug, but still, it's so hard to see him not feeling good.


Anyway, I've just read through all of the posts, and I'm trying to remember what everyone has said.  One thing that sticks out for sure, is the discussion about the losses of the twin/triplet.  That must have been so hard to learn of that, and then, to continue to see the little one on u/s.  I think parenting is the hardest but most rewarding job in the world, and it really does start when they are in the womb, doesn't it.  hug.gif


About the counting of weeks... I am currently 8 weeks 1 day.  On Sunday I'll be 9 weeks, O days.  Depending on who asked me, I would say just that I'm 8 weeks, or I would give the weeks and days.  From what I've read, I could do as some women do, and say that I'm in my 9th week right now.  I guess it is a matter of preference for people.  I like saying the days with the weeks, because every day that goes by and I'm still carrying this little one, I'm feeling so happy and grateful that I want to acknowledge it.  It's like a huge milestone for me! 


I was wondering about getting a doppler... When I was pregnant with my DS, once the heartbeat could be heard through a stethoscope, I was content enough with that (my DH is a paramedic, so he has one and is up on that stuff)-- he would listen and tell me that he could hear the heartbeat, so it was really reassuring.  I only heard it a couple of times, since I have a moderate hearing loss and I don't have hearing aids, and it's so soft through the stethoscope.  However, with a doppler, DH asked me if it would cause me anxiety if I couldn't pick up a heartbeat all the time during the early weeks, if the baby moved, or if my placenta was in the front again... he knows me too well!    But, I'm thinking about it.  For those of you who have one, has it been a good purchase for you, and does it ever happen much that you have trouble locating the heartbeat?


I guess that's it for now... I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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Renavoo - This is the site i found that was really helpful to figure out dates.  Not sure if it is the same one as someone posted above or not but figured i'd throw it out there.   http://www.ivf.ca/duedate.php


Kewpie - I had looked for the u/s pics as well on the other thread at first and couldn't find them and then came over here and was so excited see your little ones.  So cute!  Are those 3D ones you ordered by the dr or are you paying for them separately?


Bungalowmama- after i posted my post on the other page i came here and saw that you had already found this site.... yeah!!!!


Hi to everyone else.... Keria, Tear, Tenz and anyone else i missedi!  Hoping to be able to join you and not just stalk here soon.  Fingers crossed!!!!

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Bungalowmama I guess I was one of the slow ones to feel movement, I think I may have felt "something" around 18 weeks, but I didn't feel like wow someone just kicked me until closer to 20. DH has only begun to feel them since last week or so. My placentas are posterior so that was not it. The babies have always been super active on the u/s so maybe I'm not that sensitive lol.


Tenzin I'm glad that you got to see your little one's heartbeat on the u/s. I got a doppler and love it, I had a bit of trouble at first knowing who was who but after they got a little bigger I had no problem finding both heartbeats.


We bought everything but have not set up anything yet, we were planing to move before the babies arrived but at this point I don't think it's going to happen so we might as well make a little temporary nursery in our office.


Kewpie wow that's a lot of stuff, poor Liam lol.  We have some clothing but not tons. I was wondering if the NB stuff will be too big since twins are usually smaller and they'll come at the 38th week at the latest but I don't want to buy preemie


Blue Nice to see you here, I'm really hoping you can officially join in about 11 days.

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Keria, my DS was three weeks early-- he weighed 6 lbs.  I only had regular newborn clothes for him, but I found that some of the things still kind of fit... it didn't really matter for some of the items.  But then, we still had to go out and buy a couple of preemie ones.  They sure didn't fit for very long though!  It's not like they cost less, either. 


I really, really liked the outfits I had for him that didn't have any legs, it was like a 'dress' but it was gathered in at the bottom with a large opening that was loosely elasticized.  Great for doing a diaper change quickly and easily, especially in the middle of the night-- the snaps are a pain sometimes, especially with a little one who is squirmy.


If you love your doppler, then I might just need to go and buy one...


Blue, I hope 11/11/11 brings you over here!  

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Tenzin - I got my doppler when I was around 9ish weeks.  I never had any trouble finding the HBs except for the first 2-3 times I used it.  But, I also knew right where the babies were cause they had been located by u/s and I paid close attention.  WIthout that knowledge, it probably would have been harder.  For me, it's been a godsend and has saved my sanity.  


I've been told those "cinch at the bottom" gowns are great and so I got a whole heap of them at a consignment for about $1 each.  I think I have 20 of them in both boy and girl colors in sizes up to 6 months. lol  They look like they'd be great for diaper changes!


Blue - The 3D was just a for fun freebie that the tech did for us.  They didn't charge us.  I do have a long 1 hour session scheduled the monday before thanksgiving to get videos and more 3D images and that one we are paying for.  It's expensive, but we figure we've waited so long, we're going for all the fun pregnancy stuff in case this is our only pregnancy.


Keria - DOn't feel badly about not feeling them as early.  I think I've mentioned this before, but I have had one full term pregnancy once before (the child was placed for adoption) and so I knew what it felt like beforehand.  That makes a big difference in how early you feel kicks.  Anatomy makes a difference too, I'm sure.  I'm short (barely over 5 feet) so the babies are pushed really far forward.  I don't know how tall you are, but that may make a difference too. 


I've had a difficult time deciding on clothes sizes as well.  I bought 1 preemie boy pajama set for $1 at a consignment sale and I figure that will get me through a day or two if he's really small.  Because of my friend, I've got oodles of  preemie girl stuff and I can stick Liam in something in a pinch.  My SIL's twins and a friend of mine from school both had large twins that were 6-7 pounds and were too big for preemie stuff.  So, who knows what will happen.


I'm predicting that I will deliver within the first couple of weeks in december (just a hunch) which would put me around 31-33 weeks.  We could expect them to be about mid 3 pounds to mid 4 pounds at that age.



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Hi everyone,


Kewpie, WOW, then you're thinking that you're going to be giving birth pretty soon!! That's beyond exciting...I can't wait to hear the news.

DH and I are all about buying clothing and other stuff cheaply. I think my brother went on ebay and got a few pieces of equipment that normally sell for hundreds of dollars for like 25 dollars. It's such an amazing deal and I'm all for it. As for clothing, they grow out of the clothing so quickly that it doesn't seem worth it to spend too much money on it! So I'll definitely be looking for bargains when I finally feel comfortable about this pregnancy. (why isn't it past 12 weeks yet?! haha)


Tenzins, i may join you and get the doppler too. i hear that the one danger is that some people have trouble using it and then they just never hear the heart beat and they get stressed. But i think it would be wonderful to have, just in case.


Keria, wow, move before the babies arrive? That would be a lot to take on. If you were going to move, would you be moving much further away? Or would you be staying in the area but just moving houses?


Bungalow, thanks! It's so exciting that you're getting started on preparing for the babies!! You are going to do the gender scan and find out the sexes right? That's your next milestone, isn't it? I can't wait to find out what you are going to have!


Blue, I want you and Belly here by the end of the month. haha that would be my dream!!


AFM, nothing happening here. Some slight nausea (but at night) and breasts still hurt a little but i'm a little worried about the lack of symptoms. I hope it is because it is still so early (5 weeks 2 days) and I'm hoping that I regret saying that when I finally do get symptoms but i really would like something!! Otherwise, i may go POAS again soon! Maybe it was all a dream... :o) And, now, I'm thinking that I will be going to get the us on the 7th because I just can't wait anymore!!


Hope everyone has a great day!

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renavoo - Yeah, I'm thinking 4-6 weeks from now.  I'm excited but also freaked a little bit.  I'm hoping they stay in longer, of course, but I've just got that feeling, ya know?  I hope I'm wrong.  I'm mainly freaked because I worry about them being ready enough to be born early.  It helps that I've had those steroid injections.  There's a lady in my DDC who had her baby 2 weeks ago and he was the same gestational age then that my babies are now.  It was kinda neat to see pictures and know my babies looked similar.  He's breathing well without assistance, so that's pretty awesome. 


My other worry is just handling the newborn period.  I've heard some pretty horrific stories and I wonder how well I'll cope since DH and I are pretty much alone and he works a LOT.  We have my mom nearby, but she's blind (she can see little bits of things that are close, but not really enough to help) and she can't drive.  I haven't lived in NC very long and only know a couple people and they all have 2-3 kids themselves.  


I'm hoping we get lucky and have really easy going babies. orngtongue.gif


I totally get that "looking for symptoms" stage in early pregnancy.  I was the same way.  I had days where they would disappear and I'd freak and then the next day it'd come back with a vengeance.  I noticed that my symptoms seemed to come in waves when I'd have a growth spurt.  I'd feel tired and hungry one day and then I'd feel lots of stretching and pressure the next and then I'd be sick as a dog and then a couple days of feeling good.  That's repeat over and over (actually still does) It might have all been in my head, but it made me feel better to think of it that way.

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Kewpie I would never guess you were short form your pictures for some reason you looked really tall to me I'm 5'4 so not that much taller. I just went to your DDC and looked at the pictures of the little guy he is so cute and sounds like he is doing great. Can you believe you have 2 of those in there? My doctor told me that after 28 weeks babies do really well, they spend some time in the NICU but the majority of them don't have any complications. I'm still hoping that they stay in for as long as possible.


Does your DH gets paternity leave?, hopefully you will get easy babies, even though they seem to be  little trouble makers already.


Rena I did'nt have much symptoms until 6-7 weeks so don't worry about that. Nov 7 will be right here before you know it. 


We currently live with my parents they are great and have a big place but we are ready to buy a place of our own,  so far we haven't found anything that we love. So we'll probably stay here until we do. It's probably for the best that way my parents can help us  with the babies at first. They are super excited these will be their first grandchildren.


Thank you guys for the advice about clothing, I think I'll buy one thing preemie for each just in case. I need to get some gowns as well.

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Keria - DH gets 2 weeks paternity leave and he is able to work from home afterward for a while if he needs to.  That's great that you'll have live-in help in the beginning.  I bet that'll help tons!  My MIL *might* be able to come out and help us for a little while.

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Kewpie, in the city here where I live, there is a non-profit organization called Made by Momma-- it's a bunch of volunteer moms who "provide wholesome nourishment and nurturing care to mothers and young children"... so, meals, some childcare, some light housekeeping, dog walking, etc-- whatever is needed.  So, if a person is overwhelmed, has post-partum, is ill, or whatever, they can come to your house and help with things.  I found out about it after I had my DS, and while I didn't use them then, I would certainly consider it this time around.  I think now, looking back in that first year of having my DS,  I was feeling overwhelmed at times, but in denial (not to myself, but to the 'outside')... my DS was not one of those 'easy' babies when it came to a lot of things.  Anyway, maybe there is something like that where you live? 

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You ladies are so fantastic! You're all definitely helping to keep me calm :o) I wonder if I had a little mild nausea today...check that. I had mild nausea today but i just don't know if it was more mental than real. haha my mind playing tricks on me? wild.gif


Kewpie, it really must be scary that you don't have a good support system in place for when the babies comes. However, from what I hear, no one is ever completely ready and what ends up happening is you just DO it. You seem like an extremely efficient and self sufficient. You'll do great! haha I wonder if your MIL will end up coming over more than you want her to once the babies are here? winky.gif


Keria, oooh I bet that your parents are excited about their first grandchildren! I'm asian so I come from a culture where it's absolutely normal to live with your parents and have them help with the children. My mom doesn't live too far away although too far away to come to see our child everyday but I often wish she was closer, especially since I feel like this process will make us even closer. I adore my mom and since getting older, my respect for her has grown. It's so much fun, now, to have my mom call every couple of days to remind me to drink a lot of milk or eat a lot of veggies and fruits. All things I know but i love that my mom is giving me advice again. luxlove.gif


Tenzins, how are you doing? That organization sounds really cool, by the way! i don't know if there is something like that in NYC but I'm sure it would be needed where ever someone lived. I heard that sometimes, becoming a new parent could actually be a little alienating, especially for the mother, who has to stay home 24/7 with the baby the first few months. But having the company and help of these women would probably alleviate some of that isolation. If I was you, I would definitely take advantage, when your little baby comes!


I'm so exhausted now so I think it's time for me to go to sleep!! Hope everyone has a wonderful night!


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